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Tourism is the largest service industry in India , with a contribution of 6.23% to the national GDP and 8.78% of the total employment in India. India witness‘s more than 5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 562 million domestic tourism visits. The tourism industry in India generated about US$100 billion in 2008 and that is expected to increase to US$275.5 billion by 2018 at a 9.4% annual growth rate. In the year 2009, 5.11 million foreign tourists visited India. Majority of foreign tourists come from USA and UK to Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh were the top four states to receive inbound tourists. Domestic tourism in the same year was massive at 650 million. Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu received the big share of these visitors. Ministry of Tourism is the nodal agency to formulate national policies and programmes for the development and promotion of tourism. In the process, the Ministry consults and collaborates with other stakeholders in the sector including various Central Ministries/agencies, the State Governments/ union Territories and the representatives of the private sector. Concerted efforts are being made to promote new forms of tourism such as rural, cruise, medical and ecotourism.The Ministry of Tourism is the nodal agency for the development and promotion of tourism in India and maintains the Incredible India campaign. Tourism in India need to be understood in the global context of competing destinations. It may be thought of as multiple Indias with a multitude of competing destinations Goa, Rajasthan, Kerela, Assam, Kashmir under the India umbrella. India's 5000 years of history, its

breadth and the variety of geographic features make its tourism basket large and varied. India has a growing medical tourism sector. Travel through Indian states and cities brings to light. business and sports tourism.length. visit to the beautiful beaches or to the scenic mountain resorts. cultural exploration. 4 . India has the right tourism potential and attractions to captivate all types of tourists whether it is adventurous tour. It provide a glimpse to the richness of tourism in India with information on all the major tourist destinations of India and tourism services of India that will take care of all the problems while you are in India. the cultural and the geographical richness of India. It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical. pilgrimages. Tourism of India has it all for you.

Canada. Russia.2. In August 2009 outbreaks of swine flu threatened India's late summer tourist season. a lack of available lodging had to be addressed before the nation could handle a large increase in visitors. fears have now subsided and tourism seems to be growing steadily. radio and television ads. The Ministry of Tourism launched the Incredible India campaign in 2002. Many travelers canceled trips rather than risk infection. promoting India as a premier vacation spot. and Canada. Singapore. The campaign was successful. contributing to millions of service industry jobs. tourism has become one of India's fastest growing markets. the Ministry of Tourism has encouraged 5 . Incredible India Campaign o The Indian Ministry of Tourism launched the Incredible India campaign in 2002 to encourage visitors from around the world to experience India.S. 1. which were planned for the UK. As one solution to the problem. Australia and New Zealand. Still. The successful campaign received attention and praise from travel professionals and is credited with increasing the number of tourists to the nation within just a few years. The concerted marketing effort included print. The campaign also included road shows. Malaysia. More Lodging Available o While the Incredible India campaign succeeded in bringing tourists to India.PROMOTION OF TOURISM IN INDIA In the past decade. and now India is one of the top destinations for travelers from the U.

promoting the ideals of ecotourism to its partner sites and tour guides. culture and people. These B&Bs offer visitors an authentic experience with Indian cuisine. as well as an increase in the number of guest rooms available in metropolitan areas. improving access to rural areas so they become attractive to visitors. where visitors can easily travel from a major metropolitan area to a rural area by helicopter. Transportation and Accessibility o India's crumbling infrastructure is another hurdle to the successful growth of the tourism sector. The Indian government is allocating funds to improve the infrastructure of the nation. Heritage & Ecotourism o Many visit India seeking signs of the ancient culture founded there. India has a particular appeal to visitors who are searching for spiritual and physical healing. India's Ministry of Tourism attempts to implement sustainable practices. The Ministry uses that popularity to 6 . Since the Beatles visited an Indian ashram in the late 1960s. Health and Wellness Tourism o As the birthplace of yoga and Ayurveda.Indian entrepreneurs to start hosting tourists in bed and breakfast style guest lodging. The Ministry is working to create unique tourist experiences in rural India that promote local culture and have a low impact on the environment. the popularity of visiting these spiritual yoga centers has grown among Westerners. A popular heritage sight is the Taj Mahal. One such improvement has been the installation of heliports. which attracts millions of visitors each year. The Ministry also is integrating the ideals of conservation and preservation of the local ecology and culture to the greatest extent possible.

which is now less than 1%. aviation. hospitals. According to the latest report of tourism 7 . we will be pleasantly surprised to know that tourism as an industry has recorded a 12 per cent growth as far as foreign exchange earnings is concerned with the increasing number of inbound travelers. Though foreign tourists are the prime source of growth but complimentary sectors also make a good contribution to India‘s GDP. 3. Again the health care sector that attracts foreigners on a large scale especially from developing countries can boost Indian contribution to global tourism. As tourism constitutes various other related sectors including hotels. TOURISM THE NEXT DRIVING FACTOR OF INDIAN ECONOMY Indian tourism industry from the last couple of years has emerged as a major factor in the growth of Indian economy with substantial foreign exchange earnings. and shipping. If we throw a glance at the statistical data. As per the latest research by an organization. it has a significant contribution to the over all revenue. the inbound tourist flow has been increasing and is expected to increase at a rate of more than 12 percent in the coming four to five years. In fact it is now the ‗medical tourism‘ that is gaining momentum in India with inexpensive and probably some of the best medical facilities in the world.highlight these traditions in their campaigns.

beach resorts. which it has started under the banner of ‗Incredible India‘ and a great success so far. car rental and aviation have registered some strongest influence in the growth chart. Realizing the potential of tourism industry the Union Government has been allowing more and more patients by providing a special medical tourism visa. Various private healthcare-centres are providing world-class health care services at a very affordable price and primarily attracting patients from the South Asian countries along with Britain. Gulf region and Africa. No doubt by 2020 tourism will contribute a lot to India‘s GDP. Again as tourism is an individual state-affair. United States. as a huge number of travel and tourism websites have been made so far with the participation of private sector whose profit is based on the amount of queries (both inbound and outbound) they generate. India‘s medical tourism has registered an annual growth rate of 25 per cent and is expected to touch the $2 billion mark by 2012. As a result tour and travel companies along with hotel industry.industry. states also realize the importance of natural heritage as prime source of income and started promoting domestic tourism by diversifying tourism products. The popularity of India as one of the most favoured tourist destinations is also a result of extensive advertising and marketing strategy of the government. The recent growth can also be seen on the web. adventure sports and others are to expand foreign tourist inflow to India. Improved facilities in luxury hotels. 8 . which can again facilitate the process of tourist inflow. with winter sports.

and a population in excess of 50 million.4. Madhya Pradesh to the east and the Arabian Sea as well as the Pakistani province of Sindh on the west. Maharashtra to the south. The state has the fastest growing economy in India.686 sq mi (196. The state encompasses major sites of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Thus. It has an area of 75. It is also. making it the richest state with a GDP per capita income twice that of the country as a whole. chiefly Bharuch. Lothal is believed to be one of the world's first ports. considered India's "father of the nation". Its capital is Gandhinagar. The state is bordered by Rajasthan to the north. 9 .600 km. GUJARAT Located in the western India. served as ports and trading centers in the Maurya and Gupta empires. Gujarat is home to the Gujaratispeaking people of India. Mohandas Gandhi.077 km²) with a coast line of 1. was a Gujarati who led the Indian Independence Movement against the British colonial rule. while its largest city is Ahmedabad. Gujarat's coastal cities. Gujarat played an important role in the economic history of India throughout the history of India. one of the most industrialized states within the nation. such as Lothal and Dholavira.

is one of the largest and most prominent archaeological sites in India. The ancient history of Gujarat was enriched by their commercial activities. The ancient city of Lothal was where India's first port was established. belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. Dholavira. the ancient city. about 50 Indus Valley settlement ruins have been discovered in Gujarat. Pala Empire and GurjaraPratihara Empire as well as local dynasties such as the Maitrakas and then the Solankis. All together. Rashtrakuta Empire. It contains major ancient metropolitan cities from the Indus Valley such as Lothal. The first Muslim conqueror was Mahmud of Ghazni whose conquest of Somnath effectively ended the rule of the Solankis. the state of Gujarat has been one of the main centers of the Indus Valley Civilization. 10 . There was a succession of Hindu Buddhist states such as the Gupta Empire. The 11th century history of Gujarat saw the emergence of the Muslims in the political arena of the state. The most recent discovery was Gola Dhoro. HISTORY Ancient history Historically. and Gola Dhoro. There is a clear historical evidence of trade and commerce ties with Sumer in the Persian Gulf during the time period of 1000 to 750 BC. Also Dholavira.5.

