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DIVISION Advertising Best B/W Ad F F F Best Color Ad F F F Best Group Promotion F F F Best Sales Promotion Materials F F







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1st 2nd 3rd

Chico State Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Palomar College

Tercius Bufete Mustang Daily/Emily Hsiao The Telescope Staff

Orion Sex Columnist SLO Textbooks Happy Thanksgiving

Dominant photo element grabs the reader's attention and reinforces the headline and ad theme. Clever layout reinforces message of ad and helps the ad stand out on the page. Creative license taken with Norman Rockwell painting helps this ad stand out. Excellent color reproduction of the photo really makes this ad stand out. Clever tie in of theme with newspaper's brand. Photo of journalism student is brought to the forefront by use of color in the background. Unique ad shape is enhanced by use of color.

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1st 2nd 3rd

Chico State CSU Northridge Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Tercius Bufete

The Orion - Hunters of Truth

Jennifer Luxton, Cahrlie Kaijo Contribute to the Sundial Mustang Daily/Nicole Bergmann Trader Joe's

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1st 2nd 3rd

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Cal Poly San Luis Obispo UC Berkeley

Mustang Daily/Brad Matsushita Mustang Daily/Natalie Annin Gloria Yen

Menu Guide Coupon Book Valentine's Gift Guide

Nicely designed. Clever use of icons from table of contents to categorize advertisers and guide readers Despite confusing table of contents organized alphabetically instead of numerically, good clean design. Nice variation of color between ads. Clean design. Easy to read. Good use of gradiated color background

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1st 2nd

Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan UC Berkeley Eugenia Ho and George Syrop

Media Kit Media Kit

F Best Online Ad F F F Best Online Promotion F F F


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Cal State Fullerton

Mustang Daily/John Larwood Media Kit

Excellent overall design and theme carried throughout. Good use of color. Important information is easy to find. Unique design with center staple of kit and then pockets on either side for additional sales material. Didn't win because cover art doesn't match the rest of the kit's design. Easy to use, well-organized.

5 5 5

1st 2nd 3rd

Mustang Daily/John Larwood Health Center Mustang Daily/Brad Matsushita Daily Titan Creeky-Tiki University Crossings

Great use of animation in the opening frame to grab attention. Good call to action in the last frame. Excellent use of creative theme as transition between panels. Good use of color

6 6 6

1st 2nd 3rd

UC Berkeley

San Jose City College Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan

Eugenia Ho and George Syrop Jared Duba

The Daily Californian Media Kit City College Times: Join our Staff Entertainment Guide

Good use of statistics, colorful. Well organized. Easy to follow Use of Youtube elevates the staff's perception; well organized; good use of interviews with current and past staff Good use of social media (Facebook)