Chapter 5: LANs and WLANs

TRUE/FALSE 1. Because network technology continues to evolve, it is based on a set of fairly unstable concepts. 2. A WAN provides connectivity within a limited geographical area, often within a single building. 3. In a client/server network, a server provides services to other computers called clients. 4. A bus topology connects all devices to a common backbone, which functions as a shared communications link. 5. The device used to connect your home LAN to the Internet is a type of gateway. 6. A process called handshaking allows two communications devices on a network to negotiate their communications protocols.

7. The wave on the bottom in the accompanying figure depicts a digital signal. 8. The wave on the top in the accompanying figure depicts an analog signal. 9. MAC addresses are used for some low-level network functions and can also be employed to establish network security. 10. A packet always travels from the source directly to the destination, never traveling through intermediate routing devices. 11. IP addresses can be assigned by ISPs or system managers.

number. In the accompanying figure. 19. 18. the item on the right can be installed in an expansion slot inside the system unit of a desktop computer. A cryptographic algorithm is a word. Microwaves cannot be aimed in a single direction and have less carrying capacity than radio waves 17. the two devices wait for random time periods before retransmitting to prevent a collision from reoccurring. 14. 13.12. In the accompanying figure. When two packets collide in an Ethernet network. 20. The Internet is the world’s largest example of a(n) LAN. A transceiver is a combination of a transmitter and a receiver. WPA2 makes sure that packets have not been intercepted or tampered with in any way. 16. the item on the left simply plugs into a serial port on the outside of the system unit. In the accompanying figure. Bluetooth is often used to connect workstations to a LAN. MODIFIED TRUE/FALSE 1. or phrase that must be known to encrypt or decrypt a message. the item on the left can be used with a notebook or desktop computer. as illustrated in the accompanying figure. _________________________ . 15.

_________________________ 7. In the accompanying figure. In the accompanying figure. are sometimes referred to as narrowband. The topology located at the middle in the accompanying figure uses a common backbone to connect all network devices. In the accompanying figure. _________________________ 3.2. _________________________ 6. such as cable TV and DSL. _________________________ . which regulates Internet data transport. the network on the bottom is configured in a(n) string topology. The best-known communications protocol is probably SMTP. _________________________ 5. the network in the middle is configured in a(n) bus topology. _________________________ 4. High-bandwidth communications systems. the network at the top is configured in a(n) mesh topology.

The process of converting ciphertext into plaintext is called encryption. connect several smaller networks together c. connect personal computers within a very limited geographical area. _________________________ 14. As shown in the accompanying figure. Wi-Fi signals cannot be disrupted by interference from electronic devices operating at the same frequency. _________________________ 13. would be used to ____. _________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. a. _________________________ 9. the TCP/IP protocol detects packet collisions. _________________________ 12.8. connect devices over a large geographical area . and prepares to retransmit the data. Public key encryption uses one key to encrypt a message and another key to decrypt it. A network. provide high-speed connectivity for a metropolitan area d. A wireless ad hoc network uses a centralized broadcasting device. Data in a(n) wired network travels without the use of network cables. like the one in the accompanying figure. such as a single building b. such as a wireless access point or router. _________________________ 11. _________________________ 10. resets the network. _________________________ 15. deletes the colliding signals. Computers connected to a LAN are less vulnerable to malicious code than standalone computers. Microwaves are electromagnetic signals that can be aimed in a single direction and have more carrying capacity than radio waves.

