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Nursing Jurisprudence Final Examination

1. Client Henry is to be discharged soon, but is still not knowledgeable how to use his cane. What underlying principle in nursing ethics should guide the nurse in doing his duty? a. Responsibility b. Competence c. Accountability d. Advocacy 2. The following statements are stated in the Dying Patients Bill of Rights, except for one: a. I have the right to feel the pain of dying. b. I have the right to participate in decisions concerning my care. c. I have the right to die in peace and dignity. d. I have the right to have my questions answered honestly. 3. This corresponds to the personal belief of a client regarding a given idea, custom, attitude or anything that influences her behavior and decisions. a. Ethics b. Morals c. . Values d. Bioethics 4. This law focuses on the prevention and control of Diabetes Mellitus Act, known as: a. R.A. No. 8172 b. R.A. No. 8976 c. R.A. No. 8187 d. R.A. No. 8191 5. Client Edwin was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. His family asked his physician to explain to him his illness on their behalf. What principle guides this situation? a. Autonomy b. Veracity c. Beneficence d. The principle of double effect 6. The ethical principle stating that a registered nurse is the clients advocate is stated on what section of the code of ethics for registered nurses? a. Section 11

b. Section 10 c. Section 9 d. Section 8

7. The Board of Nursing is composed of how many governing bodies? a. 5 b. 6 c. 4 d. 7 8. Which is incorrect about the qualifications of a Nursing Service Administrator? a. A registered nurse in the Philippines b. At least 5 years of experience in the managerial position in nursing c. Possess a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing with at least 9 units in management and administration courses at the graduate level d. A member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of nurses 9. Anna is a nurse and was asked to pose for a TV commercial wearing her uniform. If she agrees to it, what will she violate? a. R.A. No. 9173 b. R.A. No. 7164 c. The code of ethics for registered nurses d. All of the above 10. Who of them below is considered an accessory to a crime? a. Nurse Fred who administered the wrong medication b. Nurse Milo who was there on the act of the incident c. Nurse Manager Jeremy who arranged a discreet agreement with the clients folks to resolve the conflict d. All of them 11. The following statements below are acts of nursing negligence, except for one: a. Use of defective equipment b. Disagreeing with the physician c. Careless execution of doctors order d. Errors in administering medications 12. Situation: Client Zee is not compliant to his treatment ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and does not take his medications due to his suspicious personality. His nurse was so hopeless that she threatened Client Zee not to give him his regular meals if he will not submit himself to his therapy and treatments. What kind of malpractice was committed in this situation? a. False imprisonment b. Battery

c. Assault d. Fraud 13. An informed consent is an agreement that allows a certain procedure to happen. Which is true about it? a. Sisa is being given all the relevant information of her chemotherapy. b. Pepito, 18 years old who refuses a treatment is allowed to sign his waiver in the absence of his guardians c. Neneng, mother of Baby Timothy, signed the consent form for his blood transfusion. d. All of the Above 14. It is a kind of will that is entirely written, dated, and signed by the client himself. It is called: a. Notarial will b. Nuncupative will c. Holographic will d. None of the above 15. Board of Nursing Resolution No. 110 s. 1998 is also known as: a. Adoption of Nursing Specialty Certification Program b. Adoption to a guide to evaluate compliance with Standards for Safe Nursing Practice c. Specialty training on intravenous injections for registered nurses d. Promulgation of standards of safe nursing practice 16. The Unang Yakap Campaign advocates the interrupted mother and child bonding through Rooming in and early breastfeeding. What law governs Rooming- in and Breastfeeding? a. P.D. 148 b. R.A. 7600 c. R.A. 7432 d. R.A. 7877 17. You are one of the vaccinator in the Measles- Rubella Campaign. One mother hesitated since she verbalized that it would hurt her son. As a well- versed nurse about ethical considerations you explained to the mother that it may cause a discomfort but it will protect her son from acquiring the said diseases. What principle did you utilized? a. Nonmaleficence b. Justice c. Beneficence d. Autonomy 18. Louie is an experienced registered nurse and wants to be a clinical instructor. What qualification does he need to be one? a. Have at least 2 years of experience in general nursing administration b. Have 9 units in management and administration courses at graduate level

c. Have at least 5 years in teaching and supervising d. Have a good standing in an accredited professional organization of nurses 19. Who among the individuals below cannot make a will? a. NN who is 19 years old and has Leukemia. b. RR who is married and has prostate cancer. c. GG who is 28 years old married and is suffering postpartum psychosis. d. JJ who is 18 years old and has an acute renal failure. 20. Alex is to appear and testify in the court as a witness. What should she receive prior to that? a. Subpoena duces tecum b. Subpoena testificandum c. Subpoena ut des d. None of the above 21. It refers to the act of adopting a foreigner and clothing him with the privileges of a native citizen? a. Alienation b. Naturalization c. Expatriation d. Repatriation 22. According to the preamble of the code of ethics for registered nurses what are the fundamental aspects of nursing? a. Restoration of health b. Alleviation of suffering c. Only answer A d. A & B 23. As nurse manager, one of your staff asked you about incident report. What are you going to include in your explanation? a. It is utilized to document any common nursing duties. b. It is written in the nurses notes. c. It is not a means of punishment. d. It does not protect the person involved. 24. In order to pass the licensure examination, what is the general weighted average to be reached by the test taker? a. 75% b. 60% c. 65% d. 70% 25. You are a public health nurse and there are cases of dengue fever in your town. You should report this according to what law? a. R.A. 7610

b. R.A. 1082 c. R.A. 3573 d. R.A. 1811

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