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21 April 2013 15:42

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Issue 368 – Sunday 21st April 2013

Since the last edition, Greg:
Was honoured and privileged to attend the funeral of Baroness Thatcher at St Paul’s Cathedral. For Greg’s Chelsea & Fulham tribute to Lady Thatcher, and Greg’s speech in the presence of Lady Thatcher in 2005, see below. Visited the RNLI lifeboat station in Chiswick. The lifeboat here was called out 221 times in 2012, rescuing 97 people. The lifeboat covers almost all of the Thames in both Chelsea and Fulham. To leanr more about the lifeboat, go to www.chiswicklifeboat.org.uk. Visited the Save the Children/ Mary’s Living & Giving Shop at 28, New King’s Road, Fulham, to discuss the charity’s “If” campaign against global hunger and this Government being the first ever in the UK to meet Britain’s internationally agreed target of spending 0.7% of GDP on international aid. Met with senior managers at Imperial College NHS Trust to discuss the future of their hospitals and A&E provision for Chelsea & Fulham constituents. Greg is opposed to moves to downgrade Charing Cross Hospital, but has welcomed recent moves by the Trust to put more elective surgery into the site. Attended the Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham, Cllr Belinda Donovan’s charity reception at Hammersmith Town Hall, in aid of local children’s charity, West London Action for Children. For more about the charity, see www.wlac.org.uk. Held a weekly surgery for Chelsea and Fulham residents at the Methodist Church, Fulham Broadway. Greg’s surgeries are held generally every Monday at Fulham Methodist Church, or at Peter Jones, Sloane Square. To make an appointment, email mail@greghands.com or call 020 7219 5448. Had a full schedule of activity as a Government’s Treasury Whip in and around the chamber of the House of Commons, including the Budget itself, ministerial meetings and organising votes and standing committees, including the Banking Reform Bill.

Website of the Week:

The website of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation. This is the largest contemporary history site of its kind. It offers free access to thousands of historical documents relating to the Thatcher period.

Tribute to Baroness Thatcher

The news of Lady Thatcher’s death is terribly sad. She was, without question, Britain's greatest post-war Prime Minister and was always very kind to me. She made a huge difference to my Chelsea and Fulham constituents, as she did to the entire country. Her loss will be felt particularly hard in the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, with its Margaret Thatcher Infirmary and Chapel, where she often prayed. In Fulham, her legacy lives on as well, as the Council has been a trailblazer in re-launching and extending one of her flagship policies, the Right to Buy. On the thirtieth anniversary of her becoming Leader of the Conservative Party, I was enormously privileged to be asked by Conservative Way Forward to give an address in Lady Thatcher’s presence. The text of that 2005 speech seems all the more appropriate now and is reproduced below: Greg Hands M.P.'s Speech to the Conservative Way Forward Pearl Dinner In the presence of The Rt Hon Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven LG OM FRS June 2005 Lady Thatcher, My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, fellow Executive Members, This is our first CWF dinner since the tragic death of Ronald Reagan last June, and I wanted first to pay tribute to that other great leader of the 1980s. I have here one of my favourite books, out of print for 30 years, and not even available on E-Bay - "Ronald Reagan's Call to Action" The reason I have this book tonight is this - it is also written in 1975. It includes everything one needs to know as a baseline philosophy, with a response to the issues of the day, all for a dollar 75 cents. One of the key things in this little book is that most of the contents are timeless, little of it is about personalities - either friend or foe - and all of it is about a philosophy of government and practical approaches towards achieving it. Most of all it is a book full of hope for the future. The contents pages cover all the major issues, health, education, work, environment, welfare and so on, with a coherent & consistent philosophy underpinning it. It even warns us against apeing the Left - then led in the U.S. by that well-known success story Jimmy Carter. "We in the Republican Party have two problems. First, we haven't been able to shake the image the liberals created for us 40 years ago, the "fat-cat" image, with dollar signs on our vests. Second, some Republicans have looked at the success of the Democratic Party presidents in 28 and congressional control in 41 of the past 43 years and decided that we should be more like them. As a result, many people refuse to associate or work with either party, since they can't see a difference ..... The object lesson for Republicans is to stop whimpering 'me-too' after every statement by the Democrats, even to stop trying to sell Republicanism, and concentrate on stating their beliefs simply and clearly." These words from Reagan in 1975 - "concentrate on stating beliefs simply and clearly" and the end of the "me too" political culture parallels almost exactly the successes of our Party in the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher. We don't want to bury our past - we need to be shouting proudly about our achievements in the 1980s. We cannot both celebrate & apologise for the 1980s. We must stop New Labour from re-writing the history of the 1980s. But this evening is not just about looking back to 1975, and to the 1980s, it is also about looking forward to 2009 and winning the next General Election in Britain. We are on 33%, and we need to get above 40% of the vote - but some seem determined to try to get the extra 7% by first losing the 33% we already have! We have a need for a coherent philosophy - none better than the 9 principles of CWF. These 9 principles have been signed off by Lady Thatcher as a faithful definition of her own beliefs. We were founded to defend, build on and take forward the beliefs and principles of Margaret Thatcher. This leads me to my conclusion, and I wanted to return to this book. One of Reagan's most startling conclusions in 1975 was this: "We're following England down the road to intellectual and financial destruction." Reagan's words in 1975 - "It's tragic to look at England today and compare it to the England that fought the Battle of Britain 35 years ago. To think what they withstood and what they accomplished: the nobility of that entire people. I doubt it could happen today" (in 1975). Well, my Lords, ladies and gentlemen - for once, Ronald Reagan was proven wrong - the intellectual and financial destruction that he saw in England in 1975 was turned around, and Britain did stand tall again only a few years later - and the person responsible is our guest of honour tonight; Baroness Thatcher.

