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CPAMO’s news Issue 16 - September 2012

Welcome to the 16th Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) newsletter. This is a regular digest that will introduce you to, and keep you updated on CPAMO’s initiatives, and act as a portal to relevant research in the field of pluralism in the arts, innovative artists, and links to interesting talks about pluralism in the arts. The newsletter is intended to be your go-to resource for information on cultural pluralism in the arts. You have received this e-mail because you are a member of the CPAMO listserv. Please let others who share our professional and artistic interests know about this listserv and encourage them to subscribe by visiting The listserv is moderated and is for sending out newsletters and CPAMO updates. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, you can look us up here: Website: Facebook: search “CPAMO” or click here! Twitter:

1) What is CPAMO? 2) Ottawa in the Fall 3) Neighbourhood Arts Network Toolkit on Diversity and Pluralism in the Arts 4) Diversity in Dance at Flato Markham Theatre 5) Canadian Dance Assembly Annual Meeting 6) Kevin A. Ormsby Joins CPAMO 7) Capacity Building Workshops 8) CPAMO Survey 9) Upcoming Events 10) TED Talks on Diversity 11) Who We Are 12) Contact Us


CPAMO’s news

What is CPAMO?
Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) is a movement of Aboriginal and ethno-racial artists working with presenters to empower the performing arts communities of Ontario. CPAMO seeks to open opportunities for Aboriginal and ethnoracial performers to engage with presenters across Ontario and to enable presenters to develop constructive relationships with Aboriginal and ethno-racial performers. CPAMO is supported by Aboriginal and ethno-racial artists who are involved in theatre, music, dance and literary arts. They are members of CPAMO’s Roundtable and include representatives of Sampradaya Dance, Nathaniel Dett Chorale, Little Pear Garden Theatre Collective, Centre for Indigenous Theatre, Kaha:wi Dance, Sparrow in the Room, b-current, why not theatre, urban arts and backforward collective, TeyyaPeya Productions, Culture Days, Canada Council Stand Firm members, Obsidian Theatre, the Collective of Black Artists, CanAsian Dance and others. With the involvement of artists from these organizations, CPAMO is working with Community Cultural Impresarios (CCI) and its members to build their capacities, cultural competencies and understanding of pluralism in performing arts so that CCI and its members engage performers from these communities and, thereby, enable audiences across Ontario to access artistic expressions from diverse communities on a regular basis. CPAMO gratefully acknowledges the funding support it has received for its activities from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus and the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Ottawa In the Fall
CPAMO has been working with various partners – artists and arts organizations – in Ottawa over the past year and together there are a number of activities scheduled for the fall. These are: 1) Sept. 20 - Town Hall on - Aboriginal and Ethno-Racial Communities in Ottawa and Implications for the Arts. Panelists for this session include: Cathy Shepertycki (City of Ottawa Cultural Services), Professor Brian Ray (University of Ottawa), Jerry Longboat (Artistic Director Circadia Indigena) and Alejandro Gomez Umana (Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture). This will be a full day session held at 219 Argyle Avenue, the offices of the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership. As part of this event, there will be a MASC performance event on the evening of this session and the following day, Sept. 21, is the One World Dialogue's "International Peach Day Art Exhibit" at Shenkman Arts Centre;


CPAMO’s news
2) Oct. 1 2012 on Local Partners and Immigrant Settlement. OLIP is planning a morning session with its members to discuss issues related to immigrant settlement. CPAMO’s Project Lead will be one of the facilitators for a session on the arts. This event will be with a group of individuals and organizations who are interested in the arts and want to facilitate arts organizations connections with diverse communities. The letter of invite for this event is below; 3) Early December. In partnership with Creative Trust a workshop on the uses of digital technology for office administration, particularly on financial matters, will be held. More information about this session will be released soon following a survey to determine specific interests so that the resource person, Heather Young, can plan how best to lead this session.