Sultan Ahmed Shah (ruled 1411 to 1442). Western Gujarat (Kathiawar and Kutch) were divided among numerous local rulers. acquiring several enclaves along the Gujarati coast. but it was eclipsed by Bombay after the English acquired it from Portugal in 1668. restructured Ahmedabad as the capital. After Battle of Panipat 1761. first ruler of Gaekwad dynasty. Later in 18th century. destroyed Anhilwara and incorporated Gujarat into the Delhi Sultanate.(1297 CE – 1614 CE) From 1297 to 1300. Sultan of Delhi. Cambay eclipsed Bharuchas Gujarat's most important trade port. when the Mughal emperor Akbar the Great conquered it and annexed it to the Mughal Empire. Pilaji Gaekwad. (1614 CE – 1947 CE) Portugal was the first European power to arrive in Gujarat. including Daman and Diu as well as Dadra and Nagar Haveli. In late 17th century Chatrapati Shivaji the great Maratha leader attacked Surat between 1664 to 1679 and looted the city 3 times. Gujarat remained a province of the Mughal empire until the Marathas occupied eastern and central Gujarat in the eighteenth century. Allauddin Khilji. Gujarat came under control of the Maratha Empire who dominated the politics of India. The British East India Company established a factory in Surat in 1614. and his son. After Timur's sacking of Delhi at the end of the fourteenth century weakened the Sultanate. all Maratha general established them self as autonomous government while keeping nominal authority 11 . The port of Surat become the prominent and main port of India during Mughal rule. The Sultanate of Gujarat remained independent until 1576. This is marked as entry of Marathas in Gujarat. established the control over Baroda and much of Gujarat. Gujarat's Muslim Rajput governor Zafar Khan Muzaffar asserted his independence. which formed their first base in India.

but several districts in central and southern Gujarat. K. Indian Independence Movement Leaders like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. with the exception of Baroda state. Gujarat was also the site of some of the most popular revolts. 12 . including the Satyagrahas in Kheda. Broach (Bharuch). Many local rulers. most of present-day Gujarat. Also. and northern and eastern Gujarat were divided into hundreds of princely states. Narhari Parikh. namely Ahmedabad. Bardoli.M. Kutch. The British East India Company wrested control of much of Gujarat from the Marathas during the Second Anglo-Maratha War. Morarji Desai. which had a direct relationship with the Governor-General of India. notably the MarathaGaekwads of Baroda (Vadodara). Gujarat was placed under the political authority of the Bombay Presidency. Kaira (Kheda). including Kathiawar. Borsad and the Salt Satyagraha. From 1818 to 1947. Mahadev Desai. were ruled directly by British officials. Panchmahal. Munshi. Gujarati-speaking Mohammed Ali Jinnah's (Pakistan's first GovernorGeneral) father was from an area which later became Gujarat. Mohanlal Pandya.of Peshwas of Pune and Chatrapati from Satara. made a separate peace with the British and acknowledged British sovereignty in return for retaining local self-rule. Bhulabhai Desai and Ravi Shankar Vyas all hailed from Gujarat. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. and Surat.

picnic spots. an ancient town. excursion sites etc. The city has grown into a great textile and commercial centre rightly called the 'Manchester of the East'. the largest city in the state of Gujarat located on the left bank of the river Sabarmati is named after Sultan Ahmed Shah who built the city in 1411 AD.there are many beautiful monuments of historical and archaeological importance. MAJOR CITIES Ahmedabad Ahmedabad. it was the former capital and a prominent centre of India's freedom struggle. Bharuch Bharuch alias Bhroach. is situated at the mouth of the holy river Narmada. Ahmedabad is one of those few cities which can boast about its well preserved ancient heritage along with being a highly industrialised centre and it is also home to one of the best known management institutes of the world. places of religious significance.6. Also known as Amdavad and Karnavati. The city offers a lot to visitors in terms of aesthetic experience. Ahmedabad (IIM-A). It was an important Buddhist center in the 7th century and considered to be sacred among 13 . With a vibrant past and an equally interesting present.Indian Institute of Management. one of the oldest in Gujarat with a 2000 year history.

Godhra is widely known for the riots in 2002 which began with the train burning 14 . long staple cotton. Gujarat's biggest liquid cargo terminal is situated here. a number of trade activities have flourished here. the temple of the great saint Bhrigu Rishi. which was later abridged to Bharuch. Dahod.sages. It was an important centre during the Mughal and Maratha periods. and Godhra are the twin cities in the state of Gujarat. BASF. dairy products and much more. Welspun Stahl etc. Because of the distinctive colour of the soil here that is ideal for cotton cultivation. As the nearby towns of Devgadhbaria and Dohad. As it is a major seaport and the administrative headquarter of the district Bharuch. Bharuch is sometimes referred to as 'Kanam Pradesh' (black soil land). the city derived its name from 'Bhrigukachba'. the birthplace of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb. Godhra Godhra is the capital town and the administrative headquarters of Panchmahal district in Gujarat. it is also a market place and a small trade center for forest products. Located between Vadodara and Surat. It also houses many reputed multinational companies like Videocon. Reliance. chemical plants. This heavily industrialised city is renowned for its textile mills. Godhra which derived its name from the two words 'Gou' means cow and 'Dhara' means flow. is a developing town with the establishment of several industrial units and educational institutions for higher education coming up. Bharuch is a shopping center well known for its salty peanuts. located north of Godhra forms a tribal and forest belt.

Kheda. The city is today well-known for having the only Ayurvedic university in India and a temple listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Panchmahals on the east . The reign of the town of Kheda remained with the Babi family from the early 18th century till 1763. typical of traditional towns. and an early 19th Century Town hall.s Kheda City Facts Kheda also known as Kaira. made it a part of the Bombay Presidency of British India and developed a military garrison there until 1830. tie & die fabrics and Bandhini work.Jamnagar A small 16th century pearl fishing town and capital of the Jamthe Jadeja. Located on the bank of the rivers "Vatrak" and "Shedhi". The town has a Jain Temple with superb carvings. a church consecrated in 1822 by Bishop Herber. Ahmedabad on the west and Anand on the south. one of the 25 districts of Gujarat. Jamnagar was built around the small Ranmal Lake around 1540. is located 35 km away from Ahmedabad. 15 . British took over the control of the district. A walled city with several gateways. and was later taken by the Marathas. the Rajput ruler of Nawanagar. Jamnagar is also famous for pearl fisheries. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the state of Gujarat. In 1803. The district of Kheda has great historical significance as it was the breeding ground of India's national struggle against the British rule. Dating from the 5th century AD. an ancient settlement is believed to have been in existence at the time of 'Mahabharatha' and was known by the name 'Chakravati Nagar'. Kheda is one of the major trading towns of the state bounded by the districts of Sabarkantha on the north. It is at this place that Gandhiji started the Satyagraha struggle against oppressive taxation by the British.