Photo news:

Save the Children/ Mary's Living & Giving

Greg Hands M.P. meeting campaigners against global hunger at the Save the Children/ Mary's Living & Giving shop on New King's Road, SW6 this week.

News from Greg Hands M.P.’s surgery
On Monday, Greg Hands held his surgery at the Fulham Broadway Methodist Church. He met with eight constituents to discuss their concerns which included being re-housed and problems with broadband in the area. One constituent had concerns about their landlord who refused to conduct repairs to the property. The two bedroom flat suffered from damp and cracks in the ceiling. Greg has raised the case with Hammersmith & Fulham Council and may be investigated by their private tenants support team. This group can be contacted by residents who believe they are being harassed by their landlord, have been evicted unfairly or if the owner refuses to do essential repairs. Tenant services are available in both Hammersmith and Fulham, H&F Private Tenant Services and the Royal Borough, RBKC Private Tenant Services. If constituents believe their Member of Parliament can assist with their problem Greg is keen to hear from them. Greg said: “I hold my surgeries almost every week of the year and I aim to solve the problem, or at least get my constituents an answer. To make an appointment contact me on mail@greghands.com or call 0207 219 5448.”

Photo news:

Chiswick RNLI lifeboat

Greg Hands M.P. with a crewmember of the Chiswick RNLI lifeboat on the River Thames this week. This lifeboat covers the Thames for most of Greg's constituency.

Third Runway flight path would be over Chelsea, Earl's Court, Baron's Court and central Hammersmith, says H&F Council

