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Install ROEL GPRS server ROEL GPRS server will be used for receiving reports from ROEL communicators, that are able to send on TCP/IP events. Being a Microsoft Windows XP service, the only operating system allowed is Windows XP. In order to install the service, you will need the SetupGPRSServer_vxxx.exe installation kit. Start the setup program and follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard, as follows:

Press Run button, to start installation.

Answer with Next to the following screens, if you want to leave the program to be installed in the default location, folder C:\Program Files\Roel GPRS Service\

The installation process is finished, the Roel GPRS service started and already included in Startup (you can check that Start GPRS service icon is present in Star>All programs>Startup, and the GPRS server icon is present on the Windows right-down task bar). In order to access the administration console of the Roel GPRS service, place the mouse over the icon and press the right mouse button. From popup-up menu, left click the first choice, Open administering window.

2. Set of server TCP/IP port Default port for GPRS server is 16400, and can be changed by using the Change server port settings command in the administering console of ROEL GPRS service, or access the Network Settings tab.

Open the port in Windows XP firewall command, help you set the appropriate firewall rule so that communication on this port will not be blocked. ROEL GPRS service will listen on this TCP/IP port, and all network devices installed on that computer.

If the computer is connected in a LAN, ask network administrator to set a fixed TCP/IP address for this computer and to set the router(s) port forwarding and firewall - so that the port set for reception of IP reports can be reached from the WAN side. For example, assuming the PC network card has the TCP/IP address set to , router LAN address is and router WAN address is, ROEL GPRS server port set to 14600, you must instruct all communicators to send reports to WAN address: and server port: 14600. With the PC connected to Internet, open Internet explorer and use address to check if the Internet connection in use of your server computer is the one that you communicate installers for programming the IP communicators. Use the command prompt and the <<ipconfig /all>>, <<ping >> functions to see better what are your local settings. Useful information for port forwarding setting of your router can be found on the following URL: 3. Receive reports in the Xguard monitoring software The ROEL GPRS server is intended to insure the coding/decoding of the reports, and send them to the Xguard monitoring software, similar to the monitoring station receiver DPC08S. All reports received from TCP/IP (Internet, Intranet or VPN) will be stamped as coming from phone line 91, in the Xguard monitoring software. 4. Receive reports in 3rd party monitoring software The server is able to forward the decoded reports received form the IP channel, to a serial port, physical or virtual COM port of the PC running the server, in Surgard protocol. All serial port settings can be performed in the