Surat The second largest city in Gujarat and the ninth largest city in India. textiles and furniture. Surat is renowned 16 . The city narrates the history of thousands of years. from the period of Mahabharatha to the period even after the independence of the country. This administrative headquarters of Surat district is located on the banks of Tapti river. silk embroidery. The city was a former British government headquarters and still has a number of massive structures and educational institutions which remind one of the city's colonial past. bead work. It is the place where Mahatma Gandhi spent the early years of his life. Surat is known for its textile and diamond business. Founded by Vibhoji AjojiJadeja in 1612. jewellery and a National weaving institute which promotes traditional weaves. It is famous for silver. The city has a rich cultural history and is also associated with India's freedom struggle. it was once the capital of the princely state of Saurashtra and the seat of the erstwhile Jadeja clan. It was one of western India's major ports and trading towns in the 17th and 18th centuries and the first European settlement in India.patch work. The city is also a religious centre and is a must visit for those interested in colonial history and architecture. Bandhani sarees.Rajkot Rajkot is located on the banks of the Aji river in the west Indian state of Gujarat.

From Vadpatra it derived its present name. With many museums and art galleries. Vadodara The eighteenth largest and one of the cosmopolitan cities of India. Vadodara alias Baroda is located on the banks of Vishwamitri River.for its silk weaves like the Tanchoi and Gajee sarees and Kinkhab brocades sometimes woven with gold and silver threads. 17 . 92% of world's diamonds are cut and polished from this city. Surat is also known for its culture and cuisines. then Virakshetra or Viravati. It is famous for its jewellery market and diamond cutting as well as ivory and wood inlay work. the abode of the brave and then Vadpatra because of the abundance of banyan trees on the banks of the Vishwamitri. the district is referred to as Sanskari Nagari. after its ruler Raja Chandan. This garden city is the industrial capital and the third most populated town of Gujarat and also the administrative headquarters of Vadodara District. Vadodara was once called Chandravati. The first warehouses was established in Surat by the East India Company in the year 1612. this upcoming hub of industries and IT is a favorite spot of tourists. Due to its rich cultural traditions.

and photostat copies of his correspondence. life size oil paintings.7. and actual relics like his writing desk. 18 . There are books. manuscripts. Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery. The museum's main objective was to house the personal memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum's new premises were built in 1963. the exhibits on view depict the vivid and historic events of Gandhiji's life. Consequently. photographs of Gandhiji with his wife Kasturba and other ashram associates. Other famous museums include: § "The Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya" The Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya in Ahmedabad is run by a public trust established in 1951.MUSEUMS Gujarat's museums are run by the state's Department of Museums located at the principal state museum.

is the premier textile museum of the country. the exhibits span across centuries and continents. There are Greek and Roman sculpture with European paintings of earlier periods. Ahmedabad Tourism § "The Vadodara Museum" The Vadodara Museum in Vadodara. and Japan made of wood. China. India. the museum houses a collection which belonged to the former maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad. Largely being the personal collection of the maharaja.§ "Calico Museum of Textiles" The Calico Museum of Textiles at Ahmedabad. located in the popular Sayaji Bagh. Indian rulers during the Raj often collected all kinds of European art and other knick knacks. as well as diverse art forms. 19 . Sri Lanka. The Asian section has items from Burma. ivory. Cambodia. and one of the most celebrated institutions of its kind in the world for its distinguished and comprehensive collection of textiles and artifacts. bronze and pottery.

prayers. Also displayed are documents. § "The Gandhi Museum" The Gandhi Museum in Bhavnagar showcases a rare collection of photographs relating to the life of Mahatma Gandhi are on view at the Gandhi Museum. a voice library. 20 . and lecture records. letters. The collection of audio-visual material includes microfilms. was once the residence of the Gaekwad family. These recreate the significant events of Gandhiji's life. in the Indo Saracenic style of architecture.§ "Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum" The impressive Laxmi Vilas Palace. is a multi purpose museum and houses the Gaekwad family's rich collection of an treasures. and his personal relics. located in the sprawling grounds of the palace complex. Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum in Vadodara.

21 .Surat. is a museum of human history and culture. It was built in center of Lakhota Lake. Its collections precious objects of colonial period of India and History of Rajkot. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum. Valsad. guide service. § "The Lakhota museum" The 'Lakhota Museum' in Jamnagar. is a museum of history and royalty of jamnagar. It was built by Jam Ranjitsinh. The Lady Wilson Museums — Dharampur. § Other museums include: Kite Museum in Ahmedabad.§ "The Watson Museum" The 'Watson Museum' in Rajkot. It is amongst the largest and most comprehensive museum in State of Gujarat. reference library and sales counter of the museum's publication. Watson Museum is considered to be the finest amongst 7 such museums located across Saurashtra (region) and run by the State Government because it holds invaluable articles and state-of-the-art facilities like photography.

BEACHES Gujarat has the longest coastline of all the states in India. You can relax and unwind amidst the natural serene surroundings. 22 . soft sands and rich flora and fauna are their main attractions. Apart from this. The pristine waters. Diu Beach Diu beach is situated off the Saurashtra coast and is connected to the state of Gujarat via a causeway. These beaches are the finest in the country and attract a huge number of tourists every year. away from the worries of daily life. They house a number of historical forts. Chorwad Beach Chorwad Beach of Gujarat is another splendid beach situated on the west coast of India. the state and its neighboring Union Territories offer a plethora of beaches. churches and museums worth seeing. Chorwad has a high potential of attracting both domestic as well as international tourists. This makes it the place ideal for a serene vacation. Diu is a secluded island and does not have much population.8. the towns located near the beaches have immense possibilities for sightseeing. It is located in Ahemdpur Mandvi. The beach constitutes of rocky hills and presents opportunity for thrilling boat rides. which is the historic port town of Maharao of Kutch. It's a promise that your trip to these exotic beaches of Gujarat will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is situated on the coastline of the state of Gujarat and is one of the finest beaches in India. palaces. As a result. It is situated at a distance of 66 km from Junagadh.

It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Kambhat. at a distance of 75 km from the city of Bhavnagar. Mandvi is the historic port town of Maharao of Kutch.Gopnath Beach Gopnath Beach is situated in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. situated at Mandvi. 23 . located at a distance of 75 km from Bhuj. Kutch Mandvi Beach Kutch Mandvi is an important beach in Gujarat. Kutch Mandvi was once inhabited by the Maharao of Kutch and was an important seaport. Gopnath is a pristine beach known for its natural beauty.

Anjal. Blackbuck National Park. Other National parks include Vansda National Park. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary. Porbandar Bird Sanctuary. Leopards are spread across large plains of Saurashtra and mountains of South Gujarat. the other big cat that can be found in the state is the leopard. Barda. The Dangs has the largest area under forest cover. Gulf of Kutch. Sahyadri. Balaram-Ambaji. Ratanmahal. Gujarat is one unique state where you can find major mountain-ranges of India. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. Barda. Outside Africa.9. FORESTS AND WILDLIFE As per the India State Of Forest Report 2009. Gujarat has 7. As per the districts. Paniya. Jessore. Gujarat is the only home of Asiatic Lions. and Surpaneshwar. Gujarat is the only present natural habitat of lions. Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Khavda. 24 .46 % of its total geographical area under forest cover. Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary. Velavadar and Marine National Park. Purna. Aravalli. Gujarat has 4 National parks and 21 sanctuaries. Chotila etc. Jambughoda. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary. are situated in different parts of the Gujarat. Rampura. Saputara is the only hill-station of the state. Girnar is famous and tallest hill of Gujarat. Apart from this Gir hills. Besides lions.Vindhya and Satpura are having their presence in Gujarat. Gir Forest National Park in the south-west part of the state covers only part of the lions' habitat. Wildlife sanctuaries include: Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary.

25 . wildlife and terrain. it was home to Krishna. RELIGIOUS SITES Dwarakadheesh temple in Dwarka is one of the important temples dedicated to Krishna. where the Palitana temples are located. The Rann of Kutchch covers a large portion of western Gujarat. Palitana Temples are a complex of Jain temples situated 51 km south west of Bhavnagar. fossils. and is world-famous for its rare ecosystem. There are 863 temples from the base to the peak of the Shatrunjaya hill.10. On the tip of the Arabian Sea.

