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Self Realization

By Gan Chennai

An unbaked mud pot can hold only least amount of water. When it is baked properly it reaches its capacity and serves its ultimate purpose. A Self Realized Being is like a Properly Baked Pot.

The two words most alien to many people, undoubtedly are Self Realization and Enlightenment. Why is it necessary to have some knowledge on these? Well! Its up to you to decide. If you want to know something about the Truth Component of Existentiality, it is well advised atleast to know something about Self Realization and Enlightenment, leave alone experiencing these wonderful states. As an ordinary human being we always feel some sort of Incompleteness. Self Realization is all about unraveling the True Nature of the Self and finding What constitutes the Universal Truth. One becomes extraordinarily matured to handle any issue as the entire universe is at his disposal. In these days of Facebook,Twitter and Ipod Culture when our gratifications are purely sensory based, when we feel elated by acquiring hundreds of unknown faces as friends and followers, considering it as a great achievement, constantly distancing us from reality, someone having patience to read an article on Self Realization is certainly a rare phenomena.

The components of Self

We have many terms like Self, Me, I etc which refer to an individual Self. But, in Truth every individual is not a single component. Every individual is more than the Body. A person is combination of Body, Mind and Soul. But, we normally refer to the Physical Body as the Me, Self and I. But, within our self we find a changeless phenomena, which do not get aged irrespective of our physical age. We call this by the name Soul aka Consciousness. This is the real Self. This changeless self holds the changing self. The changeless soul is the common denominator in all the existential beings. It is the same stuff in all. This stuff called Soul is an immaterial thing and hence it cannot age; cannot be born; cannot die; it occupies no space and so on. All that comes and vanishes are mere superficial forms. Like a Canvas is essential to make drawings, a soul is essential to make forms. The drawings are temporary, but the canvas is permanent. Similarly our body Identity is Temporary whereas our Soul is Permanent. A body cannot be alive without a Soul.

What is Reality?
The most intriguing question is what exactly Reality is. Is what we perceive with our five senses is really real? We can prove that what we perceive through our five senses are mere illusions. A Wooden

Table what we perceive through our eyes are mere atoms containing huge amount of space in-between. At a specific frequency and amplitude our senses establish the form called Table. If our eyes have 10 Million Times Magnification factor, we can see only atoms with huge space in between in the place of a solid Table. The solidity vanishes. Humans cannot hear ultra sound frequencies. A dog can smell more than what humans can. These clearly show that Reality what we observe is not an absolute Reality. In fact, the Physical World and its constituents are merely illusive Phenomena created by the Mind. There is nothing except Hence the consciousness. The universe is a dream created within the Consciousness. Existence is a Dreamless Dream. Upanishads term the Universe as Maya and a Leela of God. This is irrefutable and it can be proven that the Universe is a mere creation of the Mind for a specific purpose. We can never comprehend the Universal Reality using the Mind. Our mind is incapable of conceiving anything which is not spatially or temporally bound. Mind is a Highly Limited aspect. Anything projected by the Mind should be put to rigorous scrutiny for it's veracity, not by using the Mind itself, but using an yet another component called Consciousness. Behind this Maya there is an Absolute Reality. This Absolute Reality is nothing but Consciousness.

What exactly Consciousness is ?

When consciousness is static it is aware of it's own self. That is, when consciousness focuses on it's own self. You get no Thoughts. Focus on your consciousness, concentrate and think 'What is my next Thought ?' You will not get your next thought. Thoughts won't arise when your consciousness is alert. Awareness is the unique property of Consciousness. Thought is consciousness in motion. All thoughts are illusions, in the sense, they exist but are not fundamentally real. Thoughts create memory. Memory is nothing but bunch of stored Thoughts. Consciousness in motion creates illusion. All matter as consciousness in motion is illusion. Consciousness in motion (mind) creates the World. Hence, the world is an illusion. When Consciousness becomes externalized the Universe is born. When the Consciousness abides in it's own self the Universe Vanishes.

Consciousness is independent of Thoughts, but thoughts are dependent upon consciousness. You and your possessions are not one and the same. You and your properties are not one and the same. Similarly, Consciousness and Thoughts are not one and the same. Ultimately all matter, energy and information are one and the same. All matter is energy. All energy is information. All information is thought. All thought is consciousness. Ellam Ondre. All is one. Hence, consciousness is the only reality.

To be fully established in consciousness is the highest reality a man can achieve. This is the union with God, the highest reality. This is Self Realization. This is Nirvana. This is Samadhi. This is Absolute Bliss. This is Absolute Peace. This is the Ultimate Evolution. This is the state of void, from where the Universe springs up. All matter is illusion. All Birth is illusion. All Death is Illusion. By illusion, I mean it exists, but it is not really real. Like a movie, even though exists, but is only an illusion. There is only one thing that really exist. It is undivided. It is the untainted Self. The Self is Infinite. It can also be called God. Thoughts create your reality. This reality is not really real. This reality is illusion in disguise posing as reality. All your Family, Friends, Society, Universe etc are mere drama enacted by consciousness like a Hide and seek game, to find his own self. The Universe is a Leela of God. Ultimately everything is God. To realize the Self is to realize God.