CPAMO’s news

One World Dialogue (OWD) is a non-profit organization that applies the principles of integrative thinking, art and design to social issues. OWD’s mission is to examine how to create an effective dialogue that works towards greater integration and fostering a lasting peace. OWD works off building partnerships and promoting collaboration to showcase how the work around us can promote dialogue. For more information, please visit our website at International Peace Day Art Show: The main annual event for OWD is to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21. OWD hosts an International Day of Peace Art Show, this year taking place on Friday September 21, 2012 from 7:00 – 10:00 pm at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa. The purpose of this show is to bring awareness and promote collaboration in the community around Peace Day. The objective is that by bringing different artists together we can promote a dialogue on peace and integration in our community. Through art, we can create a space for positive public engagement in a nonthreatening setting. Art is often about emotions and personal experience; thus artists have the unique ability to explore subjects in ways that are accessible to everyone. International Peace Day provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared day.

Jaime Koebel, 2011 2011

Basement Artists, 2011

H’Art of Ottawa,

The unique aspect of this show is that artists represent the diversity of the Ottawa community (for example, professional artists, emerging artists, adults with developmental disabilities, aboriginal artists, immigrant artists and refugee artists). This event asks the community to come together on the subject of peace and integration and use art as a medium to create a safe space for a dialogue. This is about using art to share voices and build greater understanding and appreciation in our community.


CPAMO’s news
One World Dialogue is looking at ways to engage youth in Ottawa and across Canada to use art and way to express peace and share ideas on integration and community development. At this year’s International Day of Peace Art Show some art will be presented by youth both from Canada and Tanzania. On Saturday September 22, 2012 from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm, OWD will hold children’s art activities at the Shenkman Centre to engage youth in our community on peace. Rohini Bhalla Founder/President, One World Dialogue (e)

July 25, 2012 Dear Colleague: On behalf of the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) Council, we are pleased to invite you to the 1st Annual Ottawa Immigration Forum: Valuing and Leveraging Immigrants’ Contributions. The 2012 Forum is a new annual tradition for Ottawa to reflect on our work to attract, settle and integrate immigrants. Please join us at Ottawa City Hall to: Learn about Ottawa’s action on the Ottawa Immigration Strategy Celebrate our collective success leveraging immigrants’ contributions Contribute your ideas in our collective efforts to deal with challenges. Date: Monday, October 1st, 2012 Time: 8:00 am – 12:30 pm Location: Jean Pigott Place, City Hall 1st Floor –110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario Please RSVP by Friday, August 23rd to Sherri Anderson at or by phone at 613-232-9634 ext. 385. Note that the Forum program will be sent to confirmed participants. To learn more about OLIP, please visit our website: We look forward to seeing you at the 1st Annual Ottawa Immigration Forum! Kind regards,

Hindia Mohamoud Project Director Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership Phone: 613.232.9634 Ext. 397 Web:


CPAMO’s news Neighbourhood Arts Network Arts and Equity Toolkit
The Neighbourhood Arts Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Arts & Equity Toolkit, a brand new resource for community-engaged artists. Designed to provide artists and groups with practical tools to reduce barriers to community participation in the arts, the Arts & Equity Toolkitis a comprehensive document that includes case studies, worksheets, resource links, and quotes from Toronto-based artists and groups. Created by Leah Burns and Skye Louis, the Arts & Equity Toolkit shares innovative ideas and models from over one hundred Toronto-based artists and organizations, and marks an important milestone for equity in the arts in Toronto. The Arts & Equity Toolkit is available for free through the Neighbourhood Arts Network Reading Room. Excerpts from the Arts & Equity Toolkit, along with related toolkits from Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement of Ontario and a number of essays by prominent Canadian artists, are also included in the recent Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives publication Pluralism in the Arts in Canada. Edited by charles c. smith, this book will be included as a text for Arts Management students at the University of Toronto this fall. Arts & Equity Toolkit Launch Thursday September 20, 2012 4-5pm (Location TBA) Please RSVP to and let us know if you’ll be there – we’ll save a copy of the toolkit for you!

