T H E T R A V E L L E RM t C R O Z t N E , t , .
for it'e ie GDI{rs tradenark TRAVEI,IER ie used with pernission.

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ganei Traveller

for Traveller Weleone to the Znd lssue of Dark Star, the news and reviews newsletter players. W tbanke to the people that bought J.ssue I, an<l an apology to the artists rho rent urunentioneil in last l-ssue '- trevor lla.nnond, pages 1 and 2; Ilalcom Beairal, back page.

Slmilar to the Travellers'. Steve Jackson Ganes, are to proiluce a range of'Cardboard range of'(b,rdboard Hsroes', the T::avellexa wIll be in lJnn scale. is printed (in tutt colourr) on heavy card. and folds to forn ltis E!.ch 'figurer own base. The front view of the Tr:avel1er is shown on one side; the rear on the future sets wil-f contaln adventurers; revet=ie. Ttre ffu:st of the proposed sets will cover afiensr robots, and other SF goodies. 'Approvecl for use withi Closer to hone, Gales l{orkshop ttd. are to produce a range of At present, 5 sets are planneiL Aclventurers; 6hLp erewsi aliens; Traveltrer figures. (each scutpted by forces; and anirnals. hch set will contain 20 l5mn figures nilltary contaln foam paddlng Sets will be boxed, and rill the now legendary Perry twins). for easier stora4e. each week it Tabletop Canes, 6f Hottinghan are adding to their range of lJnm figures (readr Judge Dredd), including reens. At present their r:ange containsr I€.w Officers Adventurers, arned nounted on a patrol blke (a1so disrnounted versions); one offlcer (anrt fenales); rith an assortrnent of weapons ranglng frorn clubs to laser rifles with pistol; unarmedl with rifle; starshlp crew6; and vaec-suitecl figures -- I versions, reden?and last but not least, trooper:s ln cornbat/power artnouri llercenarles; Inperlal rebele ( who woultl probably nake good Zhoclanl troops). ttonlst Two new rApproved for use withr sectors are ln the naking; Carnes workshop Ltd have lleachesr, (locatetl rimward of the to produce The'Trojan conunlsioned Bob tlcllillians Spinward l{arches); and Analy Slack to producetThe Riftspan Feachesr, (located rintard of the IroJan Reaches). Both sectors contain Aslan colonles. I have in my possesslon, two large naps of the Inperiun. Antl now, a conpetitlon. in red. borders printeil 6ach rnap neasures 16" x 2l+", and ls black wlth political important It also narks out the sector boundarl"es, (the map shors 128 sectors); these Lncluder the Inperlurn; The Zhoclani Consulate; The pofier6 are printed in rhite, The Solonani Sphere; The Two Thousanal l,lorl<ls; anil the Hlve Feder:ation. Vargr &(tentai l'lhat you have to tlo to win a nap, is to design a warship. The ship must be In the it. Ship plans are not J00 ton range, and nust be capable of Jump-3. Sl-rnp1e, isn't A11 entrles rnust be in woufd be appreciated. necessary, but if possible a silhouette capabllity, cost' and general be jufuecl by fighting by August 7th; enbries ri1l effectiveness. The Ibrcupine Class Systen Defence Boat B{ Sinon Beaird. provetl i.trs worth rnany tirnes in grganised lnto f1otil1as of four, the rPorcupine'has antl tgueriJ-1ar operatlons in asteriocl belts. During the systen tlefencer anti-piracy, 'Forcuplnesr were often carried by larger vessels for use as warr the 4th frontier in the Glisten, is based at every naval base (Inperial,) close escorts. one flotilla Erylanor, Morar and Trin's Veil subsectors. baseal at flotilla, is the 303rcl Gunboat Floti11a, To date, the nost successful !,tacene/Rhylanor (OZOZ). The 3o3d has destroyed no Less than 15 pirate vessels since 1105 (this figure does not include captured vessels, xhich nunber 22 to dabe-), comprises ofr GB-11?571 Fossa; GB-11f583 orrole; GB-U7602 Hateli flotilla The'lold. arLd 1B-I7762L Nashista. and a t+O ton scou+- Ia,unch ( used for a 2O t'on Gi&/Llfeboat' Each gunboat canies courier duties lnsystem). The Porcupine Class system Defence Boat, is continued overleaf.'

The rForcupiner contrd...

ItOg tons. tq0;! 93.55 cB-117571 Fossa Batteries BearS.ng Cren = 14. 22 Batteries Tt = E (14). Passengers = 0. Low Berths = O. Cargo = 12. F\rel = 72. W = 36. Agillty = J. froops = 0. Fower Plant 9. CornErter l4odel/6 SHIP DATAr lt00 tons std. 12 crew. 6G acceleratlon. rith fib/backup. Four turrets, fitted withr Zxslngle fusion 6un; 2x trlple beam laser. Armoured hul1. F\re1 for J6 days contl.nued opel:ation. F\re1 scoops fitteitl strearnlined.. sectionr ConnandPilot, Navigator, Chief &rgineer, lledleal Offiver. Crer - Coruaancl Crer - Petty Officersr Chief Gunner, Scout Launch Pi"lot. Crew - Ratingsr I &rgineers, 3 Gunners, Scout Iaunch 2nrl Pllot, Gig Pi1ot, Ships Vessels; 1 20 ton Cig/Lifeboat, 1 lto ton Scout launch. llo tons. SB-117t1 Scout l-aunch 58-0106821-430000-30000-0 nb t+7.65. 1 1 Crew=Z.TL=E(14). Passengers= 0. Low Berths = O. Cargo = 3. F\rel = 4.4. EP = 4.4. Aeility = 6. ScOtlf LAIJNCH DAtA: 40 tons std.. 2 Crew. 6G acceleratlon. Porer Plant B. Bridee fitted. Conputer ltodel/?. One turret fitted uithr 2x bean laser; 1 sandcaster. Armoured huIl. F\rel for 28 d.ays continueal operation. Fuel scoops fitteil; streanlined. .Cargospa.ce ls usually occupietl by J-torps, Recon Drones, or passive cletector sattelites. 20 tons. trrLL75i/)-?- Gig GG-010I&11-03O0OO-00O02-0 ilCr ''.9 I 1 crew=t.T!,=E(14), hssengers = 3. Lott Berths = 3 (double berthe). 0argo = 4. fuel = 1! EP=-0.8. Agifity-= 4. ItG. plant Power 4. No bridge. CornputerMode/l. GIG DATAr20 tons. Acceleration 1 mlssile ::ackl 1 sanclcaster. F\reI for 35 days contlnued operation. One turret fltteilt FueI svoops fittecl. Streamlined.. Cargo sp
Al-1 reviews w

of two narksr the flrst


ty the gene:ra1 quali.ty of production,

and the

which has gone into the productg the second number represnts apparent annount of effort of the product, ie. hor* much would. you use it, the usefulness and how useful lt ls. 1=Pcorllittleuse;2=Nen4e/Useful;l=Good,/Veryuseful;4=Verygood/Essential. Sheets. Paranoia Press. tI.75 for a pad of J0. Systen DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD,ta a detailetl pne, systen da,ta sheets will prove Lnval-uable. For the referee who prefers contalns all of the info necessary to record D,ch sheet is double sided; the front includ.ingr details of the nain planet' UPP; tracle ctassification; terrain typest gravityt and posltion in the star systen, to nane but a few. The reverse carrles tenperature; J geodesie hex naps for use in mapping noteable norld surfaces. Ih.rk Star fiatins (6R)t 3/3. Data Sheets. Faranoia Eess. Planetary &I.75 for a patt of J0. o ral f pfanet ( ali of the stats which appear are on these), and a large geod.esl-c map. on the sJsten daia.sheets, Paranoia Pre loe fritry. LI.ZJ for a pad of J0. Starship Everybhing needed to 1og the running of a ship, including d.epa.rture tines, shlp exp- " Is thLs patl rorbh endables, no. of Fmsengers etc. daptains should ask thensefves

DsR. 43

fJ,1.J0 for a pad of J0. Character Not to be confused with Personal Data Files, soon to be prlntect by Garnes llorkshop Ltdl.), very cleta.iled, back printed, and Ln J sectionsr (Nane, fiace, Height, etc.)1 Bucation (qrllege, ldentlfication Honols etc.), Senrlce (St<ttts),; record; Military Occupational. Specialitles Sernice assigrunents; and MiscTravellers rnernber). ellaneous ( psionics, F R. 4/3 Faranoia Press products are available in this country through llinifigs SKITRE( Ltd, 1l Gilfinghan st, London, S.1I.13. Iater this year, Gannes Workshop Ltd will be printing ancl w5.11 distribute PP products und.er licence, them throughout the Ul(.

