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By: Maqsood Hasni Translated By: Najam Collection: Prof. Niamat Ali

It is quite strange that people consider me a biped and I have also the right of vote. I am cordially invited to the ceremonies of weddings. Man has proved very callous regarding subsistence and happily allots me my due share. Like other human beings, I have to cover my body. People have also blesses me with the facility of traveling and have not imposed any restriction in the case of buying something. Likewise, government provides me the complete preservation of my life and, if I commit any crime, I am punished for it. There is no land which is prohibited for me. So, man has not called me a beast and it is enough to prove that I belong to the race of human beings. Despite accepting all these facts, it is quite strange that men do not consider me man and women are not ready to accept me a member of their sex. If these sexes, man and woman, give me the title of middle sex. It is bearable to some extent. But the fact is that a large majority of men and women regard me as a separate creature. Muslims deem the non-Muslim a different race and, in the same way, no Muslim have the same feelings for Muslims and, due to it, there take place many clashes between these two communities. They shed blood of each other very heartlessly but, despite all these ideological and emotional divergence, they consider each other human. Enmities and affections proper among them and emulate one another. The theory of give and take also continues. When they are entangled in troubles and there is no way to escape, they do not hesitate to violate religious values and this is their birth right. Man woman are come of different sees so they are respectable and they care for each other’s rights. They live together and, in fact, are inseparable from each other and, without the entity of one; the other is incomplete and half battered. In the case of disparity, they try to settle their conflicts by mutual concurrence. Owing to this mutual link, sincerity and loyalty, it seems that man is a combination of man and woman. Despite being a human, I am not linked up with man and woman socially, as they are connected with each other. In fact, I am considered a toy or the ape of a juggler. These two sexes regard themselves to be crown creatures and every thing is I inferior and cheeps expect them. Although everyone deems the other person inferior on individual level and considered him to be the bone of contention and, on the contrary, the wench has too the feelings of superiority and has basic importance in this cosmos. It is quite strange that people consider me a biped and I have also the right of vote. I am cordially invited to the ceremonies of weddings. Man has proved very callous regarding subsistence and happily allots me my due share. Like other human beings, I have to cover my body. People have also blesses me with the facility of traveling and have not imposed any restriction in the case of buying something. Likewise, government provides me the complete preservation of my life and, if I commit any crime, I am punished for it. There is no land which is prohibited for me. So, man has not called me a beast and it is enough to prove that I belong to the race of human beings. Despite accepting all these facts, it is quite strange that men do not consider me man and women are not ready to accept me a member of their sex. If these sexes, man and woman, give me the title of middle sex. It is bearable to some extent. But the fact is that a large majority of men and women regard me as a separate creature. Muslims deem the non-Muslim a different race and, in

the same way, non- Muslim have the same feelings for Muslims and, due to it, there take place many clashes between these two communities. They shed blood of each other very heartlessly but, despite all these ideological and emotional divergence, they consider each other human. Enmities and affections proper among them and emulate one another. The theory of give and take also continues. When they are entangled in troubles and there is no way to escape, they do not hesitate to violate religious values and this is their birth right. Man woman are come of different sees so the are respectable and they care for each orher’s rights. They live together and, in fact, are inserparable from each other and, without the entity of one, the othe is incomplete and half batered. In the case of disparity, they try to settle their conflicts by mutual concurrence. Owing to this mutual link, sincerity and loyalty, it seems that man is a combination of man and woman. Despite being a human, I am not linked up with man and woman socially, as they are connected with each other. In fact, I am considered a toy or the ape of a jggler. These two sexes regard themselves to be crown creatures and every ihing is I ferior and cheep epect them. Although everyone deems the other person inferior on individual level and considered him to be the bone of contention and, on the contrary, the wench has too the feelings of superiorty and has basic importance in this cosmos.

