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Advanced Course

Vocabulary Enhacement Conversation Technique Personality Development

Interview Interaction Resume Writing Goal Setting Passion Becoming a winner


Practice, Practice and more Practice....

The advanced course helps you to improve your vocabulary by doing the word list exercises. In the advanced course several conversation scenarios are practiced. Activities like debates, dramas and skits are practiced and rehearsed. The advanced course emphasizes on practice of language. Like language, personality is a very important trait of an individual. The personality development module will help you realize your true potential by providing you with basic tips on how you can set your SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, time bound) Goals. We also have a resume writing guide and tips on interview interaction.

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We dont just teach you h how to speak good English, we transform you into a complete professional !

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Beginners Course

Intermediary Course

My Journey with English Language

Your Journey with English Language is a life long journey that starts at Speakwell. This book will help you track your progress through the course and evaluate your self-study and other activities in class. This book gives you a point based evaluation system which is very useful for assessing your own progress.

Advanced Grammar
After studying the first part, you are able to make simple sentences. Advanced Grammar book provides you with a formula chart, which helps you form complex sentences. This book combined with the translation book will lay a solid foundation for your understanding of sentence formation.

Spoken Words
To build your vocabulary of words, we start with names of things and items that we are likely to encounter on a daily basis. We also have a CD, which gives images associated with the words, so that it is etched onto your mind.

To be able to speak good English, you must also be able to think in English. Generally, we think in our mother tongue and translate it into English. This book will help you to think in English and hence you will be able to speak good English.

Preparatory Grammar & Phonics

Grammar is base for understanding any new language. To be able to speak English properly, a basic understanding of grammar is a must. This book will help you understand the basic sentence structure and provide you with inputs to make simple sentences.

Word List
To master English language, apart from understanding the rules of grammar, you must also have a good collection of words in your memory. This book exposes you to more than 500 words, with meanings and practice exercises that will ensure that you know most of the important words to be able to speak good English.

Voice and Accent Correction

This book will explain to you, how to pronunce words correctly and how to emphasize on certain sounds so that your communication can be more effective. There are exercises for your jaw and mouth to overcome your mother tongue influence. Making correct sounds and proper pronunciation will increase your confidence and encourage you to speak more often.

This book has more than 200 conversation scenarios. You are expected to complete the exercises and enact these scenarios in the class. Scenarios not enacted can also be practiced on your own at home, in front of a friend, relative or even by yourself in front of a mirror. The more you practice these conversations, the more comfortable you will be with English language.