Adani Wilmar Limited launches the healthiest cooking oil in the world Fortune Rice Bran Health Fortune’s

Rice Bran Oil redefines 100% health in India Mumbai, November 22, 2012 – Adani Wilmar Ltd, the leading manufacturer and distributor of cooking oils today announced the launch of Fortune Rice Bran Health, the healthiest oil in the world. The product was unveiled by Ms Lara Dutta, erstwhile Miss Universe and Bollywood Yoga enthusiast along with Mr. Atul Chaturvedi CEO, Adani Wilmar Ltd. Also present, were Mr. Angshu Mallick, COO, Adani Wilmar Ltd, Mr.Xu, R&D Director of Wilmar International at Shanghai and Mr.B Chatterjee, Head R&D India, Adani Wilmar Ltd. Apart from being the highest cholesterol lowering cooking oil, Fortune Rice bran health contains highest amount of oryzanol amongst all edible oils which improves the HDL/LDL ratio making it one of the most heart friendly oils. Also, balanced PUFA:MUFA ratio ensures cleaner blood vessels and balanced fatty acids guarantee balanced nutrition and health. The brand also has anti cancer properties, improves skin tone, helps nervous system, stimulates immunity, maintains balance of nervous system and has a host of other benefits. Most consumers wouldn‟t know that the prominent healthy cooking oils are actually blends of two oils with only a part of it being Rice bran oil. Fortune Rice Bran Health is 100% Rice Bran oil allowing it to deliver the goodness of Rice bran oil in full, making it the healthiest oil in the world. It has 15% less absorption rate which makes cooking with it economical and results in low calorie intake. Elaborating on the need for this wonder product, Mr. Atul Chaturvedi, CEO, Adani Wilmar Ltd said, “We crafted the all new premium Rice Bran Health after an intensive scientific research to fill a need gap which we observed through our study. Fortune Rice bran health is aimed at the health conscious customer base – not only customers with medical conditions, but also the health conscious segment which believes in eating right to prevent ailments. Our continuous endeavour is to keep pace with the necessities of the changing lifestyle of toda y‟s consumers and make special effort to provide our consumers with what they wish for.” Mr Angshu Mallick, COO, Adani Wilmar Ltd said, “With the launch of Fortune Rice Bran Health, Adani Wilmar Limited reiterates its commitment to continually innovate and introduce products relevant to the need of the day. After a decade of success in the Indian market, with our relentless dedication to quality, innovation and health, we remain the number one preference of every household in the country. We continue with our commitment of bringing the best to the Indian markets.”

2 litres jar. The world‟s healthiest oil will allow me to eat all my favourite dishes and still remain healthy and active. 5 litres jar & 15 litres jar and is priced at Rs 115.Talking of the benefits of the Rice Bran Oil Lara Dutta commented “By adopting Fortune‟s Rice Bran Health I intend to bri ng about a positive change in my lifestyle. With Rice Bran Oil I can definitely live the brand mantra of „Joy of Eating‟. Rs 575 & Rs 1725 respectively. .” Fortune is a brand almost completely driven by market research and has always adapted to address the health concerns of many Indian households through innovation. Rs 230. Rice Bran Health is Fortune‟s promise of good health and a new step towards strengthening its legacy of trust amongst consumers. The Fortune Rice Bran Health is available in 1 litre pouch.

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