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residential care premises and healthcare occupancies. The Technical Division of the FPA includes a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals offering a comprehensive range of fire safety advisory and consulting services tailored to the clients’ requirements. risk surveying and auditing. Fire Safety Audits Impartial audits helping to ensure independent and objective results. is the UK’s national fire safety organisation. training. local government. We provide authoritative advice and information on all aspects of fire safety and prevention including research. leisure. founded in 1946. All fire advisory services are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the FPA quality management system. . hotels. we are able to offer a cost-effective high integrity service that will add value to your fire safety management programme. publications. including: Fire Risk Assessments Comprehensive fire risk assessments addressing both life safety and/or property protection.Technical Expertise The Fire Protection Association (FPA). We have extensive experience in all sectors. Fire Investigation Post-fire support service that will help to identify the lessons to be learnt and recommendations to prevent a recurrence. How the FPA can help The FPA offers a range of fire advisory services. educational premises. Fire Safety Consulting A range of fire safety advisory and support services. The FPA has been assessed by an external auditor and issued with a Certificate of Approval. commerce and the wider public. promoting fire safety within industry. indicating that the Association’s quality management system complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2000. With consultants operating across the UK. commerce. including industry.

These include: • life safety fire risk assessments to meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 • property protection assessments to reduce and manage the potential for extensive property loss in the event of fire • extensive fire risk assessments addressing both life safety and property protection. The assessments are conducted in accordance with the appropriate fire safety risk assessment guide.Fire Risk Assessment Both specific and general fire risk assessments can be conducted. or we are happy to adopt or develop a format that is consistent with your corporate approach to quality and health and safety issues • CAD drawings denoting fire safety equipment can be updated where available • post-assessment support includes technical advice via email and a technical information package to help you to address significant findings and assist with the ongoing management of fire prevention and protection measures • where complex fire safety deficiencies are identified. relevant standards and codes and Approved Document B: Fire Safety (Volume 2) – Buildings other than dwelling houses Additionally: • all life safety fire risk assessments take into consideration the needs of persons with impaired mobility or other disabilities • supporting photographic evidence is provided where required • risk ratings are assigned using a matrix that takes into consideration life and/or property loss potential • either a generic report format is used. depending on your needs. during or after an assessment is treated with the strictest confidence . specialist advice using a fire engineering approach is available • all information gathered prior.

implementation. A selection of our recent clients: . including preliminary feedback at the end of the audit and complete client confidentiality. Post-audit technical support is also available. for example. or as part of a specialist team. we can manage your fire safety management system. Audits are based on quality management audit principles. a post-fire support service is available.Fire Safety Audits Based on your existing fire precautions or fire safety manual. Services available include: • the development. we will conduct an independent. and review of company-specific fire safety strategies and standards • local authority licensing issues • the protection of historic/heritage buildings • evaluation and supervision of fire drills • specialist advice for complex fire safety deficiencies using a fire engineering approach • fire safety management contracts. Acting independently. Our generic report format can be used or we can develop a format to support the needs of your organisation. Fire safety specialists can also be provided on a part-time or temporary basis • research into specific areas of fire safety that are relevant to your business. Fire Safety Consulting Fire Safety Consulting is a support service to assist with the development and management of your fire safety programme and to propose practical and cost-effective solutions for specific fire safety problems. we can assist in determining the origin and cause of a fire and provide staff who are recognised as expert witnesses to present evidence in civil or criminal courts. impartial and thorough audit. acting as a service provider. Independent reviews of reports are also undertaken to identify the lessons to be learnt and to provide recommendations to help prevent a recurrence. adding value to your fire safety management system. advice on European and international fire safety law and management for international organisations Fire Investigation In the unfortunate event of a fire occurring.

Group Safety Manager. carrying out fire risk assessments and providing general fire safety advice wherever the need arises. Group Health and Safety Advisor. I was impressed with their expertise.  The FPA were asked to carry out fire risk assessments for a large number of Family Mosaic schemes. Russ Bower. FPA and Family Mosaic were also keen to ensure that the implementation of recommendations and provision of safety equipment were provided without an ‘institutional’ feel. Common problems that were encountered included: • how and where to provide fire extinguishers.” Delivering specialist fire support for high-risk environments Family Mosaic is a Registered Social Landlord providing good quality. Barclays Bank plc comments: “We felt that we needed an independent review of our fire safety arrangements for our more complex sites to ensure that our processes and procedures were reflecting best practice. The assignment comprised of a series of site visits to review the fire safety systems which were in operation and to gain an understanding of the degree of risk at each of the premises.” . In presenting its findings. We were delighted with the results they have produced for us and their professionalism to-date. Acting in accordance to a specific brief the FPA were to consider fire safety policy issues and make reference to examples observed during the site visits. call points and signage • staffed 24/7 / not staffed 24/7 • stay-put policies • providing the feel of a home environment • mobility and awareness issues Since successful completion of this contract the FPA have offered continuing support on a more ad-hoc basis. independence and their ability to operate in partnership with us to deliver this important piece of work. Family Mosaic adds: “Due to the very different needs of our service users and the specific risks associated with them we felt we needed expert advice and assistance which is why we chose the FPA. The outcomes and recommendations for each scheme were not universal and identified unique differences between staffed and non-staffed schemes. stay-put policies and issues relating to elderly or vulnerable young persons.Case Studies Fire policy review undertaken on behalf of Barclays Bank The FPA was invited to review the fire safety arrangements at eight key locations operated by Barclays Bank plc.000 vulnerable people. the FPA gave particular attention to the following issues: • statutory compliance gap analysis • rationalisation of standards • standards gap analysis • responsibilities gap analysis between the facilities management provider and the client • life safety systems and loss control inspection programmes • recommendations for frequency and type of emergency drill practice The report was presented to the Health and Safety team at Barclays Bank and used to enhance Barclays’ existing corporate fire safety management programme. Tim Cradock. affordable housing services to over 45.

scientists and consultants with extensive experience in all sectors. providing a comprehensive range of .uk The FPA Technical Division offers a unique blend of engineers.Contact Information Fire Advisory Services Fire Protection Association London Road Moreton in Marsh Gloucestershire GL56 0RH Tel: +44 (0) 1608 812 529 Fax: +44 (0) 1608 812 501 Email: Web: http://technical.thefpa. high integrity services tailored to your requirements.

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