95 ijesisner : Bob McWilliams. for close conbiit actions!). is a 1000 ton nercenary transporb. a Zhotlani warship used to patrol the borders of the Consulate..35."1.C. not unlike a large space barge.) needecl to buy the ship. t4. and The Space Caner. and my favorite.fi. Fenris.A..o.V.?. are given for each ship. acceleration. t6. bean l-aserst is 1000 tons. pl-ans. 'ffi Kine Richard.S. The Hnneshani $pe Vargr Traileboat.iiii ratus nz |1 . hch of the four shlps comes ln a zip-1ock bag.P.. for use in planetary the Tethfs. and status seeking people charge for a norrnal statemon is J0r000.ion Creclits.)l lg::1. 81. It is rumoured that this is but the first of nany ship plan booklets. even though the ship itself The size of this ship Is enou6h to put off any plrate for the Elite. fifty of the galary. or lf many cargo modules are fitted. by a nunber of sheets depicting the ship in question. or Inters_teller tonnage cargo ship.S. cletails on white paper ( each sheet neasures 11"x1/"r). armed with triple fighters.A.F.. presentation.t.95 a converted cargo ship.. and. than for tbe Tethysr or Leantler.Tethys. but GWcan now be accused of .S. Thls style of drawing can be very confusing at times.P. from Gannes the F. Ttre deck plans are drawn in black. Iilore lnside inforrnation is given for the The nother ship... or fron your local stockist.rom better p. a freight tractor vessel. . a conrnercial Xboat.Leander. is provided for each ship. exploration..nes shops. And now. 1lre &calibur Class Eeress Packet Boat.v.S. In ny opinion. Navy Light Assault Troop [ianier. now lEcks a nasty punch. were paid five years of operation. and is represented. An example of the actual drawing style is shorrn later on... Included in the fIIiS Files arer the Heyan Rose. it carries eight Valkyrie The Fenris. t1. The IISS Ship Files.S.A ship plans are available Uorkshop Ltd. These are presented in the form of sll-des. far:a-Military I.A. and gives three scenarios A cover/panphlet for use with the scant details shlp.s' . Comercial Vessel .S. and cone with build information rnicrofil-n . exploitation. the octd blank spacei'tactics. (lhis ship looks like an 'Enterpriser. I.S. and the few aval1ab16 are located on the deck pIans.JL Y^ potNt. (try using different colourecl pehcils) so that little ("nut how was I to know that f was flring or no confuslon occurti tluring a pitch-battle through the wa11!").C.. on to the ships.U.-V. Avallable f.50. (and.ff. Dccept for the King Itlchard.w.V. r nean tuxuny!) tiner which displaces 5000 tons! ship."Sl^^t*l FNOMF.Fi11ing in conmonly used" by Judges Guild.S. lPoLtE rll (u. Leairder. anrl specifications. or invasion.U. is unarmed. t1. the Fenris. a goocl book.) Also inclucletl: An Inperial elongated version of the Interdiction class Inperial The Iylvir Satellite. each capable of !39. is a variable Leander nay becone a 6o0ton Junp-6 ship. SA}IPLESTATEROO}IS (c) . Tgthvs: or InterFtellar Vessel ..The thousancl cretlits! ft is said that that the 2. Travelfer Ganes ljorkshop Ltd. The King Richard was built Bich.?. Fenrisr wn t 2/2 wn t 3/z I. off in the first I think it adviseable that you have 1001 character:s at hand if you even think of using the Klng lllchard for an adventure.50. wn t 3/3 DsRz 4/J (unbiasea!) - . a 4000 ton Jurnp-l ship' 6R t 3/2 f. in 15run scale (ideal. Ihe Tiaflfiet Class Patro1 Frigate. and I recorarnend shading Ln varLous ship areas. yes.ans.A. t?. (Don't ask ne Hhat it neans!) Ship pJ.2BCr (AiU. the The Leander.

use BLockJ.. For Exanpler Trevor Graver.. f eature Trzveller A phone number may be given if d.. lbnts. B-12-u-1-1. Do not sub for nore than J issues Renember. B-14-G-0-2-L. " . Trevor.tanor Farrn tlottage. B-21-O-2-M. OL-*2-496O.Park Ral. Harbour Vien.ane Bungalow. cRz 6ID. \23 (5?Oozt8?4--??)-2496 (after Telr ryntuonaol 4pm. Newquay. Sth. llazelnere. Tell 01Ian Cooper. nr. SlI19.. l Harlow. Essex..r 70 Hargreaves Hse.and adclress (please use BLOCKcapitals)r Block l. or on paper if you do not have one. Christopher tlurfin. Clilzo 3JB. lI11 3Ey. = Oontt contact ne -.before 6pn). Creg l{acdonald. oxzzro(. (66) -2zIO?. or 0 = Original How long thai you have been playinC T:aveller. Bye for now' 1 ' ' . SA16 OER.nped a. l. 19 Delph Road. B-L'-Y/o-a-L. I/2 hrnpisford ffigg. so it gets nets to you FIngTt!! still avaiLable for 20p PLUS an sta. This section of ibrk Star is incfuded for those playere lrho have dlfflculty ln findor wou1cl like to fifl players. I'linborne. B-L7-c. Crewe. l{?rlte City Estatel London. Stephen Cook. If any Clubs wish to appear on the 1ist. 4 (For research purTloses onlyr) What sines or na6azlnes that you buy rhlch BfogE_Z: naterial. Hailsha"n. Kent.The h'rk Sta. B-I3-C-O-U. Slngle issues are Dark Star are now availabLe. Name. then the sane for:nat is used. B-16-c-0-L. &st Sussex. BurrJr Port.la€ham Dofin. . Chrls vi1l be at the top address until the lIth of Ju1y3 at the second aaLlress thereafter. B = Both player and referee. B-21-C-3-X.cldr.]P'ti. Petts l'loocl. l. Ian-llaxd. F3O-{-0-11. tW zllJ. lB Kings Rd.lahon. John Roberts. but giving aver:a€e a€es etc.. ing other Travellers.?ff]. i{l4 Offi.. Mark Browne. 102a Aldershot GtnS 9ltl. Bangor Rd. Btt21 ITI.. Cheshire. Dy. BR5 lQI.. i{ = l{ixLure of avaiiable G-ffficiar Canpaign design.( to ttra nearest nonth). notice!).Ttranks for taking the trouble! It youir n€Lrne to Subscriptions cheque or postal at a tlne please. Nr Uinborne. Cll2 65S. l-6 Egalon Drive. l. Lt74 BPY. If you rant to subscribe. player that you arel Bfock 2.rk Star is nonthly. oxrordshi. Gwlmedcl. Freerand.. Ilants. The type of Traveller = Elayer only. Alcler€hot.Ir11 contact you.. Steven ?hillips. l{orthhanpton. Ang1esey. naniel Bedforcll Jl Hol1y . 2fi4 (after Ral. Conrad tlurkitt. 8-1f-O-!1. Paul lbrcourt. Warren l. !{12. Andrewrs Ave. (if so. Blt21 lF. ?Iz?. then send the card to me. appears on the list above -. Benllech. Telr 05J454pn. Robert llcl. Rd. TeL orpington B-ryv /t\-z-L/H. St.. no raoclesty pleaser Carnpaign that you play int The type of Travefler BloEETl prdductst GDil-carnpaignl V = Variint-GDw carnlargn. B-l5-lF3-trl 1elr OZN-fi165. B-2o-trt-2-L/n. Lontlon. t{il14 4EE.vid John Lloytl. then nrake a order out for 01 ( for I issues). F1eet. Groydon. London.essed envelope. Ibi:set. 01-740-8240.re. B-ljt-c-l-L.u". london. DANKSTAR c/o Trevor Craver 69 Lak$ide noad. out their complemeni of Tfaveller Players are requested r*rite tlown their IEICB code on a 3x5 file Lndex card. Denford..r Contact Bureau.z-L. b. l. Iil = Ueetings for gane seBsions (wlttr prior L. R-lw-t-L p St. CornwalL.eater contact. please state a tlne ran6e to phone in). Here are the entries received since Junel W14 ODZ. R = Referee only. exchange of ideas. Kettering. Ib::set. Sdt 7XH Terr 059 06). 69 Lakesiaie Rd. Your age (to the nearest year). Sandyrs Holne. | Block r. D. 0 if you have been playing for less than 6 rnonthsr What type of contact you would like with other playersr Block 6. 2l Sutherland Ave. Tin Rrrches.ler1ey. Merley. London.l:T . Chris Burnett.esired.. B-174-2-L. Sur=ey. 119 Pennynead Ril.20r (6pm-7pn). 27 Heactleigh Rtl.fed. Beaull-eu.. Leonards.

so ponnie Travell-ersr will lrlarc Miller.kesicle ltoad.)i naps are given. . and salutations.hon.where appropriate. and some very authorative stuff of battleships.) DAIil( STAR NEU:I and William H.E.IIIED IHPERIAL CHAAIEn. aboub ffi ot them are connected with 'Fifth the recently started trbontier War. I will be on the Gl. Trevor Graver. own company. .Circa 7))O to 1))Q.Circa I)lO Lo L979. where you will find details of the Dark Star Contact Sureau (mCn). Andrew Keith. reviews.a€onneet (August Bth.amesDay. is now out. also be at Games arlventure. d.LER is used with permission. or Haut. just have to wait. lid you know that . Yes' you are now holcting a copy of D. . (In a recent playbest of the Porcupine. here are the corrections (official)r T1.I stand. f will at D. the Tr:aveller systen.esigner of Traveller adventure 4..on Drive. there are no U. GD?.Circa 1pB0 to I)B)7 rL 9 . ryEIem Dark Star 59 lF. A good effort. Do::set. liinbourne. Ttte LIC which folLows various conpany ffLmes. The zine which you news of up & coming Tlaveller products.K. will witl be working but in all probability have to work on the Games l{orkshop sta11.l). it demolished two Gazelle class close escorb shiost) . etc. Drawn by Malcon Beaird. There is an excellent article on Vacc suits. the inventor of Traveller anal nn. eane.. chelsea Town Ha11.7 .) also be at C.rc l{i11er. 4 adventures.lrs epic gane of space conflict. Keith have formed their J. irnporbers. the spaceship pictured right. will be at Ganes Day (as mentioned in l. At present.DARK STAR9€ T H E T R A V E L L E RM I C R O Z I N E{ ' I ' is GDl{rs tradernark for itrs scLence-fLction TnAVEI. will Travelle::st Journal arrive by mid-late in frgland August. Ar€ you looking for new Tra.rk Star. . BHZI Ifi. as a ninus Dltl for all attacking lreapons (correction to High Guard znd lklition). looking Alien Star issue 4. Xboat inforrnation. (nf of the above. and concepts behind. Alan Hunterr) and contains! Bounty Hunters. Issue p contains some very good arLicles. will Bob Mclfillians. rL B . . LEVIATHAN. and are now producing folio adventures for Traveller. courbesy of lb. London. is a prefix for Baronial nobility. That liault.f Greetlngs. 15 Fgd. W14 ODZ 20p role-playing For those who are interested.ers.. the Arrnoury. is one of the systen clefence boats (Porcupine class) which were featured last issue. Available for 60p from: Rober! McFh.y hofd a seminar on the ideas. that wonderful zine ettitor (?).l to exchange icleas for T::aveller rith? If so turn to page 2 of this zine. battlerid. PaAe)p of The Spinward Marches has a typo ? If not.rk Star -. neans: LII. this Travel-ler zine now has a professional eover (by llhite Dwarf artist. the HAR issue. Day to mn a lraveller (sigh.ltfS) issue 9. London. again. .) as welfi those readers who would like to bother ne -.vellbrsr to join in your adventures? lioulcl you like a pen-p. Each adventure costs 51. (. and a free contact servLce. and is four sicies long (Ihe same size as ih. and lots nore. NPCrs.50.please do so. our patron.the only Ui{ newsletter for Traveller fans. That agility shoulal be used. Merley.

