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Joan Angeles Remon Artillaga Harriet Barcelona CORPCOM Interview Question and Answer: 1.

How will you describe yourself in one word and why?

February 26, 2013 Ms. Monica Tugade

I can say I am someone very ambitious. I do not become contented to what I have achieved as I always long for challenges and aim for something new. 2. How will you succeed in attaining your career objective? I will be able to achieve my objective if I will be given the chance to prove myself. 3. Do you think studying in De La Salle Lipa is contributory in hiring you? I believe that it does not go with what school you went to but with what is in you and what you can do. 4. Among the skills provided in your resume, which are you best at? I am best at my accounting skills because I have learned so much during my college years. Without it, I wouldnt be able to get a CPA license. 5. What is that one qualification you have that will make is hire you? I know that being proficient in the English language is very important in this field of work especially that I will be involved in business process outsourcing and that I will be working in an international environment. 6. How will you demonstrate your Lasallian character in your work? My Lasallian years taught me to live in faith, service, and communion. For this, I will be able to serve not only for my good, but for everyone else. 7. What do you know about our company? Petroplas Trading Incorporated is actually one of the largest and leading distributors of plastic packaging products in the Philippines. Its clients/customers come from different types of society.

8. What made you decide to apply in our company?

As stated in your job posting you are in need of an accounting staff that can perform costing and inventory accounting and that is actually my forte. Additionally, I am a fresh graduate who is looking for a work experience where in I can learn a lot and I think your company is the best training ground because of its nature. 9. What could be your best contribution that can make difference in our company? My best contribution that can make a difference in your company would be my ability of being detail-oriented. As what my nature of work requires paying attention to detail. With this ability Ill be able to deliver report regarding your inventories without error and on time. 10. What is your edge over other applicants? My edge over other applicants is my competencies and skills relevant to this job that I am applying for as well as my willingness to work under any kind of pressure. I am also fluent in speaking and writing in English and Filipino. At the age of 20 I am not just a CPA but a Lasallian Certified Public Accountant. Young yet passionate about the working environment I am about to face carrying the mind, soul and heart of being a Lasallian. 11. Are you willing to contribute more than the demands of your job, if the situation asks? Definitely, yes. If I could be of any help for the company then I am 100% willing to contribute more than the demand of my job. This could be an opportunity for me also to show what I really got and discover more of my abilities and limitations when it comes to work. 12. Are you willing to work on graveyard shift if it is needed? About working on a graveyard shift, yes I am willing to accept such schedule. Ive chose this work and I have prepared myself for anything that I need to do.

13. Given the situation that we need to reduce the number of employees what is the thing you have what will make us decide to retain you?

If you will need to reduce the number of employees, I believe you would choose employees, who have the ability to work well even under pressure, to stay in your company. If that so, I assure you I am the person to choose. My edge to other employees will also be beneficial to your company because I can easily think of what to do even with limited resources. 14. Give us your priorities and where will you place work? Ever since I became independent, I learned to prioritize things. Of course, the Almighty Father goes first on my priorities, next is my family and third is my career or work. 15. If you are in a difficult situation between your personal life and your work, for example your relationship with you family is being affected by the demand of your job, how can you balance everything? When a person is between two different situations and he has to choose one, he has to face both with optimism. To be able to balance everything, I would need to make it clear to the people involved the actual purpose for choosing this kind of living. Everything happens for a reason, we just have to make this reason clear.