While the main temple is beautifully and intricately designed with complex architecture. Surrounding it stand 108 small temples for each of the Sun God's 108 names. and sculptures. 26 . India. It is mentioned in the Rig Veda. is one of the twelve Jyotirlings (golden lingas) or symbols of the God Shiva. as the temple has been destroyed six times. Modhera Sun Temple is famous for its rare position as specifically and uniquely designed for the worship of the Sun. on the western coast of Gujarat. The Somnath Temple is known as 'the Shrine Eternal'. there is a central pond. but was rebuilt on each occasion.Somnath Temple located in the Prabhas Kshetra near Veraval in Saurashtra. Lord Surya. painting. Somnath means "The Protector of Moon God".

A folk drama called 'Bhavai' is performed in the courtyards of the temple. This high-rising steep hill houses shrines of both major religions. Lord Parshvanath. Patan houses 84 magnificent Jain Temples built by Samrat Kumarpal. a Jain monk and scholar. One dedicated to Neminathor Arisht Nemi.Shankheshwar Jain Temples are dedicated to the 23rd Tirthankar. It is situated on the Arasur Hill and can be approached by road from Abu Road in Rajasthan. a Hindu deity. and another dedicated to Guru Dattatreya. Girnar is an epitome of communal harmony & amicable relations among Jains and Hindus. Ambaji: This temple is dedicated to goddess Ambaji. who was a staunch disciple of Acharya Hemachandra. It is believed that this idol was revealed by Lord Krishna himself. by the teachings of Neminaththe 22nd Tirthankar. 27 . It is near Ahmedabad. as well as from all other important places in Gujarat. where he is believed to attain nirvana. the 22nd tirthankara.

especially childless women. Becharaji Temple: This temple is another important seat of Mother Goddess at Becharaji in Mehsana district. The mosque was built in the 28 . Chotila : This place is in Surendranagar district where there is a famous temple of Goddess Chamunda situated. This temple is thronged by Hindu devotees.Dakor: This temple town dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated about 90 km from Ahmedabad. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque: The Sidi Sayed Mosque in Ahmedabad is a famous and ancient mosque of the city. which is believed to have been brought from Dwarka by a devotee named Bodana. The temple of Ranchodrai has the idol of Lord Krishna.

having three domes supported by pillars. 29 .year 1411. Its three domes are linked together by a flat roof. Rani Rupmati's Mosque: Rani Rupmati was the Hindu wife of Sultan Mehmed Beghara. The mosque is famous all over the country because of its fantastic architecture and exquisite jali work (perforated stone lattices). The elegant mosque was built by Sidi Sayed. balcony windows. Rani Rupmati mosque was built between 1430 to 1440. with the central dome slightly elevated. It is located at Ahmedabad. a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah. and jali. Kutbi Mazar: A colossal monument raised in the memory of Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed. Muuk-Khana is a special attraction of this mosque. the high priest of the Dawoodi Bohra community. The mosque has richly carved minarets.

holding flags and blowing conch shells. When the puja (prayer ceremony) starts. Naga Bavas (naked sages) living nearby move towards the fair seated on elephants. Visitors are served free meals by the organizers. It is firmly believed that Lord Shiva himself visits the shrine on this occasion. sweets and fruits. the most important town in the Dangs a few days before Holi.11. The Bhavnath Mahadev Temple is surrounded by many equally ancient and holy places. is the site of the Bhavnath Mahadev fair held for five days in February. Some of these fairs and festivals are as follows: Bhavnath Mahadev Mela (February) The Bhavnath Mahadev Temple. situated at the foot of Mount Girnar in the city of Junagadh. rosaries. The Dangs is one of the most delightful districts of Gujarat and is located high in the 30 . FAIRS AND FESTIVALS FAIRS Around more than 1000 festivals are celebrated in Gujarat—the state is known as the land of fairs and festivals. Special stalls sell idols. utensils of brass and copper. during the festival of Mahashivratri. The Mahapuja of Lord Shiva takes place at midnight in this temple on the 14th day of the dark half of the month of Magh. Dangs Darbar (March) Dangs Darbar is the name of the annual fair held every year in Ahwa. or holy beads (brought by vendors from Ayodhya and Mathura).

Akul. and a red or saffron turban. the festival of colours. dressed in bright colours. Over a hundred stalls hold food and drink and sweets of various kinds.000 tribal people. and are covered from head to foot with ornate and heavy silver jewellery. the sons of King Shantanu. and Vyakul. as in other fairs. The Garasis and Bhil tribals dress in their customary colourful costumes. is attended by around 60. The name "Darbar" dates back to the time of the British. which have a circumference of as much as 20 yards (18 m). The women sing folk songs. one of the largest purely Adivasi (tribal) fairs. dhoti.000 to 70. and household articles. sounding the Shehnai. as well. who are believed to have lived there and been cured of diseases which afflicted them. the original home of the adivasis. The name of the fair is derived from Chitravirya and Vichitraviraya. Chitra — Vichitra Mela (Mar) This fair. and everyone dances. Silver ornaments can be bought. The site of the fair is attractive as the temple overlooks the rivers Sabarmati. It takes place every year in the village of Gunbhakhari in Sabarkantha district. Thousands of tribal people flock to Ahwa from all over the district. when a darbar of Rajas and Naiks of neighbouring area used to assemble there. The costume of the men generally consists of a blue shirt. Folk dances. They use liquid kumkum (vermilion) to colour their cheeks and lips a brilliant red. Here. while their eyes are outlined with kajal (kohl). It is held a fortnight after Holi. there is a giant wheel and a merry-go-round which never ceases to spin. and songs enliven the air during the festival. the tribal population of Gujarat. Today it is called Jamabandi Darbar. very near the borders of Rajasthan. and the District Collector officiates at it. and beating their drums. 31 . The dancing and drumming continue for hours until everyone is exhausted. Women don ghaghras (embroidered skirts). Every group that comes to the fair carries its own drum making the atmosphere come alive with the incessant beat of numerous drums. dramas.Saputara hills. The fair attracts large numbers of Bhils (tribals) who come from all the surrounding districts using every imaginable form of transport.

Sanskruti kunj Fair The Sanskruti kunj Festival shows the different cultures of the states of India. Gandhinagar. 32 . All the competitors of India come during this fair and show their state's culture & dance. It is organised in the winter sesion in the capital city.

kites with Chinese lanterns are flown and held aloft. It is celebrated with lots of folk music and dance as well as kite flying. sugar cane juice and local sweets is typically served to celebrate the day. At night. 33 . Glass strengthened threads of the Indian fighter kites are matched against each other in the air — the kite fighter who cuts the other thread is the victor. The Sun Temple is the site of an annual festival of Indian classical dances organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. The idea is to present classical dance forms in an atmosphere they were originally presented in. Dance Festival — Modhera (January):Resting on a knoll in the village of Modhera are the ruins of the 11th century Sun Temple. the welcome to the sun after the cold winter months. the sun god. People of Gujarat gather on terraces to fly kites of various colours to celebrate Makar Sankranti or Uttrayana.FESTIVALS Makar Sankranti and Kite Flying Festival The Kite Flying Festival takes place in mid January and marks the time when the Sun‘s direct rays reach the Tropic of Capricorn after the winter solstice. are prominent. Food such as Undhiya. The outer walls of the temple are covered with sculptures in which the figures of Surva.

is held and Garba programmes are organized. The devout attend readings of the Saptashati. 34 . performances of Bhavai. the folk drama of the state. according to the ancient Scriptures. a city that was once a part of the Indus Valley civilization. Tours are also conducted out to the ruins of Dhola Vera. whose shrine is located there. the heart of the goddess Ambaji fell to earth when her body was dismembered. The Temple of Ambaji is recognized as one of the original Shakti Pithas (religious texts) where. and its origins are still unknown. which testifies the temple's antiquity. Bhadra Purnima (September) The full moon of Bhadrapad is one of the four most important festival days of the year when farmers and agriculturists come to Ambaji. On this occasion. all organized by the Gujarat Tourism. inscribed with figures and the syllable 'Shree' in the centre. the seven hundred verses in praise of the goddess.The Kutch Mahotsav (February–March) The ‗Kutch Festival‘ or the ‗Rann festival‘ is celebrated at the time of the Shiv Ratri in February/ March. In the evening. There is no idol. Idol worship became popular much later. A triangular Vishwa Yantra. The Ambaji shrine is the principal shrine of the goddess in Gujarat. fairs and folk dances and music and cultural shows. a place that derives its name from Goddess Ambaji. a large fair is organized on full moon days. It has crafts. and visit the temple for a darshan (worship) of her. represents the deity. The centre of the festival is Bhuj in Kutch.

