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Geomant MWI2007 Reseller Newsletter

Issue 1 April 2009

Welcome to Geomant‟s MWI2007 newsletter, written especially for our growing community of resellers. In this edition we focus on two new Geomant products – both designed to enhance Microsoft Office Communications Server. The Abuse Filter and our SMS for OCS solution are proving very popular. I would encourage you to introduce these products to your customers, new and old. We also have a preview of some of the new features our development team are working on for the next major release of MWI2007. And we announce the opening of a Geomant office in Sydney, Australia. I hope you find this newsletter informative, and look forward to your feedback.

Geomant Abuse Filter for OCS
Monitor & Prevent Instant Messaging Abuse! Instant messaging is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Many organizations are choosing to implement corporate IM solutions, such as Microsoft OCS and Office Communicator, rather than allowing employees to use multiple, difficult to manage and often insecure public systems. Geomant‟s Abuse Filter for Microsoft Communicator is a unique solution for the prevention of individual misuse of Corporate Instant Messaging. Completely configurable, Geomant‟s Abuse Filter allows an organisation to define words and phrases that should be monitored or stopped:
     Highlight: Highlights to the user than an unacceptable word or phrase has been used. Remove: Real-time removal of the word or phrase from the message before it reaches the recipient. Mask: Masks the listed word or phrase with a predefined string, such as ****.

Kevin Ross. Product Sales & Marketing Director.

Welcome Geomant Abuse Filter for OCS Geomant Support Centre Australia & New Zealand SMS for OCS

Reject: Reject the message that contains one of the listed words or phrases. Change: Automatic real-time replacement of the offending word or phrase with an acceptable alternative.

 

Abbreviations: Automatic real-time replacement of commonly used abbreviations with the full word or phrase. Alarm: Automated email alerts when IM abuse is encountered.


What‟s Next for MWI2007? PresenceGenie Meet the Team

Deployment is quick and easy, and the customer administrator has complete control over how the product is configured. Please contact us if you have customers who may be interested in this solution. We will be happy to assist in the sales process. contact us at

Geomant MWI2007 Newsletter

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Geomant Support Centre We understand the importance of excellent reseller and customer support, and our dedicated support team is here to assist. All Geomant products are offered with ongoing support. And we include free access to all product upgrades as long as a support contract is in place. Support options include:  Self-help tools – we provide log file analyser applications that provide automatic problem diagnosis.  Email and web support through our dedicated email support address. We will generally ask for log files initially, and if necessary will utilise remote access to your server to diagnose and resolve issues.  New software releases as and when released.

Sends SMS Text Messages from Microsoft’s Instant Messaging System Geomant‟s SMS for Microsoft Communicator enables SMS Text message to be sent directly from the Microsoft Communicator client. So, if someone isn‟t on-line, but has their mobile phone, send an SMS message! SMS for OCS can be integrated with most SMS Gateways. For customers without an existing SMS gateway, Geomant‟s provides an on-line „pay as you go‟ service for delivering outbound SMS text messages anywhere in the world. Messages can be delivered so they appear to come from the initiator‟s mobile phone, allowing replies to be sent direct to that mobile phone.

It is important that support contracts are renewed before their anniversary – watch out for renewal notices! Meet the support team:

Our front-line support team of Imre, Artur and Orsolya are always happy to help!

Australia & New Zealand
We are proud to announce the opening of our new APAC office in Sydney. Regional Director Stuart Marsh will be delighted to support resellers in ANZ and across the APAC region. Contact Stuart at +61409997839
Please contact us if you have customers who may be interested in this solution. We will be happy to assist in the sales process.

Geomant’s Presence Suite
Geomant widens reseller sales opportunities with a suite of Presence based solutions. Read all about it on the Microsoft website... /geomant.doc

contact us at
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What Next for MWI2007?
Geomant‟s development team, Geomant Labs, based in Budapest, are working on new products and enhancements to the existing portfolio. Plans for MWI2007 v2 include:
      High availability – load balancing Enhanced SMS functionality Improved access to service statistics Improved alerts and on-line help Enhanced user interface Simpler setup process

Meet the Team
Product Sales & Marketing Director Kevin Ross
What does a Product Sales & Marketing Director do? The most important elements of my role are to develop partner relationships and define and communicate our product strategy. What led you to your current position? I‟ve been involved in IT and Telecommunications for about 20 years. Just over four years ago I established Geomant‟s UK office, and have become increasingly interested in the huge opportunities opening up in Microsoft Unified Communications. Who are the key members of the MWI team? I work closely with Róbert Simon who heads the development team, Geomant Labs, in Hungary. Also crucial are our support team, profiled in this newsletter. How widely deployed is MWI2007? There has been a huge take-up of MWI2007 – hundreds of end customers across the globe. Most licences have been sold in US, but we are seeing increasing demand in Europe and Asia Pacific. Tell us about Geomant's new Business Integration Suite? In addition to MWI2007, Abuse Filter and SMS for OCS, we have developed a range of Presence-based solutions – delivering “rich presence” and allowing Presence to be accessible and embedded into business applications. What does that mean for your resellers? It opens up the opportunity to deliver wider solutions which reach out across customers‟ businesses – enabling a more strategic relationship, and of course, increased revenue! What else can we expect from Geomant this year? The most exciting opportunity is around Communications Enabled Business Processes – an overused phrase – but we can help organisation achieve it with the solutions we are developing. What do you like doing when you're not working? Orienteering. I run around forests with a map and compass, getting very lost!

If you have suggestions as to what you would like to see in MWI2007 contact us at

Geomant is offering a new Presence Gadget, and for a limited time it’s free!
Geomant‟s PresenceGenie is a simple, but highly effective desktop gadget that allows users to automatically update Instant Messaging (IM) and Windows settings based on their current location:  PresenceGenie analyses current network connectivity to ascertain the users‟ location.  Based on location, IM clients‟ status and profile message can be automatically set.  Supports Microsoft OCS, Skype and MSN, with more IM clients to be added soon. Available soon at

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