A Matter of Trust…The Other Kind

“Trust me.” He whispered. I shivered and looked at his eyes through my half closed lids. The light was low and the shadows in the room narrowed my focus to him. Only him. The air was warm and already a thin sheen of sweat covered my body, each stir of air creating a momentary chill. I nodded my head slowly, mesmerized, falling into the depths of his eyes, wondering if I’d ever find my way out. I shivered again when his tongue darted out, licking softly along my lower lip. He placed little kisses along my chin and jawline and kept his eyes locked on mine as he slowly pulled my arms up over my head, gently clicking the handcuffs into place. I gasped a little as the cold metal made contact with my wrists, then settled down, still locked into his eyes. His hands caressed my palms, slowly running over the cuffs before he trailed his finger tips lightly down my arms, across my shoulders to the sides of my face. I shivered again and felt my skin break out in goose bumps, my nipples contracting into hard points against his chest. He lowered his mouth, just making the softest contact as he let his lips slip back and forth across mine, staring into my eyes. I darted my tongue out for a quick taste, marveling at the contrast between his hard, ripped body and his pillow-soft lips. He settled against me and sealed his mouth to mine, sucking gently and opening me up with his tongue, gently exploring when I let him in. I moaned quietly, feeling heat rush through me, unconsciously moving under his weight, rocking my hips against him. He moved his hands to the sides of my head, burying his hands in my hair and pulling me harder against his mouth, opening me up wider. I felt my breath catch and pushed against him, pulling at the cuffs that bound me. I wanted to touch his skin…. He gentled the kiss and pulled away, trailing his mouth down my chin to my neck, coming to a rest at the base, just in the hollow. I gasped as his hot tongue darted out and licked against that spot before moving to the side and clamping down, sucking hard. I let out a loud moan and felt the suction ease, his lips smiling against me. “Ranger, let me out of these…” I panted. I tugged uselessly and watched as he slowly shook his head, his lips curling up in a smile. I relaxed back into the restraints, my breathing uneven.

He sucked up first one. laughing softly when I shivered. He snapped his eyes back to mine. I was rocking my hips without realizing it. babe.” He said softly. pulling sighs and moans out of me. I could only stare back into his eyes and nod..” He whispered.I want to shave you.” Ranger muttered against my skin before his mouth clamped on my whole pussy. Bolts of sensation were shooting through me. I looked down and caught my breath.Ranger settled his lips back over the same spot and sucked hard. Ranger quickly leaped off the bed and gathered up supplies. biting gently. “Your skin is like silk.. running his hands down my belly and gently pulling my thighs wider.” Cripes! I was speechless. “Hold still. pulling skin and some of the muscle into his mouth. feeling myself getting soaked once again. repositioning my hips on a towel. “Trust me….” He ordered. then the other shaved lip into his hot mouth. I jerked and gasped at the sudden touch. Smooth soft skin glistened where my thatch was before. Ranger was watching me closely. knowing it would be good. smiling at my reaction. my mouth suddenly dry. “Damn. the low light glinting off the blade. With quick expert strokes the hair was gone. . It was so sensitive. sucking gently while his tongue rubbed and circled my clit. moving my head to give him better access. the moisture leaking out from between my legs and smearing against his belly. admiring his handiwork. his fingers gently stroking the newly exposed skin. I could feel myself getting wet. I relaxed with a sigh. I trusted him. pulling against the restraints. I gasped when he pulled out a straight razor.. almost absently let his hand rest against my breast. “You taste so good. giving myself over to whatever he had planned. He softly. He pulled slowly away and sat back on his heels between my spread thighs. I froze. I cried out and arched against him. His fingers were followed by the softest touch of his tongue. his thumb gently tracing circles over and around my nipple as his eyes raked over me. He laid down on his stomach between my thighs and blew gently.” I breathed. “I want to feel all of you….

