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Chapter 3 Basic Application Software Introduction Not long ago, trained specialists were required to perform many of the

e operations you can now do with a microcomputer. A microcomputer can be an electric tool. Competent end users need to understand the capabilities of basic application software including: Word processors Database management systems Spreadsheets Presentation programs Application Software Application software is end user software that is used to accomplish a variety of tasks Two categories Basic applications Specialized applications Basic Applications Basic applications are also called general-purpose Common types Word processors Database management systems Spreadsheets Presentation graphics Specialized Applications Also known as special-purpose applications Includes thousands of other programs more narrowly focused on specific disciplines and occupations Best known Graphic programs Web authoring Audio and video editors Virtual reality programs Multimedia creation programs Common Features Graphical User Interface (GUI) Menus Icons Toolbars Windows Toolbars Quick access to commonly used commands Contain buttons that provide shortcuts Examples Standard Toolbar Speech Recognition Microsoft Office 2007 Newest version of Microsoft Office New Interface Ribbons Contextual Tabs Galleries Making IT Work for You - Speech Recognition Allows your voice to control application software For best results, use your voice and mouse or keyboard Train the software Dictate a document Control a program Word Processors Used to create text-based documents Memos, letters, and faxes Newsletters, manuals, and brochures Word processing programs Microsoft Word Apple Pages Corel WordPerfect Word Processor Features Word Wrap Formatting Editing Font and font sizing Thesaurus Character effects Find and Replace Bulleted and numbered lists Spelling and grammar checkers Word Processor Case Creating a Flyer Creating a Report

Spreadsheets Programs that manipulate numeric data Spreadsheet programs Microsoft Excel Apple iWork's Numbers Corel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Features Workbook files Functions Worksheet or spreadsheet or sheet Analytical graphs or charts Formulas What-if Analysis Spreadsheet Case Creating a Sales Forecast Analyzing Your Data Creating a Chart Database Management Systems (DBMS) A collection of related data Microsoft Access Sets up a structure for data storage Corel Paradox Database programs Lotus Approach Database Features Relational Record sorting Tables Queries Records Forms Fields Report Database Case Creating a Database Creating a Query Presentation Graphics Programs that create visually interesting presentations Presentation programs Microsoft PowerPoint Lotus Freelance Corel Presentations Graphics Presentation Graphics Features Slides Design templates AutoContent wizard Master slide Presentation Graphics Case Creating a Presentation Updating a Presentation Integrated Packages A single program that provides the functionality of several widely used programs Popular with many home users Classified as personal or home software Advantages are cost and simplicity Disadvantages are limited functions The most widely used package is Microsoft Works Software Suites Collection of separate application programs sold as a group Four types of suites Productivity suite or Office Software Suite Specialized suite Alternative office suite Utility suite Careers In IT Computer trainers instruct new users on the latest software or hardware Attributes Good communication skills IT Experience Teaching experience Comfort speaking to groups is a plus Detail oriented Earning potential of $25,000 to $50,500 annually A Look to the Future Agents will help write papers, pay bills, and shop on the internet Intelligent programs Primitive agents currently exist Next generation may provide the most efficient way to locate information on the Web