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What’s new in 2009
The New American Artist Online Community


Newly launched to help artist pursue their passion with others, this new site will feature blogs, forums,
galleries, competitions and more. Visit

What makes American Artist magazines
so special?

Freesias, Plums, and Oranges

by Ellen Buselli, 2007, oil on linen,
16 x 15. Private collection.


by Michael Van Zeyl
2007, oil, 18 x 16.
Collection the artist
TOP, Middle

The Ungrateful Son

by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, ca. 1765,
red chalk on white paper,
16 ½ x 16 ¾.
TOP, Right

Catskills From Blithewood

by James Gurney, 2003, oil, 9 x 12.
Private collection.

Trust built up over 70 years. Artists count on the information in our print and digital
products because they have been able do so for more than 70 years.
Serious readers who are ready to act.
Statistics prove that our readers are serious,
they buy quality products, they work
hard to improve their abilities, and they
depend on the information and inspiration
provided online and in print.
Depth of coverage. Each article in
the monthly and quarterly magazines
explains everything readers want to know
about materials, techniques, styles, and

With both monthly
print products and
daily online coverage,
serious artists
around the world get
actionable insights
and inspiration to
develop their craft.

American Artist Competitions
American Artist will present two new competitions for 2009. The Scholastic Competition will recognize
and award exceptional art students and bring awareness and visibility to their instructors and art
schools. Instructors nominate deserving students to receive a scholarship to their school, artist supplies
and national recognition. Sponsorship includes category exclusivity, extensive promotion and event
participation. Weekend with the Masters & Conference will bring together the top 17 representational
artists in the country for a long weekend of instruction, presentations and panel discussions. This event
will set the standard for the most exclusive, prestigious, high-caliber art event offered anywhere in the US.
Sponsorships include a variety of onsite events with extensive promotion preceding and
following the event.

American Artist e-newsletter Delivered Twice Weekly
This popular newsletter covers oil, watercolor, pastel, printmaking and more and is 100% opt-in
subscription. Now available bi-weekly on Tuesday and Thursday, the newsletter will feature content
from Steve Doherty blogs and Blog Review- Highlights from Two exclusive
sponsorship positions on each newsletter offer high visibility and effective targeting.

Custom Publishing Solutions

A Showcase For Advertisers online and
in print. The ads in our magazines usually appear in the front of the publications next to
valuable editorial material that is well read, as well as in prominent positions on the website
where viewers see them associated with relevant content.

American Artist offers advertisers exclusive category sponsorships of supplements delivered in polybags
with our regular issues. These supplements
can also be mailed to separate lists or used
as collateral literature.

Just what artists want


With both monthly print products and daily online coverage, serious artists around the
world get actionable insights and inspiration to develop their craft. The experts at American
Artist share their passion, highlight respected artists who provide inspiration, and offer
instruction in targeted vertical content areas.

The fall issue of Drawing contained special
advertorial features on art schools and
ateliers that brought increased awareness
to their educational programs. Look for
additional opportunities in 2009 that help
companies and educational institutions
market themselves more effectively.

For More Information

Contact Mary McLane, Media Sales Manager,, 970-290-6065 or
Jim McIntosh, Media Sales Director,, 513-961-0034

Editorial Sections

288,000 page views per month, 40,000 unique visitors,
averaging 9 minutes and 5 pages viewed per visit.

Within our family of publications and new media
channels, readers talk to each other, publish content, and
discover a wealth of information to motivate and help
them in their own work.

(source: American Artist online survey 2008)

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“It is wonderful
to be able to
watch video
by accomplished
artists. Watching
Jeremy Lipking
create the
painting Liz on
your website
was great – I
only wished it
lasted even
longer. Thanks
for the great

Nancy T. – via e-mail

Advertisers can post “clips” of their pre-produced video on the American Artist site for
maximum impact and repeated viewing or sponsor an instructional video “slideshow”
distilled from content featured in American Artist, Watercolor, Workshop and
Drawing magazines.

Web advertising that drives traffic to your site
Target your message to serious artists interested in what you have to sell. A choice to
two ad sizes and just two ads per page* enhances brand awareness and visibility.

Community Forum section
This new online community is for artists who want to talk with each other, share
artwork, express opinions, get answers to technical questions, and access useful
instruction. You’ll find blogs, video, forums, galleries and much more. Every American
Artist run-of-site web campaign receives impressions on these highly active pages.

