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Coal Seam Gas Mining Facts Problems

Various parts of Australia especially Queensland has seen dramatic increase in mining for Coal Seam Gas in the recent years. Though since 30 years there have been mining activities with regard to CSG mining but only recently there have been heavy gas extraction activities. Recently due to many environment concerns have brought this activity under public scrutiny. There have been concerns for release of toxins in the air and drastic depletion in the ground water table near farming lands which has put a question mark on Australia's food safety. Farmers also say that their food production has dropped ever since CSG pipelines have passed through their farms. Scientific community quickly got united and argued that CSG produces significantly less amount of harmful gases in comparison with coal and exports this gas to rising economies like India, China and such south Asian countries earning foreign exchange. But there is a section of scientific community which states that extraction mechanism of CSG is not very friendly and consumes a lot of underground water which might be the reason for low production in the farms but there are some 400,000 CSG wells meant to pump out CSG for the next 40 years. Given these allegations found to be true, Australia could be leading itself to food scarcity like situation. The mechanism of CSG extraction is just like for any natural gas as it is a by product of the fossil fuel. First the well is sunk with water and when the water is extracted a pressure is created which helps in release of Coal Gas which is then

collected and again the water is filled in the tank. As the process itself needs huge quantities of water which has to be filled in the mining wells. Industry experts say that Coal Seam Gas is providing them with clean electricity as CSG does not leave any ashes or does not emit harmful gases but environmentalists argue that faulty pipes with leaks and cracks release Methane gas in the atmosphere which is more poisonous then even Carbon Monoxide. The whole process of Coal Seam Gas extraction is faulty as per many environmentalists as it always deals with contaminated toxic water which could always come to the surface or get mixed with the ground water which could lead to a wider spread hazard and also the passage made underground for the passing of CSG could collapse of leak releasing CSG either in the open air or in the ground water. Such hazards if come true could actually cause a major outbreak in the country as damage done by contaminated water cannot be under estimated. These have been instances of nose bleeding, severe headaches and nausea in the areas where CSG mining activities are going on and in fact an independent study done by environmentalists of USA confirms that such results are because of the CSG mining. But then comes the biggest question, if Australia has to cut down on CSG production then it would put a heavy pressure on its imports of fossil fuel and also put a stop to its income from export of CSG. This situation is very complex and needs a settlement between money making industrialists and environmentalists. Resource:ATEC, Australasian training and education centre, is the hub for getting training & education in CSG industry in Australia. One has great menu of choice of Working at heights courses Enter and work in confined spaces courses Certificate II in oil and Gas Certificate iv in OHS

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