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Melanie Loidolt - SS 2013 CMA - SUBCULTURES

OUTSIDE IS SOCIETY THATS WHERE I WANNA BE Patti Smith RocknRoll Nigger (1978) Subculture and Feminism the Beginnings & Developments
(contexts Beat, Hippie, Punk Rock)

Bibliography and Secondary Sources for Presentation on April 26 Presenters:

Anna Weiensteiner, Goran Mladenovic, Laura Gandinelli
You will additionally receive a catalogue with questions/suggestions. You do not have to comment on all sources listed here choose You may of course also consult other sources not listed here if you like Consider visual and audio documents on YouTube - check out some material for illustration. Play and comment on the P Smith video in your presentation Speaking time for each: 15 mins + extra discussion time (please provide questions for plenum) Please provide a handout. For further questions, please dont hesitate to contact me best wishes, Melanie Loidolt

Patti Smith Lyrics RocknRoll Nigger WATCH AND LISTEN ON YOUTUBE THIS VERSION = RocknRoll Nigger with Babelogue Intro John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Woman is the Nigger of the World A few Observations on Patti Smiths RocknRoll Nigger Patti Smith Babelogue = Intro to RocknRoll Nigger Patti Smith Sex Revolts Patti Smith Tribute to Ginsberg A Patti Smith Archives Website

Patti Smith: The Genre-bending Gender-Bender Patti Smith Feminism Everything you wanted to know about feminism but were afraid to ask General Intro + dazu FF von website Melanie and sources ad body Feminism of the 1960s & 1970s ( click through different section) Dowes, Julia. The Expansion of Punk Rock: Riot Grrrl Challenges to Gender Power Relations in British Indie Music Subcultures Womens Studies 41 (2): 204-237. (2012) er_power_relations_in_British_indie_music_subcultures Kulaas, Trisia. We are the Riot Grrls: Women in Music Before, During and After Riot Grrl The Feminist e-Zine (2010) Women in Punk Hipster and the continuity of subcultural rebellion FOR INTEREST BACKGROUND INFO Short Introduction to Feminist Theory History and Theory of Feminism