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Chapter 5 - Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
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Directions: Use the clues below to fill in the words across and down in the puzzle.



8 1


15 18




11 4


2 9

7 14

Across: 1) A distinct marking, motto, or device that is stamped, printed or otherwise affixed by a manufacturer to its products so they can be identified as the origin or manufacturer of the product. 2) A Federal government grant in which an inventor is given the exclusive right to manufacture, produce, or sell the invention for a specified time period. 4) A legal entity created under state law that has legal rights and obligations separate from its owners who are known as shareholders or stockholders. 7) A statement by a business about its core values and how it will conduct itself so that it exercises social responsibility towards its workers, consumers, the community and others 1

Chapter 5 - Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

9) A contract between the insurer and the insured in which the insured pays an agreed upon amount called an insurance premium, and the insurer agrees to reimburse the insured for an agreed amount in the event of a specific loss or injury. 12) The body of law which prohibits practices that prevent competition by unfairly controlling prices or access. These laws were developed to encourage open and free trade. 14) Body of laws enacted by legislative bodies on the federal, state and local levels, e.g. Congress, State Legislature or a City Council.

Down: 3) The body of law that has been developed by the courts. It is based on court decisions and decrees by interpreting, applying and enforcing rules and customs or practices that have developed over long periods of history. 5) The individuals selected by the Board of Directors of a corporation to manage the day-to-day operations of the business. 6) A tax on business revenues left after deducting expenses of operation such as cost of inventory, rents, insurance premiums, salaries, and utilities. 8) An oral or written agreement in which two or more parties agree to carry on a business, each with an ownership share and rights to participate in management, for a profit. 10) A process or information that gives a business over a competitor who does not have the information or know the process. 11) Right granted by the government or by law for an author, playwright, composer, song- writer and certain others to exclusively publish, print or sell his product for a specified time period. 13) A binding written or oral agreement between parties in which there is an intent to agree, consideration, legal capacity on the part of the parties to the agreement and the subject matter of the agreement is legal. 15) In the context of employment law, a situation in which advancement, pay raises or other employment related reward is given only if sexual favors are given in return. 16) Actions a business or party can take to minimize risk and therefore reduce the costs of insurance and likelihood of injury such as installing a sprinkler system to minimize fire damage or enacting safety procedures to prevent injury to workers. 17) The owners of a corporation, also known as stockholders. 18) A tax that is based on the value of goods or services sold. Businesses act as a collection agent and must turn over the money to the federal, state or local government which imposes the tax, and on whose behalf the business collects it.