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THE OAKS SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP EXISTS to train leaders for ministry, both here at The Oaks Fellowship, and

for churches and ministries around the world. The heartbeat of this program is to develop a generation of leaders who understand their kingdom purposes and live to see those God-given purposes realized in their lives. To that end, we provide our students the opportunity to engage in a process of growth, development, and discovery. This process includes thorough academic training, personal and corporate discipleship, and relevant handson ministry experience.

THE OAKS SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP within Southwestern Assemblies of God University allows students to be trained at the highest level and prepared for a life of Kingdom building. God has a purpose and plan for your life. We are looking for students who are not willing to delay those purposes for another day, but are eager to take hold of the opportunities God has placed before them today. If this is the desire of your heart, then The Oaks School of Leadership may be the right place for you. Thanks for taking the time to consider this program. I hope the information that follows is helpful. I am praying God’s best for you…and remember, for those who prepare well, amazing things will follow—Joshua 3:5.

– Chris Railey, Director

“The partnership between Southwestern Assemblies of God University and The Oaks School of Leadership has been outstanding from its beginning. Quality students from all over the country are able to take part of the best of two worlds; hands on ministry training and quality, accredited education. OSL students have enhanced the university with their energy and zeal for ministry. They have proven to be excellent students, benefiting from the training and teaching of qualified faculty members as well as dedicated OSL and Oaks Fellowship staff. Great things are in store for students who choose to begin their college career at The Oaks School of Leadership.” – Eddie Davis, SAGU Vice-President for Enrollment and Retention

Through our strategic partnership with Southwestern Assemblies of God University, students are enrolled in fully accredited courses as part of a Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries.

Students enter into a personalized discipleship process that challenges them to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Emphasis is placed on spiritual maturity, high accountability, and growth in community.

Working alongside world-class leaders and artists in day-to-day ministry provides the opportunity for students to connect their classroom education with practical experience.

The Oaks School of Leadership holds a high standard of academic excellence. OSL students are challenged to earn a 3.0 or higher GPA each semester. In addition, students receive relevant instruction provided by current pastors with advanced degrees. This allows students to receive classroom knowledge of biblical and ministry principles and observe the successful implementation of the principles taught in the classroom.

“I was really impressed with the quality of The Oaks School of Leadership students that I had in the classroom! They were bright, gifted, hard-working and incredibly passionate about the Lord’s work. They’re going to be effective in ministry!” – Dr. LeRoy Bartel, Dean of College of Bible and Church Ministries

After completing two years at OSL, students will have earned 48 hours toward their Bachelors of Arts in Church Ministries. Each semester, students select three courses from the following list and receive 3 hours of credit for their internship.

• Leadership Development I • Leadership Development II • Comp & Rhetoric I • Comp & Rhetoric II • Old Testament Literature • New Testament Literature • Public Speaking for Ministry • Bible Study • Authentic Christianity • Introduction to Theology and Apologetics • Foundations of Church Ministries • Hermeneutics • The Mission of the Church • Introduction to Psychology • Biblical Preaching • Pentecostal Doctrine and History The Oaks School of Leadership joins SAGU’s 1,900 students on 70 acres with many amenities, such as Sheaffer Full Life Center, Barnes Student Center, and the Student Wellness Center opening in Fall 2009. SAGU’s high-quality faculty have years of experience in their respective fields with 60% holding doctoral degrees. SAGU is accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Master, Bachelor and Associate degrees.

REFLECT ON YOUR JOURNEY To know where you are going, you need to know where you have been. Reflecting on your spiritual journey is an integral part of the growth process.

SET YOUR BOUNDARIES Spiritual growth happens best in the context of community when others are invited to partner in the process, creating strong accountability.

DETERMINE YOUR PRESENT LOCATION A clear assessment of where you are now in your spiritual formation will be a catalyst for the precise planning of future goals.

EVALUATE YOUR PROGRESS To realize growth goals, there must be continual evaluation along the way to ensure the path is still leading in the right direction.

CHOOSE YOUR TARGET Identifying areas of your life that need work and intentionally setting growth goals will enhance your relationship with Christ and prepare you for a life of kingdom building.

PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP Live a life that reflects the growth that has taken place, and as your journey continues, repeat these steps and assist others with their spiritual growth.

CHART YOUR COURSE To achieve any goal, you have to form a plan of action. It is important to establish specific strategies as a plan for achieving individual growth goals.

The Oaks School of Leadership trains students for a life in ministry, helping others to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Each student is developed through: • Personality and Spiritual Gift Inventories • Personalized Growth Plans • One-On-One Meetings with Staff • Student Life Groups • Group Discipleship Opportunities

“The Oaks School of Leadership is eager for innovation, open to creativity, and a leader in developing future pastors.” – Leonard Sweet, author of The Gospel According to Starbucks

A high impact, leadership-intensive environment provides the backdrop for students to be infused with the knowledge and experience required for ministry. Internships at the School of Leadership allow students to develop relationship and be trained, mentored and equipped by the most influential leaders in the world in a ministry of their choosing. This gives the opportunity for students to connect their classroom education with real life experience in order to foster a sense of commitment, excellence, and discipline in ministry.

