"Its Over!!

Now Do The Knowledge To Shaamgauds Understanding On Our Universal Flag SO YOU CAN KNOW ALL WHO IS REPRESENTED IN IT Peace!!" " Universal Flag of Islam (I Self Lord And Master) (I Stimulate Life And Matter) (I Sincerely Love Allah's Mathematics) Originally drawn up by Universal Shamgaud Allah. Digital rendition by Supreme Logic Bo'kem Allah "I have always had a genuine love for art...the majority of my oils and drawings were of the Sun, Moon ans Stars. One which I call my masterpiece was of our Solar System, with a mathematical breakdown of all the Planets. I was so proud of this drawing that I painted it on the ceiling of my furnished room...One day I met with the Father and Justice on 126th Street...All I recall seeing was the things he spoke about: the Sun, the Planets, the Stars, Space Voids(now called Black Holes)...I decided that I would make a picture for the Father's birthday...You must remember that at this time we used the Cresent Star as our Flag, so when some of my brothers saw me adding the 7 and the points, they thought I was flaking out...The Flag was completed in May,1966...I took it to the Father in Mecca... He took one look at it and said "That's it ! That's Our Universal Flag!" -Universal Shamgaud Allah (First Born of Medina) ~~~~The Breakdown~~~~ "The five pointed star symbolizes Knowledge, the seed the child with the power the Supreme Knowledge that was manifested by W. F. Muhammad as revealed to us by almighty God ALLAH, it is solid Black ! The Crescent Moon symbolizes Wisdom the women (without child). It shows reflected light (Truth or Knowledge) and is not yet at its fullest Equality. It also symbolizes the Divine Wisdom that was manifested by the honorable Elijah Muhammad and

it shows a unification of Knowledge. Man. and has been the symbol of Freedom. so they must remain in six or distill back to whence they came! Thus no part of the crescent moon should ever show over the top of the seven!!! The white background symbolizes the white clouds of deception that have drowned our people in a sea of ignorance. Almighty God ALLAH. and the dominance the woman has over the Seed (the child or the Knowledge) while it is young. because they are six and can never dominate ALLAH. it symbolizes the Original Man. the Supreme Being. the Original color of the Sun (anything that burns that hot and that long can’t be yellow !). it shows that God must be the most high. It also symbolized the Earth (Woman with Child) a Planet that has Life. Culture and Equality at all times. Wisdom and Understanding.revealed to us by Almighty God ALLAH . and the feeble attempts of the wicked to conceal the true and living God which is the Son of Man ! The Cipher around the Allah Crescent Star is Black. Since the very creation of mathematics 7 has been the mathematical terminology for the Creator of the Universe. It is solid Black. Together this stands for the Supreme Understanding that was revealed to us by Almighty God ALLAH himself. The Master of Wisdom. it is solid yellow ! Together the Star and Crescent stands for Knowledge and Wisdom which is the unity of knowing it and speaking it (teaching). The seven has seven sides. The seven symbolizes the male seed in full bloom. Justice and Equality since the awakening of Islam in the West of North America. This . Woman and Child. It shows the authority of ALLAH over the planets and Stars and the proper order of the Universe. the True and Living God.

the Universal symbol of Truth and Light. The Eight Points are the symbol of the ever expanding Universe. Snow and Earthquakes ! A Word To The Wise ! Beware of False Knowledge.symbolizes the Sun. the left is Black. Hail. and symbolizes the rays of the Sun. It is more dangerous than ignorance!" -Universal Shaamgaud Allah (First Born of Medina) . The eight points are a sign of he who is the Master Builder of Rain. the right side is Gold. There are two sides to each point. The Gold represents Brown and Yellow seeds. This represents the Original Black Man. and the speed and distance that the Truth is capable of traveling. and who’s power can evaporate all clouds of deception (lies).

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