Diversity in Dance at Flato Markham Theatre
“Together in Dance” Forumat Flato Markham Theatre – Hold The Date!!! October 14th, 2012 – Flato Markham Theatre, Markham Civic Centre Conversations and concrete actions about engagement through dance in a diverse community. Presented by Flato Markham Theatre in partnership with CPAMO Supported by the City of Markham and TixHub. Flato Markham Theatre implemented a new dance series with the 2010-11Season. This world-class series included Canadian and international companies and has also been part of Markham Theatre Discovery, the theatre umbrellaproviding educational/outreach programs.For the 2011-12 season, the theatre joined the group of select presenters as partof the Ontario Dances initiative and supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Thisenriched the dance program of the Theatre with Ontario based dance companiesas part of the program mix and expanding the outreach portfolio. At the conclusion of the 2011-12 season, the theatre management reflected onits various dance programs and initiatives:


CPAMO’s news
a) Collecting intelligence: We initiated a conversation with the dance field inYork Region, with the goal of continuous improvement and the tackling of keyissues. The process helped us better understand the ecology of the field, andprovides meaningful information that we are going to be able to use for ourfuture efforts. b) Identifying three sectors of the dance field in the Markham region: i. ii. iii. Education sector (dance programs in educational institutions e.g.Unionville High School, York University; Recreational/private sector e.g. private dance studios, community schoolsand dance companies; and Professional sector e.g. dance professionals, companies, presenters suchas Flato Markham Theatre.

Based on this, it is obvious that the Dance community is vibrant in Markham with each sector doing great work and that the Markham region includes a growing and rich community of diverse danceensemble and schools, representing the area’s demographic trends. However, much of this work is in silos. As such, this forum aims to build future success for dance in Markham and address the key question on how to engage with the various dance sectors in the region with the goal of a cohesiveand comprehensive plan in making the discipline more vibrant, increasing participation and grow audiences. In this context, the goals of this conference are to: 1. Bring people together and engage a conversation between the various sectors; 2. Better understand the needs of the various sectors of the dance community programs and services; and 3. Identify opportunities to Increase community engagement and build a vibrant audience for dance in the Markham Region. For further information about this gathering, please contact Eric Lariviere General Manager T.: 905-415-7546 C.: 647-205-6375


CPAMO’s news CANADIAN DANCE ASSEMBLY, CPAMO AND THE AGO KHAN MUSEUM: Step in Time – Technologies and Pluralism in Dance
In collaboration with CPAMO and the Aga Khan Museum, the Canadian Dance Assembly is pleased to host its 6th National Conference October 20-22, 2012 in Ottawa! We look forward to gathering with the dance community once again to be inspired, exchange and dialogue, build community, gain new insights, and most of all help shape the future of dance in Canada! CDA's National conference is inspired by the intersection of pluralism and technology in a rapidly changing environment. Adapt your creative and managerial skills with exciting forums and panel discussions, learn from incredible keynote speakers, participate in tangible workshops on video, projections, and new modern applications in dance in an innovative forum. As part of the conference, The I love dance/J’aime la danse campaign Awards Ceremony invites dance professionals, political supporters of dance, and dance enthusiasts to celebrate together. Explore and embrace technology and diversity in dance while discovering new partnerships and networking opportunities that will inspire new thinking and a vibrant future for dance. In conjunction with this year's conference, the Canadian Dance Assembly will recognize and celebrate exceptional members of the dance milieu with Canada’s first National Dance Awards – the I love dance/J’aime la danse Awards!

