Why and how do we create our own reality? To fully understand why we create our own reality, We must understand why we now live as a human being.

To fully understand why we now live as human being, we must consider who we truly are, what we are, and what is the ultimate purpose of our existence.

These are very deep questions, and many teachers have many answers. These are questions whose answers cannot be proven by human science. And so, only you yourself can find answers that feel right and true. And, as we grow in wisdom, these answers will also change…

Seeking these core truths, science cannot provide material proof -They are spiritual questions and metaphysical truths, only known by inner mind. What is meta-physical and spiritual, is beyond the proving of current human science.

But in the future, scientists will understand subtle energy, that which is invisible to physical senses. The study of quantum physics and the powers of consciousness will lead humanity to this reality.

But right now, we can only know these truths internally, by intuition, by self-awareness. You will discover a subtle and delicate feeling that says, ‘yes, I really believe this is so…’ With time and further seeking, questioning, and listening, understanding will naturally grow.

biology. one seeing.’ But all mystic traditions of meditation. say we are much more than that. ask and it shall be given. and an essential timeless personality. that is what you are. My eye and God's eye are one eye. "The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me. East and West. our essential personality or Oversoul. one knowing. Meister Eckhart said. This essential self is also called the Oversoul. A great German mystic. psychology."2 This means. Seth teaches that we are an outer ego. “Seek and you will find.”1 And so. ‘yes. what are we really? Are we just a physical body with five senses and a thinking brain only? Modern human science.” and in Buddhism it is called “Buddha Nature. including Seth. and medicine say. Do you feel shocked to hear this. claim to lead us to this realization. our Source. true Self. by knowing God or Ultimate Being we truly know ourselves – It means that who we really are is one with God.’ But all spiritual traditions East and West. an inner ego. a great mistaken arrogant pride.” All metaphysical teaching begins with this vision and view of our greater identity. one love. or do you feel a certain kind of joy? Some religions say it is heresy. . is one with the Creator of all. This realization tells us: Who we truly are. to say ‘I am God.As Jesus said. In Indian religion it is called “Atman. the Higher Self. the One Infinite Creator.

the ultimate Creator of all -Why is it we often feel so small. if our essence is one with God. Your essence. we are spiritual beings having a human experience. so many troubles. and have so many personal troubles? Why do we get sick and feel sad. so weak.”3 This idea brings us a lot closer to understanding why we create our own a life-journey back to ourselves! More than just brain and body. but its essence is formless. and God’s essence are one indivisible life. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. a strange drama of cosmic plan -. just consider the possibility: your essence is one with all. So even if you don’t believe it. and suffering to complete self-remembrance… What a supreme test. Yes. so much confusion. . we can be called “soul” – a non-physical formless essence.The Creator is reveals itself in infinite forms and faces. with all sorts of painful emotions and limited understanding? It’s hard to accept we are one with all. wrote: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. Wouldn’t it be a great challenge for the One Infinite Creator to experience a human life? To progress from great limitation. so many personal challenges. there is no proof of this. but I think we should consider it very carefully… And so. It’s a great question. A French Jesuit priest. there is no proving the answer – but you can know it by yourself. but again. confusion. my essence. one with God – our experience certainly isn’t that way. Why would the Absolute Creator choose such difficult experience as a human being? We have such limited mind.

the path of return. the ‘outer ego’ we consider ourselves to be is just a tiny portion of our total being. Actually. clarity and confusion. developing our ‘total self-equipment. This path back to ourselves is called soul evolution. So we play the greatest game. free to make choices according to mind’s desire. and spirit. the ‘middle way’ of Buddhism. visible and invisible. from a spiritual perspective. The purpose of all life. human. plant. “The purpose of incarnative existence is [the] evolution of mind. word. the entity Ra said.’ This ‘equipment’ is also called “body-mind-spirit. We are more than just body and brain. this is the purpose of all life – mineral. the game of Oversoul Creator exploring itself – through happiness and sorrow. joyous and suffering. Actually. The purpose of life is the development of awareness. and deed. It is the Tao of Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu. This essence projects itself as a human being. explore and experience itself fully. in form and formless.”4 And so. the spiritual path Home. animal. light and dark – a great and amazing journey. These choices are made in each moment of consciousness – in thought. long and short. and again by each moment of decision. body. the way of unity.As Seth says. is the eternal development of all that we are. and divine. great and small. and essence continues onward endlessly. Soul evolution is the way of spiritual cultivation. the purpose of living in human body is our total self-development. This is the idea: Our essential being seeks to know. we make choices again and again. we never die.” In the Law of One series. the self-understanding of being One. .