. Nou fi'nilinnentr The Vacc Pod.s i conversation between two starhands. or 20p rlth. not only for it's long endurance (72 hours. Cr 2p0. an encounter is thrown. the chief pilot was crippled in a monorail or Notiringr.eclared who he crossed paths with an.(OZOZ) $hile enjoying a quiet alrink at one of the nany the group oveitrei. can fincl a new cre[. . u.upy one of the crew positions himselfr if neecl be' Referees t informationr The area. a scout vessel (disguised-asaritmieriat vesiel. and. fire bornb l-s set to detonate sometlne aftex the have placed a bonb in the Junp ship enters Junp-space. etc' RoIl 1D6 anal check the result nith the entries belo*. finding ttecaying ships. 1._ Be the first on your planet to subscribe. "*"".s-the xdat-tenaer in-ii"Jli-1.) wi1l hail the Double of Nothing. An optional ertlo. If prisoners succeed in escapingt the piraies ni11 abandon the base.Tci) i.ie you live without a subscription to hrk Star?. Apparently. ( Itobably because chyet Ttre assassini sent to t<ii1 Chyet do not know what he looks like. If-boarding pernission is clenied. I | t l I I | | t i l r r 1 | I I I r I I t I I t . Locator. twice. pirzt"d have established a base tleep within the Sattle zonet away from established routes.i11 finai that ctryei is willing 16 ral triple normal crew salaries.000. the pi::ates will atternpt to capture the ship. netalshopsr etc' iron Trr. Z-3. detailing possible colllsions floating clebris. and will in all probability (itti" may reiult in "or".for nore detaiLs. and"a rnlni conputer.to -SIESCHIPTI0NS: 3 issues (inc pap) for Ct.i"i""-r"r-itr"-"tove.D. to those_Belters who ro11 of the Vacc Pod. ancl ask forboarding pe:nission. o" oir* the Drive. an encounter table ihoulcl be d.ders & Gunboats -.00). Fof 2.and "ott-to. DiSging even fur-therr. but have founil ott 'Double or Nothing (hence the accldents!)| so-they that he eithgr works on. vila chyet. ' wlth il.)and maneuver but also for itrs protection against serious hazards. All is as representecl. take prisoners for ransom. In all cases. is the mining laser ( equival"ent to a I-a.the group .t is.so.nyr. that ls. Ttre accidents are accidents. rsurnnertirne on lcans". antt booby-trapping the relt. they used to worketl on the salvage tn" recently fonned. or all of the old crew returning to the DoN). 4-5. lrEs rRrt the fingert on hin!) a vendetta against hin.ihe 78th Patron -. 11' &iscovered"r:ie. being salvagecl is the Tr*o Suns Batt1e Zoner found nidlray betneen Yres and Henorb -.By Nelson Cunninston.rawn up. the scout will open fLre. Inhis old "atiet. (Treat the Vacc Pod as Battle Dress).til.D"t6ie '&ccidents' to have befallen various crew nenbers' "r=.undFrnorld. a notorious crirninal who ls attenptine to go d. 6. taking everything of value. bta"-.Jh3 tti" being the last of -The pair are congrstulating thernselves on Setting out while they are st|}l allve even though by leaving they lose the offer of of double pay' lhe group will fln6 that a nunber of crew positions are open on on inv-stigation.gang-1eacler. As featured in irUtrur C.ser Carbine rqithout rSeekerr the Vaci Pod may be given as mustering out benefits. the Vacc Poci and for both heavy A rigid cylinder with waldo extensions is nich tivored ty Belters. SINGLE ISSUEST lJp without SAE. Two Suns Salvage Cornpa. !f discovered. The referee s5ould design a salvage barge (converteil frorn a stanalard designr)incfudlng such thlngs ast extra fuel tankager car€o grapples. Vacc Pod are IR. in fact. see tibrary Data: Battli of Two Suns. Double the bankrupt unless the orn"". W vision aids. Olarkers delicate work. ileightr 1 ton. An Illustlation l'lining laser. brpertise. The Vacc rotl (B) Cr 30. and. rstr-'aightr. subsequent events should be deterrnined by the referee.--6 llave+s' Required Equipnentr None' Players I Inforrnationr gpacer hostels on Yres/negina. Included with the capabilities. lfrat the two Suns Salvage Co' will alnost cerbainly go or-Nothing. 3v Neleon Cunnington.. and sunrnonhelp fron the other frro shiPs. and "i|hors There ?". efso. an Inertail sights). if possible. other salvage ships. ttre Z6oclani navy have startetl coverl salvage operations. fOB4 (fS 3gr Klnunlr). where the ship will have the least chance of survlval after an &plosion (ii tne explosion does not k111 them).may be found on page 16 of the JTAS issue l. antl that he "i11 o". riifa chy. and are currently tryine to salvage an Ilnperial walrship.

ssage is Traveller sized. Also given i-n TCS.ve you ever wanted to to be Grand Adrniral of the fleetg be Darth Vader. and of. you would like to appear on a list If players. although the entries nust be sent to ne. Mixture of available (les]. canpalgn (to the nearest year). Itl1 contact you!). plane. Issue 1 eontains an interestLng selection of arLicles.3ut with poor artwork. or r0ontt contact rne. The Trlllion Credit Squadron (TCS).M. p.. kice @ f2. another book will be released. ti*xes and revenues.R. PP have produced a playing aid worthy of the rApproVecl for Use lii. or griginal GDW. player that you a. rule for the followingr Adventure 5.lcl'iahon.re! .fr. and John tloberLs (Both co-editors of ALIm{-STAR. L. so that Mercenary is expa. this tirne by providing the reader with sornelhing nore just a nap book. lprk Star tuLinet 3/3. Dark Star htlner High Xassase -Issue 1. or x (1etters. it. then read onl this book is for you. M. includes and maintaining and Trillion Cr squaddesign paraneter:s for Bi11ion. JB pages 1ong.lB entries In future will be printed in Alien Star. fight (?) navaf battles. for exampler A scenario. !: the type of tr--aveller G. Designed by Donald Rapp. lligh kssage is a quaterl-y magazine devoted entirely to lraveller. High passage will reveal I subsector of the 01d. ie.just as Hopefully. is that the reader must wait 4 years to complete the 01d Srpansese sector. A chronology of the fsl-ands Subsectors. confederations. 3/2 -. even if only for ideas. A1so. Ttavell-er E: How long you have been playing F: llhat type of contact you would like with other Traveller players. but expensive addition to a Traveller llbrary. of Traveller fill in your personal code cn a 3x5" file index card (or paper) r and send it to h. 4/4 {?rif'your interest lie rnore in Character role-playing). For those of you who sti11 have no idea what I am talking about . or B Ar Your nanne & address. are two subsecto::sr The Old Islandsg and The New fslands.rearl on. Again.g5. hrblisher: h. cones conplete with a lO page guide book. an AfI expansion.l.gn/. Publisherr CDVcI. gane ? If the answer to any historic or use diplomacy in a Traveller of these is yes. Building additions and clarifications rons. the guide is in the form nunber representing the general quality of production.nded -.l. which surprLsingly the Solonani -.) and rnyself. High h. Ha.ranoia kess. .00. Earth disshons the dates of any lrportant covers the Junp Drive. Another T:iave]ler Star Sectorr the Beyoncl lies one sector rirnward-spinward of the Spinnard lbrches.to this nersletter. TCS expands High Guard. typeset. and others. all ffi(.two narksl the first presentatLon. Rrblisherr High Fassage. an agreenent has been made between Rob l. statistlcal cornbat resolution. Because of the linited space available. the Seyond. A11 of the subsector naps have been put together. neetings. per issue. and an interesting. &. The worst point about HP. E {panses sector. . this issuer containing the Drethenes Subsector.th' labe}. fleets.All reviews will have a guide to the quality of the product. or O (official products. A11 imporbant capitals. events. and would you believe more! to $igh Guaril (2nd Blition). EVen a Ringworld crops up! This sector is worth adding to any existing campaign. and. stars 3ackground for the two subsectom is given in a short essay.rk Star ibtingr and only 1 advert (?).Us!. game that you play inr $: Your age (to the nearest year). how Trillion Credit Squadron -- Traveller Adventure q.rk Star. a map of the Beyond. Variant GDl. on the 11" x lf" nap.! (And about tine too!). a new char:acter generation Stardartr a look at a TL14 fighter systen. The Beyond. tz. than and are printed junp routes.Br The type of Traveller Player of Both)T {nef"re".. t3. D. for exannple: In the year ?O5D AD. the second nunber representing the usefulness of the product.rk Starl Contact Bureau New!. and ?AS zonea are on the nap. V.

