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Yeshua, Mary and Madeleine 28 February 2004 THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST Brian: Hi Guys.

After viewing this movie I really don't know what to say so I'll just hand it over to you. Anyone wish to speak? Yeshua: Yes Brian we do. I will speak first if I may, then Mary and Madeleine (Mary of Magdalene). This film was probably overdone in the gore department, but it is rather timely even so. It certainly is a grand departure, or encore if you like, for what you have known as the Piscean Age and this film attempts to culminate the Piscean Age just as it began, with my physical transition. Congratulations to Mel and the cast for an excellent, if somewhat overdone portrayal of my final hours, and I believe that Mel's motives are genuine in trying to unite the world's religions, especially the various factions of Christianity and the Jewish faith. If anything this film portrays the Romans in a less than favourable light. They weren't really that cruel, but cruel enough. I know their actions caused Mary and Madeleine quite some anguish at the time, but as a person receiving this punishment, I was more or less oblivious to the pain after the first onslaught, and I wasn't forced to carry my cross in the manner portrayed. This was good theatre though and that is what this film really is. I must say at the outset that this was not meant to be an awakening call for humanity in general as some people have said. It won't and can't perform this task. It will however cause people to introspectively examine their own attitudes and beliefs, yet it is doubtful if beliefs will be changed. I can see that lives will be changed by this reexamination, but not so with beliefs. The Jews, I'm sure will not be converted to Catholicism and the Catholics will not change to the Jewish faith because of this film. Anglicans won't rush to embrace Catholicism and the religions not so much aligned to Christianity won't be converted either. That is not its purpose. Re-examination and a gentle, or perhaps not-so gentle tweaking of the heartstrings is all that we can hope for with this film. I don't want this film to glorify my suffering either. My death was all a part of the plan and even though it was rough, it nevertheless was planned. Every player played their part then as now in this film. What I do wish though is that you all look closely at your reactions to it, for those of you who make the effort to see it. And for those of you who have been turned off by the publicity, I urge you to look closely at your reactions to this. Are those reactions based on fear? Are those reactions based love, or even love's polar opposite, hate? You see, there is a lot to be learned about yourself just by examining such reactions. As I said earlier, the heartstrings will be tweaked here and they will either play a harmonious cord, or they will play in discord. Either way it will tell you something. Harmony will tell you that you see the love behind the message. Discord will tell you that you have clearing and forgiveness to attend to. If you abhorred the violence, then well and good but please remember that you have been there and done that and you must now come to terms with it. If you found discord with the racial undertones then you know that you need to address this issue in your life. You will either be in the minority who still lay blame on one group of people for my death, or you will be with those who still harbour racial prejudice for other reasons. If you found discord with the unjust authority then you know you need to come to terms with that and that could mean re-examining your views on freedom, because that's what my death was all about. It was about showing you all the road to freedom, through me to the Father. In those days I needed to speak in metaphor because you were not evolved enough in your understanding of Spirit to understand as you do now. I spoke of the Father as a person and gave the impression that this was a person outside of ourselves just so that people wouldn't be disbelieving. It was difficult enough to speak and be understood in the language that we spoke and the metaphors that I used. This film was designed to mirror to you the things or aspects of yourself that you need reminding of. That is its true purpose. On reflection, I will tell you that we did contract Mel to produce this film at this time. He was the perfect person, and much like myself, he may be persecuted for having the courage to do this. Of course he doesn't know that he was contracted, or maybe he does. I'm sure he has an inkling anyway. In any event, I want you all to know that we are well pleased with his production. It is a masterpiece of film-making of which he should be justly proud. I want to thank him especially, as well as all of the actors who crafted this piece. I would like to make a special mention of the actor who played Satan because I am sure that you will all agree that a role such as this would be a very difficult part to play, and has the potential to stigmatise that person in her future life. Satan, of course is our personal manifestation of our own dark side, and mine was rather active to say the least. I had quite a time with this test I tell you, and forget about the hype about doing it for humanity. I did not do this especially to absolve mankind's sins. I could not do that then and I certainly can't do that now because sin, like heaven and hell is a state of mind and it is individual. All I can hope to do is show the way and hope that you