Most of Hammersmith & Fulham could be subjected to aircraft noise and become a ‘no sleep zone’ for many residents – if Heathrow is allowed to expand into a four runway hub, according to new research. Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council and its 2M Group partners have produced new 'noise contour maps' highlighting the parts of London which could be overflown by planes using the proposed third and fourth runways. All of Fulham, all of Hammersmith and most of Shepherds Bush, south of Wormwood Scrubs, could be disrupted by aircraft coming into land on a new runway to the south of the existing landing strips. Images of the potential arrivals and departures show that the west of the borough would be worst hit, as planes would get progressively lower over peoples' homes and gardens as they approach the airport. People living under the existing flight paths in Fulham are kept awake from 4.30am as the first arrivals approach Heathrow. Cllr Victoria Brocklebank-Fowler, H&F Council Cabinet Member for Transport & Technical Services, said: “Most of the borough would become a no sleep zone if Heathrow expands to a four runway hub. Across London and the Home Counties around three million people would be living under a Heathrow flight path and the negative impact on residents’ quality of life would be immense. "Heathrow is in the worst position for the UK’s hub airport as it negatively affects far too many people. The only sensible solution is to acknowledge that further expansion of Heathrow is not acceptable and that additional capacity should be provided away from major population centres – perhaps to the east of London, near the estuary.” Greg Hands M.P. added: "I am very strongly opposed to any future plans to build a third runway at Heathrow, and this map shows what a disaster it would be for my Chelsea constituents, as well as residents of Earl's Court, Baron's Court and central Hammersmith." H&F has consistently warned that Heathrow will not stop expanding if granted a third landing strip. Its main European rivals have four or more runways and Heathrow will need to match their capacity to directly compete. Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow's nearest rival, has four runways. Frankfurt and Barajas (Madrid) also have four and Schiphol (Amsterdam) has six.

Hammersmith & Fulham safer than ever as crime falls again
Hammersmith & Fulham is safer than ever before – with 1,600 fewer victims of crime last year, according to the latest Met Police figures. Data released by the force this week shows 2012/13 made history – with the lowest crime ever recorded in the borough. In the 12 months to March 31, 2013 – stats show that recorded crime was driven down by 7.2 per cent compared to the previous year. There were 21,647 offences over the past 12 months compared to 23,317 the year before. Residential burglary is at its lowest ever level in H&F – down 32 per cent, from 1,631 offences to 1,107. Vehicle crime and youth violence are both down 17% to 2,731 and 245 offences respectively. There were 32 gun related crimes, a 13% fall compared to the previous year’s 37 crimes. Knife crime tumbled by 28% - to 206 offences.

Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi praised the work of her officers and highlighted innovative ways of tackling crime, such as the new ward based crime road shows and sting cars and houses. Chief Superintendent D’Orsi said: “I am very pleased with the tremendous fall in crime over the past year. Our officers and staff are working extremely hard to make a difference to the people of Hammersmith, Fulham, and Shepherd's Bush. Together we will continue to build on our successful and productive partnership with the council to tackle crime in innovative ways. “In the next few months we will be changing the way we police the borough, ensuring that more officers than ever will be dedicated to neighbourhood policing. Together with the council we believe that this will continue to drive down crime and put the borough at the forefront of crime reduction for the coming year.” H&F Council has a strong track record of working closely with the police and, together with local businesses, is spending £1.6million a year to pay for three enhanced squads of town centre Police. The funding means H&F has 42 more police officers than it would do otherwise. “Together with the Police the council is working tirelessly to tackle the criminal minority head-on,” says Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Council Deputy Leader. “With specialist teams proactively targeting offenders there are around 8,000 fewer crimes per year than 10 years ago and 1,600 fewer victims of crime since this time last year. “H&F has never been safer and while last year’s figures have made history, as the lowest ever recorded locally, we know there is more we can do to drive crime down further. Zero-tolerance policing works and if any criminals are thinking of trying something on our patch they need to know there’s a good chance they will end up behind bars.” Find out how the council and local Police are working together to drive crime down further in this short YouTube clip here. To read more about crime and anti-social behaviour in H&F visit www.lbhf.gov.uk/crime or if you have information that may be helpful to the police dial: 101 or email: hammersmithandfulham.police@met.police.uk. Always call 999 in an emergency.

Photo news:

West London Action for Children fundraiser

Greg Hands M.P. with H&F Council Leader Nick Botterill and H&F Mayor Belinda Donovan at her charity fundraiser this week, in aid of West London Action for Children.