I. this nay be done at any time tluring the oonbat rountl without 1D-3.) in the Beyond sector book. Gatherer-Hunter Soverneal by a group of The Chirnani. and. equiprnent. the charge nay be varied. of strength. Four predoninent and the Manilralli.rk Star biingr in.ssage. Chalacter sheets for Travellers!. where they span 2 . The Sinahne are a caste basecl society.l^ Ll ). weapons. Mandanin Co-Doniniurnr Ginlenchy background for the sector.NEI'I EQUIPMEIITTBlectrified Knuj:k1e-dusters -- I Electrongx' combat game. Fange Modifiers: A C n B N J M ArmourModifiersr -10 +2 -1 +1 -3 +4 -3 is usecl instead. The Glirnmerdrift Reachesr naps subsector by Judges Guild.ing out cheques or postal orders. or J charges frorn the battery Soecificationsl Cost: Cr 5OO. information Ttre guide book contains Zarian neah.aw Level J or higher. at Tech Level 9. the Urzni.esigned for a glailiatorial Ori6inally and insulated alloysr society of tottay. Blectronux are now usecl by d. New Releases: Cp. Bye for now.Files.ide book. each with a sma11 historica{backgrounil point in the booklet The one failing is the set of encounters for the sector which aDpear in the back. they do not suffer As the Sinahne do not know (or wish to knowr) of their conplex of the Vargr. All Sirnahne believe that enforce the lars of Kang to such an extent. S1.or the use of the sector. historical maps (which do not apPear A1so. depend. (m.J subsectors. Electronux to protect a control on the thunb by adjusting according to taste.€tr t@-\1r{a . As for hancls. due the enount of information pa.nes Workshop. if not. Ganes Workshop. the conbat situa- t3. Ibrk Star Mtingz 2/2. Fersonal Dale-. Sta:ship @Trave}1er. tions which frequently 2/2. LIBBARY DATA_! KEIl'oRp Et{eUIRYs . points. is used (LrM.2. see you next tine. are present in the b in it. Kang. or H). 1D. the scholar/priestthat they Here created by the deity.y. ioncordance. characteristics. Reaches. but dexterity Aalvanta€eous nod. action enough roon for senrice history. Ech inflicting are availabler Ttrree settings 1r.fl.99. see Crininals out benefit f. Craver.I{INOR nACE. ancl 1ow. I'lade fron one of the rnany plastic the crinLnal soneone. charge rhen they contact release an electric the wearer. book. necliun. and. hood (composed mainly of Uranir) are Non-believers even the most educatecl of the Simahne have cleep rooted beliefs. t4. of conmon Onnivore/ rnlnor race clerived fron genetic rnanipulatlon SII{AHNEI Intelligent stock. such ast necessary f. Outlawed at l. penalty. Sirnahne can be found spinward of the Spinfrorn the inferiority nard Marches. T. The GdR cornes shrink-wriappetl. tfrere are no Sj:nahne non-believers)! with rnistnrst respectfullyralthough treated origins. the area trailing JZ pge gu. Iayout Sheets-. crop up in Ttravellex ganes. Available Close range. the Glimnerdrift The second 'officialr a antl contains to the Ley Sector. please rnake thern payable to: . Irll see you at GamesIb. end. each sheet contains amour. larK SEr. a 2 colour 22x)J" nap of the sector. types of Sinahne exist: elciers. and neLee factor (for: Azhanti High tightning). SIts-CATEGoRY Bg/3048! SI}'AIINE.99. each round of use-drains Powered by a short-life 1Dt-J respeetively.Lectronux nay be taken as a nustering lihite Dwarf 1q. powercell. Powercell Costr Cr 5 (30 charge ce11).i-fiers: in for a fiIUG. Short ranger +1.ing on which settlng life. Judges Guild. +2. Ttrat's all for this issue. 16 subsector and the Krax Confederation.eachpadcontainsJ0sheetsofgniclpaper(}'')'and Using these sheets can aid is intencled for use with lJnrn figures. Ib. each pad contains J0 sheets. high.Ihenwrit. the Go:4. lieigi:t 2O0gr (negHgable).n1. 'Trzvor Trevor Graver. and.

SLriker w111 contain 3 books. alternativell. At the rnoneni. In hrk Star issue 2. GDI{are selIlng these separately.rk Star readers have recel-ved a little froq other certain people.*EM\ za' mARK*sTAffi# THE TRAVELLER MtcRoztNE. . Ef Veanm-rts 1980 . I arn rather neet -. of 10 The Avenue. . ftarchesl $4.te to have tofficlalr i.Hello.r\y other newsletters deallng with traveller. Anyone rilling to send Bob their nensletter. GDUrsattenpt to brlng Traveller to the nasses. Ibrk Star has a ner adclress.to aII of the people rcho ne at Dra€onSecond\r.Azhanti High Lightnlna. . As usua1. I $. -. lhe Irnperlal FrlngeS an lntroductory atlventure.fl11 xssu4 E/ s e p t e m b e r . . . 4 . the fourth lssue of F'rk Star. (c) 'Itevor Graver 1981. . c/o Ganee t{orkshop Ltd. .e I rill be ataytng for tho next 6 months or so. green. ( It appears that soare referees hand out an update ehoet to all of their playe::s. rlll be printing Dx It. So the nerr address to send in for Dark Star lsl Trevor Gra. All orders for these ltems should be adtlressed tor GDI{P4rbs Dept. I announced a ship deslgn competition -. . Wp of the Spinward. .) can send lt through ne.A. 61701.IS. and & lar6e rnap of the Splnrard llarches ( ln four coLou::sr blue.the latter appearing to la.hrk Star.ltre Journal of the Travellersr Aid Society. lhe winner of the conpetitionr M-i: Hunt. Dark Star ls available frorn the above ad. I woultl like to say hello . His ship design wl1l appear later this issue.s. ls GDtlrs tradenark for ltrs sclence-fictlon mle-playing TRAVELLER irE@E is ueed wlth permlsaion. Book 0. . 'net Flrst of all.n Strlker.dress for the meagre price of 20p +SSAE for a sirtgle lssue r ](. and rtre turperial r'rins". . r r r r r Y r r . r 2?-2g Sunbean Road.ldnrt get one! _ _ Look for these at Canes h-y r - PAIilTNOIA PRESS *'!"':^" *^-. they nake a ctifferenee:) Book 0r An Introduction to Ibaveller. . people who routd like to obtaln an" *n. Bloornington. 0rlelns AFaxdsr Daveller $weeps the boarct! at Orlglns sar the following results (deserved). r DANK STAX I{E1dS or Cf for a J iesue subsciptlon. comes cornplete wlth Books 1-3r (ALL LO-AW revlsed . MAGAZINE BEIT F0LE-PI^AYI}|C lbak (Adventure 3). Brockhan surreJr Etl 7m{ (l6m coder n44</v/vz-t).belleve ne. Sook 1 dealing rith batttest Book 2 deallng wlth equipnent. tho only ne}rsletter for Hello thert! traveller. STRIKER.ver . AffmIIIJRE f980 -.Tnlllght's BEiT n0LE-PLAYING BEST SCIENCFTICTIoI{ cAI'lE1980 . . and Book 3 ctealing with the tlesign and combat of vehleles. ODtl extencl their thanks to all 'Itaveller players everJrwhere. I hear nunours that certain h.SU lhe Inperlal Frlnge . canes }iorkshop Ltil. somethlng A1so.rrrrf*""f&qfr* ^lr" -a w v ' l r eac"^r\\r r r.@v sfucr o**s" . but rOfflcialr all the sane) is to be released soon. 35p without. Deluxe T:avel1er. l{eloone to thls. laa J@ for postage. rSSAE. U. London Nl{10. Book O . retl and ye1low. .ll"ifJ. acknowledgenent or Citadel ltinlatures -.v . .a set of mles for l5nrn battles in Traveller ( uslng Harblan Metals figuree. Plus black ""t. fnterluder Bob Mctlilllans ls tnterested ln recelving a.the prize being a nap of the Inperium.df (And}tE!) . later on this year ( although lmportetl versions are due Ln the UK ln nldrSepternber). Park Royal. thereby keeplng the players up to date wl-th current events in the ongoing canpaign. .) r r r l l .fl. I Po'Box l. urrsur€ of *her. . .:6lt6. game. II.