I am constantly looking for dynamic and challenging experiences where I can learn, grow and continually broaden my skills in Performing Arts Administration. I believe that with the opportunity of working as a Consultant for CPAMO, that I can best acquire new skills and hone the skills I already possess from my experience in the Arts. I have danced for six years with Garth Fagan Dance (NY) and also, with many companies in Toronto and was the Assistant Artistic Director of Ballet Creole and subsequently appointed the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the company in 2007, sat on many Arts Council juries at all levels and also work part time as the Dance Animatuer at the Living Arts Centre. Over the years of working in various aspects of the Arts, I have solidified a passion, experience and depth of knowledge about the intricacies related to how the Arts is coordinated, presented, branded and also executed at the administrative, artistic and community levels. The consultant position is of key interest in broadening my scope of the Arts and offering potential influence to organizations associated with CPAMO. I'm pleased and will be indebted for the opportunity to work with Cultural Pluralism in the Performing Arts Movement Ontario, for which I have also been a member for two years.


CPAMO’s news
I am in constant communication and have had consequent meetings with the organization up to the offer of being a consultant. I am honoured to engage in the creation, facilitation of the proposed workshops and support related to the aforementioned project. As an immigrant from the Caribbean, of African ancestry, a mid career artist, and the Artistic Director of KasheDance, I am passionate not only about the need for advocacy detailing and providing support for cultural pluralism but also situating this creative imagination of culturally diverse artists in the connective history of the Canadian artistic Milieu. Process is important to any successful initiative and I am committed to exploring this process with not only the Director of CPAMO, Charles Smith but also aiding in each member organization’s participation in the process; offering effective development for both the organization and those it serves. The benefits are indeed insurmountable; going beyond the monetary, while harnessing and honing other potential creative / collaborative and administrative approaches, which is extremely important and needed in the Arts.

CPAMO Fall activities are off and running and Kevin Ormsby has received the baton from Helen Yung and will be following her recommendations leading into our activities that will round off the year. Kevin will facilitate a series of workshops centered on Technology for Effective Administration. As an artist and administrator who has worked in many capacities for organizations including a number of CPAMO members, Kevin aspires to create programming that will unlock resources, foster further potential, incite relationships, while focusing on the honing of untapped resources. This series of workshop will happen over the fall and early winter and came out of a survey of you, our members. They will be: 1. Advanced Excel Skills + Drop-In Clinic for Database Questions 2. Online Fundraising Campaigns - Tips and How-To’s 3. Screenshare for Virtual Meetings and Remote Troubleshooting 4. Effective Technological / Administrative Practices The organizational, administrative and artistic well being of our institutions are at the core of my passion and also as a member, I aim to facilitate in the creation of holistic environments where we as artists in a culturally pluralistic reality can function, create and grow. We aim for workshops that are transformative to your organizations while providing scope and depth in practice. The development of every member organization will in turn harness the programming and support CPAMO provides. We hope you register early and bring as many scenarios of interests from your organizations.


While CPAMO has several project ideas to work on based on members’ feedback to our earlier surveys, we are presently compiling a survey that will help in the creation CPAMO’s 2013 series of workshops. We are cognizant of the many issues that our members and their organizations face and will be creating the workshops based on overall poling and needs. We are focusing the upcoming year on the theme “Broadening Relationships” and will focus on not just our relationships as members but also with the wider communities, organizations, artists and funding bodies. Your opinions matter to us! We are counting on you to help us broaden the approach to the arts that is ripe with pluralist concepts in a Canadian artistic milieu. Do look out for our survey.

Upcoming Events
Neighbourhood Arts Network: Arts & Equity Toolkit Launch Thursday September 20, 2012 4:00 -5:00 pm (Location TBA) Please RSVP to and let us know if you’ll be there – we’ll save a copy of the toolkit for you! We’d love to have you join us on September 20th for a very special launch of the new resource toolkit. This launch is our way of saying thank you for your incredible contributions to this project; it’s also a great chance to reconnect with other Arts & Equity Project collaborators. Light refreshments and a beautiful printed copy of the toolkit will be provided. The Arts & Equity Toolkit is available for free through the Neighbourhood Arts Network Reading Room. Excerpts from the Arts & Equity Toolkit, along with related toolkits from Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement of Ontario and a number of essays by prominent Canadian artists, are also included in the recent Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives publication Pluralism in the Arts in Canada. Edited by charles c. smith, this book will be included as a text for Arts Management students at the University of Toronto this fall.