MAN AND HYPOCRISY I am quite agreed that there is a hell of difference between hearing and seeing and, in fact, the importance of this proverb is proved when we accept everything with cogent arguments. Similarly, the process of research should not be one-sided. It is the duty of the man who conducts research, to keep in view both aspects positive as well as negative without demarcation, between the two. Although I had a cursory meeting with Mr Wali, I came to know that, despite being a member of the upper class, he was simple- minded and gracious person. He talked very generously and never tried to prove that he belonged to an aristocratic family. Some people came to see him during our meeting he politely and cheerfully received them. Owing to his excellent, behavior, he was not a capitalist but, in fact, he was the stooe of a capitalist. Wealth and humanity could not go together. My doubt was not based on rationality because he was really great. He had his own mills, lands and transport. Although wealth and humanity are self-contradictory yet the man, who possesses these two characteristics, ought to be dubbed as an angel. I found him well-wisher and named him “The affectionate god” I venerated him very much. I chanced to encounter him many times after this meeting and found in him the same polite behavior and affection. If any one called him bad, I could not believe it, because I had had very lengthy meeting with him. Many workers had also described many incidents of his generosity. As I myself chanced to experience his affection there was no ground to deny them. Some of his labourers leveled some allegations against him and I regarded them as vindictive and malicious figures. Some people always feel jealous of the progress and prosperity of others. I thought, man should not pay attention to them because threw exists a difference between observation and hearsay. One day, my former verdict about him proved unfounded. It so happened that he used to come to see his sister-in-law and many underdogs also went to him in order to have alms and he never disappointed them. He considered his sister- in-law his mother and gave her latest clothes and fruits. He regarded her husband as a celestial biped. One day, I got wind of his illegal relations with the daughter of this celestial biped. It was quite unbelievable because I did not expect such rumors about him. The other thing was that she was thirty years younger than he and a civilized person could not fall from his lofty stature. One day, this rumor became hot potato and everybody got aware of this relations. He got married to her and tortured his wife Hazra by appointing this co-wife. Hazra co-operated with him when he was leading a life of complete penury. He used to praise her attitude of tolerance and patience and called her ‘goddess of faith’. He admire her qualities in front of his kids and friends. Now he had sublime stature in society. Hazra lost her glamour and became a slut or a hug for him on the surface of earth. The second marriage was not an objectionable task but, in fact, Islam authorized four marriages only in case of behaving with justice. There was not any glimpse of equality and he had intense

feelings of hatred for her. He told about her great authority in the house, but, in fact, she bore no liberty to do with her own will. He managed the weddings of his poor worker’s daughter and in this content, I was aware of two incident and I did not know its real factors. After his uncivilized second marriage, he arranged the marriages of only those girls who had sexual relations with him. He had to choose his minions for their marriage so that he could continue copulations with them. He was the owner of a vast business but he was the sharer of twenty-five percent in a mill. Other members regarded him very honest and due to this, he enjoyed great authority. One day, it dawned this ‘honest’ man had embezzled a large amount of money. His sharers cancelled his shares because he had proved a dishonest person. It was really surprising to note that a pauper had developed himself so rapidly. In this contest, shrewd people were of the view that he was unreliable by birth and got wealthy dishonestly. According to them, he was a cautious smuggler of heroin and this was also revealed one day. The real purpose of describing all this that five senses can deceive man and every negative aspect could be wrong. Some values outwardly seem to be right but they have advantages in their nature. So there must be clear cut difference between these complicated values.

ONE DIES BUT SURVIVES He knew that he had not promised to return. But he hoped that he would see him once again. It was the optimistic attitude that had maintained the relation otherwise it is soul-dissecting to wait for some one because man has got entangled in the marsh of selfishness and his chief aim lies in becoming economically strong. He had spiritual relation with him, who was a poor man. But he himself had every requisite of life. Along with that, it was against the aristocracy to wait for a beggar. Doctors wait for patient to fleece him of money. The wife is fully conscious that her husband will not return with an empty pocket. The shopkeeper deceives the customers to sell his defective goods. The employer longs for new applicants to snub for bettering his dishes. Landlord wants to be saluted by his tenanls. The tenanls wait for landlord in order to solve their problems. In short, everyone has to kindle in the hell of waiting for someone. It is quite strange that his act of waiting was not related to any material aspect. He reminded him of some memories and, the worth-mentioning things was that these memoirs were not pleasant in any way because man wants to forget the moments of perturbation, hardships and obstinacy. In fact, these feelings disturb man when he is in a state of happiness and, to face the tragedies of life is not an essay task and only a brave man can face them with a smiling face and it is also a fact that everyone is not bold. Today, when he returned home tired, his better half welcomed him after hardly bringing happiness over her face. He consoled her that he required the services of the most qualified doctor in the city for her remedy because she was more costly than money. Perhaps he was “ the first haves” who regarded human more credible than pelf otherwise money has great supremacy over blood relations. While comforting his wife, his child caught his legs and, at this moment, he reminded the “ gone person”, he used to do the same that resulted in the removal of all the fatigue. He became happy to have cheap thing from him. He wanted to give costly things to his child but he belonged to a poor family. But he never missed him in his memories, he hurray picked up the child with tearful eyes. He called the skive of the house and emphasized to look after the children in a proper way as he was taking his wife to a doctor. In the mean time, the elder son, startled from slumber and came there . He was just like him in childhood. The gone person had once said “my dear son listen to me carefully because it will be very conducive for you. You know it well that I belong to the category of poor toiler. I am not make property for you and you will have to survive going through hardships. I am sure if you hard work, you will come out the hell of poverty.” The gone person also stressed that he would not exhort him time and again. The gone person had a charm in his tone and due to his affection, he understood everything even being immature. Then he manged to be a great man and dragged out his father of the hell of penury. When man manly dares to achieve something, he easily finds his cherished goal. The son of a poor toiler passed his and he had a respectable job. But the tragedy was that his father died before he