reactors.Automatic Rif1e. Light Assault Cun (UC). Azhanti Hieh Lightning Au tAG specificationsr I of fuel 4re are nanufactured narlulaclureu processing for fission lfon uorl-raulgoullYe urarrturr. Autocannon. uslng a slmllar prJ-nciple to that of the Laser:.6. each grouped into a battery.tor forming itrs orn battery. IIU rounds are conslderetl to be HE for all purposes. is to use IIJ munds as infantry 6uppor:t *eaporls. Shiprs c€ft = One zl0 ton Pinnace.o 1L=I5. Because D{J rounds nass approxilt- . the flrst onil nunber is used. AmourI]llsr@ +) +) +3 +3 +3 +3 +2 J Dice. the )bser generates a bean with a higher frequency than that of the laser.5.0?06911 .5 times the nass of an ordirnry round. Cargo = 2. Two srnal1 craft staterooms. Bridge = B tons. Crew = 15. 0.XaseF( orogounced 4avzer)' TITAVELLERT By Ne1son C\rnnlngtcn. FA 553fie 900000 T. ana. llhen the secharcl targets (as mentioned above). one single partlcle accelera. F. Base price Fower Fack cost weight Rds/p pack Len6th Anuno Sase welght 1l '4b shots 1000mn 18000 Cr' 4O00C U00'Cr. Low Bexths = I (for 12). nachinery. and the fiscarding Sabot Arrnour DMs (rith an additional DMof +1).475 KK . 1 I = 13.-.5' Pa-ssengers fui1ity = 4.NeH ltgaponJ' Tte l(-rav leser" 3"r.30000 . therefore giving lncreased a$nour penetratlon. If the round is fired at a bard. etc. Crew = 2.o3O00O.. l{ith it's hlgh annour factor' it can wlthstand the effects of rnost assaults.Hlective &rlrancetl) 600m(vision xaser Rifre uepleleo ul"Lnl-ulrl un rounds rounG bypmcluct ately 1. Ihe A::noured Frigate perforrns nuch the sane duties as the Zhodanl diplonatic nissions. and two trlple nisslle turr€ts organised into one battery.t'=Is BatteriesBearing zLJzL1. +2D for a LAG or Autocannon. llhen using nrLes from Books 1 & 4' DU rounds use the HE ffange Dtts ($Ith an additional -1 DMat very long range). edvancea CombatRifle (ecn). Cargo 30.005 J00 tons. 100 L VL I{ RanseDl{srC S -4 +2 +1 +2 +? bnage infllcted.nes the nol''la1 cost of annunition for each weaponr Normal pr:actice for nilltary organisatLons. Rifle. lboops = 0.) in an oxygen beartng atnosphere' an adtlitlonal Dil of +1 wlll be nod. target (such asr Battle Dress' Co[bat Annourt vehLeles. rShiwa! ie. General purpose Arrnoured Frigate' Da$ Star ShiD tEsign Congest l{o204 0 l{cr 398. Itrs orm armnanent consLsts of two trlple bean laser turrets. Fuel = 3.tfiecl by +lD for a Rifle is applied bo hit. EP = 3.2). Batterles = = = 2J:0 (fr days)' nf = 30. Low Berths Aeifity = 3. trh. 40 tons. and can be founcl in outer systern ilefence.nJ ACR Autocannon -Du +o (vision Enhancetl) 2000 lo00 3000 (vision Ei*rancett) (9/L9+3 (L2/18)+4 $/12)+L 1!ro penetration ::atings are given for the frl roundsr the second Ls for use against is for al1 other cases. or ACR.5 7000e Power packs nay be recharged fmrn a high enerry source for Cr.infllcted Autorifle. : Azhanti Higb Lightnlng specificationsr ScLrene I'onE !!@@@@@@@@d&rc__. and the wound. border patrolst etc. tXJ rounOs cost l0 tj. -m zoo(i/Lz) 4oo (5110) 59 2oo(5/B)+24oo(3/6)+1 59 . Fuel ?alsengers = 0. and are hlghly lnflanrnabler they arc employeclon Tech Level B-I1 rorlds to irnprove the antl-anrour capabllity of slugilJ rouncls are available for the following teaponsr throwers.

) Hhere all is not as it should be. fl "G. and an essay on t.000t". DF. l. purpose. b) have an issue adtleii onto their subscription. 0 = 0riginal. Block 6r How you would like to contact other Travellelsr L .ange for fighting ships. which seens a 1itt1e str-. .h-gj.Jo. Ships ranging fron J0 to J00r00O tons in size. DARK STAR REI'IEI{5. That is. Hey.rk Star l{elfu 2/) ( Average adventure/Yery Useful irrfo. yep. ft would also be of l-nterest to knowhowyou flrst So. class name. BrLc llunt. !!qgk ir Your age to the nearest year. and the 8slyat. of your tlne to send in a contact ca-rd -- heard of Dark Star. D. Once yor: have filled in the card. V = Variant GD!r. the effort nay be worth it. takes place on Janosz ( in the Har:lequln subsector of the Solonani Aitn). The VR contains a lot of lnforrnation for the referee. Iull keep playen lnformation on Janosz is given.although together the lack of subsector maps in the book itseff can be a pa. Deck plans for the Lab ship are provided. a fanzine also index card)" the list of Travellers dedicated to Traveller.).rk Star fiating: )/J (Cooa/Very useful) . F\rl1 Library data on the sector is provided.co$ilcT BilRe\q for those players who have difficuliy ln of thrk Star is included this section who would like to f111 out bheii conrplenent of playere.la.l = Meetings. send it to rne (at the address shown on the front pager) along with an order for the next lh.fTi products. along with eight runour sections. etc. O. IN BL0CK CAPITALS.rk Star. Block 5r How long you have been playing traveller ie. *hose address f have lost.rk Star (of course!). read the key below If you would like your nane to appear of a list of Traveilers. along with an 11"x1/" map of the sector. and introduces two new ninor racesr the l4urian. finding other Traveller:s. Chuck Kallenbacb II.: Your I'lane and address 31ock 2r the type of Traveller j0 at night. takes place on a lab ship (not unlike the wheel-type space statlon in 2001r A Space Oddity. Ibrk Star l{n. receives a 11"x22" rnap of ihe Inperiun. pertinent along with all inforrnation to the cieath station. the second adventure. if you have been playing for less than 6 nonths. Also. or the fact that none of the ships have frozen watches.a-l. from Heavy Fighters to rlreadnaughts. and a tirne range in which people can phone 31ock 7r Your phone nunber ( if desiredr) Bloclr_l. ATson c€. 3y the rayr anyone xho entered. Each ship is also pictured next to the text about the ship. ft's a pity that a little nore care coukl have been used in the prepar:ation of this booklet (ie. Frk Star lbtingr Faranoia Press. A tleparture frorn the nonn of Traveller a<iventures.) The winner l. player you arer P = Playeri n = fiefereet B = Both player: and referee. Fning sessi"ons ( with prior arrangenent!). use up a bit. the Argon Ganbit is a detective story which will guessing. lb. carnpaign that you plaly'nrnr lhe type of Tr:aveller Flo. and any reJ-evant infornation on the ship. ttre back cover says "_50 fs 200. 2-!r different are examined.iion/The Death Statlon' the first half of this adventure. @ e2 'Ihe second" Sector published by Paranoia Press. GDlt t1. Designer: the Vanguard Reaches.rc !{i1}er/Frank Chad*rick.lr P. ie.fre Solomani.. z/z (lveraae/Useful). the Vanguard neaches is locatetl $pinward of ftre leyond (reviewed last issue).95.in. they are all in here.Letter contact. C = Official GDI{. everyone except (See. Supplenent ar Flebtlne Fighting ships contains a broad ovewiew of the Inperial shiDs llavyr. if I had you conLact card. As with the Beyonclr the nap is very useful as it shows all of the subsectors joined -. CDI{ t3.nbit" l.neone rilI so hopefully notice you. and wrlte youx personal code on a )"x5" lile index card ( paper xi1l do if you havcn't a file will appear: in ALIEN STAR. . nost of the shl-ps have little or no armour. }l = Medley of existing ( to tfre nearest I€I). Not reccomnended for blast and slash parbies.*t 4/4 (Very good adventure/Essential inforrnation). the Ship design conpetition will a) get a free issue of &.) I the Argon Ganbit.5-8. each ship ts supplied'with it's UPP. so. Ships. especially when the ref doesnrt have enough roon to spread out the La::ge nap.

es. 'Tieor al] for now chape. High [assage. Faranoia Press. half now lies in a state of war wlth the Zhodani Consulate -_ along with their snicley alli.10r lHE oLD D(PAI{SES.3r ntE VANGUARD REAL:IIES.n16x1 1{6ms Worldl t t l I I . hone of aU JG adventures.I ASLANHIERAT IE * l l l A::LAN CLIENT SfA MAPOF THE IMPERIUM. I1O5 (uan (C) GDW. at the top of the nap. half DARK NBULA. 4.Lion ln hrk Sta. 4. in Trillion Credit Squadron.ZHODANI CONSULATE P1ir. as yet unpublishetl' Deslgnerr Andy S1ack. CDI{' as yet unpubllshed.llt Croup One are not worthy of a nen. rDark Nebular' also by GDIJ. revieweil this issue. Paranoia Press. X belng the location of the sector on the vertical axis. i data. 6. as yet unpublished. 6ec wrr nex* rasue-/ { . 4.THE IMPERIUM c q Gutr.also location of the Argon Gatnbit. Itre game eection of thls sector -.. Gares Workshop. reviewed this lssue. as yet unpublished.unr features'a largo ?t9t TtlE SOLoIIANIRIIil. Hone of 9M of all I1ave1ler adventures ( the coreward 3.) fiAPPfNC llIE EIPEBIII! GDW With the publication of new Traveller eectora becornlng connonplace these daysr I thought that I shouLd take the tl-ne to show you rhere each sector ls located. (A11 X tocatlons starb fron 1. one subsector per Lssue. CD}r.5t ITIE SPINrABDHAnCHES. 6. The Vargr. A1l references to location are naile in the followln6 wayr XrY . used rlth permlsslon. 16. Gamest{orkshop.5r fi{E TnOJANREACHG. pad publisheal. reviewed last issue. Trro subsecto::s are featured. 7.5t lHE nIFTsPAll nEACHES. gane published the ln GDlt. 4r4l llIE BEYOND.6r IiIFT SE0mR.r -'.). Judges Guild.7r rlrnperi. Insufficient 3r|r CORRIDOR. an<l 1 being the locatlon on the horizonLal axis. and the Sworrl Worlders. GD!{.) GDH. Designer:Bob Mcflillians..2 '(r"t ltatrs fV!?. IllE CLIHilEfiDRIFTREACHEI'Juclgee Guild' reviewed last lssue.n {Hiv. llome Worldl HIVE FEDEFATION . J. 4111! IllE LEI SECTon. only part published.

