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Severn Power 800MW CCGT, Uskmouth, Wales, United Kingdom

Key Data Planning application submitted May 2006 Planning application approved August 2007 Start of operation Planned for 2010 Output 800MW Plant type CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) Location Newport, South Wales, UK Estimated investment 400m ($795m) Full specifications Severn Power is building a 400m, 800MW CCGT power station near Newport, South Wales. The Severn Power Station will be built on the footprint of the former Uskmouth A coal-fired power station. Using brownfield land and existing grid connection infrastructure, the new CCGT will operate next to the 360MW coal-fired Uskmouth power plant (formerly called Uskmouth B). The plant is due to start production in 2010, after a 30-month construction period and four months of commissioning. The new plant will have two generating units, each consisting of a gas turbine, a waste heat recovery boiler and a steam turbine. The plant will be efficient and will be air-cooled to limit the impact on the local environment. It will take its gas supplies from a new pipeline connected to the local distribution network owned by Wales and West Utilities. The development will create more than 650 high-value jobs during construction and 45 longerterm jobs. SIEMENS SUPPLIES COMBINED-CYCLE POWER PLANT "The plant will be efficient and will be air-cooled to limit the impact on the local environment." Siemens' combined-cycle plants have pre-engineered power plant design, with flexible solutions from power island to complete turnkey plant. The 50 or 60Hz plants come in single-shaft or multi-shaft arrangement, with power generation capacity from 10MW to above 1,000MW. Combined-cycle power plants use the hot exhaust gas of a gas or oil-fired gas turbine to generate steam in a separate water/steam cycle. The hot steam is expanded into a steam turbine, providing

power to drive a generator. In a multi-shaft arrangement, the gas and steam turbines are each connected to a generator. In a single shaft, gas and steam turbines drive the same generator. 120M REFURBISHMENT OF THE B STATION There has been a power plant on the banks of the Usk for 47 years. The old Uskmouth A coalfired power station was demolished in 2002. The new plant will be built on the 'A' site, alongside Uskmouth Power which is already owned by Carron Energy. Uskmouth B has been refurbished, with investment in environmental improvements to meet new legislative requirement. The 120m refurbishment was completed and the station fully commissioned in early 2001, making it the cleanest coal-fired power station in the UK. Unfortunately, the station went into receivership after only a year of commercial operation. During the period of care and maintenance that followed, the station ran briefly in the winter of 20032004. In 2004, Carron Energy purchased the Uskmouth station and site, which now provides enough electricity to supply Newport and its surrounding area. The plant continues to be one of the cleanest of its kind in the UK. PROJECT HELPS UK INCREASE PLANT MARGIN The new plant will help increase the UK's dwindling plant margin (spare capacity at peak demand, which should be a minimum of 20% to maintain secure supplies). The CCGT station will be flexible, altering its output to meet changes in daily and seasonal demand. The location, as well as reducing the level of transmission losses created by the current generation shortfall, will add to the stability of the UK National Grid. "The site has 96 hectares of land and a 1,250MW connection to the National Grid." Carron Energy is owned by Deutsche Bank AG, Germany's largest bank. Partners include Trafalgar Asset managers. Carron owns Severn Power. Severn Power Limited will seek further funding to develop the power station once the majority of the licences and permits are in place. The site has 96 hectares of land and a 1,250MW connection to the National Grid, presenting opportunities for further development. The new facility could in future supply heat as a byproduct to improve efficiency, and also be upgraded to store carbon dioxide emissions. USKMOUTH POWER RECOVERED WATER PLANT Make-up water for the high-pressure boilers of Uskmouth B is piped from Nash wastewater treatment plant as tertiary treated effluent. It must be treated on site to reach ultra-pure water quality. To meet Uskmouth's requirements, Veolia Water designed and built a plant consisting of ultrafiltration and base exchange softening pre-treatment followed by three reverse-osmosis

units, with three mixed-bed demineralisation units (two regenerable and one cartridge unit for use during the regeneration of the mixed bed plants).

Siemens' CCGTs have a modular design.

Severn Power is building an 800MW CCGT power station near Newport, South Wales.

The 400m plant will be built on the old Uskmouth A coal-fired power station site.

Artist's impression of the planned 800MW Severn Power project.