12. wheat. Food is usually non spicy and oil is used sparingly. farsan. Khaman Dhokla. eZee Technosys is the developer of food ordering software called eZeeFoodie. it is traditionally served on silver platters to the accompaniment of rice and a variety of wheat breads. millet. there are slight variations in eating habits and modes of preparation. GUJARATI CUISINE Gujarati cuisine is unlike any other Indian cuisine. This region has a delicious 35 . Even though the state of Gujarat has absorbed many foreign influences over the years. the basic tastes in food have remained the same. North Gujarat This region is popular for its traditional Gujarati thali consisting of rice.crisp spicy fried farsans. pickles. sprouted beans. Geographically Gujarat can be divided into four regions and because of the climactic differences. sweetmeats and a variety of sweet and sour chutneys and pickles. peanuts. dal. Hence pulses dominate Kathiawari food and sweetmeats made of gur (jaggery). There are few people who do not relish Gujarati savouries . KATHIAWAD It is surprising to know that Saurashtra with its vast stretches of dry earth has sugarcane. chutney and raita. Farsans are of various varieties such as Pathara. vegetables. This harmony is derived from the mixing of the sweet with the salty is what makes the cooking of this state different from the rest. Almost strictly vegetarian. curry. which can be bought in wayside stalls. The famous Gujarati thali served at weddings consists of farsans. and sesame native to this region. and Khandvi.

thickened milk confectionery and Shrikhand. Some common dishes include Khaman Dhokla. chilly powder and salt. a dollop of yogurt and a pinch of salt and sugar. Phafda. green chillies. This is liberally sprinkled over raw vegetables and salads and gives the food an especially piquant flavour. these are eaten with Chhundo (a hot and sweet shredded mango pickle) Yet another specialty of this region is Methia Masala. 36 .a savoury curry made of yoghurt. a dry powder made from fenugreek seeds. It consists of Khichdi. Kathiawari favourites include debras made with wheat flour mixed with spinach. a salty steamed cake. a sweet. KUTCH Kutchi cuisine is relatively simple. nuts and candied fruit which is eaten with hot. cardamom. dessert made of yoghurt. fluffy pooris. the main dish eaten with Kadhi . flavoured with saffron.variety of pickles. Doodhpak. an omum flavoured assorted flour puri is another Kathiawari favourite.

Popular items include a delicious vegetable concoction called Undhyoo and Paunk. no expensive ingredients used and yet the food in its utter simplicity. gharis and the saglu baglu mithai. tastes exotically different. a tangy delicacy. Green vegetables and plenty of fruit therefore dominate Surati food. Surat is also famous for its bakery items like the nankhatais. Southern Gujarat is blessed with plenty of rainfall. which are easily available in the city's bakeries and confectionery shops. There are no elaborate preparations made. 37 .South Gujarat In comparison to the dry region of Saurashtra.

enabling international fights to Vadodara. in Kutch district. Rajkot Airport — 4 km from the city of Rajkot. Jamnagar Airport — 10 km from the City of Jamnagar. the most of any Indian state as per the list of airports in India. Keshod Airport (Junagadh) — Keshod Airport is found 3 km from Keshod city in Junagadh District. which also offers international flights. Kandla Airport (Gandhidham) — situated at Kandla. Surat Airport — Recently inaugurated on Magdalla Road. Bhuj Airport — In the Bhuj city of Gujarat. Vadodara Airport — Integrated Terminal Building will be completed by 2010.13. TRANSPORTATION Air Gujarat has ten airports. Bhuj Airport. This airport has been recently been named Shyamji Krishna Verma. Mehsana Airport — Meshana Airport is about 2 km from Meshsana city Amreli Airport 38 . 9 km from the city of Bhavnagar. International airport Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (Ahmedabad) — Many domestic as well as international flights operate from here. Domestic airports            Bhavnagar Airport — Bhavnagar Airport. All are domestic airports except Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. Porbandar Airport — is situated 5 km from the city of Porbandar. near Gandhidham.

Future Airports
 

Zalawad Airport — Future airport for Surendranagar area. Fedara (Ahmedabad) — Proposed International Airport near Fedara village of Bhāl region.

Gujarat comes under the Western Railways zone of the Indian Railways. Vadodara Railway Station is the busiest railway station in Gujarat and the fourth busiest railway station in India.It is situated on the Mumbai – Delhi Western Railway Mainline. Other important railway stations are Surat Railway Station, Ahmedabad Railway Station and Rajkot Railway Station. Indian Railways is planning Delhi– Mumbai dedicated rail freight route passing through the state. Work on Rs 1,100 crore (Rs 11 billion) first phase of the metro rail project in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar will start by 2011 and the line is expected to be operational within 2–3 years. The first phase of the metro rail project will cover a distance of 32.65 kilometre in the north-south direction between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad and 10.90 kilometre east-west corridor between Kalupur and Thaltej.

Kandla Port is one of the largest ports serving Western India. Other important ports in Gujarat are the Port of Navlakhi, Port of Magdalla,Port of Pipavav, Port of Porbandar and the privately owned Mundra Port.


Local transportation
Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is the primary body responsible for providing the bus services within the state of Gujarat and also with the neighboring states. It is a public transport corporation providing bus services and public transit within Gujarat and to the other states in India. Apart from this, there are a number of services provided by GSRTC.
    

Mofussil Services — It connects major cities, smaller towns and villages within Gujarat. Intercity Bus Services — It also connects major cities — Ahmedabad, Vadodara (Baroda) and Rajkot. Interstate Bus Services — It connects various cities of Gujarat with the neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. City Services — GSRTC also provides city bus services at Surat, Baroda, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, within the state of Gujarat. Parcel Services — This service is used for transporting goods.

Apart from this, the GSRTC provides special bus services for festivals, industrial zones, schools, colleges and pilgrim places Auto rickshaw is an important and frequently used mode of transport in Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat is promoting Bicycles to reduce pollution.


Gujarat, the state government has sent 34 proposals including those aiming towards development of integrated Mahatma Gandhi and Buddhist tourism circuits here, to the Centre. These proposals were sent in last three years seeking a combined grant of Rs 785.13 crore, for projects including Gandhi and Buddhist tourism circuits, besides a Tourism Development Institute, Gujarat Tourism Minister Jaynarayan Vyas said. "The Centre has so far supported our projects for tourism promotion on Dandi Heritage Route, Integrated Gandhi circuit, Dwarika, Tourism Development Institute and Kabir Vad in Bharuch, along the banks of river Narmada," Vyas said. The state tourism department has proposed to develop Devni Mori in Sabarkantha, Taranga and Vadnagar in Mehsana as an integrated Buddhist circuit and asked the Centre for Rs 10.11 crore aid for it. The state government has sought grant of Rs 50 crore for development of Integrated Gandhi circuit spread across Porbandar, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. "As part of proposal for Gandhi Mega circuit, the Kirti Mandir birth place of Mahatma Gandhi in Porbandar's connecting link to Kasturba Memorial shall be redeveloped," a state tourism department official said. "A heritage walk route is also proposed to be developed in Porbandar as part of the mega circuit plan," the official said. Basic facilities for tourism promotion shall be developed near Mahamta Gandhi Vidyalaya in Rajkot where the Father of the Nation had taken informal education, and beautification of Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad shall be undertaken, he added. The Centre so far has allocated grant of Rs 21.19 crore for developing basic tourist facilities in Dwarka, town of Lord Krishna, Ambaji, a temple town, besides buidling infrastructure facilities in Tarnetar, Pavagadh, Devni Mori and Patan, an official said.


