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Risk Management Information System for Largescale Sports Matches

JI Xianbiao
Information Management Dept. School of Business Administration,Jimei Univ. XIAMEN, China, 361021 Institute of System Engineering School of Information Science and Technology, Xiamen Univ. XIAMEN, China, 361005
Abstract:When large-scale sports matches bring tremendous economic profit and social profit,they also confront various risk problems.So it is of great theory and reality importance to continuously explore risk management policy of large-scale sports matches,and totally improve risk management ability by notion, institution, procedure and technical means.This paper firstly analyzes the risk management business,and then systematically discusses the organization structure and function structure of information system for large-scale sports matches,which aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of risk management of large-scale sports matches. Key words:large-scale sports matches; risk management; information system

Xie Jun
Physical Education Dept. School of Sports,Jimei Univ. XIAMEN, China, 361021

information system for large-scale sports matches are discussed in third section. Section 4 is the conclusion of this paper. 2 BUSINESS ANALYSIS From the system point of view,the risk management of large-scale sports matches must go through the following four steps: risk cause analysis, risk effect evaluation,risk solution selection and risk solution implementation[7-10]. (1)Risk causes analysis. Simply speaking, risk causes are the potential or the confronted outer or inner conditions,which lead risks to the matches.Then risk causes analysis involves the process of identifying, classifying and determining the nature of different kinds of risk causes. (2)Risk effect evaluation. Risk effect has an intrinsic connection with risk,and is decided by the nature and feature of risk. Risk effect reflects the behavior mode and behavior tendency of the risk management subject caused by risk. Prediction,and evaluation of risk effect are the process of analyzing and evaluating of collected risk information,which is based on risk causes analysis. (3)Risk solution selection. Risk solution refers to the measures and plans that should be adopted by risk management subject based on the probability and degree of risk. Obviously, risk solution selection is to choose the best policy of the management of risk cause and risk by the application of certain indexes and different kinds of evaluation methods. (4)Risk solution implementation.Implementation of risk solution is the final stage of risk management,which includes making risk management plan and implementing target management. Risk solution implementation is to reduce or avoid different kinds of uncertain risks. This should be done after risk effect evaluation,solution selection and with consideration to the decision and requirements of the sports match organizer. 3 DEVELOPMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEM 3.2 Organization structure Based on the above business analysis of risk management of large-scale sports matches and proper business process

1 INTRODUCTION Under the circumstance of current market economy, participating or watching different kinds of large-scale sports matches has been an important part of peoples life. People takes enthusiastic delight in talking about games such as the Olympics, World Cup, marathon, table tennis championships and so on.At the same time, more and more risk events such as violent behaviors of overexcited audiences, casualties for disrepair of gymnasium, economic deficit for poor operation, rejection for political or religion reasons,unexpected sanitary event,weather and traffic conditions, etc., are emerging. Large number of analogous events have made people realize that there are various kinds of risks that may take place within the process of large-scale sports matches, and it is emergent to do risk management[1-3]. So it is of great theory and reality importance to continuously explore risk management policy for large-scale sports matches and comprehensively improve risk management capability from the aspects of notion, institution, procedure and technical means[4-6]. This paper discusses the informationlization problem of risk management of large-scale sports matches, which is to serve the improvement of their efficiency and effectiveness. The following section of this paper analyzes the risk management business of large-scale sports matches,and then the organization structure and function structure of the

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reengineering,an information system for risk management of large-scale sports matches is developed.This system is designed tightly according to the main processes of risk management,which are conducted by the following sequence: input risk sources,evaluate risk sources,make policy, feed back,make policy again,and feed back again.The revelent organization structure of risk management is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1 organization structure of risk management The functional departments such as traffic, meteorological, equipment and judgment department and so on are responsible for the collection and input of risk sources. Risk management specialists (or risk management department) provide the knowledge of risk management and the recognization of the risk type of matches,and they also evaluate the probability, ponderance, uncontrollability according to the concrete content of risk sources.The leading organization of match risk management makes risk-deleting or risk-reducing policy according to the concrete content and the evalution result of risk sources,and then the functional departments implement the risk solution. The responsibility of information maintenance department is the maintenance of the whole system,which is acting as supporting role. 3.2 Functional structure The functional structure of risk management information system is shown in figure 2.

statistics module, knowledge database management module and risk document management module. During the process of applying the feedback module for risk policy implementation, functional departments receive the risk policy or designation from leading organization timely and take appropriate actions according to management system. Because computer networks dont have absolute reliability,and in order to be sure that issued risk policy or designation have been received by revelent functional departments,the information system will produce a receipt automatically.At the same time, functional departments timely report and give feedback(or input) information about the risk control actions as is instructed by the management system,which includes progress, deviations, problems, or experience summary. Report content can be divided into levels, such as very urgent and important, urgent, important, general,and so on. Multiple times of feedback or report on the implementation are allowed against a decision or direction. Decision-makers can inquire about the implementation of the decisions or instructions when necessary,and make risk policy or designation again according to the actual implementation . 4 CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE WORK The business process analysis of this system is based on the actual senario of Xiamen International Marathon,and it is of representative significance. The actual operation of this system will resolve the contradictions between complexity and efficiency of the risk management, leading to great economic profit and social profit.However,processes and policy are always the decisive factors in risk management of large-scale sports matches, thus, with the unceasing change of internal and external environment, it has been a common task in the field to continuously explore and optimize the risk management processes and policy, and then realize revelent information system. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The research herein reported has been supported by science project of XIA MEN Science Bureau (S20070645). REFERENCES
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Figure 2 Functional structure of risk management information system for large-scale sports matches


The information system consists of revelent modules for the realization of the work flow of risk management,system management module,system login module, query and


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