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I have continually said things I would do.

For no reason, because I waste a lot of my energy upon the worthless things I've egoically chose out of desire. It's quite a task defeating the person you've always been. Although, I've been having fulfilling emotions during my self improvement positive duality; I do fall in the rhythm of karma and feel that ever present negative duality. They work so well, the balance is perfect. I've learned you must not try to ride the wave, but only watch as the waves crash and fade. It's a simple state of 'being.' Breathing. Still. Not DOING anything. BEING everything. I will meditate after this quick displacement of the karmic tides. I will answer that question, To be or not to be? as a normal Human Being. My Eyelids will close me off as a prisoner of self righteousness. Sacrifice. I can be the hanged man, besides it's just an archetype. You can see them present in all of your interactions with people; Such as Common tendencies present among groups of people. Certain people, who carry the same vibrations can capture your attention with just a glance. While other people can trigger a defense station built within your perspective playing field, causing you to become unacceptive of all things they present through conversation. It makes me wonder what the purpose of the archetype I've been projecting upon the world around me, and It makes me see older versions of myself with disgust. People grow. That's a very common statement and don't get me wrong, growth is important, but lately I've been thinking hard on evolution. Conciously, we must evolve or de-evolve. I made my choice, and from that day forward the magic I seen before came in abundant multiplicities. I don't mean extravagant magic, that the personal desire to be amazed creates; I mean I see the magic in the simplest form of life. I've told myself that with my music I will enlighten the globe, sparking creativity to seek the truth of our nature as spirit. I encorporate the role of dualitys in my music, and my life. Numerous times though, people tell me they don't get what I mean when I say society is purposely suppressing the feminine principle in the populations psychology. Maybe this time, I can reach a breaking point. The feminine principle or 'ying' has been associated with contemplation, cooperation, spirituality, and intuition. The masculine principle or 'yang' represents activity, science, rationality, and competitiveness. You must realize that Western society emphasizes activity over yielding nature/contemplation, science over mysticism/religion, rationality over intuition, and competitiveness over cooperation. This in change has played a major role in a bi-polarization of personality among the population. Through years and years of the same teaching processes, a population will collectively adapt and act a certain way. It's called the 100 monkey effect; Wikipedia that. Fact is, You CANNOT and Will NOT suppress either hemisphere of your mind. One must learn to balance his own equation.