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BY NANTHAKUMAR.V (REG NO:210911631025)

ABSTRACT In this project, an attempt has been made to study of the welfare measure available atMIL(Madras Industrial lining Limited).

The factories Act,1948 lays stress on improving working conditions for the workers employed in recognized industries.

This Act implies providing better working conditions, such as proper lighting ,heat control, cleanliness, low noise level, toilet and drinking facilities, etc.,

In employee welfare measure like canteen, Education, Medical, Service dress, Township, Monet, Motivational Scheme like incentives scheme for non executive scheme ,and executive scheme ,good work scheme ,suggestion scheme.

The sample size is 200 and is collected randomly.


Employee welfare is a comprehensive term including various services,benifits and facilitates offered to employees by employer.

Labour welfare work is work for improving the health , safety and general well-being and the efficience of the workers beyond the minimum standards lay down by employee legislation.

MIL is always ahead in improving the working and the living conditions of its employees and it has done a lot in respect of providing welfare measure for its employees in the areas of Education , Medical , Housing , Transport , Sports ,Recreational facilities etc,.


MIL Industries Limited formerly known as (Madras Industrial Linings Limited) is a leading company in India engaged in the manufacture of corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant linings for Chemical, Fertilizer and other Process Industries, both in India and abroad. MIL's well-equipped R&D Division is continuously making available to its clientele new / improved Rubber Compound formulations and Plastic Lining materials to cater to increasingly arduous operating conditions. It has three divisions of production. Rubber lining division Plastic division Engineering division

INDUSTRY PROFILE MILs factory is situated in a plot of approximately ten acres. The factory has a built up area of 3,150 sq.m. including production base, utility buildings, stores and office. Besides this, it has also its own Diesel Generators of 560 KVA for providing uninterrupted power supply. Rubber lining division The Company set up its Rubber ling Division in 1969, in technical collaboration with Societe Chemique de Gerland of France, for the manufacture of corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant Rubber linings.

Product Range Corrosion Resistant Rubber lining (vessels, storage tanks, ducts). Abrasion Resistant Rubber lining (chutes, hoppers, launders, bins, ball mills, cyclones). Rubber Lined Pipes and Fittings (For both corrosive and / or abrasive services ). Fabrication and Rubber lining of Process Equipment / Vessels (As per client's requirement ). Flexible Cell Covers and Foils (- For chemical and abrasion resistance ). Water Proof Membranes (For high amperage electrolytic mercury cells ). Pre-vulcanized Natural and Synthetic Rubber Sheets (Lining of canals, dam beds and structures, effluent pits, evaporation ponds, roofings ).

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Primary objective:

To study about Employee Welfare at MIL

To identify the existing welfare available in your organization.

Secondary objective: To identify the satisfaction level of the employee in the organization

To identify the employee suggestion are considered by the organization.

To identify whether all the employee welfare facilities provided to the employees.


This study aims to find out the satisfaction of the employees, whether the company is providing necessary health, safety and welfare measures in MIL industrial Limited This study helps to improve the performance of the Human resource management department.

NEED OF THE STUDY it is essential to know about the welfare conditions of employees. It is necessary to know the satisfaction level of works in the organization and also their perception regarding their future and other benifits given by the organization There is need to know where the employee are expecting any improved level of welfare facilities from the company