Eventual Ashes presents: Hiding Words (for you) by Gein Wong September 13 – 23, 2012 Enwave Theatre 231 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON Hiding Words (for you), delves into nushu, a secret language created in 400 A.D. when Chinese women were not allowed to read or write. Set in China during its biggest 19th Century rebellion, a modern Canada where national security is at a heightened state, and a hip urban Hong Kong on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. This interdisciplinary


CPAMO’s news
play examines the relationship between two women connected through space and time, following their pursuits to influence social change. Hiding Words (for you) seamlessly blends together theatre, poetry, hip hop, western and Chinese classical music, modern dance, performance art, and the visual arts.Featuring: Rebecca Applebaum, Stephanie Jung, Traci Kato-Kiriyama, Soomi Kim, Richard Lee, Susan Lock, John Ng.Directed by Esther Jun and Gein Wong | Dramaturge: Jean Yoon Set/Costume Design: Jung-Hye Kim | Costumes/Props Assistant: Faline Park Production Management/Lighting Design: Shawn Henry | Sound/Video Design: Gein Wong. Stage Management: Neha Ross | Assistant Stage Management: Beth Wong Producer: Donna-Michelle St Bernard Please note: The performances on September 13 & 14 are preview shows. Prices: Previews$15 (Sept 13-14) | Regular$25 (Sept 15-23) | Student/Senior$20 |Groups$15. For more information and to register: Celebration of WangarĩMaathai Presented by: African Women Acting & AfriCan Theatre Ensemble September 25, 2012 | 6:00 – 11:00 pm | Cost: $35 Jamaican Canadian Centre 995 Arrow Road, North York, ON Sonia Aimy, AWA & ATE present the 1st Celebration of WangarĩMaathai by top African artists from Toronto, Italy and USA. Prof Maathai was a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & founder of GreenBelt Movement. She promoted environmental conservation, women's rights & empowerment in fighting women's poverty through the planting of over forty million trees in Kenya. Featured Artists: Sonia Aimy, Afrafanto, Njacko Backo, Ruth Mathiang, Muoi Nene, Segun Ojewunyi, Isoken Ibie, Mafa/Pulga/Sale-The Rasmi Group, Hussein Adani, BenieBoo Fashion Show & lots More For more information contact: African Women Acting 647-770-3293 ||

"Too Asian?" Book Launch Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:30pm - 9:00 pm | Free Toronto Women's Bookstore 73 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON 'Too Asian?' - Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education". Editors: RJ Gilmour, Davina Bhandar, Jeet Heer, and Michael C.K. Ma (Between the Lines books)


CPAMO’s news
Join editors, contributors, and activists reflecting on the issues raised in "Too Asian?" "Too Asian?" is a collection exploring race and representation on Canadian campuses with the infamous Maclean's "Too Asian?" article as a flashpoint. Join us for the Toronto launch! "This book is fundamental reading about the perception of race, identity, and belonging in Canada.‖ ~ Ayman Yassini, executive director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation Contact for more information: 416-535-9914 | |

Jamelie Hassan / At the Far Edge of Words August 24 – October 14, 2012 Opening reception, Friday September 7, 8:00-10:00 pm The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art 952 Queen Street West Toronto ON M6J 1G8 | 416.395.0067 Curated by Melanie Townsend and organized by Museum Londo Generously supported by Salah Bachir and Jacob Yerex Jamelie Hassan's multi-media installations, photo-based and video work have been important features of the Canadian visual art milieu since the early 1970s. Her work has focused on issues of cultural and personal identity, exclusion, displacement, language and communication, and is strongly influenced by her activism politics, cultural heritage as a Canadian born to Arab parents, as well as her significant and extensive travels. This survey exhibition includes a series of works tracing the past 30 years of Hassan's practice, with specific emphasis on key pieces that intertwine her works as an artist and activist with her enduring interest in text, language, memory and identity. The title of the exhibition is derived from a poem by Mahmoud Darwish, and makes reference to the recurring use of text and language in Hassan's work. For more information: | |