Sir Merrick Cockell stands down as Leader at K&C
Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles MP is leading the tributes to Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell who has announced that he is to step down as Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Elected Leader in 2000, Sir Merrick's record of success at the Royal Borough has helped establish him as a leading figure in UK local government. From 2006 to 2010 he was Chairman of London Councils, the representative body for the Capital's 32 local authorities. And in 2011, he was chosen by other council leaders to head up the Local Government Association, the national voice for England's councils. He was knighted for services to local government in 2010. "I have worked with Sir Merrick for many years and he is a true public servant and local champion," said Eric Pickles. "Under his leadership the Council has achieved some incredible things for the residents of Kensington and Chelsea. The Tri-borough initiative he helped spearhead is a shining example of shared services savings to all in local government." Sir Merrick has led Kensington and Chelsea during a period in which it has been repeatedly recognised as one of Britain's best performing local authorities. It has consistently achieved some of the highest resident approval ratings in the Capital while its residents have enjoyed one of the lowest council taxes in the country. As Leader he was the driving force behind the ambitious `Renewing the Legacy' programme, the largest building programme in Kensington and Chelsea since the post war slum clearances. He personally led the long campaign for a new secondary school in Chelsea which, in 2010, delivered the Chelsea Academy. The school won the Public Building of the Year Award in 2011 and is already rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted. He was also closely involved in the project to rebuild Holland Park School. Pupils took up occupation of their new school at the end of 2012. From the outset the Council set out to build them a school to "match the very best in the country." The scheme was funded by a private land deal so profitable that it also paid for two affordable housing schemes and contributed significantly to the costs of the new academy for North Kensington currently under construction. Amongst a number of other public realm projects, Sir Merrick led the team responsible for the multi-award winning Exhibition Road streetscape scheme. An early test of his leadership was the shock discovery that the Home Office had placed Kensington and Chelsea on a list of the 20 areas most affected by crack. Dens were springing up in the Royal Borough almost weekly and the authorities appeared impotent to deal with the crisis. Sir Merrick was one of the principal architects of the 2002 `crack house protocol', a then unique and highly controversial commitment to close crack houses and evict the tenants within six weeks of the crack trade being confirmed as active at the premises. He also authorised the Council's pioneering use of `S222 injunctions' to ban dealers from the borough. A series of evictions and injunctions swiftly followed and the crack den crisis eased. In more recent years he has helped design the Council's response to the financial crisis and the consequent dramatic falls in Government funding. A key element of that response is the influential `Tri-Borough initiative', a radical back office and service sharing arrangement with Westminster and Hammersmith & Fulham that will yield at least £10 million worth of savings to the Council by 2015. "It's been my good fortune to work alongside an unusually talented and dedicated group of councillors and officers," said Sir Merrick. "Together I think we have done a good job for our residents. Our services have been excellent, our taxes low. And in the days when there was a lot more money around we didn't squander it, but used it wisely to build for the future. "It's a record we can be very proud of." A new leader will be elected by the Council on 22 May 2013. Sir Merrick intends to remain as Chairman of the LGA for a further year and to continue to serve the people of Stanley Ward as one of their elected representatives on the Council. In addition the Mayor of London Boris Johnson has recently appointed him to the deputy chairmanship of the London Pensions Fund Authority. Greg Hands M.P. added: "I have worked with Merrick closely over a number of years, and he has worked very hard for the Royal Borough, and has delivered some very significant achievements for the Council, particularly in schools and social services, but also in delivering value for money services more generally. I look forward to working with his successor."