"It has given its in principle approval for development of Kabir Vad in Bharuch district. besides integrated Gandhi Mega Circuit are likely to get Central aid soon.The state has forwarded a proposal to the Centre for integrated development of Dwarka seeking aid of over Rs 83 crore. The state government has proposed to develop basic facilities like approach roads. at Shukla Tirth. along the banks of river Narmada with a combined cost of Rs 50 crore as part of proposal for 'Kabir Vad'. 42 . a bridge connecting Okha and Bet Dwarka." Vyas said. The state tourism department has exuded confidence that proposals for setting up a Hotel Management Institute in Patan. food courts. apart from development of sun set point. The plan is to renovate Dwarka. Angareshwar and Maglashewar.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi followed this up by sending Amitabh an offer to act as the state's brand ambassador which was promptly accepted by the film icon. GUJARAT TOURISM GETS BOOST FROM AMITABH BACHCHAN Tourism is expected to be the "major beneficiary" of Hindi film icon and Gujarat brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan's promotion of the state. Tourism Secretary Vipul Mitra said. 43 . said he was impressed by the development of the state and would like to "lend his voice and face" if the government planned any documentary to showcase the state's case for development in tourism and other "Mr. "Expectedly tourism will be among the major beneficiaries of Mr. Bachchan's promotion of Gujarat. " Mitra said late Sunday after launching cambaytours. a tour and travel portal of the Neesa group here. who volunteered to act as the brand ambassador during his visit to Gandhinagar Jan 6 for a special screening of his film "Paa". "Preliminary discussions have already been held with Amitabh Bachchan who expressed his willingness to be the brand ambassador for Gujarat. He said discussions were held with Amitabh who accepted the Gujarat government's offer to be the new brand ambassador Feb 1.15. in making TV spots and promotional media campaigns. Bachchan has already indicated the names of the people he would be comfortable working with." Amitabh.

"They have already waited for long. The main thrust of attracting tourism units is going to be along 16 virgin beaches. exhibition complexes and so on. At the Vibrant Gujarat summit alone. Of the 16 beaches identified. Officials in the state tourism department said that the government has finalised two sets of incentives for tourism developers." the official said. picnic spots. four in South Gujarat and 10 in Saurashtra 44 . have been held up because of failure of the government in coming up with the package." a senior official said.000 crore. including those signed at the Vibrant Gujarat business summit in January 2011. "The incentives will be available for five years and only to new units.16. amusement parks." the official said. health farms. golf courses. The most important proposal is by Atlantis Group. motels." the official said. "Those owning heritage buildings and wanting to convert them into hotels with minimum 15 rooms too will get sops. 564 small and big projects were proposed." The incentive package will be available to entrepreneurs wanting to set up all types of tourism-related units. Officials conceded that projects to set up tourism-related units. adding. "Another incentive looks at providing 15 per cent subsidy in electricity duty on industrial rate. tourism units were being charged commercial rates. Until now. already identified by the state government for development. GUJARAT GOVT READIES SOPS FOR TOURISM DEVELOPERS GANDHINAGAR: A sharp rise in the number of tourists coming to Gujarat has prompted the state government to offer sops to entrepreneurs who want to set up new tourism-related units. "The state finance department has cleared a proposal to provide an interest subsidy of four per cent up to a maximum amount of Rs 50 lakh to units that will be set up across Gujarat. including hotels. two are in Kutch. The incentive package will be out this month. tented accommodations. resorts. wellness spas. which wants to develop several resorts and other facilities along the Suvali beach near Surat for Rs 9.

The important initiatives contemplated under this policy are as under: o o o o o o o o To promote event based tourism Development of tourist circuits Development of tourism related infrastructure Use of innovative marketing techniques and promotional tools Human resource development in the area of tourism Private participation Facilitation through Government policies for speedy development Active involvement of district administration in tourism activities. the Government of Gujarat had announced the tourism policy for a period from 2003 to 2010. TOURISM POLICY (2003-2010) Policy announced by Government of Gujarat for the development of Tourism Sector With a view to accelerating the pace of economic activities through tourism. The mechanism for implementation of Tourism Policy.17. it is essential on the part of the State Government to play a facilitative role by granting necessary 45 . For implementation of the policy.

The vision of State Government for tourism development. Private Participation.permissions/clearances required by investors in a time bound manner. for the purpose of investment in tourism projects. Innovative Marketing & Promotional Tools. which speaks for methodology of development of this Sector. The Commissioner (Tourism) and Managing Director. All projects having investment less than Rs 50 crore will be approved at the Government level and the projects having investment exceeding Rs 50 crore will be approved by GIPB. efforts will be made by way of promoting: Hospitality Industry Indirect Employment Cultural Development Infrastructure Development Employment Opportunities Sustenance of rich heritage of arts and crafts The approach for development of Tourism . The policy gives the approach of he State Government. Facilitating Government policies to ensure rapid growth and active participation of District Administration. Infrastructure Development. Human Resource Development. the State is determined to develop tourism as a key growth sector. For the growth of overall development of economic sector and social sector. 46 . Tourist Circuits. The facilities of Gujarat Industrial Promotion Board (GIPB) set up to grant necessary clearances on fast track basis under the system of Single Window Clearance will now be made applicable to Tourism Sector also. Tourism Corporation of Gujarat will act as the Secretariat of GIPB. The methodology includes Event Based Tourism. For the purpose. Tourism has been identified as the Engine of Growth. It has been decided by the State Government to provide condusive climate for this sector to grow and for the purpose.

the students of Gujarat shall be encouraged to develop an interest for communication through e-mail with the students and other persons abroad to interact with them about Gujarat and ultimately motivate them to visit Gujarat. Further. etc will be arranged in the State from time to time.The marketing strategy to increase tourists flow in the State . international fairs like Navratri festival. kite festival. 47 . The State Government is keen to attract flow of tourists in the State and for the purpose.

large employment opportunities shall be created. The Government would generate Rs 500 cr through public and private sectors to contribute to this company‘s fund for tourism development Social benefits of Tourism Policy Tourism sector has the highest employment potential. announced this in the assembly on Wednesday. Gujarat beckons you as a respected visitor. Jaynarayan Vyas. The company will provide venture capital to small investors who want to develop tourism infrastructure. with approximately 90 jobs created per Rs.10 lacs investment. adequate skills and training imparted by the institutions specially set up in the policy period. the trained youth from the state can get productive employment in the sector. an esteemed investor and a friend to enrich the colourful socio-cultural tapestry 48 .GUJARAT GOVT TO ANNOUNCE NEW TOURISM POLICY The Government of Gujarat will soon announce a new tourism policy. Vyas said that the Gujarat Tourism Corporation has created the Gujarat Tourism Development Company in collaboration with Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) company with Rs 25-25 cr(total 50 cr) fund. NID. Further. the local shops and artisans shall get opportunities to sell their products and money will flow in the rural sector. Further. By attracting large investment in the sector. State Tourism Minister. NIFT and other institutions will hone the skills of the rural people involved in handicrafts.

the marketing objectives for each segment. untrained service providers have an enormously negative effect on the competitiveness of the tourism product. place. This includes identifying what types of tour operators. 49 . The lack of quality infrastructure. For all these it is necessary for tourism industry to formulate marketing strategies which should include the overall business objectives. how to gather procurement data developing and open procurement process. a business community profile market identification (segmentation). tour agents and guides are required and when and how companies can access procurement opportunities. MARKETING To Promote and showcase Gujarat Tourism. scheme of 'E mail Fan Club of Gujarat' will have to be worked out Marketing strategies As tourism is a highly competitive industry. an assessment of the market environment. the traveler has a wide range of choices and looks for good value for money. international fairs shall be arranged in Gujarat.18. uncompetitive rates. promotion) for each segment. an implementation plan the marketing budget and a method for evaluation and change. To attract students for these activities of attracting tourists in state. indifferent or poor product quality. Procurement: Tourism sector needs to understand how procurement decisions are made. the best combination of the 4 Ps (product. difficulty in getting access to information on travel and tourist destinations. Some of the strategies that tourism industry adopts are: 1. Development of Gujarat Tourism by E-marketing: Students of Gujarat shall be encouraged to develop an interest for e-mail communication with the students and other persons abroad and interact with them about Gujarat and its varied socio-cultural aspects to motivate them to visit Gujarat. price.

