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DIVISION Magazine General Excellence Magazine E E







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1st 2nd

CSU, Fullerton Palomar College

Tusk Magazine Impact MAgazine

General Mag General Mag


Biola University

the Point

General Mag

Layout, typography, images and article quality came together well to produce the over-all strongest publication Nice articlels and writing. Most of the photography is well exucuted. However a few of the images, font size/style sheet issues as well as poorad layouts casued me to be unabel to rate this as 1st place. Best over all consistent style and feel, yet less of a feel of a magazine and more like an Annual report because of the cover stock. Articles well written.

Best Magazine Story E E E

2 2 2

1st 2nd 3rd

LA City College Humboldt State UCLA

Luis Rivas Michael Nystrom Mansi Shetn

Best mag story Best mag story Best mag story

I felt it was engaging and well written demonstrating the ability to write without drawing attention to the writer but to the story. Balanced and real without being "preachy" Great use of quotes. A well written magazine story that let's the person being featured tell their stroy and the writer is the "tour-guide." I feel this article did that well.

Best Magazine Personal Opinion Column E E E

3 3 3

1st 2nd 3rd

Palomar College CSU, Fullerton Glendale Community College

Shaun Kahmann Melissa Jara Leah Arzu

Best personal Opinion Best personal Opinion Best personal Opinion

Good demonstration of having an opinion and presenting thoughts to convey that view. This was more of a creative narrative which is why i pick it. I thought this article did a good job at persuading to take some action. However, it is very difficult to enjoy because of the bad design..I had to fight the temptation to immediately dismiss.

Best Magazine Photo E E E Best Magazine Review E E E Best Magazine Website E E E

4 4 4

1st 2nd 3rd

Palomar College Palomar College Humboldt State

kiigan Snaer Johnny Nguyen ColleenChalmero

Best mag photography Best Mag Photography Best Mag Photography

Good work, very professional. Good work and quality of images. Nice moment and draws you in. Sharp and well exposed.

5 5 5

1st 2nd 3rd

Palomar College UCLA UCLA

Natalie Soldoof Rachel Garcia Emily Chu

Best Review Best Review Best Review

Informative. Covers the important and interesting aspects with locations Good review, but faulted for not giving locations

6 6 6

1st 2nd 3rd

USC, Fullerton none none

Simple, clean and functional. Best Website