PRESS RELEASE Issued: 17th December 2012 For Immediate Release London’s gains a Queer (LGBTQI) Housing Collective

Housing is a major issue for people in this harsh economy, and especially so for those in London, the Cahoots Collective is creating the first Queer (LGBTQI and Allies) Housing Co-operative in South East London. The Cahoots Collective formed in 2011, and is focussed on finding anti-oppressive, queer and trans focused, race, ethnicity and disability-affirmative housing solutions. Cahoots Collective is currently seeking support from the wider community in terms of loan stock, and is also raising awareness of Cahoots, as interested people are welcome to apply for membership. Having a safe and suitable place to live is a basic human need and right. Unfortunately this is not the case for a number of people in London. Rent is rising much faster than income, and the impending changes to the Housing Benefit, is leading to an increase of the people in housing poverty. For many people, renting is becoming less affordable, rented accommodation in London is very expensive, and prices increase year on year. This makes living in London impossible to manage, forces people into unsafe or unhealthy housing or forces people to live far from the centre of the city, support groups or community. Maria, a Collective member says “I’ve lived in some very unsafe and insecure housing before, where even my right to have a lover over has been challenged because of my sexuality. Cahoots is important because it gives me the chance to build a safe future for not only myself but my community.” Housing co-operatives provide a sustainable alternative. They are about using housing as a resource, not about treating it as a commodity with which to make money. Turning our house into a co-operative will take it out of the market system that allows profit driven companies and landlords to use housing to make money, often at the expense of the safety and wellbeing of their tenants. Cahoots Collective is in the early stages of purchasing a property, and have a mortgage to assist with this. Loan Stock is an investment in the co-operative, that will be paid back after a minimum of 10 with attractive rates of interest. On registering your interest on the website, Cahoots will send a prospectus with further financial details. Indicative rates are 5% over 20 years. Cahoots Collective Housing Co-operative will provide safer, more secure and more affordable accommodation for 14 adults in single occupancy rooms and studios. Without a landlord, we will be able to collectively determine how we want to run the house. Each tenant will be an equal member of the co-operative, and all decisions will be made democratically.

gender. For us. this means that we aim to provide housing to particular communities that suffer additional issues/scarcity in terms of securing safe/stable/affordable housing in London.a place where people who would otherwise struggle to find safe and affordable housing due to their sexuality. intentional and empowering community. As it is more difficult to find accommodation as a queer/trans person. more details about the Cahoots Collective ethos. being pro LGBTQI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer Intersex) and Allies. access needs and skin colour are working to create not only the roof over their heads but also a vibrant. and is antioppressive. not only for those that live here. both within the walls of the house and beyond. a founding member of the Cahoots Collective said “We want Cahoots to be a resource that will be around for decades to come. and this can be further complicated by race or disability. 4. as well as an application form.” The philosophy of the Cahoots Collective is unique in London and twitter is @CahootsCollecti. many people. Cahoots Collective website is cahoots-collective. Photos of the house and the collective members can be made 2. ##Ends## Notes to editors 1. and Housing Co-operatives can be found on our website. and we hope to use it for the benefit of many. Cass. Cahoots Collective was formed in 2011 and will become a Housing Cooperative in 2013 3. For more information contact Amx /Maria/Cass/Camel cahootscollective@gmail. . a member of the Cahoots Collective says “Cahoots is a rare gem.” Like minded individuals are welcome to apply for membership.

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