Sixteen H&F parks set for improvement
Lovers of the great outdoors have received some fantastic news after Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council agreed to improve sixteen parks the length and breadth of the borough at a cost of £4.5 million. There are 62 parks and open spaces in Hammersmith & Fulham, receiving more than 7 million visits per year. H&F Council’s Cabinet on Monday 8th April rubberstamped the huge refurbishment programme as part of its commitment to providing top quality, beautiful parks and open spaces. In the next year, a new pavilion will be built at Brook Green, Hammersmith, sports facilities will be improved at South Park, Fulham and the play area will be improved at Hammersmith Park. In 2014-15, improvements will be made to Frank Banfield Park, Hammersmith and Wormholt Park will receive a complete refurbishment at a cost of £1million. The year after, the astroturf will be resurfaced at Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith and Eel Brook Common, Fulham will see improvements at the north end, towards Effie Road. Other parks set for a boost over the next three years are Wormwood Scrubs, Hurlingham Park, Normand Park, Rowberry Mead, Gwendwr Road, Marcus Garvey Park, Cathnor Park and Lillie Road Recreation Ground. Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Council, deputy leader said: “We understand how important beautiful, well maintained parks are for residents and that is why we have committed to spending such a large sum of money “This borough has some of the most tranquil and picturesque parks in London and we are looking forward to carrying out this huge raft of improvements over the next three years. “We are proving that it is possible to cut council tax year-on-year and still invest in top quality parks.” £1.5m has been funded through the council’s capital budget with the remaining funds being received through grants and anticipated Section 106 contributions, which ensure that developers contribute to local neighbourhood improvements once planning permission has been granted. In addition to the £4.5million budgeted for the next three years, the £8million restoration of Bishops Park is Fulham is now complete. The £2.6 million improvement project to Shepherds Bush Green will be complete by the end of May. Hammersmith & Fulham already has nine of the best parks and open spaces in the country - and that is official! The parks were all honoured with Green Flag Awards by Keep Britain Tidy last July. Ravenscourt Park, Frank Banfield Park and Margravine Cemetery have been Green Flag winners for the last four years. Normand Park has had a Green Flag flying for three years while St Peter's Square in Hammersmith has collected a Green Flag Award for the last two years. In addition, Hammersmith Park, Hurlingham Park, South Park and Norland North on the Edward Woods Estate all won their maiden Green Flags last summer. To win these Green Flag Awards, the council had to present a management plan to demonstrate that each park is welcoming, healthy, safe, clean and well-maintained. In addition, the council had to prove that management of each site is carried out in an environmentally sound manner, with conservation of natural features, wildlife and historic buildings. The council also had to demonstrate that residents were involved in their local park.

Hands in the papers:

