Application for Admission

to the Christophorus-Haus in Hamburg
Desired date for moving in: ____________________
planned to stay until (eg. Internship) _____________
Only students who are enrolled at a University in Hamburg aswell as similar

institutions(eg. Studienkolleg) are entitled to stay/reside at the Christophorus-Haus
The application does not establish an entitlement to a dorm room.
Have you previously lived in a student residence in Hamburg?
1. ____________________________________ from ________ to ____________
2. ____________________________________ from ________ to ____________
Have you in the past lodged an application here at Christophorus-Haus?
Yes q When? _____________ No q
PersonaI DetaiIV
Family Name:_____________________ First Name: ___________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________ Place of Birth: _________________________
Nationality: _______________________ Gender: M q F q
Marital Status: __________________________________________________________
Residential Address: _____________________________________________________
Postal Address where the notification should be sent to: __________________________

Tel.: _______________________________ Mobile:___________________________
E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________
Father´s Occupation: ______________________________________________________
Mother´s Occupation: ______________________________________________________
Number of siblings still living with parents: ______________________________________
Informationabout your Studies
Type of baccalaureate(Hochschulreife): ________________________________________
Any Occupation before your Studies: _ ________________________________________
Field of Study: __________________________________________________________
Anticipated Qualification:q Studienkolleg q Bachelor q Master q Diplom/Magister Diplom/Magister Diplom/Magister
q Promotion q Other _________________________
Semester: First Semester q or ___ Semester ( ___ Current Semester)
Which Hamburg Hochschule(College/University) are you currently enrolled at: ____________ ______________________
(Confirmation of enrollment at a Hamburg College/University must be provided before moving in)

FinanciaI Information
How do you intend to support yourself financially during your studies?
(Please include actual or anticipated contributions in Euro.)
I have a BAföG subsidy yes no
I have applied for a BAföG subsidy yes q no q
BAföG subsidised amount per month ________ €
Financial support from
including rent : yes q no q per month ________ €
Pension payments and
and similar benefits
per month ________ €
Name of scholarship provider _________________________ per month ________ €
________ €
Available joint monthly income total per month : ________ €
Tuition Fees (per semester): ________ €
Important Information
Applicants will be favoured, who can prove their social indigence( eg. BAföG-Notification,

Scholarship Certificate, Pension Certificate, Case Maintenance).
All other applicants must show proof of their Income-Status if required from the bearer.

Applicants that can prove in writing their medical dissability through doctors statements or
medical certificates, will be preferably affiliated.
The application will only be processed when it is fully and correctly filled out.
A Curriculum Vitae and photogragh are required.

Please send your application form and documentation with an attatched prepaid returned

envelope to: Christophorus-Haus e.V., Kalckreuthweg 74-80, 22607 Hamburg.
I assure to have answered all questions completely and correctly. I am well aware that my
application will not be processed if quetions and documentation are incomplete.
Attatched documentation:
• Photo
• Curriculum Vitae
• Prepaid addressed return envelope


Place Date Signature
q q
Self earned income per month
Place Date Signature

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