got his first pay because God had concluded not to bless his father with any kind of bounty. Today, he could not repeat the words of his father because circumstances were quite opposed to. He said his son I am taking your mother to a doctor and care for you and your younger brother and take him in study. The car was very speedily going along the road and a crops (his wife) was taking her last breath on the other seat. He did not want her demise like other rich, because his two old parents had already left this world and she was his only companion and beloved in that world, So, he hold her very dear and castled a glance at the living dead body who was lost in profound thinking. His hopes were alive when they reached the doctor’s lab. The doctor checked this living copse and there was no any pleasant feeling on doctor’s face during this inspection, it seemed that life had lost this war. After checking her, the doctor took him to one side and said the reality which he did not want to hear but he had to face it. Man has to hear a lot unpleasant things as how could one spit over the face of truth. He had become quite pessimist while returning. Although he consoled her yet she had understood everything by his facial expressions. It is a fact that facial expressions are more understandable. The sun was tired and wanted to seek protection in the amplitude of west. He castled a glance at his wife and she gave him a smile despite having immense pain and affliction. The painless of the sun had become the lamb-black of Mary’s eyes. The moonbeams had given shelter to the sun. Perhaps demise wanted to deprive Mary of mundane miseries and tortures. He called to mind the gone person had also pail soot in his eyes. After recalling it, he never stopped even for a moment and shouted: “ I will not let her die” but Mary was not more. If pail soot spreads in eyes , the partners forget all promises and affections and leave this world for ever.

WISH He did not want to kick the bucket. But, in fact, he was no afraid of death. He had encountered death many times and he was well aware of the fact that fact that death was not as dreadful as it was considered by people. If a man finds anything difficult, it becomes all the more awful for him. Darkness is considered to be horrifying but the people, who happen to pass though darkness, remain inapprehensive. Likewise the fear of defeat and hunger also destroys man completely. But the people, who experience these aspects of life from very close quarters, are not apprehensive of them at any step of their life. He was fully conscious of the reality of demise, hunger and defeat. So it is exclusively wrong to think that he was afraid of defeat. He was put to sward many tines in his life. Some-times, he was hanged on the cross of poverty and hunger and, sometimes, he had to sacrifice himself due to his ego. Injustice never let him free. Despite all this, he was ready to face future catastrophes. Here it is relevant to point out that he was not senseless. He had borne all unpleasant aspects of life with a smiling face and never flinched back. `In fact, he wanted to do something and this thing has urged him to continue living in this universe. There were two intricate problems for him. Firstly, long life and secondly, a desire to do something. He could not be to do something special without the assurance of long life. So he gave pivotal importance to long life to solve these two problems which he had been endeavoring to solve for the last fifty years. He was cocksure that man could live in this universe for a long time. Further, he knew it very well that there were certain elements in this universe which were quit conducive to long life. When he present this belief to religious-minded people, they became his antagonist and dubbed him as infidel, atheist and confirmed follower of Satan. He was also prisoner due to his this belief but he was never shaken. Now his limbs were getting virgules but he could not be able to solve this problem. One day, he thought that man’s limbs did not reverse at once after his demise and he looked upon the different aspects of this matter. He thought that he had aimlessly wasted these precious years. The time was passing and he had no choice to transfer his limbs so that he could enjoy more fifty years in this world. He met his friend, Surgin, Mickey and advised him that after his demise, his heart, brain and eyes must be transferred to a sound body. Later on, he wrote his last will. Though he was weak and figureless, he remained alive. When there was no positive thinking and glamour in his life, he met death. Mickal preserved all the useful limbs of his dead physique according to his will. Then he started transferring these limbs o handicapped physiques and, in this way, he made his mark in scientific world. He made a successful experience of in grafting his brain in a female monkey felt some sort of tightness and imprisonment in the doctor’s house and it ran away. Now the brain was fully active and it did not want to waste next fifty years and wanted to do something special at once. It chanced to encounter some dogs in the alley. The female monkey entered a juggler’s house in order to rescue its life. He caught this confused female monkey and put an iron chain around its

neck. The doctor’s house was more comfortable. The juggler, named Joseph named it Lootia. He spent some days to train Lootia and the result was very positive and he becomes very famous. Lootia was recognized in every house. Many news papers also published news about it. Then it became a character like Robert Johnson. Dead Hudson appeared in the shape of Lootia and had many achievements in the field of jugglery. People regarded Lootia only a female monkey and the doctor, who knew the reality, ceased to be. People started agreeing with Darwin regarding his concept of the evolution of species.