The Atman and Brahman

The all pervading Brahman resides in each of his creation as the Atman. Atman and Brahman are one and the same. If Atman is like the drop of an Ocean the Brahman is the Ocean itself. Both posses the same Quality of 'No Quality.'(All qualities emanate only from the mind.) So also, the Atman and the Brahman can not be sub divided

because they are not Objects. Any amount of Knowledge or Intellect serve no purpose to realize the Atman aka Brahman. If the Atman has to be realized then there must be something called 'X' outside of Atman to exist to realize the Atman, which is impossible. Hence, the Experiencer, Experienced and the Experience are one and the same. We can not be the part of Atman because Atman it is partless. We can't be inside or outside the Atman because it has no space. Hence everything is one and the same Atman. The Atman can be realized by Meditation only by dissolving us in the process of Meditation. Performing Poojas, Rituals, Visiting various places of worship, etc. can not take one beyond the Mental Dimension and they serve least in Self Realization aka God Realization. These give a great sense of Self Satisfaction, and help to gain Self Control, Discipline and abide in Moral Values. Acquainting deep with the dwelling God within the Self, is certainly superior to any externalized worship. Please do not slip into imagination that these are unnecessary. I mean, Performing Poojas, Rituals and Visiting various places of worship alone will not suffice one to reach Self Realization. Baghavan Ramana Maharshi insisted the same point in his Upadesa Saram Verse #4 subsequent ( and verses.

What is Self Realization?

To be established in the Awareness of the Consciousness is known as Self Realization. This is also called as Abiding in the Self. This is the most wonderful state. This is the state of Bliss. There is really scarcity of terminologies to put Self Realization in Words. How would it be when Honey can taste its own self? How would it be when a Tree becomes a Seed once again? How would it be when Infinity becomes Zero? How would it be when the Final Destination is achieved? How would it be when you become one with the God? How would you feel when the Universal Truth is reveled to you? These are mere approximations of the Self Realized state. You feel immensely satisfied in the Self Realized State. In the state of Self Realization, the Mind Vanishes and one is established in a Tranquil Awareness, Blissfulness and Peace. The Self in ME, the Self in YOU and the Self in Everything is one and the same. There is no distance in the SELF. Mind creates the illusion of Separateness. In the Self Realized State Everything is suddenly missing including the Self. The Experiencer (Subject), the Experienced (Object) and the Experience become one and the same. There is no Subject.. There is no Object. There is only Peace and Bliss which is the True Nature of the Self. This is the Ultimate Reality. This is the Ultimate Truth.

How to attain Self Realization?

Meditation is the easiest gateway to Self realization. Self Realization can be achieved by doing regular Meditations over a long period of

time, like small consistent steps make a long journey. There are numerous methods of performing Meditation. You can choose the most convenient one for you. Be aware that NO BOOK, NO SLIDES and NO GURU can take one to the point of Self Realization except your earnest and sincere desire to achieve that state. As long as one operates at the Mind Level one can never comprehend God. It is like pedaling a cycle for a life time with the stand firmly anchored on the floor expecting to reach the destination. A typical meditation technique is given in the following link : Easy Meditation :: Revision:04 If the download fails copy and past the following link in Browser

What is Enlightenment?
To be precise Enlightenment is a very vague Term. To be more precise Enlightenment is ones state of ascension through evolution in the journey of life. If one is expecting the state of Enlightenment as similar to a state of sitting on a throne and blissfully smiling like God as seen in movies, one will meet with great disappointment only.

Such a state of Enlightenment is virtually impossible for anyone. Once a person is established in the state of Mind, one has to follow the game of life. There is no escape. Many persons say that they have attained Enlightenment, which lacks proper definition. There is no proper single definitive explanation for Enlightenment. The Enlightenment attained by people vary in Degree and level of attainment. We can term Merging with the Absolute or God as the Final Point in the Process of Enlightenment. Enlightenment starts with Awakening, like knowing the value of Love, Understanding the limitations of Money, overcoming Ego, etc. It then proceeds to Awareness, and finally ends with Self Realization. In the entire process, we come across different Levels of Enlightenment. Hence, Enlightenment is a varying process and not a Destination. Self Realization and Enlightenment are almost synonymous but the word Self Realization puts the final state in plain terms.

After attaining Self Realization will one become a non performing entity, mad, disconnected from world and lead an isolated Life?
This fear is really uncalled for. Does one become mad after coming out of dreams everyday? Life becomes an excursion for a self realized person. He becomes a witness, like God, to all actions including his own. His own actions will not bind him. He becomes a

perfect instrument in the hands of God.

A self-realized person is

completely Ego less, Sincere, Honest, Open to Higher Inspiration, Fully Supportive, Patient, Forgiving, Ever Expansive, Positive, SelfTrusting, Always Accepting, Happily at Inner Peace, and the Living Manifestation of Love and Bliss. In fact, there is no more madness. One will lead an Exceptional Life. This is the only worthy deal in living. Life then becomes a Tapas (Discipline)