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Swamp Lane, Church Road, Bog Walk, St. Catherine January 23, 2013.

Senior Director Human Resource Management and Development Division Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Hope Gardens Kingston 6 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my interest in the position of Facilities Manager (SOG/ST 3 within the Public Gardens Division/Cinchona as advertised in Circular NO. 10 OCR Ref. C485814. This was sent to the Head of Departments in the various Ministries. While I may not have much experience within the field,

I see it relevant to maintain a practical, real-world perspective on life while maintaining and developing myself as an individual. As an exuberant young lady I will deem this opportunity beneficial to your institution and even more so to myself in my growth as an educator.

The attached resume provides details of my educational background, work experience, qualifications and contact information. I will be available for an interview at any mutual convenient time. I await a favourable response.

Sincerely yours, Rochelle Ferguson (Miss) ______________________

Rochelle Ferguson
Swamp Lane, Church Road, (h): 708-2648 Bog Walk, St. Catherine Email: (c): 566-5724


Shortwood Teachers College 2009-2012 Dinthill Technical High School 2008-2009 Westwood High School 2003-2008 Trinity Preparatory School 1999-2003

WORK EXPERIENCE: Institute of Jamaica

Exhibition Gallery Officer (August February 2012)

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE: Environmental Club School Vice-President (2005-2006) Treasurer (2004-2005) ISCF Public Relations Officer (2004-2005) -Westwood High School President (2006-2008) - Westwood High

Flat Mother 2012) History Club Secretary 2011) QUALIFICATIONS:

Shortwood Teachers College (2011Shortwood Teachers College (2010-

Shortwood Teachers College (2009-2012) Diploma in Teaching JBTE Secondary Education History/Geography/Social Studies Complimentary Subject- Religious Education CAPE Sociology Environmental Science Communication Studies CSEC GRADE Agricultural Science Caribbean History English Language English Literature Food and Nutrition Geography Human and Social Biology Mathematics 2 2 1 3 2 2 1 1


Leadership Seminars Mentorship Seminar


Track and Field


Dorsia Brooks Education Outreach Institute of Jamaica Tel#- 876-266-2437 Marsha Gordon Teacher Spanish Town Primary School Tel#-876-457-2616