then you have I choieesr a) send. is at present undecided. Also tha. r4 all cases. at: 27-29 sunteam no..4 are gone forever.lhe Secret of the Ancients. adventure -5.a Jlp chequer/postal order to nL.or is it too harrl on the eyes? I:f you can spar. is nearing contrletion. Orlginally' lbrk Star ras conceived due to lack of comnunication in the gaming nress.jot on the news side (at feait t ttrint so).an very unlikely to print any more. who has graciously al-lowerl ne to publish it. have all contributed to this sad state of affairs. 'Itris 5.rk Star as we know it. and don. is working on a new adventure caLled the l'/inds of Uar:se' l. rssues l. the fifth fabulous iesue of ilcavel-1errs only newsletter. designer of IEVIATMN. Adventure Z: Br-oadsr*ord. Sone of you will notice that lbrk Star is late this nonth .rk star. Compare it to the elevation dr:awing on page l8 of adventure J. state the issue/s that you want.lhether or not if will be lofficialr. cornplaining that the instnrctions for the contact bureau are too long (at least for a zine this size!). <lmp rne a line or two. if you want to nake sure of your copy of th. and a lot of work to do.T. is that it h'as a srnai. no sleep. b) subscribe for I issues at the triviar cost of 5'r. so.. Bob llcilillians. I would like to know the foll. a Ttavr:ller sector soon to be published by Gil LtaI.owingr a) Is ttre contact Bur-eau redundant. and in extra page has been inserted.DARK STAR T H E T R A V E L L E R I .on the future of Da. 'lhree new Traveller adventures have been announeeil by GDWI Adventure 6r Drpedition to Zhodane. t'lhlch do you prefer? And now. or rApprovecl for use withr. A1so. 'Ihe spaceship picturerl at left. for the RR last issue. a short editorial. r. and Crine & Frnishrnent. but C€nes Day. 3ob MciJillians. 'IYevor Graver (srnal1 tirne crook. just so that r please most of bhe reader:s nost of the tfune -. llord out on the street says tttat the character generation system nil1 be a greatly revised. but seens to fal1 down on the contact side. r alonrt carry a port::ans with me).t fo.e the tine.ER is GDI{rs tradenark for it. r have received a nunber of letters. tondon Nw10. and Aclventure Br . Andy Slackrs RiftSpan Reaches. Hardly any entries for the CB have arrived since issue 2. there are no cts instnrctions. lf U FLUK€ 20p o c m s es ns U E5 role pliying TnAVFJ.. is the original concept sketch of LEVIATMN. Park Royal.s science-fiction game. version of the mess that appeared in I'lhite Dwarf issue lp.l print vqn' and therefore once it is sord out. 'fi:avelLer is used with perrnission. u.r rAoproved for use with' booklet 'fraveller' for dealing r'rith CfiIMINAIS.ssue. b) would you Uke Ibrk Star to stay at 5 pages . should be )r )' . and a need for a newsletter to help 'tr:aveller playen contact each other (via ttre -Coltact Bureau)t_Dark Star does quite a good.rt s[ii-G)Tevor craver 1f81.r:get your " nane and acldress (B1ock capitals please.t the r:oortlinates given. and editor (?) or a nersletter for a garne which sha1l renain nameless) is reported to be working in r. I I c R O z t N q .0K? Another inportant thing to rememberabout Dark Star. as seen by the designer. c) steal a frlends copy.my apologies.

1s ttrat environnintal conditlons. Ilre Elsi1on have an acutely developed aur:aI sense. operationr between the two verbal conversation pl"gged into the unit. . they are densely cov. ls the high degree betreen the varlous subraces. Cost 20'000 Cr. A11 Sus'kar show a dlsposttion torards Onnivoral behaviour.oclof separatlon of dLfferentlation has been so short (an estinatecl lj0r000 years). destroylng all but the smallest aninals and each other' untll ln rtrlch to ralse thelr fanllies. externallyt Horever. and a low population base to begin with. in the head. +1 if intelllgence 5-).kar Gannahave becone anphibious during their sep::atl. to netabolize food into *ater' anal th€1r l?re chief arnongst theee being thelr ability great sensltlvity to nagnetic fields. ltrey too are fully intelligent. Itre Portable girect two language chips are In the first.:un9 pseud. A feature of the Sus. NE{ EQUIPt{ts{T Bv Nelson Cunninston Iech Level 0.ninor race. caused an accele::ated evolutLon proceBs to occurr five separate tlmes. thelr de Sus'kar-Alpfra are farge (100kg) sub-lnteltigent the pla. durln8 the sprlng (a. obviously of great use to nomadic gatherem. In the second. thought to be ancestors of the Anclents. via case. and ftr11y lntelligent.Ancient civilieatlon seed colonlee on nearby planets. although 1n the Alpha between the sub-l3ceg' the dlfferences this is seasonal.on fron the rest of and are also the only susrkar people their race.ers. dtlfferent tliets. and are able to keep up a |$m/h snln all d:ay rithout tlrin€. betneen the fore-llnbs and the hlnttnost palr of 1egs. has two nodes of or Portrans.. are sub-intelllgent evolved. ltrey are tall. they have evolved a great nanJr internal dlfferences.. a language chip and a blank chip are plugged 1n9 the user to the tr:anslatlonsr) words from the new 1-anguage (and their utters then liboriously portrans. rlth four lower li. flylng Hunter:s. Respiration ls by the usual palrecl 1.now. sLtuated on several planets ln the Reitlaln subSus. the colonies fell to neollthlc cultural levels.fter arakenlng fron hlbemation') Alpha becone Ki1J. in the new langr:ager so Itre unit is then switched on during a conversation rrles of gramtnar. An unfeatheretl ring has eveo Ihe Suslkar Delta. Hunter:s. spin$aad of the Darrian sub-sector..net. Base weight 3000g.karr An intelllgent sector. whilet the foremost palr of le6s have cteveloped lnto crude gzasping llnbs. Unfortunately thelr early attenpts at colonleatlon as the hone planetrs sun beeane a reil glant before and explor:atLon came to little. Gathere::s durlng rnost.o-haenoglobin. art qnouped around the bralncOZ/oZ exchange. nasslng only 2Jkg naxlnum. iloHever. and have funnenseresertes of blubber.. they are nox gener3ll"y held origlnally to plant rhich nacle use of tlLscovered artifacte to be a post:.. except to snall scientlfic Afl Susrkar worlds are voluntarily o<peditions . Susrkar have a calciferous basket skeleton.mbs (usetl ln all but the Delta 6ub-race for loconotion) and a palr of upper nanipulatlve lfunbE (agatn' the one exception being the Delta sub-race). Ihe prevalling theoxy'to account for the dlfferencee ln Susrkar sub-races at prosent. to cope rith forebearers. unusual when the perS. that any of the colonLea would with thls theory ls the low probabiuty I?re dLfflculty have survivetl nith the Iow number:senvisioned by proponents of this theory' let alone flve. nhere they remalned until discovered by the IISS ln 113. the sense organs.. they have establistrect a safe terrltory to their Ihe Susrkar Beta are thought to bear the closest resemblanee. who have adapteil to the extremely Ihe-susikar Epsilon are f1r1ly lntelligent frigLd conditions prevailing on the single contlnent of their p1a. the Delta ar€ snal1. are able to stay undertater for as nuch as 2J with a planet-wicle culture. the Sus. the arrns are llttle nore than part of the wing. As a reeult. thelr arid environment.rnrna minutes. These are the slnllar:lties are qulte stniking.netrs year. graceful.kar whlch nakes thern parLlcularly interestlng to Xenologlsts.of.red in fur. which then transfates t"anguages. Such a process takes 2D x L2 hours (DMs-r -1 ihat it nray formulate lf inte[lgence of user 10+t -2 lf education of user 10+. translation. and pro6ranmable. ti:anslator. the colonies becane fu1ly viable. ea. Portable Translator: as it is nore conrnonly ea11etl.. interdictecl.

A d h b i o € H k v o d d d o a a! b + 3 ! ES d x oi . 5 i g . t o o h d g ! A+ EH O o i o o o H o t g ( q o . ." "E 3 3-g'd ri ' 3 E 3 C g E i". rr.E * t s 5 td .lt€:[i eietsl ! o o -s'E t . E ? l E ? & 8= o q o d d r + + n d + E 4 | O d o F. .ffit El El iifii. E ' S 3 * *l R e S i 6 l * : d rh d d k d r ' v t 4 u ' ' t b E i t g l 3 . s .5 oj * 3a .lEls . : { r i i * .B E F E i E $" g ! i!e . ! h o O . .g.i. d t i * : $ g .l '5€. : E .E.5 .E g3: d O o > > v O d ". F O te :. E n i l o. EI. kO k i O d s a a o d o E d o o t o o d + d d ! d d itri s* 'j tE.g.t$ i l ! : : i s F ..!F i ls.d':i € " t i' -f *. t i qEs 5 I E P ' de H d l : E J o$ ! * " 3o a t $ k. i c d ! h o o o ^ o -. flE.:E 8.P 5 l8 * " S E c w E q ' " Fb. d O t d E d c o D o ad a o d D H O E d E o o o o d ! o o o > r E q u o a o g o i e o u o t ! d ! d o o E d D >€ E.5Fgg.3 : $i " EE l * ' ' E l ^ O > b o A O d q F ' fo I H 5** 5 0 d I t r or? 3Er O O O H O q r o q d t o H o o d l i d o L ts+ t' o b5-"gHrf"d' o g o oc d + E + I s d ! 3 +o 5 N o o a . o ?E 6.3 tso 3 c r o .isi f.lr:*r . 9 E S E '. 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ning three policenen arnecl with assault rifles. about all -- for this issue anyway! to Dark Star.rllL recelve an additional J000Cr.27 .Trevor . Royal ' See you next and don't forget. he ls willing to pay each nenber of the group 2000Cr to attempt to rescue his brother. provlde two rnaps for the playersr one showlng the surzoundin6 area of the hospital. and near Flak jackets. two nurses. he has been unable to bribe his brother out of trouble.fuloprent. 1. He is one of the Ine Glvar rebels involved. thats ish. Upon delivery of the rbrotherr. and the brother. but the convoy is l0 rninutes l-ate. A11 are wearlng cloth aznour. Another (ernpty. the group can cio nlth sone extra cash.) and the patron should also be arranged.29 sunbeann Road. and is on hls way to the hospital to be dissected for the planetary Organ Banks. 2-3. 'Ihe money w111 be handed over in an attache case which also contains a concealetl bonbl set to tletonate ln an hour. Referees I Infornationr the referee should. Requlred Skll1sr 79.nutes after the real one should arrive.the T9tgPatron. ete.ent enough to offer the group !{. Due to the nature of the 2nd lxrssenger. and ln fact has nade hls brother appear guilty of the crine.ld not conrnit). perhaps ln his late lOrs. along with two policenen on FlyCycles.. A1so. his brother nust have nonthly treatnent in hospital. each conta5. In all cases. Dre to the severe lar enforcenent on Fer!.s. the referee should plan a tine for the convoy to ai-ive. or the group could kidnap (f) tne target nhlle he is in hospital ( he will be there for 16 hours).ve nlghtclubs on Feri. Ore to an ll1ness contracterl durlng infancy. He has been sentencecl to death. Ihe police are armecl with auto-pistols. to an off-planet prison.s 1111 be added. 5-5. and the planned route of the a. AB for 2. TIlEvoR CIiAVER. so they llsten to the nans offer. Just befor€ hls brother is shipped. As for 1. A meetlng place for the group (along with the brother. to the convoy. lf the ambulance ls to be hijacked. ltre Patronrs brother will be taken to hospital ln a G::av-Anbulance. He suggests that this would be an opportune tine to spring his brother. 4. to: Send all monies. fiequlretl Equlproentr lleapons. As for 1. He has only just heard. in a weeks ti:re hls treatment will be needecl. otherwl-se he will ctie. C/0 cAMDs I{ORKSHOF. In addition tro police grav-car. Everything is as it seens. paynent will be nade. A thlrd policenan is inside the anbulance. Playboy (Terrorist Forl-6t1ayera" None. Because of thi. the gmup is appmachecl by a (seerninglyr) well-off nan. a lot of conve::sation. and all occupants of the arnbulance (except prisone:sr) w111 be wearlng c1oth. but the patron is one of the Ine Givar rebels trylng to free hls con::ade. actLng as escourL... the group has a choice as of Hhen to striker the arnbulance tal<lng the patronrs brother to the hospital could be hijacketl.. that his brother has been sentenced to life imprisonrnent. but a seconcl passenger is present. in recent bornbings on Feri. contributions.) arnbulance ril1 appear J ni. so that paynent can ta. If the brother is euccessfully spnrngl eaeh menber of the group. After a felt drinks and. and has consequently been arzested on a rnurder charge ( which he knows his brother d.rabulance. the second cornprlsing of the layout of the hospital (or at least the parb where the brother ril1 be!). NH10 'Sye . l{hi1e erljoying a floor shor at one of the less expensl. ilell chaps. subsequent events should be determined by the referee. As usual. Vehlcle. As lt happens. By Gar:y Newconbe. Palk IONDON.ke p1ace. Treatnent will take plaee at the Civic Hospital. the nan feels confld. ?). He inforns thern that his younger (and less wiser) brother has been rnixing with the r*mng sorb of people. anyone can contribute abuse. along with the clriver. the pollcenan inside the anbulance w111 be armed nith a shotgun.

