Diversity & Multicultural Curriculum Approaches

In the classrooms of today, children are often surrounded by fellow students that hail from a different country, speak a different language, and possibly have different beliefs. With all these differences students can at times try and self segregate themselves to those they feel most comfortable and similar to. It is my goal to identify situations where I may need to become directly involved in helping students to understand their differences. My hope is through the use of different introductory assessments that I will be able to identify students of mine that have the largest differences, whether that is their learning style, culture, or values. As classrooms continue forward to promote inclusion, I plan to consciously break students up into groups so that my high learning students may be able to work with the lower learners. Another added benefit to being intentional with how I break my students up for group works is that I will be able to place students with different cultural backgrounds together. Removing students from their comfort zone of always working with the same people will allow each student to learn about the others culture. When groups are setup, the students begin working on the curriculum together as a team. This will help them learn an important life skill of synergizing. When I create my lesson plans and group projects, I try to include as many different learning styles as possible. The reason for including different learning styles is that I have no idea how each child prefers to learn, and I want to try and create lessons where at least one of their preferred learning styles is included. The great thing about having students work in groups is that they benefit from having a variety of different learning styles in their

group. That way if one student excels in the lesson he can share his knowledge with a student who has a different learning style. In conclusion, I feel that diversity and multicultural differences will only continue to grow stronger in today’s classroom. As a teacher I acknowledge the fact that diversity and multicultural differences are only increasing. With that knowledge l will strive to provide my students with more opportunities for success in the classroom. I plan to continue to make a constant effort to incorporate as many learning styles as possible into each unit I teach. Through my classroom management plan I will create a class environment that respects different cultures, provides students support and allows students to synergize to complete their classroom goals.

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