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Chapter 2


Forces And Motion


The Importance Of Maximising The Efficiency Of Devices
Energy resources, such as petroleum and coal, are being depleted. To save energy, we should maximise the efficiency of electrical devices. The optimum use of water pressure and temperature can save cost in the use of electricity. On a hot day, lower the water temperature. A thermostat should be used in an air-conditioner to control the temperature of a room. The power needed depends on the size of the room. Air-conditioner A fluorescent lamp is more efficient than filament lamp. It is brighter and consumes less electricity. Use a lamp with a lower power rating for a small room. The power rating of a device can help us to use electricity according to the need. If you are drying your hair using the hairdryer shown and it takes 5 minutes, then: Energy used = 1 500 W × 300 s = 450 000 J

Hot water shower

Filament lamp

Fluorescent lamp
TYPE D2160 230 V 50/60 Hz 1500 W D


Switch off the electrical appliances when they are not in use.
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