HIT BELOW THE BELT It was quite unbelievable for me that the butcher offered the bone having some meat to the lean dog, who was watching the flesh greedily. Otherwise most of the meat-vendor preserved the nasty and unsalable meat the arrival of the customers. They deceived the customer by adding these parts to the fresh one and, in this way, get benefit of futile meat parts. Likewise, they mix the skinny parts into the minced meat and deprive the dogs of the thing they deserve. I felt that he was a honest butcher and it was an order matter that many dogs started at the bone and due to their howling many others got assembled with a mentionable wrath. However, this lean dog had challenged the others that he had the temerity to fight against all as he enjoyed the right to avail himself of the opportunity. He was of the view that this bone was his share. The other dogs were yelping but the lean dog was staunch to keep it. It is quite impossible to snatch something from one’s jaw without a clash and especially when the possessor, is also more dreadful. That is why despite being more furious, none of the rival had the temerity to assail at him but they evolved the policy to go on by treats, but he was never frightened by their bluffs, he seemed to be aggressive because, on the one hand, he was becoming a sign of danger for peace and, on the other hand, going against the rules of war which asked to subdue before powerful might, It looked like that he was not aware of the dog’s living. I got angry on the honesty of that butcher who had created uproar among dogs by proving himself honest in this prevalent matter-ridden period of life. Otherwise, they were bosom before his act of honesty and no one was snubbing each other. The fact was that, the butcher was wrong in his approach and he was not responsible to fulfill the demands of their bellies. There was a big throng of people at the shop and, in fact, this act of his was amounting to getting man starved. His act of owing the bone was an open conspiracy against human hunger because he could sell it after dividing it into pieces. However, he had devised to condense his earning that also caused for a law and order situation. The customers got bewildered by the dogs and they forced the butcher for making them free at the earliest. A blucky and dreadful came ahead to make an end of this futile war. He seemed to be the Head of dogs and he had to maintain his leadership by winning this war. The other dogs muster courage and started barking more loudly than before. In fact, they were encouraging their leader and also reproaching the lean dog. According, this bone belonged to their leader because he was powerful. But some opined that everyone deserved the share and their leader ought to divide it equally. But no one dashed the conspiracy sparked by the butcher just to create a tussle amongst the dogs. Their looked at his disciples who considered their leader to be democratic-minded one and were quite ready to attack. The lean dog moved behind a little bit when the leader attack at him forcefully and he felt that lean dog had the courage to resist but he could not face them for a long time. Seeing their leader, the other stooges also attacked but the lean dog was trying to protect the bone and there was great collusion among them for some minutes and the lean dog got injured and tired and was deprived of the bone.

Now their leader had the bone and was eating it quite separately. The dogs, considered it to be the right of their leader, kept silent but other were not happy due to the undemocratic attitude of their leader. The dog who had given them the guarantee to save their rights, was now quite indifferent to them. They were in great fume but were forced to keep silent because they could not challenge the powerful dog. They all were standing there helplessly. Owing to the queer activities of dogs, people got frightened, thinking lest the dogs should also bite them. Perhaps, the butcher had deliberately done so to create hurly-burly The lean and injured dog was watching the butcher helplessly and there was a proud in the smile of the butcher because he had the profit of the stable bones.

THE SWAY OF TERROR The parrot continued his story in a lamenting manner. He described that the jungle was full of different animals. Although feeble animals were a source of diet for ferocious animals yet there was great charm in life along with the preservation of entity. Every animal tried to breed hi race and no one could think that he would be deprived of the fascination of life one day. Quite surprisingly, the fox became the head of all the animals of the jungle. In fact, the acquisition of throne was the result of his painstaking labor. That imposter presented the theory of snobbery to wild animals and sowed abomination among them in a cunning way. As a result, they developed hostility and started killing one another. Likewise, that swindler poisoned the ears of innocent and lean animals saying that beasts had no soft corner for them and created a gulf between them. So he achieved his cherished goal by creating hate and superiority. But the vindictive fox did not remain content with it and resort to tale-bearing in order to enmesh them I animosity. Calumny was also resorted to and anyone was tempted to captured throne. In short, the whole wood was presenting the sight of commotion and hurly-burly. It was the golden opportunity to overcome and, if anyone tried to obstruct, he could not escape from horrible end. The parrot stopped for a while, probably he was facing some problem. The master took out something from the bag and give it to him. After eating it, there appeared glamour in the parrot’s eyes and he started narrating the story fluently as well. When massacre and hurly-scurry was in its extreme, the fox claimed a rock and shouted “My friends I feel that our king, loin is unable to mould politicians according to latest rules and he has no any policy to check the present tumultuous situation. Y must elect me your leader and I assure you that there would be complete tranquility and order and no one would be injured. I have so rare and excellent plans with sway and I would not shake your trust.” They kept silent for sometime then a group of animals came ahead and chose him their king and assured of their loyalty. At last, this treacherous fox succeed in his object and every bird, animals and beast accepted his sovereignty. Everyone raised the slogan that the fox was great and gifted him with such other epithets. In other words, he was not only a liege but their liberator too. This fraudulent fox divided all the territory and ordered that none would interfere in other land. Lions were allotted the land near human border and other carnivorous animals were given the land near loin’s area. Feeble and vegetarian animals were also granted their own specific land. The middle portion of the jungle was spared for crawling animals. It was decided that every animal should provided food, including human meat, to the fox. Loins entered the human territory and, in this way, created destruction. People got frightened and left this area, on the contrary, the hunter hatched plans get rid of them. Sometimes, flesh- eating animals went to the area of loins unknowingly and met a sudden death. On the other hand, the carnivorous animals looked out for the vegetarian and entered their land. So the lions had become the sign of death and terror. Man, who had been a fervent antagonist of the dwellers of woods, had to migrate or was killed by loins. Loins were either shot by hunters or