follow. Your personal battles with Satan are your own affair and your own heaven or your own hell is also your own creation. I can only give you pointers now. The path is yours. I will leave it there now as Mary and Madeleine wish to add their comments. Thank you Brian for this opportunity. I trust that you found parts of the film disturbing since I did notice a teary eye or two. Brian (to the two Mary's - note: we have adopted and convention of addressing Mary of Magdalene as "Madeleine", perhaps because it rhymes slightly with Magdalene, in order to avoid confusion between the two) I must say that the two ladies who played your respective parts did a magnificent job. Also I would add that I think that the pain and suffering that you two endured at the time of Yeshua's ordeal would have been enormous, even rivalling that of Yeshua. Mary: Brian, thank you, and yes it was considerable. Oh, how we had to battle our hatred and even though we knew in advance that Yeshua was destined for this end, the knowledge didn't make it any easier I assure you. In these times you are just as vulnerable as we were but these times are such that we can portray these events in films such as this one. And if they help to produce understanding, if they help to entice people to search their hearts to find their Soul self, then I think we have helped, have we not? I take your point about our suffering being just as painful as Yeshua's suffering and your point is valid. It is the very same suffering that any mother or wife would go through at the loss of a loved one whenever violent death is inflicted. I don't think the feeling or the pain diminishes no matter how many encounters one has or the manner of the death. It was very difficult though for us to reconcile the violence for the sake of bravado with the Legionnaires. This is such a male thing and this is also included and amplified in this film to show this up for what it is. Racial prejudice is bad enough, gender prejudice is worse but I still can't understand brutality for the sake of outdoing your mates. The blood and gore shown in this film is exactly what we saw from our vantage point. Yeshua plays it down a bit, but that's what males do. Bravado again I suppose, or perhaps modesty, or even the fact that a victim of violence can't feel or see the extent of the violence he is subjected to. The blood and gore was real and we witnessed this. And don't forget the role of the Pharisees. I note your conversation with Kay regarding the possibility that this film may cause some wayward Catholics to return to the fold. This is not, I repeat not such a film, in fact it is quite the opposite. Yeshua's message was always about finding God but never though pious, arrogant third persons who managed to place themselves in positions of authority through ordination. Whilst Yeshua did say that the way to the father was through him, he never, ever said that you needed another person as a mediator. His metaphor was basically to say that through the way that I demonstrate to you, you will find the Father. The need for ordained ministers or priests was not the way to God then, and it is not the way to God now. You are God and you don't need a mediator. It took a long time and a lot of Soul searching for me to come to terms with the oppression surrounding Yeshua's death and it wasn't until after my passing that I could really see the reason behind it all. It is perfectly clear to me now, but back then I was human. Now I'll hand over to Madeleine. Thank you also for this opportunity. We enjoyed being with you today. Brian: Hi Maddie and thank you for being with us today as well. Please tell us what you have to share. Madeleine: Thanks Brian. All I want to say is this, that I share Mary's sentiments to the letter, and I also had enormous difficulty coming to terms with Yeshua's death. It was painful in the extreme and I remember it well, even after all this time. I will add though that each of us was on the set when the film was made, guiding and nudging our respective actors. They did not need it but we did, and I really fell in love with it all, except of course for the fact that it was a blazing reminder of tragic times. We are over that now and we do see the bigger picture, but even so it still hurts. I would also like to thank you for inviting us to be with you today, but this wasn't really necessary because we have decided, before even commencing this film that we would accompany each and every human who views it. That is one of the reasons you felt so much passion. As well as your normal emotional responses to the various scenes, we were there hugging you and supporting you. You see, we have a vested interest in you getting the most out of this film. Film by the way is now considered to be an art form and just like your poets, artists and musicians, we will not hesitate to utilise film makers for our purposes. Mel was exceptionally good at it and I personally commend him. Thank you Mel. My thanks also to all the actors and crew and we hope to be with them again soon. That's about all I have to say right now.

Thank you and God bless.