Artist Behind the Brand

Content Areas
Between monthly and daily art instruction coverage, serious artists around the world get actionable
insights and inspiration to develop their craft. Experts share their passion. Respected artists provide
inspiration and instruction.
Business of Art
Beginners’ Art Instruction
Techniques to Try
Art Links

When and how readers want their content
From engaging step-by-step audio and video demonstrations to the new community artist forum, offers an exciting and growing selection of interactive features that provide
multiple contact points to deliver an immediate, targeted and cost-effective message to the serious artist.

To help manufacturers and retailers promote their educational and training programs, we
profile key employees and consultants who are artists, designers, educators,
and business people.

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Product Overview

American Artist
First launched in 1937, American Artist is the leading
magazine for representational and figurative artists. It has
long been a resource for artists seeking inspiration and
instruction on improving their craft – a need we attend to
in every section of the magazine. In addition to many stepby-step demonstrations in our featured articles, we provide
advice-based monthly departments.

The newest of our publications, Workshop offers the kind
of in-depth instruction in oil and acrylic painting one
normally expects to receive during a workshop with a
nationally known artist. Each article takes the reader
on location or into the studios of artists who will offer
step-by-step demonstrations, assign exercises to teach the
fundamentals of painting, critique student work to explain
how it could be improved, offer guidance on establishing
a personal style, and suggest ways of improving one’s skill
and understanding.

“I recently purchased a copy of
Drawing at my local bookstore,
and I was delighted to find such
diversity and quality in the
articles. Thank you for keeping
the art of drawing alive!” Kent J. .—

Since 1986, Watercolor has offered advice, instruction, and
inspiration to watermedia artists of all styles and subjects,
covering everything from tightly rendered still lifes and
Photo Realism to juicy, loose florals and nonobjective
works. The magazine profiles the artists and their
techniques and focuses on the materials and exhibitions
devoted to this challenging and exciting medium. With
large, full-color images, step-by-step demonstrations,
and informative, descriptive text, Watercolor is an essential
painting companion.

Drawing was launched in 2003 to provide working artists
with information and inspiration regarding the foundation
of art: drawing. Whether one works in watercolor, oil,
silverpoint, or clay, most every endeavor begins with
a sketch. For many artists, the drawing constitutes the
finished work. Finally, here’s a publication that focuses
on it all – fine art created with graphite, Conté crayon,
charcoal, metalpoint, etching tools, and other materials.
Learn about the techniques of masters from Andrew
Wyeth to Leonardo, from Wayne Thiebaud to Lucian
Freud, from the Renaissance to today, in Drawing.

Product Overview
Twice every year the editors of American Artist select the best
articles published on a particular topic and assemble them
into one easy-to-use reference publication.
Watercolor Highlights: The best articles published in the past
10 years on both basic techniques and new creative options.
The issue will describe the materials and techniques used
for traditional transparent-only painting as well as the
more contemporary approaches to gouache, casein, acrylic,
watercolor, and mixed media.
Learning From the Masters. This magazine will offer a
compendium of articles on both historic and contemporary
masters of oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and egg tempera

Readership Profile
“I loved the John
Parks video on
your website.
I think many
artists will find it
to be a valuable
educational tool,
as we are never
beyond reviewing
the basics. The
availability of this
type of education
is wonderful.
I look forward
to more online

Pat Z. – via e-mail

Subscriber Demographic Data
Female 70.0 %
Male 30.0 %
Married 71.5 %
Own their own homes/apartments 83.9 %
Average household income $61,600
College degree or higher 61%
18-34 yrs. 6.1%
35-54 yrs. 41.6 %
55 and up 52%

Subscriber Readership Data
Average length of American Artist subscriptions: 6.7 Years
Artists subscribing 10 years or more: 42%
Average time subscribers spend reading an issue: 3 hrs, 57 min

Online Demographic Data
Female: 66.6%
Male: 33.4%
20-39: 7.6%
40-49: 15.2%
50-59: 32.1%
60+: 44.6%

Subscriber Involvement in Art
Over 10 years: 79%

Skill Level
Serious Amateur: 49.6%
Professional: 31.4%
Casual Hobbyist: 10.4%
Other: 8.6%

Taken Art Education Classes in Last 12 Months
Community Art Center/Schools: 38.3%
Artists’ Studios-Private Lessons: 34.1%
College or University: 22.7%
Retreats: 10.9%
Local Art Shop: 10%
Other Resources: 20.9%