imprisoned. Other flesh-eating animals were tortured to death by loins wittingly or unwittingly. Likewise, the carnivorous animals started killing the vegetarians. Every animal felt rejoiced and praised the wisdom of the fox. They wee satisfied at the division of the jungle and, on the top of all, they were supplying diet to the fox honestly and dutifully and human flesh was included in it. Owing to the use of animal and human flesh, there appeared some radical changes in the fox and he became beast to some extent. All loins, carnivorous vegetarian animals and men ceased to be. Now there was no animal in the woods expect the fox but, in fact, he could not become a perfect loin. The parrot kept silent and perhaps he demanded some mashed-bread. The whole crowd remained silent and listened to the parrot’s speech carefully. Probably, they were enjoying the story. The owner of the parrot put his hand into the bag and showed him the empty hand and the parrot only said that the remaining part of the story would be narrated tomorrow. Now his master said that they would have to come tomorrow because the parrot was not in a mood to continue the tale. You would definitely feel happy to hear this story tomorrow. But we are hungry and, if eat something tomorrow, we will enjoy the remaining part of the story. People started throwing coins on the sheet which was spread by the master on the ground during his address to the people.

GOD IS OMNIPOTENT The rat could not dare pass by a loin. So, he tried to exploit a sleeping tiger by moving about here and there on his body. But this effort could not effect the tiger on the contrary, The rat got away fully tried and begin to gasp. The tiger felt a tickling sensation and got up from a sound sleep. The tiger caught the rat and was furious at his insolence. But, on the other hand, he was felled with mercy at this gaunt body and despite being able to kill him, he did not do so. The tiger asked the rat, what kind punishment should be imposed on him for his insolence. The rat begged for mercy and requested for spring his life as well. He further said that, one day , he would be very useful for him. The loin laughed at the rat’s loud claim and freed him. He regarded this claim of the rat nothing more than a boast. The people who went against the will of Divinity always harmed themselves. The armed forces of Abraha were destroyed by the petty birds and, in this way, he got chastised, due to his pride. Paroah had also vanity do to his wealth but Moses who had been rears in his own house, got checkmated by him. Caron could not be able to by only two moments with the help of his immense pelf. In brief, who sever had claimed of sublimity got prostrated due to dive will. Kings, Kingship and their glory could not help on for ever. Sometimes, they had to face such circumstances that they could not imagine to encounter them. The tiger was wrong in his approach. Though he was monarch of the woods, was incomplete in his personality. One, who is perfect in his personality, becomes the shadow of God in this universe. God’s creature benefit from him. Even saints keep in view the dictations of their Lord. If they assay to cheat Him,, the can not rescue themselves from punishment. Even a gigantic figure has to face humiliation in the face of divine will. Man is handicapped in certain matters and has supremacy in other affairs. One day, the loin was caught in the net of a hunter. He tried his level best to get rid of it, bur his every attempt proved to be futile. The rat appeared from somewhere and fond the monarch of the jungle totally helpless. He started cutting the net with the help of his sharp teeth and, in this way, the mighty tiger could be able to have venture or assistance of a petty and negligible creature. The tiger felt ashamed on account of his former words and began to respect every dweller of the wood. But there are certain pigheaded persons who never help in view their previous experiences and go on feeling proud of their power and stature. There hardly any iota of doubt in the statement that developed countries has made great progress in the fields of industry military. Further there are more developed and progressive than other ones and, in fact, there are certain changes which are happening in the poor areas. Further, it is passing through a crisis. It will quite appropriate to dub world landlord of this cosmos. He considers that he has full command in the world. According to his standpoint, he can maneuver land, ocean and space. Further, he can allot government to any person and has the power to drive anyone of his throne. To cut short, he is all in all in this universe and can amply his authorities according to his sweet will.

Owing to illness, the Man of earth, Minister of for east during his visit. The whole world saw that The man of earth was prostrated at the feet of Asia. That snob was absolutely helpless in the face of Almighty’s will. The celestial God taught a lesson that, in fact, he omnipotent and bears the authority of virgules people. Though the tiger contains extraordinary power, he incomplete despite that. He should not only pay other animals equal respect but also accept their specific stature. If Man of earth does not keep in view this lesson of the Lord and not fulfill the demands of justice. God will have to create someone to deal with him in a proper way without any exaggeration. He has, no doubt, immense power.

