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Current world crisis

Extract from: Marcel Chelba, Introducere critică. Despre posibilitatea Metafizicii, ca Ştiinţă, în perspectiva filosofiei critice kantiene, Editura Crates, Reşiţa (România), 2004. (Marcel Chelba: Critical Introduction. About the possibility of Metaphysics, as Science, in kantian critical philosophy perspective, Crates Publishing, Romania, Reşiţa, 2004.) Translated by Marcel Chelba (using Google) (looking for a Romanian-English translator)

Now former Marxist construct a new society (after the model they have destroyed it), which, of course, have awarded the position of the old masters were formed, as said, in a new "nobility" : Aristocratura (nomenclature which has "privatized" the privileges, that it has constitutional cover so that they can transmit the new generation, according to the principles of rule of law, such initiating sudden transformation of the old bureaucratic and police state directly in a capitalist, democratic and liberal one). So, result (ideological) nul – a mere tautology. This entire history accolade of almost a century has meant not only to substitute a group of individuals at the banquet table with another – one for the incursion and invasion robbery, as so many others in history – a kind of social (economical) cannibalism. What is the "historical necessity" of this social experiment? Where are the “quantitative accumulation”? But “qualitative progress”? Old Marxist, after they loot al long last their own Phalanstery, is now in the difficult situation to simulate opposing themselves, in front of the proletariat. However, the new workers should be the happiest workers possible, because its new employers are now mostly by the left. Of course, once they have resolved their pragmatic interest, the ideals that have brought this privileged position became obsolete – à la Carte.

Ideologies, all political and religious doctrines, would not be simpler now than in the brand marketing strategies, without any connection with real substance products (programs) that different grades of powers will try to "sell" civil society. "Century of Malarmé" might be a century of absolute materialism and pragmatism, of conspiracy, of undeclared wars, of piracy and terrorism, a century of absolute treachery one in which nobody will believe in anything, but will cling to any idea and make any compromise as to "sell" something, to remain into the money flow and pardon power. By recourse to capitalism (private property) Marxist have done nothing to recognize, finally, helpless in the face of human nature – which was modeled after the left their will, but the latter imposed by its own principles – but the social adventure, far from being completed, left behind some damage already incalculable social: first, how to say, caused the death of ideology (a political confrontation of ideas), have thrown the idea of working under a cloud and approved nine recipe for a successful society, the professional competence and honesty have been replaced with the pedigree and the spirit of political tricks, etc.. An ex-communist, became suddenly, after the Romanian Revolution (December, 1989), a tough attended the church, its warrant this new ideological insurrection like this: "Rather than not believe and be, better to believe and not” (as Pascal). In other words, our constitutive uncertainty regarding the Transcendent is cut by modern man pragmatic manner: "If belief in God (He is a mere fiction), I draw some benefits here on Earth, why not believe? However, if I do not believe, and God still exist, I burned. So better I think." Modern man (and postmodern, if you like) think so sly, with his intelligence and tools that can outwit and God. Modern man sees "the church" as an insurance company, thinking that if there is still a life and a posthumously alternative Hell-Heaven, then it is better to provide as of now a better place in Heaven, giving is good on the altars. In a society of people who think so, after the privatization of the Moon and Mars, that is expected to start in the end the privatization of Paradise, where we will probably be sent in a box of stainless steel, frozen cannon, under the auspices of a new marketing program, latest trend in terms of tourism:

extreme cosmic tourism. "In life, no matter what you do, is important to find your fools (customers)” – said a friend of students, a precocious cynicism frightening. "Stupid is as given, not the calling" – in an old proverb says, a true monument of "pragmatic wisdom", emphasizing the speculative aspect of price in trade, and summarizing, for teachers, the guild, a whole ... economic theory of bluffing – as they say. "Who would steal, who can escape" – says a former director of a "business" of wholesale, from the socialist, today somewhere respectable citizen in the West. Modern man is convinced that, in life, can do anything, because a short prayer, at the eleventh hour, told with enough devotion, will provide a place even in Paradise. But God "sees" this calculation. People, indeed, have a choice between two existential programs. Everyone knows that the ethical is the best, but few choose it. Most are under the illusion that the promise of "only me, but only here and now, after which the world will recover fine, and I will become the best and most honest man in the world" – not anticipate that their “small illegalities” will quickly be interpreted as successful models – a phenomenon that will inexorably push society into chaos. Understood (they may not want) as the absolute respect for our selfish interests, the material and that the resignation of the principles and the moral, the whole pragmatic thinking has become today a model of success. Consequently, economic and social chaos could be somewhere close. Only reconsideration of Metaphysics as Mathesis Universalis, we can help to (re) find that set the healing principles and values that guide us towards our future as possible, the pre-seen by God in the context of unlimited Nature. (To be understood, I did not all these criticisms for political purposes. I'm not interested in the privileges of power, but only concerned about its ontological responsibility and worried, like everybody else, the direction of the evolving human society. I am not the exponent of any interest group. I would only fight for power in the world, should not be a simple fight between individuals, for the conquest of material privileges of power, but again, as formerly, the emergence of democracy, a struggle between strategies in order a right governance, so that our “social ship" remain steadfast on the path of her destiny genuine, universal perspective in which we are not opposed each other and subordinates, but associated in a cosmic

existential program. Our modern society, especially the globalization of conflict here, looks like a boat that a revolt broke out to fill the post of command – after the dethrone God – and, meanwhile, drift floater. Blinded by the struggle for supremacy, nobody cares more that this boat is ready to crush by the rocks. The last big winner in this melee, might awaken that won over a wreck. Just to save the authenticity of our social existence make this final remark: pragmatic perspective that seeks only our individual survival in the limited society, we opposed it, while practical perspective, theorize of Kant, the survival of our common aims in the infinite of Nature.)