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Research of Sino-Japanese Intra-Industry Trade on Electronic Products

With the rapid development of economic globalization and the deepening of international division of labor, the proportion of intra-industry trade in international trade has gradually rising and as an alternative to the traditional international trade pattern which is based on comparative advantage theory, actually, intra-industry trade becomes the latest frontier international trade theory after the World War II. Since the 80s of the 20th century, the intra-industry trade in East Asian Economies Region has gained a largely development and also becomes an important part of trade between countries in East Asia. Meanwhile, the third technological revolution promoted the progress of development of intra-industry trade on electronic products, Sino-Japanese intra-industry trade on electronic products also showed high degree. Therefore, detailed and comprehensive analysis of the Sino-Japanese intra-industry trade on the capital and technology-intensive kind of goods-electronic products firstly contributes to a clear understanding of international division status of China and also its trade characteristics. The analysis also helps to think about how to adjust the industrial structure of China, how to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese electronic products business and how to take good advantage of Japans direct investment to China, finally, promotes the electronic products intra-industry trade of Sino-Japanese bilateral trade get a sound development in a long run under the current good economic environment of East Asian Economies Region. According the research method of combination of theory and practice, this paper analyzes the Sino-Japanese intra-industry trade situation; particularly do a deep study for the high trade density goods-electronic products intra-industry trade. First, the article describes the research background and significance of this research, summaries the causes of intra-industry trade of three major theoretical schools, as well as the theory of origin of horizontal and vertical intra-industry trade and the trade characteristics of both HIIT and VIIT. Then, there is a major trade characteristic that Sino-Japanese intra-industry trade has a high vertical intra-industry trade level in SITC7 industry via the empirical analysis of the overall intra-industry trade level and trade features of Sino-Japanese bilateral trade in Chapter 3. On the basis of this conclusion, Chapter 4 shows another finding that electronic products have the highest trade proportion in SITC7 industry by the detailed analysis of Sino-Japanese trade structure. To this end, the article then measures 10 categories of typical electronic products intra-industry trades level as well as the different types of intra-industry trade level of Sino-Japanese bilateral trade comprehensively. In accordance with the results which obtained from the calculation of these faithful data, this article

analyzes the main reasons of higher intra-industry trade level of Sino-Japanese electronics products bilateral trade in Chapter 5. Finally, the paper puts forward related countermeasures and suggestions in how to get more trade benefits and how to gain a longterm and healthy development in Sino-Japanese electronic productsintra-industry trade, and then draw relevant conclusions of this article.