Samsung Samsung Electronics made a detailed assessment of health and safety of Samsung’s semiconductor production line from July

2010 to June 2011. Sam-sung commissioned ENVIRON, a world leading technical and scientific consultancy firm on health and safety, with the support from international health and safety experts at Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Michigan. Their findings were reported at an academic seminar held by the International Commission on Occupational Health 2012. A simulation of the old Samsung Electronics semiconductor production line was conducted and studied using state-of-the-art methods. The simulation results indicated that the level of hazardous chemical exposure to production workers was very low and not enough to cause serious disease. The study concluded that all occupational health risk factors were managed adequately for worker safety. The simulated assessment on the work environment of the old semiconductor production line indicated that it did not have impact on causing leukemia and lymphoma in workers, concluding that there is no link between the semiconductor production line work environment and the occurrence of occu-pational cancers. Samsung Electronics has created an official blog in order to actively communicate the truth about industrial health and safety associated with semi-conductor production lines in a transparent and open manner. The full report by ENVIRON can be found on the blog in addition to other facts and data on this issue. We are continuing to strengthen occupational safety by implementing an ‘Occupational Health Management Improvement Plan’ which consists of more than 20 safety improvement programs including improved communication about hazardous materials with internal/external stakeholders and better management of hazardous materials

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