Strengthen distribution: Distribution is the key to the quality of service. It is the major differentiating factor for the tourism. Product Differentiation: Services are sold both as final service product and as intermediate inputs. Since a tourist are spending lot of money for leisure so they are interested to gain benefit from the service they are getting thus it becomes necessary for the tourism industry to differentiate its service from the others. tourism sector is focused at developing talent by grooming entry-level candidates and enhancing skills of existing professionals. Strengthen distribution provide comprehensive services and the solution to the customers. increase brand awareness.2. attract new customer. it is necessary for the tourism industry to develop new product. 5. reduce their perceived risk and gain the trust of their customers through promotional campaigns. The rapidly growing tourism sector in India is faced with an acute shortage of talent. Informational forums and educational workshops will help identify market-ready or near market-ready products. Decisions on what facilities. built business. Tourism had made great progress in the distribution of services. Good communication is vital in tourism. television. Tourism can retain existing customers. For this. programs and services to provide should be based on the needs and desires of the target market(s). print) aimed at specific markets. Skilled Man Power: Tourism has taken initiative to markets beyond the metros to foster skilled manpower. They need to develop and maintain websites specific to tourism. 50 . 3. The marketers should promote by means of appropriate media (radio. Hence. They should not be based on the preferences of the owner/manager or necessarily on what the competition is providing 4. they provide training to the manpower related to both tourism and non tourism sector. In the long term. Proper Communication: Communication internal and external must be farreaching and speedy.

7. education. After execution of service. In addition. One aspect of the tourism marketing campaign should be aimed at enhancing pride. facilities and attractions in the country that are promoted to these tourists. Follow-ups and Feedbacks: Follow-up and feedback should be taken care in the tourism sector and with the growing competition. a defined body is required to oversee marketing and development. in order to ensure residents participate in promoting Indian attributes to visitors. responsible for tourism development. some feel responsibility for tourism development should be left to Indian government.6. The local population has an important role to play in ensuring the events. which should include the professional and community-based cultural community. services and other resources available to them. 51 . Currently. hotels and restaurants. 9. understanding and appreciation among the tourism and non-tourism business sectors like transportation (airlines. railways and roadways). tourism and non tourism business sectors. locally. Create a coordinating body for tourism development: Many times stakeholders are unclear as to who is. The lack of a defined coordinating body inhibits information sharing and development. tourism industries are not aware of the funding. others feel it should be a shared effort. 8. Forums or educational informational sessions are needed to assist in developing better understanding. or should be. A number of stakeholders feel the state government should take the lead. appreciation and awareness of India‘s cultural offerings. Interaction between tourism and non-tourism business sectors: Currently. there is a perception amongst stakeholders that residents lack awareness or have negative perceptions of what is available in the country. there is limited formal interaction. In order to create a heritage for tourism. the service providers (tourism industry) should attain the feedback of the service he has rendered so that any improvement required in the future can be attended too. Enhance local awareness of offerings: The majority of tourists to India are visiting friends or relatives who live here. the customer satisfaction should be given utmost priority.

there is an opportunity to diversify and expand funding. it results in informed decision-making on operating. however. origin of respondents. as well as qualitative information such as visitor satisfaction. 13. They focus instead on servicing the customer once they arrive at the site community. A bad experience getting to or leaving a tourism site can adversely affect a person's travel experience. Though it is not easy to determine how much new funding might be needed in the long term. spending patterns and demographics. 11. Partnerships should be encouraged between hoteliers. This results in assisting the development of presentations that can be made to non-tourism sectors. Develop new partnerships and packages for tourism: Increased understanding will generate appreciation and interest in collaborative activity that can benefit all parties involved. Location and Accessibility: Too many tourism businesses and communities fail to recognize their role in improving travel to and from their areas. Conduct research specific to the tourism sector: Research should include quantitative information such as attendance. theatre packages with accommodations/meals and a package of festival tickets are just some of the possibilities. the majority of stakeholders feels strongly that infrastructure and tourism marketing require more stable and sustained funding in the future. Enhance funding for tourism development: With the evolution of the tourism strategy. program and capital funding. 52 . In addition.10. 12. New packages such as museum tours coupled with meals at local establishments. . infrastructure improvements and tourism initiatives to grow. retailers and cultural groups. restaurants. accessibility and programming desires.

growth oriented and supportive philosophy of the policy makers. Relax. Project Opportunities The following tourism project opportunities will be made available and encouraged and strengthened for private enterprises from India and abroad. God's own Shelters: Cost effective. Good restaurants with tasty food 53 . children's parks. health spas are proposed to be developed. Viswa grams. With positive. ROAD MAP FOR MAKING GUJARAT A DREAM DESTINATION Tourism policy 2003-2010 identifies all round development of projects to bring out all facets of tourism potential in Gujarat. Sunbaths & Surfing: The beach resorts and winter sports will be developed at 9 chosen beaches which will have clean environment with lawns and other plantations. Water sports like surfing. It will also promote other allied industries and special shopping centers. beauty parlours etc. The allied industries will also develop along side like shopping arcades. and heritage hotels. boutiques. tent cities. this offers a gold mine of profitable and long term investment and business opportunities for national and international corporate bodies and private enterprises. yachting and scuba diving are to be developed in and around these resorts. safety measures and plenty of sea food. village hotels. future clubs and theme restaurants. theme restaurants. in the next ten years. water parks. Guess who's coming to Dinner: Hospitality Industry will get a boost by setting up hotels. Recreate & Rejuvenate: Special entertainment zones are to be developed for fun leisure and health.19. rides. star pilgrim hotels and dormitories with A/C facilities and at close proximity to the pilgrim centers are to be built.

Kiosks. Boating and yachting will be added attractions. Men may come and Men may go. tent camps and other amenities are envisaged to be set up in 20 places (5 in each zone)with active participation and investment from private enterprises. 54 .and shops that store religious and other items can be developed around these centers. but I go on forever: The River banks and canal banks are to be developed as tourist spots with motels. theme restaurants and shopping centers. Innovative Private investment and expertise will be encouraged and supported. A Long way to go: The continuous traveler and the discreet tourist require fuel for his vehicle. food for his palate and rest rooms to get fresh. improvised shelters with fast food joints.

sequins. which is enhanced by the ancient embroidery work. Both plastic and paper currencies are widely accepted throughout the state.20. embellished with Zari works. beadwork. The exuberant shopping places of Gujarat are simply irresistible. as you often find fantastic items at a good bargain. WHY GUJARAT??? Gujarat is one of the most vibrant states in India. providing the perfect answer as to what to shop for. It is world famous for its handicrafts. This makes these sarees an exemplary piece of art and a must for every Indian woman's wardrobe. the traditional art forms have managed to survive in the state. The markets are thronged during the festive and the marriage season. Gujarat Specialties    Patola Silk Sarees Bandhnis and traditional Gagra-Cholis Marriage Costumes 55 . You will be bound to pick something or the other. This makes each outfit unique and diverse. The fabrics are adorned with distinct embroidery patterns in different colors and stitches. The rich tradition of handicrafts in the state is alive and surviving and it also claims of a prosperous art and craft industry. mirrors. It even has a flourishing textile industry. Shopping from the road side vendor is also a fun experience. It has rich cultural heritage. The state is a shopper's paradise and presents a wide variety to shop from. as a memoir of your trip. The sarees are a huge hit in Gujarat and there is no dearth of shopping places to buy sarees. The age old weaving techniques are practiced by the people with great zeal and pride. shells as well as tie-and-dye and block-printed designs. As a result. handlooms and textiles. State Emporiums provide excellent range of handicrafts and other items in a congenial environment. The state is also home to the world famous Patola Sarees Such a wide variety at your disposal is available only in the markets of Gujarat. which is well rooted in its traditional value system.