Six Weeks Of Iranian Art September 21 - November 2, 2012 2:00 – 6:00 pm | Free Queen Gallery, 382 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON An exciting and eclectic series of Iranian art exhibits, featuring the work of internationally renowned and award winning Iranian artists alongside that of emerging young talent from the ranks of the growing Iranian-Canadian community. From visual arts to captivating theatre, music and film, this 6 week festival aims to cast the spotlight on


CPAMO’s news
Iranian art and Iranian-Canadian artists, while embracing Canada’s rich multicultural community. For more information contact: Pooyan Tabatabaei 416 731 7797 | |

Sivamani: Rhythm is everything, everywhere
About this talk: Percussionist Sivamani delivers one of TED's liveliest and most inventive performances yet. He uses traditional Western and Eastern instruments to create a rhythmic tour de force, along with a tub of water, corrugated metal, spoons, luggage, our stage props and even a little audience participation. About the speaker: Anandan Sivamani, known to his fans as just Sivamani, is an electrifying performer and one of the leading drummers of India. His work blends classical drumming styles - he studied with Carnatic master S.P. Balasubramaniam -with jazz and world beats to create a propulsive sound that pulls in many instruments and traditions. As a child, he says, he drummed on pots and pans in the kitchen, and that exuberance seems never to have left him - he's an enthusiastic ambassador for the drum around india and the globe, and a frequent collaborator. A few notable matchups: Youssou N'Dour, tabla player Zakir Hussain, flutist Hariprasad Chaurasia, percussionist Elvin Jones, and A.R. Rahman, composer of Bombay Dreams. Last winter, he released his first solo album, Mahaleela, playing with a rotating team of singers and bandmates on a roster of songs he composed. "My life as a drummer started the day I was in my mom’s womb, I played to the sound of my mom’s heartbeat." – Sivamani Link: Andrew Mwenda takes a new look at Africa About this talk: In this provocative talk, journalist Andrew Mwenda asks us to reframe the "African question" - to look beyond the media's stories of poverty, civil war and helplessness and see the opportunities for creating wealth and happiness throughout the continent. About the speaker: Andrew Mwenda is a print, radio and television journalist, and an active critic of many forms of Western aid to Africa. Too much of the aid from rich nations, he says, goes to the worst African countries to fuel war and government abuse. Such money not only never gets to its intended recipients, Africa's truly needy -- it actively plays a part in making their lives worse.


CPAMO’s news

Mwenda worked at the Daily Monitor newspaper in Kampala starting in the mid-1990s, and hosted a radio show, Andrew Mwenda Live, since 2001; in 2005, he was charged with sedition by the Ugandan government for criticizing the president of Uganda on his radio show, in the wake of the helicopter crash that killed the vice president of Sudan. He has produced documentaries and commentary for the BBC on the dangers of aid and debt relief to Africa, and consulted for the World Bank and Transparency international, and was a Knight Fellow at Stanford in 2007. In December 2007, he launched a new newspaper in Kampala, The Independent, a leading source of uncensored news in the country. Link: Shirin Neshat: Art in exile About this talk: Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat explores the paradox of being an artist in exile: a voice for her people, but unable to go home. In her work, she explores Iran pre- and post-Islamic Revolution, tracing political and societal change through powerful images of women. About the speaker:Shirin Neshat is among the best-known Persian artists in the Western world. She has lived in the United States, in self-imposed exile from her native Iran, for most of her adult life. This experience, of being caught between two cultures, dominates Neshat’s creative work: each of her pieces offers a glimpse into the complex social, religious and political realities that shape her identity—and the identities of Muslim women worldwide. Neshat’s provocative photographs, videos and multimedia installations have resonated with the curators of many major international art exhibitions, including the XLVIII Venice Biennale, where she won the top prize in 1999. Her first feature film, Women Without Men, tells the stories of four women struggling to escape oppression in Tehran. It won her the Silver Lion for best director at the 2010 Venice Film Festival. "Walk into a Shirin Neshat film installation and the images seize you: big, memorable, physically beautiful, exploring the role of women in Islamic society in terms of cinematic poetry, so that even the stifling chador becomes powerfully expressive." - The New York Times, July 15, 2002 Link: Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: A young guitarist meets his hero About this talk:Usman Riaz is a 21-year-old whiz at the percussive guitar, a style he learned to play by watching his heroes on YouTube. The TED Fellow plays onstage at TEDGlobal 2012 -- followed by a jawdropping solo from the master of percussive guitar,