aveller. fronr the uormal Last lssuer'I fourpa€e. b) W of the people rho answered said page?" For those of you nho are stl1l i-nterested. with issues renaining' cease. the p1ot.". Sirople.the Hawklings. the 5th page was hidden on the lrd page (Tro pages had been reducetl). FASA. Plans. Adventure 6.in this case MaIc ltlller by the original sections were written friefir $orldr tsaseCon the anthologies by Robert Asprin. overlay deviee. the first Aclventure Class Ships: Vo1une One.ssault shut+-le. the clirnax of the Solomani Rittr a T::aveller related boardgane.ASC. deallng rith Qrradr:ant is JG's nane for thelr area of spaee. and new equlpment' a 4O ton arrnoured a. ancl relcome to lssue 5 of the only U. fhave the following inforrnation to irnpart to your a) 6M of the people nho ansflered said "Ies. D<pedltton to Zhodane.) is a book containing seenarios the (ing Richard.K. f rould like "l{here was the extr:a xS to lncrease 1n slze.VI rill and rrles for Hotels. IHTORTANT NOTICE of Ibrk Star. newsl.A. and a 1000 ton Border Prowler Class ship. includingr Secondly. (t'tot you know what FASA means!) ljmrn scale. A11 subsclbers Ancl nor. AIl in Starporu Module One: Hotel Conplex. Space Adninistartlon. TNAVEI. printetl get you::s before it is sold out. I'lannatha-Alkaheet Reaches. and the forlhcorning I'tre Glinnerdrlft the Ley Sector..r'. CHA6IUM A11 of the appmporiate systens. (or. aid for all rnajor role-playing gane deslgne::s -. Journal 10's are in the country now' so vention in approxirnately U'K. knonn as Xtroat Infornation. ffil$Gm? quadrant (yet to be releasedr) and basetl arouncl a conrnando raid on an unkown installation. Dre to lack of demand. I ni1l be taking over as the revlewer of products. Also due for release: "IElders".exfissue publicatlon ri11 free tine to do Ibrk Star. Supposedlyr'buyer:s an Aptha Christie deck pJ.th ruins.I'he Cnrcls Margin.venture set in the Cateway the JG playing al-dsr ttre Arnycus hobe. so U. colusrn which reviews ner producte.etter for Tr.ve five responses. ie. tro of which arer large.ventures aboard the King Richard. descriptLons. Alien Star.-.SA. "Set in Anazon jungle sunoundlngs ltre Legenit of the Sky Raiders. 6 ha6 only Juet been released in the U. includ1n6 Traveller. in which a group of aclventurers have to lnfiltrate adventure. JUEES GUIIDI an ad.DAnK STAn# MrDl THE TRAVELLER MtcROztNE-fI\ i l o v $ { B IE sn sUE 20p 'i Hello there.. where the 1ocal populace conI hear you say. but not dup}icating complete wi.. it's buying 6. ltaveller l{arg and Erpedltion Zhodanl teritory. seetor ln the JF range -. lfellr-due to the nassi. and a decrease of available rd1l be remunerated.LER NEI{S#DANK STAR NEIfS#TNAVM. otherrlse has a regular so you can expect the As of lssue 7. thls tirne set ln the lbnntha-Alkahest ltrlrdly. Based loosely on in the form of FASA are also launching a nelr series of playing aids for Traveller. the good news. "how can you lnfiltr:ate 'Butr" sonewhere. fhe nain scenario revolves around for use aboard (yes you guessed itr) ilo not neetl to have TKR' as necessary type aalventure. sirnulatlng Invasiont4arth.Ad.I. there. 11"x1/" books. I?rIs seetor lLnks Sector. the 3rd. the people nho brought you those wonderful 1-'nm ship plans: forbhconing Action Aboard. you use a personallty tains Psionlcs?" Aalv. sane service fron your beloved edltor. will be the last one. Tr:avellers can erpect the lF6 neeks. is an adv to Zhoilane. to five pagee. The adventure will albo feature a ecorlng systen for tournarnent p1ay. SecLor' and yet another adventure. F?eedonlan Aeronautic for @ 10-12 ships' deck plans.S.lbe Gateray a sentient race -. asked you if you would like brk Star to increase in size.K. the blmonthly fanzine which features Traveller. Thieves world is a playing .ER NE}JS#DAIIK STAR NEII|S#TIiAVELIER NE}I$FI+JA t{erE Fron the lraperlunr ffic1utle:Tr:ave11e::srJournaIno10(revlewed1aterthis1ssue).ans are included in the book itself. and descrlptions contain statlstics. Rats! f've just noticed -. FASAI frorn FA. no-one 6.

rLlals. is for those people posessing the qalne.1 native llfe [stna. ltris nonth. are part of a llving any nonnl ninie. A11 necessary lnfomation oBE.l/t Ordeal by Eshaar: Da. ont. r:ather than staying in the Spinward Marches. 4 . thlngs further. ./Very Useful) APOLOGY particularly. . (su*-ffiG ttrls issue is rather late.ns !.rn In light of Frk Star's irnminent folding.o not subscribe. Our unritting band of adventurers job. nting" lveta1e/Useful. Z' of 1-4r 1= Pooy'of Little aie onJscale Yery Useful. yes fans this is it! T*re Traveller appeared in issue one of Ibrk Star.j.) As nany of you nay notice. Ordeal by Estlaar is an adventure nhlch shouild be found in every referees' adventure. unless he prefers a rhack & slay' 'Ilavellers' (UoilVery useful) Journal 10r [Erk Star ltark -. the To conpllcate fonns to Eshaar. to face the Ordeal by Ebhaar.rk Star are followetl by two narkst the. In the uneasy both are trylng to stab each other ln the back -. Contact!. are in thLs iseue. I a.ra. or resubsribe.rk Star Mark -. nen releases on hantl are very ferr Good Carnes Stores EVerynhere. Marc has clevisecl a nagLc system for . Also. fantasy-orientated Traveller. atnosphere. the rest af::ald is ny own fault -. and ileflnltely alien). ORIEAI BY 6HAAN FASA T4. The Bestlary. party must either dlscredlt the Zho cone ln. Therefore.tely the Zhodani are alreadJr tberc. pregeneratecl chalacterst eventsi encounters. pJ. although over l0 par:necs fron the war zone.sniff). seve::al groups of Eshaa. or nake the Inperials ls present.Affasr. DANKSTAR REI'IEI{S+$DARKSTAR REVIEI{S#DANK STAN NEVIET'IS#DAfl( STAR REI/ISI{S+{+DARK STAR the represents in D. Troops ln the 5th F. The Military affairs.) and nuch more! (Including collection. and titinlatures Hilitary the aval-lable (by l.4/3 $ery Good. this often leads to enbarrassnent. argicles on the followingr is the Planet Bullcling. along with sulphur/sulphuric acid serving as water etc. work..flmt A11 minl-reviens of the the usefulness quality of the product on the whole. Meanwhlle. cornprehensive adventure. JoUfNAL OF 1IIE TRAVELEfrST AID SOCIETI No. for the Inoerlals.thls truce betreen Zho and Inperials.S 10. appear:s ln JTA. kil-l part of the planet. where a war deciile to take a 'cushy' is ::aging. the eecond representing product. Court Martials. is a very good. Alt*rough lack of funds.. they find that Ebhaar.sorry chaps. and has also worked out the UPP/Subsector etc. 3= Cr. . co:rosive Estraar is a very nasty planet.eals with the non-publiclsed.::ans (natives being. llhen they arrive. etc. . Arnber zones.Anarew Keith) detailing with exlnntllng fir:st in a serles of articles worltl out of a nunber Planets. please d.anetary atatat Library Fta. lhe adventuring ig r*here the adventurers look good. ie. are wontlerlng who to grant the rights to the wonder nine::al. I0 G[. Academy. How to nake a realietlc information on Tr:aveller string. believe that a].oa/ use.l{.rk Star are partially to b1ane. Quality/Usefulness. conta. that is.lns to the faci ihat it fo1lom the I'lar Journal. -ing ope::ations.C . for Traveller. .N E I J S .0. For this obviously. @ tlarg The $'rontier Troops ln the Fifth Planet Buitrtlng. A11 of the regularfeatures Patron' which Ttre //th News Service etc. Unfoftuna.e of nilltary d. has a unique rnine::al whlch could change the outcone of tha war.45 adventure by FASAr Ordea1 by EShaar ls set on the planet FJshaar (surprise!). ie. CourL l'ta. anit if necessary. 4 = Very Cood/ Essential. survey operations. as STAn# DARK . and news to put ln D. Ihe flrst whieh is locatetl in the Taernerlyk subsector of the Far FYontie::s Sector.H t1.rst realise antl etlucation for llercenariea' Acadeny offer:s pre-enlistnent sniff. sid. inclutling tliplonacy rules. iemperatures of around 1J0 ct ie. drlI1lng. who rcould llke to worlds off of the JFl{ map (By nowr alnost to know how to assi6n troop ratings chance of holding off the Zhodanithat the Imperium stands 1ltt1e everyone m.

