Chapter 4




Specific Latent Heat (II)
Latent Heat Of Vaporisation
Latent heat Q Liquid Q = mlv where m: mass lf : specific latent heat of vaporisation Vapour
Condensaton point Solidification point Gas Liquid + gas (Condensation) Liquid Liquid + gas (Solidification) Solid Time Temperature

Cooling Curve

Latent heat of vaporisation,

The specific latent heat of vaporisation (lv) of a substance is the amount of heat required to convert a unit mass of the liquid into gas without change in temperature. The latent heat of vaporisation is required to break up molecules in the liquid state to molecules in the gaseous state at boiling point.

Experiment To Determine Specific Latent Heat Of Vaporisation (lv)
Power supply

Boiling water Electric heater Balance

At the boiling point of water, Latent heat of vaporisation absorbed by water = Electric energy supplied mlv = Pt where m: mass of water converted to steam P: electric power supply t: time taken lv = Pt Hence, m

Applications Of Latent Heat
Latent heat of vaporisation is used to cook (by steaming) food faster. Latent heat of vaporisation is used in an autoclave to sterilise hospital equipment.
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