For More Information

Contact Mary McLane, Media Sales Manager,, 970-290-6065 or
Jim McIntosh, Media Sales Director,, 513-961-0034

A Targeted Audience of Active, Avid, Accomplished Artists

Top Resources for Getting Information on Art Supplies
Magazines: 38.8%
Internet: 25.3%
Teacher/Instructor: 12.1%

Sources From Which Art Supplies
Are Purchased
Independent Art Shop: 62.1%
Internet: 62.2%
Art Supply Chain: 59%
Craft Chain: 24.4%
Education or Specialty Retail: 9.8%
Art Shows and Events: 6.8%

Magazine Subscriptions
American Artist: 66.9%
The Artist’s Magazine: 42.7%
Watercolor: 27.9%
Drawing: 27.5%
International Artist: 20.9%
Watercolor Artist: 9.2%
Art Calendar: 5.2%

Supplies Purchased in the Last 12 Months

Magazine Purchased at Newsstand
American Artist: 42.5%
Drawing: 27.4%
The Artist’s Magazine: 26.5%
International Artist: 25.7%
Southwest Art: 20.2%
Watercolor: 19.9%
Watercolor Artist: 10.7%

Annual Purchases of Art Supplies
Less than $300: 13.3%
$299 to $400: 29%
$401 to $1,000: 33.7%
$1,001 to $2,000: 14.5%
$2,000 +: 9.5%

Annual Purchases of Art Supplies

Brushes: 83.8%
Art Books: 68.7%
Drawing Paper: 54.2%
Watercolor Paper: 52.5%
Pre-Stretched Canvas: 50.9%
Oil Colors (traditional) 49%
Watercolor: 47%
Graphite Pencils: 45.1%
Acrylic Colors: 38.8%
Oil Mediums: 36.9%
Palettes: 33%
Colored Pencils: 32.2%
Painting Panels: 31.4%
Charcoal: 31.2%
Easels: 29%
Drawing Pens (fine line): 28.5%
Acrylic Medium: 25.7%
Soft Pastels: 25%
Conte or Color Sticks: 19%
Oil Colors (water-mixable): 10.2%
Oil Pastels: 9.2%

Actions Taken After Seeing Ad in Art Magazine
Visited Advertiser’s Website: 79.8%
Purchased Product or Service: 58.6%
Requested Info About Product or Service: 34.1%
Used Ad For Creative Idea: 23%

American Artist Survey, Lieberman Research Worldwide, 2006
American Artist Online Subscriber Survey, 2008
Google Analytics 2009

For More Information

Contact Mary McLane, Media Sales Manager,, 970-290-6065 or
Jim McIntosh, Media Sales Director,, 513-961-0034

Get attention on
Average of 40,000 unique visitors
and 288,000 page views per month
spending more than 9 minutes on each
Advertise your products and services
online and you’ll reach serious fine
artists who are actively looking
for information about art supplies
and services. Provide an immediate
connection with artists who can link
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brand’s equity in the hearts and minds
of the serious artists.

Marketing Opportunities
The American Artist family of publications offers you a
comprehensive range of turnkey marketing solutions in
order for you to reach, engage, and affect your primary
target – fine artists.
We can create a fully customized marketing campaign for you via our unlimited lead-generating tools – from
print to online exposure to direct marketing and much, much more.

Display Advertising
Build your brand by investing in the brand artists trust – American Artist. Showcase your products and
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publications. Whether you’re establishing a new brand, extending awareness, or creating a direct-response
campaign, our sales team will help you design a marketing plan specifically for your goals.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorships are an ideal approach to meet your needs and direct your message to your target audience. Pick
and choose your vehicles, print and online, to advertise your products and services at the right place, at the
right time, to reach active artists of all levels and media. Integrated and custom solutions are available.

American Artist Contests
Develop a one-to-one relationship with the artists who use your products and services and support their
efforts to improve their craft. There are several levels of sponsorship opportunities to fit your marketing
budget and build visibility for your brands. Encourage them to try your products in our innovative sample
program, a great lead-generation tool for your company!

List Rentals
American Artist postal and email lists
List Rental Information: Millard Group, Inc 603-924-9262, Allison O’ Neil x 2145,
Donna DiMarua x 2159
American Artist online is an ideal place to build your brand with today’s fine artists. The information on is organized by medium and by skill level, so you can target your message directly
to the artist’s needs. Fresh Content, Every Day: More news items, demonstrations, galleries, articles,
technical information, and critiques are posted daily by medium and for all levels – providing great ways
to integrate your campaigns in line with artist needs.

