Leather Strap Tote

materials and tools
• 1¼ yards of fabric for the bag top • 18ʺ x 24ʺ rectangle of contrast fabric for the bag base

materials and tools

• 3ʺ x 20ʺ strip of faux leather for the handle • One package (approximately 60ʺ) of extra-wide double-fold bias binding (or make your own!) • Clear quilters’ ruler • Fabric marker • Thread • Scissors

Classic design meets modern twist. This cool tote with boxed bottom can carry anything you throw at (or in) it. The leather strap simplifies the design and accentuates your style. Clean, classic lines mean it’s easy to construct, so you go from zero to toteand-go in less time. It won’t be long before this becomes your go-to tote.

Created by Rachel Faucett

step one
 Print

the pattern piece templates (pages 6-9).

 The

bag top is split into three pieces; cut them out and tape them together before cutting out your fabric pieces!


1 mm. Experiment with decorative stitches. step four  Press the seam allowances towards the bottom of the bag. 2 . step five  Topstitch the edge of the base seam on each side. step three  Stitch the bottom to the top for each side of the bag using ½ʺ-wide seam allowances.Leather Strap Tote step two  Iron your fabric. then cut out the bag tops (2) and bag bottoms (2). with a width of 7.1 mm and length of 5. or keep it simple with just a straight stitch. I used decorative stitch #401 on my BERNINA 580 E.

step nine  With the bag still inside out. stitch the side and bottom edges of the bag using a ½ʺ-wide seam allowance. mark with a fabric pen. measure in 1½ʺ at the corners of the base of the bag as shown.Leather Strap Tote step six  With right sides together. Pin in place. the seam allowances open. 3 . pinch the cut-out edges together as shown. step eight  Cut the squares from the corners of the bag base.  Press step seven  Using a clear quilters’ ruler. making sure the previously sewn seams are pressed open.

pin the bias binding in place. fold the end under ½ʺ. step twelve  Sew the binding to the bag. step eleven  On one side of the top edge of your bag. start by opening the binding at its main crease and folding the corners in slightly as shown.  Then 4 . stitching close to the edge of the binding (a scant ⅛ʺ) as shown. press. This will create nice boxed corners on the base of your bag.Leather Strap Tote step ten  Sew the corner edges together with ½ʺ-wide seam allowances. step thirteen  For the second half of the binding.

then repeat the above folding technique once you reach the other edge on the point of the bag. fold press the center crease again with all edges turned under. creating a triangle shape as shown.Leather Strap Tote step fourteen  Pin the binding in place.  “Stitch-in-the-ditch”  To rket Voila! Your sweet little ma ! tote bag is complete! Enjoy 5 . making sure you catch both sides of the strap in your stitches. the open edges of the strap together close to the edge (a scant ⅛ʺ). beside the binding and across the bottom of the handle. pin it to the points of the bag as the desired length. the binding in place as you did in step eleven. Finally. overlapping the ends.  Stitch step sixteen  To attach the handle to the bag. press. fold the leather strip in half lengthwise. make sure those handles are nice and secure.  Stitch step fifteen  For the handle. Fold under each outer edge ½ʺ. press (check a scrap first to make sure it won’t melt). go over your stitching again about three times.

then cut on fold + + Leather Strap Tote = Leather Strap Tote Top—Part 1 of 3 Tape the three Top sections— 1. Leather Strap Tote Pattern Templates After joining the top pieces together. Join Here . and 3—together.Join pieces. cut two tops on the fold. 2.

then cut on fold Leather Strap Tote Pattern Templates Top—Part 2 of 3 Leather Strap Tote Join Here .Join Here Leather Strap Tote Join pieces.

Join Here Leather Strap Tote Join pieces. then cut on fold Leather Strap Tote Pattern Templates Top—Part 3 of 3 Leather Strap Tote .

Leather Strap Tote Cut on fold Leather Strap Tote Pattern Templates Leather Strap Tote Bottom—cut 2 on fold .