A ____ topology features a central connection point for all workstations and peripherals. Which of the following can serve as a node on the network in a LAN? a. storage. a. file c. FDDI 3. ARCnet d. is no longer used . circle c. network device b. The type of network shown in the accompanying figure is known as a ____. router 6. ring b. a. mesh d. A(n) ____ server stores files and supplies them to workstations upon request. star 12. computer c. has a computer that provides a centralized repository for data 8. logography d. Token Ring c. A tree topology ____. like files and applications d. star b. Which of the following is NOT a type of network device? a. TAN 4. a. In a ____ topology. topography c. a. closed d. switch d. mesh c. application b. is a blend of star and ring networks b. like the one in the accompanying figure. LAN c.2. all of the above 5. a. client/server 9. ring 10. star d. WAN d. contains one or more computers configured with server software b. contains one or more computers configured with client software c. and communications tasks. topology 11. are configured with ____ technology. a network ____. Ethernet b. a. workstations can share responsibility for processing. allows workstations to share resources. network nodes are connected in a closed circle. a. printing. Today. In ____ mode. networked peripheral d. index 7. a. In a peer-to-peer mode. workstation b. MAN b. does not offer flexibility for expansion d. a. logology b. hub c. supply d. most networks. bus b. The physical arrangement of devices in a network is referred to as its physical ____. peer-to-peer c. consists of multiple star networks connected into a bus configuration by a backbone c.

logical channel c. A ____ is a physical path or a frequency used for signal transmissions. a. a. which physical topology is NOT represented? a. realization b. mesh d. broadband d. a. quickband c. Internet 2 17. node b. node link 16. Two devices on a network might have to negotiate their communications protocols through a process called ____. narrowband b. ring switching . Internet 2 18. introduction 19. networked peripheral 15. In the accompanying figure. packet switching c.13. bus switching b. communications channel d. slowband d. which establishes a dedicated. synchronization d. circuit switching d. NIC c. bus c. broadband c. The telephone network uses a technology called ____. a. Dial-up Internet access is an example of a(n) ____ communications system. a. connecting link b. ring b. private link between telephones for the duration of a call. handshaking c. A ____ is a generic term for any device or software code used to join two networks. narrowband b. star 14. High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as ____. gateway d. a.

addressing b. packet d. 10 Mbps c. packet switching d. Simple to configure b. The original Ethernet standard carried data over a coaxial cable bus topology at ____. IEEE 802. use a nonproprietary technology. are not compatible with Wi-Fi wireless networks 31. IEEE 802. hub . switch c. Increased security c. a message is divided into several parcels that can be routed independently to their destination.3u c. Current Ethernet standards allow extensive flexibility in network ____ to meet the needs of small and large installations. a.3z 30. CSMA/CD d. infrared light 24. a. A wired network is one that uses ____ to connect network devices.20.3ae 25. DHCP c. and businesses use Ethernet technology that is defined by ____ standards. manage.3ae d. 100 Gbps 29. topology d. a. circuit switching b. HomePNA b. band b.3u b. HomeWi-Fi 28.3 d. IEEE 802. code c. cables b. are difficult to implement. On an Ethernet. IEEE 802. Most wired networks in homes.3ba b. A protocol known as ____ is designed to automatically distribute IP addresses. radio frequency waves d. ____ takes care of situations in which two network devices attempt to transmit packets at the same time. a. Ethernet networks ____. IEEE 802. a. infrastructure 26. IEEE 802. What is the IEEE designation for the Gigabit Ethernet standard? a. do not offer much flexibility in network topology d. Fast access d. a. making Ethernet equipment available from a variety of vendors c. In the technology referred to as ____. IEEE 802. a. packet switching c. resolution c. a. Limited mobility 23. protocol 21. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a wired network? a. schools. IEEE 802. handshaking d. CSMA/CD b. 10 Gbps b. a ____ is broadcast to every device but is accepted only by the device to which it is addressed. NICs c. a. a piconet 22. and maintain b. 100 Mbps d. IEEE c. A network ____ sends data only to the devices specified as the destination. node 27. a.3 c.