Banner Advertising
Banner ad campaigns provide a simple and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility
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American Artist eNewsletter
Deliver your advertising message to professional and amateur artists with great frequency through one of
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• High open rates and click-through rates--averaging over 43 percent--make this a great means
to promote your art-related products and services to an engaged group of art enthusiasts for a
fraction of the cost of direct mail.

• Our newsletters are only sent to subscribers who have opted-in to receive them, creating an
advertiser-friendly environment and ensuring the information is considered valuable to the

• Sponsorships can include a text ad placed at the top or within the body of the email or banner
ad units.

Customized eNewsletters — Dedicated Email Blasts
Custom publishing specializes in delivering your message beyond an ad page via custom eNewsletters. We
help build and expand your client marketing objectives, including: increasing company/brand awareness;
educating prospective customers; establishing and fortifying market position; and creating unique message

Gain even greater positive exposure from your editorial coverage in American Artist publications through our
reprint services. Reprint Information: The YGS Group, Ray Trynovich 800-290-5460 x 148

For More Information

Contact Mary McLane, Media Sales Manager,, 970-290-6065 or
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American Artist
Editorial Calendar 2009


Pastel – How Urania Christy Tarbet designed storage spaces in her new studio
Oil – A profile of Italian-American painter Pino, a popular poster & print artist
Gouache – Joan Becker’s large paintings of colorful costumed figures
Prints & Paintings – Lisbeth Firmin’s big break came in an American Artist contest


Oil – Paintings of children from a NYC exhibition of Richard Schmid’s protégés
Acrylics – Scott Coulter’s techniques for painting vibrant landscapes
Colored Pencil Drawing – Winners of the annual CPSA competition
Online – Winners of the student drawing competition


Drawing – On video and in print, Bill Lundquist tells of the importance of drawing
Portraits – Drawings, color studies & sketches of the official NY governor’s portrait
Oil – Landscapes and interior scenes recently shown in gallery exhibitions
Acrylics – Outdoor murals and large scenic paintings by Garin Baker


Watercolor – Timothy J. Clark previews his Master’s Workshop
Online videos – Interviews filmed during recent artists’ conventions
Pastels – Melisa Hefferlin shows how to paint figures in the landscape
Plein Air Equipment & Supplies – Equipment to simplify outdoor painting


Oil – John Taye paints over random patterns in this step-by-step demonstration
Watercolor – Joel Popadics tells how to overcome problems painting in cold weather
Drawing – Custom made papers for special drawing techniques


Oil – Why four master artists use different palettes of colors
Pastel – Surfaces artists prepare and those they buy
Printmaking – Using drawings & paintings as the basis of monotypes
Drawing – Scratchboard illustrations by Cathie Bleck


Acrylics – More information on exciting new developments
Oil – Mary Sipp Green describes a series of Impressions of Normandy
Oil Mediums – Robin Frisella uses mediums to emulate 17th century Dutch painting
Digital Printing – Phyllis Seltzer provides a video of how to transfer digital images


Matting & Framing – Paintings made to fit the size & style of historic frames
Oil – Claudia Seymour offers a step-by-step still life demonstration
Sculpture – Keith Christopher shows how he works with a bronze casting foundry
Printmaking – Water-based materials for safer printmaking


We begin profiling the top realist artists who will be teaching at the American Artist
Masters Workshop this September at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs.
Oil – Three palettes of colors that will improve your paintings
Matting & Framing – When and how to glaze works on paper
Pastel – Sets organized for different painting subjects

For More Information

Contact Mary McLane, Media Sales Manager,, 970-290-6065 or
Jim McIntosh, Media Sales Director,, 513-961-0034

Resources Online – Expanded services & news on
Oil – Winners from the annual Oil Painters of America juried exhibition
Watercolor – Winners of the online search for the Top Ten Watermedia Artists

The Business of Art – Marketing strategies in a tough economy
Oil – Tips on painting group portraits
Pastel – Combining pastels with other media for special effects

Top, Left


by Micheal Reardon, 2006,
watercolor, 21 x 10. Collection the
Top, Right

Larry Moore has the rare ability
to talk about his decision–making
process while painting.
Bottom, Right


by Stephen Scott Young, tempera
on panel, 11 x 14. Courtesy John
Surovek Gallery, Palm Beach,

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