GOD AND SUBMISSIVENESS He used to be obedient, innocent and pure and, due to his obedience, he had become the vicegerent of God. But when he came to know that a supreme and crown creature had been created, he was failed with rage and became malignant. When he was ordered to bow before this creature, he appeared to be arrogant. He refused to bow because he regarded it as inferior. So, he was declared condemned for ever. Being humiliated by the Creator, he planned to wreak his vengeance on his rival by proving him inferior. The Master blessed this creature with His bounties and was of the view that, without any exaggeration, it was the most lofty creature and would last long at any rate. After being banished from the Divine court, he was greatly aggrieved and furious. One day, while planning about future, he stung this new creature. The crown creature felt intoxicated due to poison and was sent to unknown land. After coming in senses, he came aware of his mistake. He conceded his blunder and promised to be cautious now. Intoxication never caused positive and fruitful results, Every new creation was badly affected by jealously, irritation, retaliation and snobbery. Then he developed this curse consciously or unconsciously and stared longing for this vice. With the passage of time, he was gradually ensnared in the meshes of this sin. All riff-raffs yearned for it. Many good-hearted people had seriously ventured to dislocate it root and branch but those who were habitual of it, conspired against these people. These drunkards kept on drinking and its physicians went on curing it and every notorious vagabond wanted to be number one in this field. They violated all human values in order to achieve “distinction” but, in fact, they could not approach its extreme. He crossed every limits but could not be satisfied. Then, one day, he got deeply involved in jealousy and revenge and felt great pleasure in them. In this specific state of mind, he thought that all resources belonged to him. One religious-minded tried to impede him. He prepared one of his follower to deal with him in a proper way. There was a formidable collision and everyone convulsed. He felt mentally elevated by this sanguinary conflict because it had comforted him. The element of barbarity seemed to be its prime and he was not aware of its irretrievable consequences. Bloodshed bestowed on him great satisfaction. He joined his stooge in order to fulfill his lust. When his disciple had to face humiliation, he tried to leave this inhuman field but he had reached the point of return. The intensity of covetousness harbors a horrible results but its lust continued. In fact, its venom goes on increasing. Although he had joined the down- trodden class of paupers yet he bore immense vanity and majesty in his tone. The Creature crushed him and he was prostrated at the feet of others. He implored and thou became a symbol warning for new generation. It was the first decline of his lust. He should have amended himself quite at the outset. Now he got badly entangled in the meshes of humiliation.

THE TRAGEDY OF AN EDUCATED WIFE Twenty years is not a short period and even during this period abomination changes into intimacy. I got united with Zaib twenty years before and now we were fully acquainted with the habits and necessities of each other in this period. Likewise, we had got used to each other’s weak points. Time had strengthen the chains of relations and, in fact, we had become inseparable from each other when we had any rift, we settled this dispute by mutual concessions. The fact was that there was the element of emotionalism in our love. I lived twenty years with Zaib and we were inevitable for each other during this period. Although she loved me yet her attachment to her son, Naveed, in fact, was to the sentiment extent. But I never complained in this behalf because my son really deserved this affection and maternal love. As a result, he got inclined to his mother and it was quite natural because a child is always more inclined to his mother. It was really surprising that, despite being the only child, Naveed remained aloof but his mother wanted to be with him every time. We did not feel this very habit of his beginning. Now he was eighteen and behaved willfully with his mother. He want to the extent of saying that I was very simple-minded because I chose ignorant and illiterate wench and spent twenty years with her. We got angry at his remark but he was serious while addressing me: I pondered over Naveed’s statement and the excellent moments which chanced to have with Zaib in loneliness. Although Zaib was an uneducated woman yet she was faithful and well-mannered. She co-operated with me in the days of poverty and encouraged me in the hour of trouble. After a long contemplation, I thought that Naveed’s statement was tantamount to high-handedness. I tried my level best to free myself from the impact of Naveed’s words but they were sticking to my mind that I had spent twenty years with an unlettered lady. If I had spent these years with an educated woman, my life would have become more pleasant. Although Zaib was an uneducated lady yet she proved to be a helping hand for me in crisis. I had got a distinguished status in the society and she was the equal sharer in my progress and looked after me in the best possible way. Despite all her favor, I was forced to think that, if she had been educated, she would have been more conducive regarding the rearing of Naveed and his mental normalcy. When conflicting behaviors prospered, they gave rise to estrangement and rift. We got entangled in little rifts and I thought she was not doing her job in the best way. I found errors even in her household affairs. She complained about my attitude to her and I thought she was really innocent because ignorance was not her guilt. Hina had been working with me for the last two years and I never paid deep to this fact that she was a beautiful and well-mannered girl. She was looking very attractive and I fell in love with her despite having a faithful wife. I wanted to get united with her to have a cheerful life. I thought that Naveed would be pleased to have a well-mannered mother and I would be a prosperous man with her kind co-operation. I got married to her secretly. I thought that he would definitely be happy to have an educated mother and everything would be all right. Hina had also promised to set everything right.