port d. such as exchanging files and sharing printers. c. Which of the following is NOT true? a.4 GHz or 5.2 GHz or 2. b. Most wireless networks transport data as ____ signals. Local Area Connection 34. My Network Places d. b. a. all of the above 36. distance from a transmitter c. security b. microwave b.b. the physical environment d. c. obstacles that interfere with the signal d. transmitter strength b. d. 33. If you have a Gigabit router and all the network computers have Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a wireless network when compared to a wired network? a. Wireless signal range can be limited by ____.4 MHz or 5. 2.4 GHz . range d. data will flow over all network connections at Gigabit speeds.8 GHz b. The most popular wireless LAN technology is ____. Ethernet routers are available at 10/100 Mbps or Gigabit speeds. the type of signal c. d. a. Despite interference. 41. a fast. Bluetooth b. It is used exclusively to connect workstations to a LAN. speed c. Even the slowest wireless LAN technologies are faster than most Internet services. RF (radio frequency) 35. wireless networks are fast enough for most applications. a. c. a. 1. Which of the following is true about Bluetooth? a. Wi-Fi d. WiMAX 39. If Windows displays the ____ icon and indicates the network is connected. transmitter strength b. b. It has a very long transmission range of over 500 feet.2 MHz or 2.4 MHz d. If you have a 10/100 Mbps router and several of the network computers have Gigabit Ethernet adapters. a Gigabit router will ship data at a speed that corresponds to each adapter. wired network is desirable. WUSB (Wireless USB) c. Network Neighborhood c. Wireless LANs are faster for intra-LAN operations. 2. Which of the following does NOT impact signal strength on a wireless network? a. infrared c. If some computers have Gigabit adapters. When lots of computer game players compete against each other over a LAN. encryption 40. all of the above 38. it is ready for use. d. the Gigabit adapters will receive data at the Gigabit rate. It forms networks automatically when two or more devices are within range. Which of the following is NOT true about the speed of Ethernet routers? a. My LANs b. It requires cables to connect electronic devices.8 MHz c. 1. keylogger 32. A Wi-Fi network transmits data as radio waves over ____ frequencies. whereas others have 10/100 Mbps adapters. satellite d. a. 37.

Which of the following is NOT true? a. To configure a file server. To set up a print server. Sharing networked hardware and/or software can reduce costs. d. b and g. backup 49.11b is the original standard. c. Which of the following is NOT true about Wi-Fi standards? a.42. file c. 802. IEEE 802. embedded b. Wireless LANs can be tapped from a specially equipped computer in a car that is being driven by a hacker. 802. c. a. enter the file server’s ____ address. TCP c. open a browser from any workstation. network d. Which of the following is NOT true? a. devices broadcast directly to each other. d. FireWire c. a. Purchasing a single software copy for an entire LAN is always allowed under the terms of a single-user license agreement. b. 802. Wi-Fi encompasses all of the following standards EXCEPT ____. a. A printer with built-in networking does not have to be attached to a workstation or a print server because it has its own ____. document b.11n b. Using groupware. a. serial b. print d.11b c. IP 50. MIMO d. A ____ server is a computer whose primary purpose is to be a repository for files that can be accessed by network workstations. infrastructure d. a. 802. . ____ technology improves the speed and range of a LAN by using two or more antennae to essentially send multiple sets of signals between network devices. Zigbee b. several people on a LAN can work together on a single document. LANs can provide authorized users with access to data stored on network servers or workstations. SSID 46. ad-hoc c. In a wireless ____ network. LAN b. b. All of the standards are cross compatible. LANs are less vulnerable than standalone computers to malicious code. 47. b. MAN 44.11g d.11p 43. They are compatible with Ethernet. 45. 48. IEEE 802. WiMAX c. ASP 51. and provide the administrator ID and password. connect it to the printer’s ____ port and access the configuration settings using your browser. all of the resources you access over the network are unavailable until the network is repaired. USB d. LANs are vulnerable to unauthorized access from many sources and locations. but compatible with. c. a. d. When a network malfunctions.11n is faster than.