we take physical form as a human being. All those choices act as causes. there you are. say just the same thing. wish to know ourselves fully – and better than simply remaining as formless essence one with All. Many teachers. others by confused thought and conflicted emotional process. again and again. we create our own reality – according to the law of Karma and law of Attraction. here you are. and on and on. more intimately. and eventually beyond time-space consciousness itself. We create our own reality as a mirror in which to know ourselves better. Other choices are made during human incarnation – some with deep understanding and selfawareness. This is the path of soul evolution: the full development of body/mind/spirit by steady progression through exploration of consciousness. Another Christian mystic. leading to particular results as consequences – which then act upon us as further causes. The laws of creation are established to help us find ourselves in the here & now. As a human being.”5 I would clarify that: “Wherever you go. and spirit – all made by ourselves. to which we respond yet again. answering the question. mind. we then make endless choices and reap the consequences – and thereby taste a range of experience in body. said: “Wherever you go. yet they are the basis of most spiritual teaching East & West. via karmic law. ‘why we create our own reality’ is simple: We. By this. Again.Some choices are made consciously before birth as part of Oversoul’s life-plan. expanding awareness and self-integration. including Seth. Thomas a Kempis. in the human realm and higher dimensions. fully. And so. as formless essence one with All. these ideas cannot be proven.” . This process proceeds through reincarnation in time and space.

more and more fully. comes around – as the call. By this. wisdom. and all levels of body-mind process. effecting the environment. is to know ourselves better by experiencing the results of our choices. an American spiritual teacher. our relationships.Whatever reality we have created all returns to our living experience in the present moment. the law of attraction. more filled with love. our experience of life in the present moment also grows – knowing and expressing ever more of our total being. to discover ourselves again and again. and deed is expressed and sent out to make the life we live. and Seth all spoke of it: that the law of karma. then experience what we’ve created. Personal reality is self-created because all we think. As ‘energy follows thought.”6 We create our own reality by the law of Karma. in the present moment of awareness. every emotion and thought of mind is a mirror of just how and what we are choosing – a very personal mirror self-created for self-reflection. word. The law of karma is not only a mystic teaching – the Roman orator. Another way to say it: “What goes around. so shall you reap.”8 All we create by thought. .’ how we think directs energy to create our personal life.”7 The Buddha. Ram Dass taught us long ago: “Be here now. And if we seek spiritual growth. balance. But it only works if we seek to grow in love-wisdom. every person and situation we meet. understanding and inner power. the echo. The purpose of the law of karma. Marcus Cicero also said: “As you have sown. Seen this way. And so. hopefully we will learn to make better choices. the law of Attraction. operates in human life so we do make our own reality. all we say. a universal principle. all we do ripples out into the world. the ancient Hindus. in greater balance and inner-outer harmony.

conflict in relationships. experiencing unity with All There Is. 2010 . and learn to create more perfectly.Experiencing this life. that: “All things are one -. meaningful. And how do we learn by creating our own reality? By making choices we create personal experience in body. self-awareness and spiritual self-integration increases. wisdom and clarity. and learn to choose what supports a fulfilling. When we experience suffering and find problems in body-mind. and we are not separate from it. and confusion in our life-expression – these are areas of self needing greater love and healing.”9 Knowing this Law of One is awareness of unity. to develop greater awareness of our total being. but only identity. As we develop greater self-awareness. we develop the powers of creation. we know ourselves more fully as a creator. All is one. loving and balanced life. our universe is one great Life. we can shift our attitudes and way of being with self and other – and gently learn to create the freedom and joy we seek. spirit – and by doing so. Scott Mandelker // May 6. light/love. we experience ourselves more fully – to know ourselves more fully. By careful self-reflection. And so. no disharmony. By operation of the Law of Karma -. By learning to create more perfectly we expand consciousness – and by doing creating our own reality through many incarnations over time and space – we come to know the Law of One. no right or wrong. and that one is love/light. Personal reality is created by the self for the self. by knowing and accepting the lives we’ve created for ourselves. the Infinite Creator. we progress towards greater experience of all we are – our true spiritual identity. All the ways in which our mind and relationships are not in peace and well-being – these are all the many aspects of self that need greater love and understanding. the reality of our being at-one with All There Is. acceptance and balance.there is no polarity. joyous. mind. balance and harmony. With increased self-awareness and self-integration. 7 http://www.goodreads.famous-quotes.html 9 http://www.php?session_id=54&ss=1 [Law of One. question 20] 4 http://www.lawofone.php?session_id=4&ss=1 [Law of 2 3 http://en. session 54.wikiquote.Thomas_Kempis 6 http://en.wikiquote.lawofone.wikipedia. question 23] 5 8 http://www. session

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