“Students at The Oaks School of Leadership are fully committed to the Lord and we are honored to be a part of helping them passionately follow after him.” – Shane Barnard of Shane and Shane

KIDS Service Planning/Discipleship/Developing Leaders STUDENTS Service Planning/Discipleship/Events YOUNG ADULTS Event Planning/Discipleship/Leading Teams PASTORAL Growth Groups/Pastoral Care/Assimilation

WORSHIP Song-writing/Worship Leading/Individual Lessons CREATIVE ARTS Technical Production/Creating Experiences MISSIONS Global/Local/Outreach Projects EVANGELISM Travel/Preaching/City Outreach

SHAYNE WALTERS Student Ministries Pastor

BRIAN ABBOTT Creative Arts Pastor

Shayne Walters serves as pastor of Seven Student Ministries. Shayne has a wide range of experience, which includes student ministries pastor, executive pastor, and church planter. Shayne’s passions lie in developing next generation leaders that will become culturally relevant in a post-modern, post-Christian world through engaging culture, stirring change, and releasing leaders to follow Christ to their fullest.

Brian Abbott is driven by a passion for communicating the Gospel of Christ in culturally relevant ways through all available methods. He brings years of experience to the table having worked in the broadcast, advertising and film industries since 1985. His work on many regional and national campaigns and television programs has been recognized industry-wide and earned many awards including a nomination for Best Editor at the International Monitor Awards.

With a desire to train the future worship leaders and songwriters, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett (Shane and Shane) have joined The Oaks School of Leadership with a passion to raise up leaders in the worship music community. They bring over twelve years of experience as recording artists, worship leaders, and songwriters. Shane and Shane are recognized for their genuine approach to worship and their passionate lyrics filled with the heart of God.

“If you are an aspiring worship leader and you want to be trained by a couple of the best, give The Oaks School of Leadership a look.” – Mac Powell of Third Day

The Oaks Fellowship worship leader, Clayton Brooks, leads the dynamic worship internship for The Oaks School of Leadership. Working on the team with Clayton are worship artists Kristi Northup and Shane and Shane. This high-caliber team is committed to the investment, development and training of the worship leaders of the future. From song-writing and individual lessons to leading worship, OSL students are trained in the art of leading God’s people into His presence through reverence and excellence.

The Oaks School of Leadership students live on campus at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Collins Hall and have access to all the amenities the campus has to offer. Dining at the food court offers a variety of choices, including a salad bar, pizza and pasta bar, homemade waffles, and so much more. Students also have the option of lounging at an on-campus coffee house and shopping at an on-campus convenience store.

A game room and theater room provides entertainment opportunities for students to enjoy without leaving campus, and an extensive library is available with online resources. OSL students have the opportunity to enjoy the whole package of college life.

In the fall of 2009 SAGU will celebrate the addition of the new Wellness Center. The center will be a state of the art workout and recreational facility providing a variety of fitness and recreation amenities including weight and aerobic training, an elevated walking/ jogging track, racquetball courts, multipurpose gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, and locker rooms with showers. Our students are encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyle habits for the purpose of enabling long, faithful service unto God. The Wellness Center will be instrumental in promoting healthy living in the Godly leaders of tomorrow.

“OSL students are fully integrated into life at SAGU. From basketball, a fully equipped weight room, sand volleyball, and intramural sports, to clubs and SAGU Live, there is never a dull moment” – Lawrence Lowe, OSL student 2008-2009

JOHN DAVIDSON Spiritual Formation Director Hidden talent: Can outrun a gazelle

BRANDON PARDEKOOPER Community Life Director Pet Peeve: That itchy feeling after a haircut

CARA RAILEY CHRIS RAILEY Director of the Oaks School of Leadership Wrestling Nickname: The Lumberjack SCOTT WILSON Senior Pastor Favorite drink at Starbucks: Venti Non-fat Latte Academic Director Irrational Fear: Balloons

The Oaks Fellowship is a fast-growing church with a passion and calling to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders for the advancement of the kingdom worldwide. With a new vision for planting churches and video-venue campuses, the church is excited about the students of The Oaks School of Leadership—the Christian leaders of tomorrow—who undergird the many ministries of The Oaks Fellowship, serving more than 3,000 people on 3 different campuses. Its rich history spanning over 80 years of outreach, leadership development, and community evangelism makes The

Oaks Fellowship an ideal environment for students to learn a ministry approach with excellence, compassion and commitment.

The Oaks School of Leadership was founded by leaders of the church on the ideal that people of great talent, great calling, and great passion must be developed for the greatest work on earth: to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ in every nation, city, and community. If that vision inspires you at the core of your being, then you may be someone we are looking for.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University