Margaret Thatcher: A send-off she would have loved
Cristina Odone, The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 17th April 2013 As society hostesses vied to throw the best party, we look at the postfuneral celebrations held in Lady Thatcher’s honour The old girl would have loved it. First, the pomp and circumstance as the great and good in their mourners’ black, the soldiers in their ceremonial uniforms, filed into St Paul’s Cathedral to pay their respects to the Right Honourable Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, LG, OM, FRS. Britain at its solemn and dignified best. She would have also enjoyed the background of a suitably Thatcherite competition to be invited to the funeral, and to the parties afterwards in her honour. The former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi had phoned the Italian embassy five days consecutively to obtain an invitation to attend – to no avail. Reports that hotelier Olga Polizzi and her husband, journalist and author William Shawcross, were throwing a dinner the night before the funeral, with Henry Kissinger in attendance, had Tory bigwigs chasing the invitation like canvassers after a vote. In the event, Shawcross explained: “We did not have Henry K – just a few friends for a 'send-off’.” Meanwhile, Tory networker Baroness Jenkin of Kennington has had the media doorstepping her because she was holding an after-funeral dinner for 16 last night in her home just across the river from the Houses of Parliament — though she insists that it’s “not party-political at all – I have Martha Kearney coming”. (Clearly, no BBC presenter could be a Thatcherphile.) “Margaret would have loved all the celebrations,” Lord Tebbit told me yesterday after the funeral. “She would have had tears in her eyes at the sight of so many friends. I personally raised an eyebrow at the sight of Geoffrey Howe and Michael Heseltine. But she wouldn’t have minded. She was more generous-spirited than me.” He was delighted, he says, that even Lady Thatcher’s critics regarded the funeral as such a high-profile, unmissable event that they “buried their stilettos” to come along. “There was a scrum among Tory MPs, even the wets and the Europhiles, to ensure a place at the funeral.” The former prime minister would have been amused at the sight of so many of the 2010 intake, usually eager to downplay the Iron Lady’s tough image, cowed into submission in the pews before her coffin. For Tory party donors, securing a seat at the funeral was only the start; its location in St Paul’s was crucial. Occupying the first two rows were the intimates; the pecking order for the rest was more controversial – and had one big party supporter huffing that he’d been relegated to “a second-division pew”. In Thatcherite lore, Lord Tebbit was her guard dog – fiercely loyal and protective. He’s admitted recently that he wished he hadn’t had to leave her Cabinet in order to take care of his wife, who was crippled in the Brighton bombing: his departure allowed Thatcher’s enemies within the party to achieve her removal. He was struck, as the funeralgoers processed from the Cathedral to the Mansion House (if they were heads of state) or the Guildhall (everyone else), by how the wellwishers outnumbered the protesters. Would the target of their ire would have minded their presence? “Not at all,” Lord Tebbit said, “she had a combative spirit and she enjoyed a scrap as much as I do. Someone in the papers was saying that her Cabinet may have been caricatured as a bunch of wet men at the time, but in fact they – we – had bite. Not like this lot.” Lord Tebbit snorts at the idea that the present Government are Thatcher’s children: “Certainly not. He [Cameron] is not Thatcher’s son. He’s Blair’s son.” Despite the solemnity of the occasion, John Whittingdale, Tory MP for Maldon and Lady Thatcher’s long-time confidant and her Downing Street political secretary, found the funeral a wonderful opportunity “to see old friends and true believers”. The party at the Guildhall, he says, provided the perfect reunion for nostalgic anecdote-swapping of those who had “really loved her” in three successive governments. Lord Tebbit remembered one: Lady Thatcher, devoutly Christian, believed wholeheartedly that Christmas was more than just a private family celebration. Every year she would ask if there were any Tory MPs or ministers on their own on Christmas Day – and then invite them to Chequers for lunch. One year, she had a disparate group of 10 lonely souls with whom to share the Thatcher family turkey. His old boss, Whittingdale assured me, would have approved of the restrained tone of the Guildhall party: “It wasn’t lavish, just canapés, wine and juice. She wouldn’t have enjoyed thinking that a Tory government had been extravagant on her behalf. No one proposed a toast.” (“If Denis had had anything to do with it,” twinkled Lord Tebbit, “they would have served scotch!”) The event, organised by the Corporation of the City of London, was also “spot on”, Whittingdale said, in terms of the guest list. Mingling with Tory grandees such as Maurice Saatchi and eminent party donors Henry and Tessa Keswick were the Aldermen, Chelsea Pensioners and the men and women who had played small but significant roles in Lady Thatcher’s life. “I saw the clerks we’d worked with at No 10, and Lady Thatcher’s constituency secretary from Finchley.” Greg Hands, Tory MP for Fulham, found himself talking to the accountant who had worked for Denis and Margaret since the Seventies. “He told me she always remembered anyone who helped her.” Foreign dignitaries had assembled before the funeral at Lancaster House. Henry Kissinger, James Baker and George Schultz, former Republican Secretaries of State, were on hand – but President Barack Obama did not see fit to send a representative from his own administration. That would not have gone down well, Lord Tebbit fumed, with the woman who believed passionately in the “Special Relationship”. “She would be hurt, I know she would. She and Reagan made their different contributions to the same effort: to end the Cold War. Surely he [Obama] should honour her for that.” Another Cold Warrior in attendance was Lech Walesa, leader of Solidarnosc, the Polish freedom movement. Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, was proud to see Kissinger, Schultz and Baker queuing up to pay homage to Walesa; though he was bemused by the Bishop of London referring to Margaret Thatcher as “controversial” in his address. “To us she was not controversial,” he tells me. “She was a freedom fighter.” As well as priding herself on annihilating the communist scourge, Lady Thatcher looked back delightedly on destroying old Labour – “New Labour”, she said, was her creation. How she would have savoured the visibly uneasy relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, with only Cherie to separate them yesterday. At the parties before and after the funeral, and in St Paul’s itself, Lady Thatcher’s spirit was evident. Had she only been present, she might have raised a glass to toast the passage of time that had marked those who survived her – and for a few hours at least had erased their differences.

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