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the International Restaurant Boulevard

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Materials: This handout

Target Language: How much Pricing Food and ingredients advanced: description There is../There are comparative/superlative When... and If... clauses Ordering - Id like... What would you like?
Follow ups: written menus for the students restaurants and a menu for a restaurant from their country written report of the students restaurant and a group write up of a restaurant from the students country.

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the International Restaurant Boulevard

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Materials Steps: -

to prepare: MES-Caf menu, and advertisement for each group or student One MES-Caf picture for class discussion enough of the choose your restaurant sheet as required paper for write-ups and creating menus final draft sheet for each group or student Show the MES-Caf picture as introduction. Ask questions such as what it is a picture of, what kind of food do they serve, whats the inside like, where they think the restaurant is located to start discussion. Ask what they would serve, where they would like to open a restaurant, what would be the best thing they serve. Hand out the MES-Caf menu and have the students look it over. Answer any questions they may have (but I dont explain everything, just what they ask about.) Ask them what they want to order from this restaurant and how much their order is.

Brainstorm a list of ideas for appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. - Give out the choose a restaurant sheet and have the students start to make their own restaurant. - They must decide a name, place, and make a menu with prices. - Have the students visit other restaurant and choose their order. For more advanced students Follow ups: - List the ingredients for each of the items on the menu. - Write up a description/advertisement for the restaurant to pass around town. Use the MES-Caf advertisement as an example. - Create a role-play to act out - Create a commercial for the restaurant Finally: - Use the word doc. file or a form of your choice to write up their reports and send them into for everyone to use and share. I will post them on the website and add the students restaurant to the International Restaurant Boulevard.

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MES-English Cafe
Salads / Appetizers:
Caesar Salad Garden Salad Cheese Sticks $4.99 Nachos Beverages: Coke Sprite Milk $2.99 $5.99 $6.99 $6.99 Chicken Wings Potato Skins French Fries Soup of the day Cup Bowl $2.99 $3.99 $7.99 $3.99 $3.99


Diet Coke Orange Juice Coffee Milk Shake

All served with a pickle, Cole slaw, and your choice of chips or French fries

Sandwich Sets:
Ham and Cheese Meatball Sub Roast Beef Turkey


All served with your choice of salad, French fries or baked potato, and a beverage

Lunch Combinations:
Cheese Burger Steak Fried Chicken Lasagna


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13 Beach Street Hawaii, USA

Owner: Mark Cox

The MES-Caf is on Beach Street in Hawaii. are 15 tables. There is a big window.

In the restaurant, there

You can see the beach.

There are some tables outside, too. You can eat outside. There are 2 They are

waitresses and 2 waiters. very nice.

There are 2 cooks and they

are the best cooks in the world. The food is very good. You will love it!

The MES-Caf has appetizers, salads, sandwiches and lunch combinations. The French fries are better than other restaurants. hungry, the lunch combination is good. sandwiches are good. If you are very

If you are a little hungry, the

When it is hot, the milk shakes are the best!

Please come to MES-Caf.

A V-Key Pals Project

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Choose a restaurant or draw your own:

Cut and paste one of these into the write up. Write the name of the restaurant on the sign.

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Restaurant Name and Location


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Restaurants Name:

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