Convincing people is often not so easy.

Enchanting people's hearts and minds is a great challenge, and will always be. No matter what we try to sell - services, products or ideas - we are constantly forced to give our best. Convincing peopl e needs trustworthiness and persuasion. People have to like us and our offer. They have to feel the need to say YES. And it is not about manipulating people to get our way. Creating enchantment in peo ple is about creating an environment of welcome, acceptance, tolerance and under standing. An environment of empathy and care about the other person we try to co nvince. We have to overcome old patterns of thinking, old habits of behaviour and old im aginations in order to reach out to others. Entrenched habits will prevent the a doption of new ideas and will hinder each progress in coming to a mutual underst anding. Such habits will always be friction points and will nip in the bud each small ray of hope. By putting ourselves in the mind-set of people we try to enchant, we will better understand how they think, feel and what they expect. It is about finding commo n ground with others, even when we have to come down to a lower level of underst anding to reach a consensus. Showing humility and thoughtfulness for the other person are means to gain likab ility and respect. Thus we demonstrate that we appreciate the other person in th eir humanity, as human being, and with their own understanding. Superiority will never help to reach a mutual understanding. Only when people meet from their hu man perspective, freed of each egoism and urge to self-presentation, they will d etect the soul of the other person. When we want to change the hearts, minds and actions of other people we have to find a way to their soul. The human soul is the essence of all being, of all lif e, the door to our higher self and the door to a better human understanding. Rea ching out to people's soul creates nearness, creates inner connectedness. I am appreciative for ever single person that sees this post. I could not have a sked for a better life. I could not have ever expected to have the experiences I 've had or to interact with any of you. I love you all. There s an argument in the platform wars, and also on Wall Street, that goes somet hing like this: Apple doesn t innovate anymore. It moves too slowly, and is being t aken over by more nimble, more innovative rivals. Any success Apple has is the result of slick marketing, rather than the newest t echnology. But now, Apple is a laggard and is being overtaken by more nimble com panies. For Apple haters, this argument feels good to make. Unfortunately, it fails the test of fact and reason. Here s why.