Ranger studied me for a few seconds then smiled wickedly and lowered his head.” He countered. Ranger pulled away. I looked down. “I’m loving you. trying to hold off and trying to push myself into his touch. trying to get it out. Each swipe of his tongue. leaving me to writhe and moan under his dancing eyes. his hands found their way up my belly to my breasts. sometimes softly stroking. “You’re killing me. I took a deep breath and relaxed again. Ranger shook his head once. He finally left off my toes and sucked and licked his way along the arch of my foot. squeezing them and lifting them gently.He stayed with me. He diverted and bit down on the tendon just where the leg joins the body. beginning another round of torture. sent bolts of pleasure crashing through my body. “Trust me…this is going to be so good…. my heart trying to beat right out of my chest. stopping just before he reached my pussy.” Ranger shook his head. He kept his mouth busy. panting uncontrollably. He pushed it back absently. He was watching closely and stopped again. his voice silky. I arched up under his assault and shuddered back down on the bed. his hair falling over one eye. I was fast approaching the edge again. This time. smiling at my distress. smiling a sinful smile. He blazed a trail up my leg. he started at my feet. “…so close…please…. He repeated this on the other foot and looked up. . I could feel it swelling. backing off completely. “I was…” I panted. each toe he pulled into his mouth and sucked. blowing gently. bringing his lips over my clit and sucking it hard. continuing his relentless assault.” If it got any better I was going to spontaneously combust. He was watching me intently. Just as I was almost there. sometimes pulling and twisting them relentlessly until I was writhing under his touch. This time. his nimble fingers playing with the nipples almost randomly. I gasped at the sudden loss of heat and shivered at the change in temperature. The answering throb in my body shorted out my ability to talk and I could only groan and shake my head once. licking and biting at various points behind my knee and up the insides of my thighs. pulsing as he continued to suck and stroke it with his lips and tongue. trying not to fight against the cuffs.” I gasped out.. I couldn’t believe my toes could be directly connected to my pussy. covering my whole pussy and sucking hard only to ease off and run his lips whisper-soft over my folds. scraping his teeth right at the apex. smiling into my frantic face.

He bit down gently then let my nipple go and sat back.rocking my hips in an attempt to dislodge him from where he was. hooking his hands under my knees and pulling my legs up as far as they would go. swollen site displayed for his eyes. traveling between my breasts before pulling away momentarily and crashing his mouth down on one nipple. “I’ve got something else in mind. I tried to grind against any part of him I could reach. God…. hoping that this would be it. his face inches from mine. Despite my state. .” He whispered before kissing me deeply.” He purred. dipping forward to lick softly at my lips. bucking and pulling at the cuffs. He was completely unpersuaded. licking. lifting my legs higher. We kissed for long minutes before he finally pulled away. I gasped as his tongue lapped gently at the juices that had run down my crack. I pushed into him. one nipple caught between his teeth. “Release me…” I begged.” He shook his head and leaned over me. couldn’t get enough of his hot mouth and tongue dancing and caressing mine. both hands resting on either side of my shoulders. my hips bucking futilely into the air. I couldn’t do anything but let out a soft raspy squeak. sucking at my lips and swallowing. “Both. sucking it deep into his mouth and biting softly.” I whispered. “From your cuffs or your state?” he teased. “Trust me…. I finally gave it up and sank back down. across my belly and up to my chest. He kept himself distant and grinned up into my face.” Ranger said softly. He smiled. “Babe…. He pulled out of me and trailed the tip of his tongue down. pushing out until I was spread completely open. my face no doubt flushed. He sat back and reached down. He continued licking and sucking a path up my body. running his mouth along my side. sucking and biting relentlessly. I couldn’t push my mouth close enough. Ranger lowered his mouth to me and began lapping up my juices. burying his tongue deep inside. I was so far gone. using his teeth to lightly scrape at my inner folds and clit. He was so beautiful…. I didn’t know if I’d survive. He switched back and forth between my nipples. I should’ve known it wouldn’t be this easy. no needed him to be. trying to get him back to where I wanted. “Oh. laughing softly at my attempts. I smiled back. closing my eyes. scraping his teeth against my skin. babe. looking intently at the juicy. meeting his eyes. his hands squeezing my breasts up and pushing them together so the nipples were only inches apart. desperate for any release. panting and sweating. watching me go completely out of control. Groaning softly.

I do know I missed a segment of time. lapping up the juice that was spilling out of me. holding my thighs open as wide as I could. holding off. He completely ignored me. “Are you sure?” he whispered. pulling him down so his weight crushed me.I froze when his tongue began gently licking at my puckered hole. because next thing I knew the handcuffs were off and Ranger was kissing my cheeks my eyelids. bucking and straining against him with everything I had. “Trust me…. “I want you inside me. caressing the sensitive skin down there. I rocked against him and felt his fingers slowly enter me. Now. softly whispering to me. “Ranger!” I gasped out. The sensations rocked me. caressing my hair. my lips. I’d never let anyone down there before. I took a deep breath and focused on his eyes. . He let go of one leg and brought his mouth back up. then one more. lapping at the juices. looking closely at my face. first one. It was almost too much. smiling softly. feeling him enter. screaming out my release.” I told him softly. I felt myself relax against his tongue. continuing his gentle assault. I smiled as I moved my hips and pushed. pushing ever so gently against his caresses.” I whispered. I don’t know how long it lasted. I felt the pressure build and he stayed with me. sucking at my clit. continuing to push into me deeper and deeper. still pulsing with my release. I was free falling…I was flying…he pushed me higher and higher and when one of his fingers pushed into my ass I went off the cliff.

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