Dedicated Application Server b. WPA2 b. right-texting c. also referred to as personal mode. An encrypted message is referred to as ____. encryption 56. war driving b. LAN encryption 55. is a type of WPA used on most home networks. strong text c. WEP c. Infrastructure Console c. The process of converting ciphertext into plaintext is called ____. protected access b. wireless network key d. WSA 57. active link c. PSK 58. plaintext 62. WSA c. a. ____ occurs when hackers intercept signals by cruising through a business district or neighborhood with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook computer. a. RTS Utility d. weak text 61. On Macs. ciphertext d. LAN b. Wi-Fi cable 52. WPA d. slow response time c. all of the above 54. ciphertext c. and dropped from your network connection using the ____ application. network adapter c. Wireless ____ scrambles the data transmitted between wireless devices and then unscrambles the data only on devices that have a valid key. LAN driving c. Polymorphism 60. keytext b. a. algorithm 59. plaintext d. non-availability of network services to all workstations d. WEP d. decryption d. A(n) ____ is the basis for scrambling and unscrambling the data transmitted between wireless devices. a.11 standard d. WEP2 b. a. received. Symptoms of network problems include which of the following? a. a.a. Network Utility 53. polymorphism c. concatenation d. intermittent outages b. Concatenation b. a. Encapsulation d. PSK b. a. you can view the number of packets sent. Encryption c. a. The original wireless encryption was called ____. AES . a. ____ transforms a message in such a way that its contents are hidden from unauthorized readers. 802. keytext b. LAN chalking b. LAN jacking d. ____. A message that has not been encrypted is referred to as ____.

a. Computers may break a code by using a(n) ____. cryptographic index c. WAN d. PKE b. He has built many different types of networks at home. and work. His friend has asked that the network be configured such that. message 64. the key used to encrypt a message is also used to decrypt the message. Symmetric c. message 65. signal-based effort 66. and geographical scope. peer-to-peer b. symmetric attack b. bus d. a. a. number. star 72. PGP 67. SMTP c. 71. like BitTorrent. symmetric d. having mastered the finer points of network structure. People whom you have authorized to send you plaintext messages b. although it will operate on a small scale. HTTP b. Asymmetric b. No one Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 5-1 Thomas is a network expert. rank d. What term best describes the network that Thomas and his friend will construct? a. brute force attack c. Thomas’ friend has indicated that he plans to use a file sharing system. nexus c. cryptographic algorithm d. A ____ is a procedure for encrypting or decrypting a message. Public key encryption b. encapsulated effort d. Public key d. ____ is a crucial technology for e-commerce and e-mail. People whom you have authorized to send you encrypted messages c. if one link fails. school. Network security key d. Thomas is designing a wired home network with six nodes for a friend. tree c. Anyone with whom you expect to have e-mail correspondence d. URL 69. client/server . A ____ is a word. ____ software may be used by personal computer users when they want to encrypt e-mail or other documents. topology. ring b. balanced c. a. to whom do you send the private key? a. MAN c.63. a. the rest of the network will still function. a. Which of the following topologies will Thomas most likely choose? a. cryptographic index b. PGP d. cryptographic key b. all of the above 70. a. Symmetric key encryption c. With PGP. or phrase that must be known to encrypt or decrypt a message. Brute force 68. In ____ key encryption. which consists of trying all possible keys. ____ encryption uses one key to encrypt a message but another key to decrypt the message.