Some of the popular dress items of the industry are Salwars. The textiles have a large variety to offer to the end consumer. Cholis. exquisite patterns are woven on sarees with great precision. Textiles Gujarat has a large flourishing textile industry which contributes to the arts and crafts of India. combination of yarns and effective use of traditional techniques The Giant Lizard of Gujarat: The Dinosaurs lived in Gujarat millions of years ago and their traces are found at several places in the form of fossils. Ghaghras. The place associated with Patola is Patan. World is my family: Viswa Gram (Global Village) is a concept to create villages with dwellings to replicate the international houses where tourist will feel at home. Here. The art and crafts are preserved and are even practiced widely across the state. Appliquéd Quilts Cradle Clothes Cloth Toys Embroidered Footwear Garments The state garment industry of Gujarat is one of the most prosperous ones in India. It provides a wide variety to the buyers. detail and intricate work and artistic appearance. All of these are produced from authentic hand block-printed material. Odhanis.     Wall Hangings Embroidered. Handicrafts Gujarat has an ancient history and a glorious cultural heritage. The tourism policy gives a boost to develop dinosaur fossil parks at Balasinor and Kutch. The handicrafts of Gujarat are famous for their color scheme. Patola Sarees of Gujarat are one of the finest hand-woven sarees produced today. Kurtas. Patola Silk Patola silk is often termed as the queen of all silks. The theme restaurants and the shopping arches will have a universal appeal and the 56 . The age old crafts of the place have survived till date. It mainly depends on factors like varied raw materials. Skirts and Jackets.

Space & Communication Pavilion and other attractions. minds on approach of various pavilions being developed. The theme is ―EDUTAINMENT‖ Education through Entertainment. Large Musical Fountain. The legendary Dwarka is believed to be under water as per the marine archeologists and they have solid evidence to prove that an ancient city lies beneath the sea at Dwarka. Tourists will have access to world class technology with hands on. 57 .cuisines and crafts. City beneath the Sea Lord Krishna reigned supreme at Dwarka. The Science city includes India's First 3D IMAX Theatre. locations in Gujarat and promote tourism. The Policy proposes to encourage tourism by setting up a world-class science city at Ahmedabad. his stay at Sabarmati. route maps travel connections are to be prepared and given to tourists. Simulator. Tourist Department proposes to take tourists in glass-bottomed boats to watch the underwater Dwarka with active private participation. his dandi march. Under the Microscope: Promoting Science and inculcating scientific temper is the new mantra. LCD Screen. and a circuit with proper itinerary. places of stay. The Policy also proposes to set up Science Centers at various . Bapu's Country Mahatma Gandhi's birth place. Energy Park. his kochrab stay and his long years in Ahmedabad are to be showcased.people belonging to diverse cultures will have a peep into Gujarat's culture.

Bardoli. Surat. where he lived and fought in the freedom struggle. The respective cuisine and expert chefs and the recipes will have to be acquired to cater to suit the choice of the tourists. Where he was born. Borsad. Private hoteliers and restaurants will have a fine business opportunity in this sector. It is proposed to create a chain of food courts where special items of the area and theme foods will be served.Loha-Purursh (Iron Man) Sardar Patel spent his entire life in serving the nation. Kheda and Ahmedabad. started cooperative movement etc. For your taste buds People moving from place to place try the food of the places they visit. 58 . will form a circuit like Karamsad. infrastructure facilities and route maps are to be developed. Information material.

on an average the peak season for Gujarat travel is from October to March.21. In the south. while there is ample rain in the monsoon. Gujarat also experiences a wide variety in its landforms and climate. the climate is extreme. due to the presence of the sea. Therefore it is necessary to know the best time to visit the state. it is continuously dabbled by the Arabian Sea. The coastal region mostly has a humid climate. while the winters are chilling cold. In the north. The main seasons experienced in India are summers. The climate in North India has little connection with that of South India. providing you the opportunity to enjoy your trip to the fullest. the climatic conditions are quite different. During this time. But. deciding as to when to visit Gujarat is a tricky question. the temperatures are in the extreme. The climate of Gujarat differs with the region. with moderate rainfall. The winters are pleasant. The eastern belt experiences a mild climate. In the Rann of Kutch. 59 . with burning summers and freezing winters. Thus. the climate is pleasant. But the vast subcontinent experiences varying climatic conditions in different areas. BEST TIME TO VISIT GUJARAT Gujarat is the western most state of India. It experiences hot climate during most of the time in the year. The summers are scorching hot. winters and monsoon. Lying on the western coast of the country.

Jet Airways. SpiceJet and GoAir. Delhi and other major cities of India. Udaipur etc are connected to Gujarat through trains. There are regular trains from and to Mumbai and New Delhi. With broad gauge lines. It has a strong road link also. For the convenience of the visitors. The international airlines operating out of Ahmedabad airport include Indian Airlines. 60 .22. People from across the globe visit Gujarat to explore the rich culture and heritage. the state has developed strong transportation links. The state is also a popular destination abroad. 1. Air India. Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. The major cities of the state. The state has a total road length of 73. Mumbai.397km. By Rail Gujarat has a strong rail network. There are frequent international flights to countries in Middle East. which is a significant reason for making the state so accessible. It is visited by a large number of tourists every year. The domestic ones include Simplifly Deccan. as there are many inter state buses that operate from here. are connected to all the major cities via trains. operate regular bus services to all the major cities in the state and outside. Europe and America and daily flights to Mumbai. like Ahmedabad. Vadodara and Surat. with the sole international airport being situated at Ahmedabad. Kingfisher Airlines. There are 10 domestic airports in Gujarat. Kolkata. Air Sahara. All the metropolitan cities. the network within the state is also effective. It is well connected to all the major cities in India via road and rail network. Delhi. By Road Gujarat has excellent road links. religious and wildlife heritage. By Air The tourists who are traveling to Gujarat from other countries can take international flights to Ahmedabad. Gujarat State Transport Corporation and other private operators. HOW TO REACH GUJARAT Gujarat is a traveler's paradise because of its historical. better than any other state in India.572 km of the total stretch is the share of National Highway.

Training programmes are required not only for hotel managers but also for tourist guides. porters etc. A world-class destination requires professional planning to prevent haphazard. strict architectural controls. it will emerge as a best tourist spot and will yield maximum foreign exchange to our country. So as to conclude the ‗marketing mantra‘ for the Department of Tourism is to position India as a global brand to take advantage of the burgeoning global travel and trade and the vast untapped potential of India as a destination. If India overcomes the challenges by enriching its present strategies. as the manner in which they conduct themselves affects the tourist‘s experience of the country. taxi-drivers. Important do‘s and dont‘s in terms of a code of ethics need to be inculcated among the service providers. CONCLUSION There is a wide scope for underdeveloped countries like India to promote tourism. 61 . and infrastructure. staff at eating places. It requires improvement of entry points and appropriate facilitation services.23.. uncontrolled growth. It is necessary that India should balance between security considerations and the need for tourism development.