“Assisting the Church in fulfilling its mission—to make disciples!

Welcome to the Center for Church Dynamics! Jesus loves His church and wants her to be vibrant, healthy, growing and reproducing.

Our Purpose: To equip local churches in every aspect of ministry to be measurably more effective in "presenting every man complete in Christ," (Col. 1:28). Our primary activities include: Energizing pastors, Equipping leaders, Educating congregations, and Evaluating progress. Through retreats, seminars, diagnostic church analysis and consultations. Why are we unique? Our experienced team of professionals are experts in their fields. We use only the very best, cutting edge tools in our evaluations. We look at the comprehensive ministry of a church rather than focusing on one or only a few elements of church life. We emphasize church effectiveness; a balanced mixture of church health and numerical growth, resulting in both mature disciple makers as well as multiplied converts. We do not focus exclusively on numerical growth.

Mission Statement
Our Mission: To enable the local church to achieve its dream of significant spiritual impact by becoming healthy, reproducing, disciplemaking centers. Our Vision: To be a premiere resource for churches, institutions and evangelistic organizations for discipleship, evangelism, church health, growth and effectiveness. Our Strategy: We intend to renew and multiply local churches through a process of training and coaching. This process will include classes, seminars, retreats, literature, demographic studies, church assessments and consultations.

Our Values: We believe … God wants His church to grow! The local church is God’s primary method of saving and renewing a lost world. The purpose of the Church, above all else, is to make disciples! Each church is unique with a unique ministry, gifting, place and potential in God’s design. Reproducing Christians and reproducing churches are normal and expected. Both quantity and quality matter to God. In informed risk taking. In excellence in all that we do. Staff Evaluation Benefits You’ve seen it happen time and again—pastors and church staff do poorly in one church or with a particular method of ministry, only to go to a different church or method and succeed triumphantly! This fact underscores the need of a staff member, a leadership group, and a church to know themselves very well and to discover the best setting, job description, and team of leaders to make them most effective for Christ. While the right leadership will not

6. Assist leaders in understanding. 2. nurturing. The group is led to develop specific applications to improve their ministry. spiritual gifts. participation style.Based on the 16 Personality Factor test. and specific recommendations for the individual. the group is trained in principles of church effectiveness that relate to staff and leadership issues. Last year alone. leadership style. Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) – The T-JTA has been used by thousands of counselors and researchers and has been revised and updated numerous times (the most recent being 1996). It is intended to serve as a quick and convenient method of measuring certain personality traits. once and for all. 4. Additionally. the wrong leadership will always insure failure! This Center for Church Dynamics analysis provides both the assessment tools and the consulting expertise to: 1. Resolve misunderstandings and promote unity among persons who function differently. It measures temperament. the Clinical Analysis Questionnaire. 5. This can be done by phone or in person. This usually takes a full . 3. motivated role. what they do best and how and where they will be most fruitful. The T-JTA profiles are designed to help counselors quickly identify problem areas. leadership style. It measures temperament. and participation style. It is most useful if you suspect an underlying personality problem. and elasticity. Ministry Match . Our most common consultations include: 1. thus promoting a friendly.insure success by itself. an interactive discussion of how the results might best be used to improve ministry satisfaction and impact. 4. two million people gained valuable insight about themselves and the people they interact with by taking the MBTI instrument. Individual assessments include an interpretation of the tool(s) used. and 40 years of counseling experience.10 staff/leaders. Determine why particular staff and leadership configurations are not working and what it will take for them to work harmoniously. The time involved and the price vary accordingly. and equitable parting. Time required varies from 1-4 hours for each tool used. A leadership retreat. Counselaid . Staff Evaluation Options A staff leadership consultation can be done as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with another consultation. Determine objectively whether the root problems of your church's ineffectiveness are due to a poor fit with the staff or due to corporate or congregational issues. An assessment of a small team of 2. motivated role. Make individuals or groups measurably more productive and fulfilled by discovering and cooperating with the way God created them. An assessment of 10-50 leaders. Staff Evaluation Tools Any or all of our tools may be selected for your staff evaluation. 2. this tool provides more in-depth information on both positive and negative personality characteristics. 3.This multi-construct tool was developed and normed exclusively for church leaders. Group assessments include all aspects of the individual assessment done in group format. objectively explain it in terms of a wrong fit rather than as someone's fault. ministry values. which influence personal and social functioning and adjustment. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Is the most widely used personality inventory in the world. It also includes a non-technical measure of pathology. If there is a staff-oriented problem. An individual assessment and consultation.

