, has been added after women COGNISANT Comma has been inserted after WE RULE 2 2.1 To mobilize, organize and unite South African Women to participate in

.the struggle for the liberation of all previously oppressed groups 2. religious. class. RULE 3 3.. DUTIES all spheres of government…….5. religion and geographical location…… 3.7 ……….the elimination of laws. ethnicity.. practices and structures which militate against equality and to oppose any strengthening of patriarchy..2.7…….. cultural. customs..arising out of race. political and economic problems of the country RULE 6 ..4 … …understanding of the social.

North West and Western Cape RULE 7: The Branch 7. 7. Limpopo. Free State.5 Elect.2 ………together into zones or subregion….of the Regions and not less than 1/4 of ots directly electedmembers… RULE 10 . Northern Cape. Gauteng. every two(2) years ….Alphabetical arrangement: Eastern Cape.3..1 …. KwaZulu-Natal. RULE 9: Regions 9.2 ………shall hold a regional conference every three(3) years…… 9.10. Mpumalanga.

2……shall be held every four(4) years.5 All outgoing members of the NEC…. 14. PLEASE ASSIST) 10.1 …….3 Delegates shall be elected proportionally…. 14.. . 10.shall every four (4) years …… RULE14 14.4.4..7 …. 10.5 Members of the NEC “who reside in that province” shallas exofficio members….10..6 ( COULD NOT FIND ANY BETTER WORD.the ANCWL shall be the National Conference and provide….

5 NEC may be made by any province and placed before National Conference RULE 17 a fixed number of five (5) is proposed RULE 18 18.5c to the NEC ( NOT SO CLEAR PLEASE ASSIST) .9 …….3.RULE16 16..shall hold office for five (5) years …. 16. PEC of the province where such a person is a member 16.6 to the National Working Committee and Provinces RULE 20 20.2..

the NEC.A Proposal: to remove NEC’s National Commission for Emancipation of Women and Gender Equality RULE 22 22. REC. PEC. BEC who absent themselves from three consecutive meetings . NEC to appoint a National Appeals and shall be final and binding 2.9 The Committee shall serve for a period of five (5) NEW PROPOSALS: 1. That Members of any four of the structures.RULE 21.

That Proportion of youth in the committees be considered.2 Propose addition of clause to above rule………. 20% 4. whichever applies 3. voting delegates at conference. 1-3 months after elections to all executive structures of the ANCWL 5. shall be from . a regional conference every three (3) years. That a specified period be mandatory for inductions to be conducted.without any apology. suggested. RULE 9. should be considered for removal from the executive.

.properly constituted branches general meetings who shall elect the Chairperson……….