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Board of Directors President Bill Sturtevant Vice President Jeremiah Fair Secretary/Treasurer Maris Sturtevant Members Esther McKoon Glenn (Andy) Elder Chuck Fair Executive Director Jan Tucker

April 2013

P.O. Box 1291 Turlock, CA 95381 (209) 664-2003

Meet the Tuakalau Family
Sione and Ramona Tuakalau were living with relatives in a neighborhood teeming with drug and gang activity when they decided it was time to make a move. Sione found employment in Ceres and the family was able to rent an apartment until his employer downsized leaving the family without income and shortly after without housing. Seeking a safe, family-friendly community to raise their children the Tuakalau’s decided to move to Turlock . Sione stayed at the We Care Shelter while Ramona and the children were sheltered at the Turlock Gospel Mission. The family was determined to make a fresh start and soon Sione found work through a local temp agency and the family was anxious to move into a home of their own, especially since Ramona was due to have their new baby any day. The We Care Rapid Re-housing Program was able to help them get into their first house that has “its own yard”, which was very exciting for the children. Sione was recently hired on as a permanent full-time employee by the locally owned business where he was originally placed by the temp agency. Congratulations Sione and Ramona on your newest family member and on a job well done!

Thank you for continuing to use your SHARES cards! We are excited to report In the that your SHARES Please Join Us for past ten donations for last two Bri years, the ng a “A Party with a Purpose” Fri quarters totaled end We Care $1,322.94. For more Program information about When; May 16, 2013 has provided 55,822 SHARES cards please shelter beds to homeTime: 6:00-8:00 p.m. less individuals in our give us a call at community! 209-664-2003. Where: 2155 El Capitan—Turlock

As the 2012/2103 season ends, all of us at the We Care Program want to thank our volunteers and supporters for another successful shelter season. Whenever we had a need, you generously and enthusiastically stepped forward and reminded us again and again of your strong commitment to our community and the homeless who live among us. Over the past 5 months we have had shelter residents gain employment and housing, reconcile with family, and enter alcohol cessation programs. Although it is exciting to be a part of these successes we need to be mindful of those who now have nowhere to call home. For these individuals the closing of the shelter is the loss of more than just a place to sleep. 2012/2013 Shelter Season by the Numbers 18 – Number of dollars it costs to house on individual per night. 49 – Number of available beds per night. 148 – Number of nights that the shelter was open this season. 184 — Number of unduplicated men that were served this season. 6,229 — Number of shelter beds that were provided this season. 7,000+-Number of meals that were provided by our community for shelter guests and staff. Thank you to everyone in our community who helped us to provide food, shelter, and a safe environment for the homeless men in our community. Stop By and say hi ! We will be at the Turlock certified farmers market on the following dates: Day Market—August 23rd Night Market—September 6th and October 25th. Enclosed is my donation to the We Care Program—Turlock In Memory of______________ In Honor of________________ Name______________________________________________ Please send Acknowledgement to: Name______________________________________________ Address____________________________________________ City, State, Zip_______________________________________ DONOR INFORMATION ENCLOSED IS MY GIFT OF $_____________ Gift Given for: __________Death __________Birthday __________Wedding __________Anniversary __________Graduation __________ Other Name___________________________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________ Your Donation is Tax Deductible Please make your check payable to We Care Program—Turlock and mail this section with your donation to: We Care Program—Turlock ~ P.O. Box 1291~Turlock, CA 95381

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