churches can benefit greatly from this consultation when: They want a total in-depth evaluation of every aspect of their ministry. on Sunday evening. Standard Consultation Benefits Why should your church hire an outside consultant? Besides the reality of being so close that “you can’t see the forest for the trees. They have been growing by over 15% a year for more than two years and want to prepare for the barriers they will encounter in the future so they will not be stopped by them. They realize "something" is hindering their ministry but are not sure what that something is. a final written report will be sent to the church. They want an unbiased.Your Survey The data-gathering phase includes the promotion and administering of your church survey as well as the collection of other data from your church office that is collated and sent to the consultant. goals and plans for the church’s future. Therefore. They have been plateaued or declining for more than two years and want to turn this around. diagnosis and prescription. There is a special focus on team building and enhancing relationships. outside expert to objectively evaluate their community and ministries.day. Also. Diagnosis and Prescription Your Weekend Consultation. church board and chairmen of all committees meet with the consultant most of the day on Saturday in which he: Goes over the survey and demographic data and what it means.. They need unity of information to create unity of action. so they can target the exact issues that are the first bottleneck. Soon after this weekend. Leadership retreats include all of the above activities and are tailored for your specific issues and the group that is involved (i. Standard Consultation . Facilitates leaders in targeting the most important applications.Tier 1 Two tiers of ministry are offered.e. This is usually a 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 day experience that helps the team understand each other and bond with one another. Finally. Explains principles of church health and growth and how they specifically apply to your church and situation. During this time the pastoral staff. deacons. Data Gathering . the consultant makes a 90 minute presentation to the congregation concerning the leadership’s findings. elders. Trains leaders to build measurable and attainable goals/plans for each area and helps designate leaders for each application. both qualitatively and quantitatively. They realize that the quality of ministries is one of the most common limiting factors in a church. . Tier I consists of a three-day consultation at your church that includes data gathering. SS teachers).” it is extremely difficult for a pastor to be an expert in every area of a church’s ministry. staff. and they want to benchmark the quality of each ministry. the consultant collects demographic information concerning your community and puts it into an easily accessible and understandable form for you. small group leaders.

their people have grown spiritually! their weekly offerings have increased by at least 10%! their personal leadership credibility has grown significantly! . Planning and Implementation On-going Consultation There are two parts to Tier II: 1. VITALITY AND GREATER EFFECTIVENESS FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Print This Page Stewardship Consultation Benefits This consultation is guaranteed to increase your weekly offerings by 10% or your money back! Most seminaries give pastors no instruction in how to teach their people to give generously and sacrificially. the consultant performs at least 3 important functions: a. the average church struggles to pay the bills.This stage generally takes 3-6 months to complete. who are responsible to call him every quarter to report on progress.This stage may take one to three years to complete. Planning . biblical strategy for successful financial stewardship. . . He is an advisor to the pastor and staff as they work their way through what may be "uncharted territory" to them. During this time. If your church is an average evangelical church. Your consultant will work with your "implementers" by phone and mail.Standard Consultation . measurable. one of your leaders will be assigned to oversee each application your church targets. to add needed staff. . and 50% of your church attendees give nothing! As a result 76% of your church attendees give less than 3%! Our Stewardship Consultation provides you with a proven. b. . After the plan is developed to the satisfaction of the implementer and consultant. The End Result for Your Church HEALTH. 29% of your church attendees say they give 10% or more. Implementation . As a result. 26% of your church attendees say they give less than 3%. Pastors who have applied these principles find that . and to acquire adequate facilities. He is an accountability point for the implementers. then . He is a source for implementers to call as they encounter problems and need answers. explain problems and find new solutions. During this time. c.Tier 2 Tier II is optional (highly recommended) and is a one. The consultant will help each implementer develop a concrete. it is submitted to the church board for approval. 2.to three-year ongoing process to help your leaders successfully finish what they decide to do. phased plan for their area.

Stewardship Consultation For While this schedule is flexible. Plenty of time will be allowed for interaction and questions relating to the information taught. we have found the following format the most productive. T-Net WHAT IS T-NET INTERNATIONAL ? “T-Net” stands for the “Training Network” for Disciplemaking Churches. Practical stewardship sermon manuscripts and tapes. Stewardship is a reflection of who we are and what our relationship to God is.m. staff.Stewardship Consultation Training Our on-site stewardship training includes: 1. and other helpful materials. How to make needed changes without becoming a martyr. -Noon The consultant will teach principals for successfully leading a church through change. Detailed participant notebooks. Steps to successfully implementing this stewardship strategy in your church. T-Net was spun out of the EFCA as a “Daughter ministry” so that it could minister more effectively to many other denominations in America . 5. and available leaders. 6:00-10:00 p. T-Net is an international Christian training organization whose mission is “To return the church to its disciplemaking roots worldwide”. and available leaders through a step-by-step plan for implementing this stewardship strategy in their church. Ten steps to increasing weekly offerings. T-Net was developed by the President and national staff of the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1991 under the leadership of Bill Hull. Five ministerial myths about money and ministry. The consultant will present the "Strategy for Superior Stewardship Seminar" to the pastor. 6.m. Saturday morning 8:00 a. Friday evening. staff. In 1996. 3. Our program also includes up to one hour of free follow-up telephone consultation time following the on-site visit. and will guide the pastor. 2. 4.

a training and coaching process for pastors and church leaders. To accomplish these goals T-NET has developed the "Pathway to Enhanced Disciplemaking" . . The Center for Church Dynamics sees T-NET as one of its best tools for revitalizing the local church.and around the world.