I entered my house like a great conqueror. Zaib and Naveed were already introduced to her as my secretary and they welcomed her cheerfully. After some time, I asked Naveed how he found Hina. He praised her and I got encouraged that he had accepted her as his mother. When I was cocksure about Naveed I told him that she would stay in the same house. Firstly, he did not believe and got dumb but Hina herself corroborated what I said. After this, he went inside without saying anything. After some time, I entered the room and found him and his mother weeping bitterly. It was very late now because Hina had become my wife and I could not divorce her due to Naveed and Zaib. Hina had also become a traditional woman and they started quarrelling over triflers. Hatred, stubbornness and protest against one another developed in this house. Naveed had become confirmed mother-fixated and I reached the result that, although man got entangled in mutual rifts, yet close, relations were not cooled down by them.

THE NECESSITY OF PELF I remember it very well that he contented after giving me the bread of his share. He had been toiling for money broth future day and night. Whenever I got ill, he not only called for doctors but also prayed to God for my recovery. Without any exaggeration, he loved me very much and could not deny his love and hind ness. Parent’s affection for their children is pure in view of all negative aspects. Parents yearn to see their offspring with higher status. They regard, there is nothing like their children for them in the world. It is a fact that even thief and wicked are considered to be gentleman and innocent by their parents. They also ignored my evil deeds and loved me at heart and kept on giving me all the things I needed. I thought that it was their high-headedness. Every poor father should be aware of the activities of his son. Whenever I demanded for money, my father happily fulfilled my necessities. In this way, I became selfish because I did not care for the necessities of others. I passed my times in frivolous pursuits instead of going to school. But my father has started depending on me. After a long time, he came to know my profligacy and tried his best to amend my educational weakness he provided me with a tutor but I could not make use of the tutor. Sometimes, he treated hardly to refine me but the time had passed. He could not prove himself to be self-willed because he was loving person. His hopes were shaken and he decided to make me a technical hand. I worked at some places to learn some art but I could not acquire knowledge and my childhood came to an end. Our necessities increased and, secondly, my father got ill that resulted in condensing income. His (Father’s) health had been declining day by days and he advised me to work time and again. he went to the extent of saying that I should be at least self-dependent. He was right and I must work now. But misfortune let us free and my father got seriously ill and there was no any source of income now. Due to curing my father, our expenses had enhanced. First of all, my mother wisely handled this situation by spending the safe money, but, after that, we had to sell the household things. At last , all the articles were sold and we were forced to borrow money. But the fact is that people do not offer loan to mere a pepper. Likewise, no one was giving us charity they considered themselves more deserving than us. Along with that, the family with a young boy could not be declared us deserving in this connection. Now it was quite necessary to provide the father with medicine rather than food. We used ten rupees daily for his pills and it was our responsibilities to provide him with medicine daily. In this context, my mother performed her duty in an excellent way. But when she was quite penniless, she requested people for ten rupees but nobody helped her and even the doctor refused to give her medicine without money. I accepted that I had ten rupees and it was necessary to buy medicine for him. But I had two grounds for not spending money on his treatment. His death was inevitable because everyone had rejected the miserable requests of my mother. So, it was an open folly to spend ten rupees, and I did not bear with any stupidity in the case of money. The other thing was that I could not help smoking. If I spent this money on the treatment, how would I lead that day. I am of the view that love and need are two different things and they should not be mingled with other. So, my father died due to the non availability of medicine and it was Divine will. In fact, he was to die but I saved my ten rupees in a prudent way.

