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. A research is a basic framework, which provides guidelines for the rest of market survey, interpretation of the data collected and analysis made thereafter. The research will be done by taking top five banks securities included BANKEX and then doing the fundamental and technical analysis of those bank securities Keeping the objective of the Impact of SENSEX on BANKEX and Investment Analysis of Banks Scripts and Pair Strategy as well in mind it was decided to carry out a survey of people that they invested in stock market in Ahmedabad. It was done with the help of 20 patterned Questionnaire.

Scope of the report

In share markets, the performance of bank shares is of great importance. The pair trading strategy is enabling investors profit from any market condition uptrend and downtrend To analyze the risk involves in bank scripts To forecast the future trends in bank securities and awareness to investors that he should invest in particular bank scripts or not Providing the sensitivity of BSE BENKEX during past five years

1. Research Objectives: To study the financial performance of bank securities in India To study the risk involves in bank scripts To forecast the future trends in bank securities To study the sensitivity of BSE BENKEX during past five years To study the relationship of BSE BENKEX and BSE SENSEX To study the Pair Trading Strategy in securities To analyze the banks scripts which are appropriate for Pair Trading Strategy To recommend investment strategy in a particular bank script

2. Research Design:Meaning A research design is purely & simply the framework or plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. Types of Research Exploratory research as well as descriptive research Data Collection Methods: 1. Primary data 2. Secondary data

I. Primary Data Collection:Methods used were:A.) Interview: Personal interviews were taken through interview schedules. The interviews conducted were formal as well as informal in nature. In depth interviewing was also done. This helped in revealing the actual facts for the study. B.) Observation: In observation method the respondents were observed while they were responding to the question being asked II) Secondary Data Collection:-

Methods used were:A.) Data collected through BSE website and other website like money control etc. B.) Other sources like Banking websites and research paper.


Research Instruments:A.) Questionnaire: Research was done with the help of questionnaire.

B.) Contact Method: Contact to person that they use pair trading strategy or invested in stock market and qualified person that they have well knowledge of stock market.


Sampling Plan:The sample was a random sampling having the sample size of 20 people that they already invested in stock market.


Data Analysis:The data so collected was classified, tabulated and analyzed to get meaningful information. Classification and tabulation technique was used and Bar Diagrams were also drawn. After analyzing, conclusions were drawn and according to them recommendations were made. Tools and Techniques: Co-relation ANOVAs Investment ratio analysis Trend analysis

6. Hypothesis
H0: There has been no co-relation between BSE SENSEX and BSE BANKEX H1: There has been co-relation between BSE SENSEX and BSE BANKEX

H0: There has been no change in future trends of banks scripts H1: There has been change in future trends of banks scripts

7. Research Limitation
Though the resources seem sufficient enough to achieve high standard for this research, still we foresee the following limitations of study. The Sector is very vast and it was not possible to cover every nook and corner of this sector. The research is based on secondary data so variability and availability of data was also a limitation. Time limitation