He knows that he will have to configure the router by ____. 78. HomePNA network b. a. WUSB d. Thomas has been asked by a friend to overhaul an existing network so that it is more robust. PANs b. the longer it will take a devious competitor to crack the code. decrypting computer archives so that the data they contain is unusable if the archive is lost or compromised 79. Esteban decides to install a wireless network. You’ve been instructed to learn as much as possible about encryption to ensure the confidentiality of customer transactions as well as electronic communications about new research and development projects.73. What kind of network will he create? a. Wi-Fi network Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 5-3 You have just secured a new job with a new firm that is very security conscious. which would be the most relevant to Thomas’ efforts? a. Wi-Fi 76. a. 75. Powerline network d. Given the geographic area served by the ISP extends about 40 miles. Esteban plans to use a router to not only connect the network devices together but also to connect to the Internet. Which network topology will Thomas most likely use? a. activating encryption b. and so you decide to use an encryption key of that size. After additional research. Infrared b. 256-bit . After researching this topic. a. ring topology Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 5-2 Esteban has decided to install a computer network in his home. 56-bit c. changing the router password c. scrambling data sent over wired or wireless networks to prevent intrusions c. securing credit card numbers transferred from shoppers’ computers to e-commerce sites b. mesh topology b. She wants each device on the network to connect to all of the other devices on the network. bus topology d. WANs c. Which LAN technology will he most likely choose? a. Thomas has taken a freelance job working for a local ISP (Internet Service Provider). As part of your research. and he wants to review the technologies relevant to the work he will do for this enterprise. Bluetooth c. all of the above 77. you find that encryption can be used in all of the following ways EXCEPT ____. 64-bit d. MANs 74. LANs d. entering the SSID d. Esteban decides that he wants to create a wired network using existing telephone wiring. He knows he can choose wired or wireless and that there are differences in transmission speed and security. 128-bit b. star topology c. Ethernet network c. You also find that most encryption today uses a ____ key. scrambling the contents of e-mail messages to maintain privacy d. you find that the longer the key.

You can use ____________________ to assign a drive letter to a storage device located on a different network workstation. Once the browser uses the public key it receives from the server to encrypt the credit card information. High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as ____________________. 6.127.80. any user you authorize in the firm c. Most wireless networks transport data using ____________________ signals. A(n) ____________________ server handles jobs sent to network printers. You decide to use public key encryption to protect e-commerce transactions. 7. 3. 9. The bandwidth of a digital channel is usually measured in ____________________ per second (bps). 13. who can decrypt the message? a. Each device that is connected to a network is referred to as a(n) ____________________. Transmission signals can be disrupted by interference called ____________________. 2. 17. 15. which has the potential to corrupt data. A communications ____________________. used to identify a network device. 5. ____________________ switching essentially establishes a private link between one telephone and another for the duration of a call. A(n) ____________________ is any device that contains network circuitry to directly connect to a network. you b. 11.1. A(n) ____________________ is a parcel of data that is sent across a computer network. 10. 4. A wireless ____________________ performs the same function as a hub or router in a wired Ethernet network by broadcasting signals to any devices with compatible Wi-Fi cards. 16. A(n) ____________________ address is a series of numbers. the communications ____________________ refers to the set of rules for efficiently transmitting data from one network node to another. any hacker who intercepts the transaction d. or link.55. A(n) ____________________ is the name of a wireless network. . In the context of networks. 12. such as 204. A Bluetooth network is sometimes called a(n) ____________________. 8. is a physical path or a frequency used for signal transmission. the Web server with access to the private key COMPLETION 1. The arrangement of devices in a network is referred to as its ____________________. 14.

3. number. a. 12. or phrase that must be known to decrypt or encrypt a message Carries data signals only for short distances and with a clear line of sight A parcel of data that is sent across a computer network An encrypted message Each connection point on a network A unique number assigned to a network interface card when it is manufactured . 11. 2. connected to the printer’s USB port and access the ____________________ settings using your browser. 10. node j. collision e. 9. MATCHING Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition. packet f. 4. cryptographic key g. gateway i. it automatically detects available LANs any time you turn on a workstation. ____________________ jacking is when hackers cruise through a business district or neighborhood with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook computer to intercept signals. If you use the ____________________ operating system. 5. narrowband k. MAC address d. communications protocol b. 6. bandwidth c. 20. ciphertext h. 8. RF signals 1. infrared light l. To set up a print server. 19.18. 7. A generic term for any device or software code used to join two networks Systems with less capacity. such as dial-up Internet access A set of rules for efficiently transmitting data from one network node to another Occurs when two network devices on an Ethernet attempt to transmit packets at the same time Also called radio waves The transmission capacity of a communications channel A word.

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