CPAMO’s news
Preston Reed. And watch these two guitarists take on a very spur-of-the-moment improve. Preston Reed’s hands have an otherworldly coordination. The fingers, nails, thumbs, and palms of both left and right dance, pluck, strum, and slap his guitar, which bursts with a full sound. About the speaker: Usman Riaz is a young Pakistani musician making a worldwide mark with his astonishing and fun-to-listen-to technique. Influenced by percussive guitarists-who move beyond strumming to striking, treating their fretboard like the soundboard of a piano--Riaz makes a sound that feels larger than the instrument itself, with a compelling pattern of repetition and variation that harkens to mystical music traditions. In 2011, a viral video for his song "Fire Fly" helped bring his sound from the small-butthriving Pakistani music community to a global audience. He's now collaborating with other musicians in Pakistan and working on a new album of original music. "Brilliant brilliant brilliant. How did I miss this?" - Facebook user Kamranraps Link: hero.html

Who We Are
CPAMO Roundtable Members As a resource to plan and coordinate its activities, CPAMO has set-up a Roundtable comprised of individuals involved in the performing arts from ethno-racial and Aboriginal creation-based arts organizations and those involved in performing venues.The members of the Roundtable are:               Anahita Azrahimi, Sparrow in the Room Farwah Gheewala, Education Coordinator, Soulpepper Theatre Denise Fujiwara, Canasian Dance Charmaine Headley and Bakari Eddison Lindsay, Collective of Black Artists Lata Pada, Sampradaya Dance Creations Andrea Baker Nova Bhattacharya, Ipsita Nova Projects Seema Jethalal, Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture Cian Knights and Anne Frost, Cultural Pluralism in the Arts/University of Toronto Scarborough University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Phillip Akin, Obsidian Theatre Marilo Nunez, Almeda Theatre Mae Maracle, Centre for Indigenous Theatre Brainard Bryden-Taylor, Nathaniel Dett Chorale Emily Chung, Little Pear Garden Theatre Collective


CPAMO’s news
                 Spy Denome-Welch, Aboriginal Playwright Sedina Fiati, Actor Ravi Jain, why not theatre Shannon Thunderbird, Teya Peya Productions Olga Barrios, Olga Barrios Dance Santee Smith, Kaha’wi Dance Menaka Thakker, Menaka Thakkar Dance Company Kevin Ormsby, Kashedance Sandra Laronde, Red Sky Performance Mark Hammond, Sony Centre for Performing Arts Ahdri Zena Mandiella, b-current Jenna Rogers and David Yee, fuGEN Theatre Sandra LeFrancois, Cahoots Theatre Cindy Yip, Korean Canadian Dance Studies of Canada Wanda Nanabush, Association for the Development of Native Arts Michelle Kopczyl, Fuse Magazine charles c. smith, wind in the leaves collective

Contact Information
charles c. smith Project Lead of CPPAMO Lecturer, Cultural Pluralism and the Arts/University of Toronto Scarborough Victoria Glizer Project Assistant Website: Facebook: search ―CPAMO‖ or click here! Twitter: Mailing Address: 32 Costain Avenue Toronto, ONM4E 2G6 416-686-3039


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