POVERTY AND DAUGHTER Poverty was not strange for him because his ancestors had come of a poor family. His particular surroundings had the clear-cut reflection of poverty and penury, and they were leading a life of total mercy. So, the truth was that he got poverty in his bequest. Sometimes, the feelings of poverty became conspicuous, in the beginning but, the particular way of thinking became all the more prominent when his daughter, Zobee had become young. As she was now adult, her life became vexatious. He had to encounter many hardships and deprivations everyday and on account of that, his entity broke into pieces. But the necessities of life again urged him to do something. The thought of poverty disturbed his wife a lot when she chanced to hear about the marriage of Zobee any coeval. Fozee zealously and wildly described the marriage ceremonies and wept on her lot and then, finally declared him slothful and good-for-nothing. These ill-words increased the intensity of his grief. He thought, he had endeavored his level best but, unluckily, dearness had proved a foe for him and had effected all his utter plans. Secondly, appetite went on increasing due to the age factor of his children. So he had to buy but more clothes to hide the bodies of his off springs. To be true, all his attempts were futile and, in this way, dearness overcome hunger and other necessities of his life. His wife, Fozee, was quarrelling with him due to Zobee’s advancement in years. In fact Fozee was not wrong in her approach because her daughter, Zobee, was now twenty two years old. But, on the other hand, they were unable to give her even a penny as a dowry Either she should have got married or her parents should have collected the articles of her dowry according to the customs of the society but the pity was that they were empty-handed. But the time was passing very swiftly. When someone came to propose Zobee, she was rejected due to non availabality of an attractive dowry. His better half recurrently stressed the point that their daughter was quickly marching towards old age. So, he ought to do something and pay his first attention to his daughter because milk and daughter were closely connected to each other and they both were in dependable If their daughter got astray and adopt a wrong and unscrupulous way, they would not be able to face tragedy and this world. She uttered a lot of other things that day and he tolerated her heart rending blames very patiently. He also knew it very well but he was not in position to do any thing because he was just like a pauper. After saying these harsh words, Fozee went away and he got drowned in profound. Luck favored him for a short time when he found a bag on the way. He opened it and got currency and very costly gold jewellery. He was extremely jubilant and cast a glance at the ornaments and thought that Zobee would appear very attractive as a bride in this jewellery. Zobee’s friends would envy him and owing to these ornaments, her in-law would be proud of her. Then he saw the currency notes which could fulfill the requirements of the dowry. Suddenly, he found a piece of paper which was placed with the other articles. This was piece of paper contained this writing: 1Borrowed from provident Fund Rs: 40,000/2Borrowed from sister Hajhra Rs: 20,000/3Money received by mortgaging house Rs: 25,000/-


Money to be paid to the goldsmith



Dear son, I hope you would easily arrange the wedding ceremony of your sister with the help of this money and would buy the articles regarding dowry you should not worry because I would reach very soon. (name and address were also written) After reading this letter, he was shaken from top to toe and changed his mind. Now he had once again become a humanitarian. He thought the haves did not lose their anything because they had their money in the banks. They had also very reliable sources to protect their wealth an fortune never deceived them at any step. It is very difficult for their money and jewellery to get lost. On the other hand, they have not always yearned for wealth and, if they found something, it is quite temporary. Firstly, the underdogs are quite ignorant of its importance and are deprived of the ability to handle it. They are totally unconscious of the method of increasing it. So the wealth goes the people who are aware of its significant and know the art of maneuvering it. He as mentally anguished and reached the state of indecision. He thought his daughter could be married with this money but the daughter of the other needy person would not be able to have red dress. What should be done now? Honesty demands that it should be return to its original owners. But what would become of his own daughter. Both these girls belonged to a poor family. This bag could not be conducive for him and he could not use the wealth for the wedding of his daughter. He came out of the labyrinths of indecision at long last.

NO PAIN NO GAIN Owing to the intensity of heat and thirst, the crow was very enervated but there was no water and shade. He went on roaming about in search of water. He was thinking that, he would definitely die, if he could not find water in a short time. He neither wanted to die nor he was disappointed. He was determined to seek water and shady tree till the last breath of his life but, in fact, the intensity of thirst was creating problem for him. Now he had two choices either he must continue seeking water or leave it and wait for death. He mustered courage and flew east in search of water. He had covered a short distance when he saw a garden and hurriedly started flying towards it he wanted to live and was sure of his existence in future. Quite surprisingly, he seemed to be more active now. He wanted to reach the garden very soon and every cost. Though he was flying very speedily yet the garden seemed to be very far off. He got tired and thought that the garden be an illusion of his mind. He was shaken about the entity of garden. He thought it might be an illusion and he must seek any other way which could rescue his life. But he had not any other choice. To chase the illusion was better than to leave seeking water because there was the possibility of life. If he died while searching, it would be a courageous step. He stopped for awhile And the garden was quite at short distance. He hopefully started marching towards the garden and felt that it was not too far. He felt grief for wasting a precious moment. He would have been ahead if he had not stopped. He felt ashamed of his negative thinking because they could bring about demise. These negative feelings were equal to pessimism. A devoted definitely finds his goal at last because God helps those who help themselves. He took on fling with great zeal and now he appeared to be fresh. He was spiritually exalted and was flying without difficulty. Now he reached the threshold of the garden. The garden was in the urban area and it meant that it was for pastime But he was surprised to see that there were no bower. Birds had left this garden when men himself neglected it. He flew over the garden but there was no water. He deplored his labor. Suddenly, he found a pitcher in the garden and felt rejoiced and hurriedly went to it. There was very little water in the pitcher and he made very attempt to drink water but failed due to the low level of water. He hatched a plan and caught a pebble with the help of his beak and put it into the pitcher. Owing to heat, the pebble was dry and it seemed that it had liked it. In a short time, the crow poured another pebble and the first pebble did not like this sharer. Although it had not liked the second one yet the bitter fact was that the wise crow imposed his will by throwing more pebbles into the water. The crow was gallantly doing his job and, at last, the pitcher became full of wet pebbles and he drenched his thirst by sucking wetness of them.