AlI unLts are. incorpolates two gravatlc fielcl generators. ls 500ltun long. A hlghly advanced se-nsor package ls also it. the r+ound lnflicted but render the reclpient xeapons are not tethal. standard EVAequipnent ls also present. as a riot orlginally shaPe and of the Inperlun -. tie non-stlndaitl nhlch tasts ior 10 rninutes of contLnued use-(Lto conbat rounals).. before a J hour recharge Ls neeessary' up to l0 hours of'sult Suit armnamentfor the rscoutt ls as folloxsr One finger nounted laser pistol on the grenade launcher nounted on the back of the sult.i equlpped wlth strength enhanclng hydraulics. or Slaver institutlong' NEi{ @UIPl.I EQUI?l. and a sj-ng1e ltcm RAM A1so. the paralysls control designed.Oar 5000Cr 2D+3 )t) D &tdur:ance score' is deductecl fron the vlctins NBt In all cases. These aret BD !. This devlce generates a field rod. battery rod (in whatever ver:sLon. allowing a top speed of 170kph. force and provldes the rnain strike suit. By Chris llurfin. a single g::avatic field Alrnour lncorporetes f3t$tigo7*%:Bi3u of 19kph.Yl N/^ kices quoted for the above weapons should be usetl on+y nhen the they are for sale on the open narket.tENTrBattle hesg DrDanslon. Standard EVA equipment is also present. Battle Dress 2 ls needed to operate Armour.NEI.comes ln varlous ae lt ls knorn to the 1aw enforeers wlth any electrlcal xhlch reacte (vlolently) slzes. sinilar to the nu1l-grav nodules ln the Alr Raft. rod -. the ultinate in indlvidual protection. tSeoutr amour. nhip.antltheversatiutyoftheIxSS' the Scoul virsion is used for reconnalssance/forrard obsenrer tluties.and aobility of a present ugi-fnto tlay tank. Attack arrnour' for rnost nodern ar:llies. unconscious for l* fa1ls to' or below 0. each performint a distinct role in nodern warfare. A E r 50Onn Ilo0run C+ 2t. ir-o"i. welghs t$09' ancl is available The standard unlt. ranglng fron Other nodels are available.lOf& Ttre hralysis Rod.r Armour. ie. three versions of Sattle Dresa are available. The general effect rsieze uprl causing aktost lnrnedvlctirn to overloacl. a rear mounted magazlne can supply up to 6 grenades. Internal life support systerns allow tlne'. by paraly8is tfounds infllcteai endurance score if the victlns only results Un"onsciousness louts. left ar:rn.tklr 'Sc6uf. operated by depressing a recesgeil button. ls an advanced exoskeleton. allowing up to 100/5G acceler:ations. Bv Chrls }turfln' porered version of Battle Ilress.sna11strikecapab11ity. lnfantprans generator.or cattle xeapon. powered by a to the slaver-type ring verslon. @. ls to cause the notor of the paralysls based newous systen. . COIIBAT l{ATtlICEit B !l snofc crcge ffiil-rjrurgs' +z +L rod (aII) Faralysis Aratysis Wtrip' ring Pa:alysis -6 +1 +3 +O +3 +2 +1 +1 -4 +3 -1 -4 +1 -z . low lar level worlcls. Battle Dress consLsts of a slightly larger-than-nan-size C. .) contact with nre t6-the speciall-secl effect of the paralysis bare flesh is necessary. Seout arlnour.i. prod. alloring Attack . gtving the rnoderi lnfantrynnn the flreporer. anil nerves of the unfortunate late unconsclousll€ssr at Tech level A.

nenkwhar/Lunion (0508). ie.A. the Corporatlon by choice -. alred robberies -. Suit armnanent for the Attack Arrnour ls as followsr One rear nounted rlr rack (performlng as a dual llcn BAll grenade launcher). @t }ft. wi. Any Corporatlon bases fountl on norlde with on all worlds wlth a starlort type IFX will be of a cfandestlne nature. Ihe 'CORP0RATI0N'r A Force Ulthin tte Inperlun.G acceLerations. You either join the bi6 tgpen rhich you. or as they are known. wlll be at one Tech le. and even governrnents. Due to the sLze and power of the corporation' the Tectr Ievel of the worlds whieh ihey are on.larchesr these arer Gougeste/Jewell (olop). Imperium. as raanipulatlon of Lndivi. however. Keepers of ihe Corporation. Adrnin. has put a foot wron6. Menbers of the corporatLon. personnel on1y. at any tine. B D ltlkll& Assault Armour. r' By Chrls lturfin. an1mhere. Ba. ForgeryS Streetwise. engaged in any forn the 'Corporationr will hear of lt. pe::sonnel on1y.and at tines. Cornputergor recnritlng. are rcqulred to have a sklll level of tro. 14/IJ.se Pricer 4O000Cr To nrilltary " Assault Armoun Tech Level F.. nay also use the sirength of the suit to deliver a devastating punch' 6D danage. E(PANSION.ble to Keepers. 'frterctlbevor. Norrnal non-suit armnanent ls either a P6illP-l3r or FGllP. Each rqould g1ad1y relish the destnrction of the other -.1l not always reflect the sophlstlcation of their equipnent.you name it. are required to have a skll1 level of three' in at least t-bree of the followlngr Bribery. the inforraatlon declared against alternatively. The Arnour has power asgists r*hich enable the wearer to lift wearel:s of A. or anyone who becomestoo powerful rfor their own goodr. can aid ln ltts quest for Power. counting as a noImal flst wlth double the noI:nal strength I!rt. stuek ln Lt sonewhere.on collection ttray. Trust betreen the two bodies Ls.I. and ls used only by fiLlte narlne units. magazlne wh5-ch ca4 supply up to 12 grenailes. the Corporatlon ls ::are1y openly condenned -Though not enannourecl clash $lth those of the Inperlun -.duals' of the blg'C'. lnposslble. before 8 hours recharge tlne 1s necessary. in at least two of the followingr 3ribery. r0orpo::ationr. ie. Internal life support systems allor up to l0 hou:s of operation. and Aster/clisten (0109). Information thus gained is of crininal activity. See you next lsh.III. ancl lnfltctlng Sattle Dress J is neecledto oper:ate Assault al:nour. Battle Ilress 2 is needed to operate Attack Arnour. ftre Influence of the Corporatlon is suchl that even ln the outlying areas of the rKeepers'. Assault Arrnour is a heavier version of Attack Amour.. of the Imperiun. I guess that just about wr"apslt all up. linkerl to a rear rnounted. the Corporation has three najor operation centres in the Spinward l.cer 30000cr To nilitary Hk. teader. has even except where lt's activities alaea the Ilrperial authorites. and the 'Corporatl-onr will have a hand. Most crininals are nembers of the Corpo::atlon.. . 'r. lt's grlp can bd felt. lf anyone. BATITE DIiESS up to 100/. types A-C. In addition to the norrnal hydr:au1lcs systens present ln Attack Annour. antl pay a tithe of 16 of thelr 111gotten gains. Scout Armoutr Tech I€veI D. x111 be handed over to the authorltles' rHave who been watchlng you for some tine'.lf it nei:e to thelr aalvantage.tlue to the efforts of the Corporatlon to rC'. thatrs all folk6! will be a nassive 6 pages long! Ir11 see you next i-ssue. Assault up to 1 netric tonne. Base ?rl. Well. and.rel lower than the higtrest listeal Tech Level for the subseetor. or Braw1ing. 'Itrerefore the equipnent avalla..cont. important to the overall activlties groups. every nonth -. have an Season' has been gathered over the years by the Corporation. Itrs evllt Ttre through slavery and range fron erauggling. tlason. which inoltlentally. is the Traveller equlvalent of the present day ltrfia. the top 100 gdlactle'enbrnids are nenbers 'removet of. Base Pricer J0000 " llk. to prostltutlonr and nefarious actlvities. Attack Armrr Tech Level E. the representatives of the Corpor:ation. can be founcl on nost worLds rlth a law Ievel of less than 5.II.