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Rebate Type Owned By Women

Rani Malik




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Property Details
Property/House No Address Colony / Ward / Zone Category : Flat No 608, Plot No13-C, Flat No 608, Block No 3, Plot No13-C, Sector 6, Dwarka, N Delhi 110 075 Dwarka /Matiala /Najafgarh Zone (Select) D Unit Area Value
386 53


Vacant Land tax

Area of Plot : (in Sq mtrs) Vacant Land Use : Vacant Land Occupany Factor : Vacant Land Category : Vacant Land Value (Rs) : D 0.00 0.00 No-Use Constr. Area (in Sq mtrs) Exemption Vacant Land Under Agriculture: (in Sq mtrs) Vacant Land UAV : 0.00 320.00 0.00

Construction Details

Annual value = (Covered Area X UAV X Age Factor X Use Factor X Structure Factor X Occupancy Factor)
* Annual value X 0.9 is applicable upto 100 Sq mtrs. 6 Floor

Covered Area Occupancy Factor Annual value

91.02 1.00 26,213.76

UAV Age Factor

320.00 1.00

Structure Factor Use Factor

1.00 1.00

Annual Value of Flat upto 100 Sq. Mtrs = 320 x 91.02 x .9

Tax Calculations (Rounded off to the Nearest Rupee)

* 10% flat factor is applicable on Total Annual Value upto 100 Sq mtrs.

Total Annual Value


Total Covere d Area

2,884.00 (11 % of TAV)) 0.00 1,511.00


Rateable Value


(A) Current Demand (Rs.) (C) Interest On Late Payments (Rs) (E) Total Rebate (Rs)

(B) Previous Arrears (Rs.) (D) Fines / Penalities (Rs)

0.00 0.00

( ownership rebate = 865.00 + lumpsum = 242.00 + Residential Group HousingRebate = 404.00)

Ownership rebate Ladies/ Senior Citizen 30 % CGHS rebate 20 % Timely Lumpsum Payment upto June 39 rebate 15 % 2884 x 0.70 x 0.80 x 0.85 = 1373 1373 (A+B+C+D)-E 1,373.00 0.00 (G-H)
0 01055056 <br /><b>Notice

(G) Total Annual tax (Rs.) (H) Total Amount Paid (Rs) (I) Total Amount Payable(Rs)

* Lumpsum rebate is not applicble for part payments and / or after 30th June.


Previous Payments
Receipt No 1980231 Amount Paid(Rs) 1373.00 Payment Mode Offline Payment Date 2011-0702 Valid Yes

The following property categories are entitled for Property Tax Rebate
S.No. Category Rebate (%age) 1. 2. 3. Sr. Citizens 30% Women Owned 30% Physically Challenged 30%

4. 5. 6. 7.

Ex-Servicemen 30% DDA/CGHS Residential 10% up to 100sq.mts of Covered/Build up area Group Housing Flats 20% up to 30th June of Financial Year Lumpsum payment 15 %

The Rebate is automatically calculated for DDA Residential and Group Housing Properties. Conditions for Rebate entitlement are :
a. Rebate is applied for a maximum of 200 Sq Mtrs of Total Covered / Build-up area "except in DDA/CGHS Residential Flats". b. Occupancy Factor/ Use should be Residential c. Use Factor should be Self used ( non-rented) d. In case of Joint Owners, the rebate will be applied to the property share of owners who are under Rebate Category.