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From uBVw 1 f l ~ ~ P-rlPE, 2kh Pursuit Gmug (tnW~eptor},,"ith f ~ Sqwdmk e with the whim ems making d h he $4Wsr Game% HamiRon,Wl&CaWomih 21. M O E & l H F m t GMp. IfJtb?@ht#r~padr&% 10th Air F d m C@ta PftshIIreaCRin* +&t 14142+ylownhy LLD. 0. B w t of M d d R w u n . b i h l 4

P-ME. 3 4 % Fk'trtw Braup, 11tk F & W SqMon, 1 Ith Afr For* M n r l w f h t d , & , P-48K; %at Rghter Fbuoi S L or 28th Sqrlrrdrn, TQth Wr m e ,ml. D i n i u ~ IR&.


P-40K of the 2jrd Fighter G rpup, ax M I 'Fiyinn TlQars' high oVerwpged Chineas mountsins. (LISA#),



u n h *roughour the Fw a r t what chep am& until the end Qf the war,
The Paolfk Ama


in Oetober

When upiw .qS the fm+& J a w N a d % L Fom spu& a t h i c a n bases ia rhe F&c on W Damnher 1841, P&h had reached rhm q m d r w in the hilipp i but none <weremilable on Hmaii, where P w l Hachow h e s were a t e On Luzgn m the Pldlipp i & - wax fQlrr 8wdrans of P 4 0 s ttie 1 7 t h and 21% at N k h d s Pield, each with 1 8 P ~ B the , 3td at Iba mrl th& 20th as tXmk FTekL The 3rd &o k d f 8 7-s an hand, t h 2Qth ~ still &w the alder P40G rlme die 24th Putsuit @ m p . 0 s quadi ion bf -a +so a m k t hireizlg *e 3thth Till? IB-SQ arrfip& ~a 8 k c e r n h cauw the ,knt+ans i n a whirl d nunom, wifh samg aimaft in the ax r m m h p from patrol and .athers refueIIirig, i t feIL ta the F&s ,of the 20th S q w h n to claim rbe fist viaoriei~a p i m + t h e a p enemy* T h e P406s were nqt far behind rn seemg m o n s tbe 3rd .Squ~drtln,r e , F m g to Ibg, rm awl, were csv@ ul the Tanding m t . They d w pr-t a ~trafinggKrrck, b t 5 I ' 4 WR$ &or down, md 3


only with fw p n s . Late: modGIs reverred m the sur n armament and had rp & cockpit canopy for c t t c r rear view, and 3,142 ofthsne 8 w mI d more than any other version, A P a r s number wcrr s u p b e d ro Chmmw~Jth munsiu and the Sovier U a i m but many qlgo found their way into Amerim

h a 1943 7 0 1 3 P-@k were produced, &is being a lightad, M w ~ - e n * deveIapment of rht F with d y hiir Somawbt later 300 P-40F and L models m e ~4thAllimn tns3nnq y d how aa P-rlOWea b~ t h m were uged oaly for -t W y a ~ d W# mdd to be prbduE;ed fw tht SAA.F. w q the P@N. ari'InaIly d~aignedas a b h ~ e m dNlbnea@a6d *rshn QF the aircraft, rhe first 4Hl built we=*


l h thlt L, arm!d


m m w d to darm 2 memy Qdy 2 d the squadrods a h a w the grormL1 dntrovdd a x the time d the attack survived, and the tpmainftlg aircraft were divided between the 17th and fist $quadtons, 'On IOah aircraft of the 1 7 t h Squadron mmnpasried a force axtaoking &e Japanese invasion Bept which wrw sgp~aching, and s r d d V a t i o u ~ships. Later in the day zhe s~tmlron~ wid^ the 21et atrd 34& to& a@to mtcrmpt m inctlming mid. The fighters were overwtehpd by tbe wmts and cwld n ~ disrbpr t the am& 10 m y e m t . Afzer rhia z h w i v i n g fishfer's ordered to he retained for r e d a i s s a m e sslgns though W mutit.. was h k e b on 16 D S r when L f Ray qagoer led rpro a*er P-40s m dive-bomb aimaft on Vigm airfeMk,Ont F-40 was shot down by ground fire, but Wagw dtopped six fra entation bombs and mafed 20 aircraft on the runway. days earlier on a reconntaisanm o w Aparri thb same pibt had shot d m 4 Nakdim $3 22 c'Nrrt~q aver t h &eldJ and #e#i?d,

chash4aackd uyt d fuel, thq;u&

Lt. Jack Danaidm


B e e


The second P-40F 01 the Ills: ba:ch of 96 a~rcrair, n~ce flq~ng 5nol


T h c last strikc made by rhc fighters on Luzon was against landings bcing medr on the nonh cclast. the survivors thcn bcing ordercd to evacuate thcir bases and fly to Bataan. From hcre scvcral suafing attacks were made on enemy forces, and on one occasion 14 aircraft wrre destroyed on the ground. On 2 Maich 1942 the last 4 airworthy aircraft toak OR with 500 Ib. bombs to attack shipping in Subic Bay; onc P-40 was shot down and the other 3 crashed on tanding, duc to damage, although one transpan had been sunk. No furrher missians could bc flown. In the meantime 18 P-40's had been delivered rn Brisbane in Australia as carly as 22 December 1941. These were flown to the north, and a new squadron, the 17th (Provisional), was activated on 10 January 1942, manned by survivors of the Philippines fighting and by rhe m o s t experienced pilors OF ihc newly arrived 49th Fighter Group and 35th Pighrcr Group, the krtcr being a P-39 unit. This new squadron then flew forward to the Dutch East Indies, ro join British and Dutch units in the defence o f Java, being based at Blibing, near Djombang. On the squadron's first operationat mission, the interception of raiders, 2 enemy aircraft were shot down for cbe loss o f 1 P a . A second provisional squadron, the 20th (Prwisional), was formed on 20 January as soon as sacient pilors and aircraft were available, and h i s was followed by the 3rd {Provisional) a few days laterOn 4 February 20th ProvisionaI) began flying to Java, a formation o f 12 P-40s landing ar 8ali to refuel. 7 were pushed back inro the air the moment they were refudIed, and almost imm~diatcly 20 Japanese aircraft appeared. 3 more P40s scrambled and all were engaged, 3 vicrories being claimed, bur 2 P - 4 0 ~were shot down, 2 crash-landed, and ochers were destroyed on the ground. 4 aircraft flew on to Java where they were joined two days later by 6 more from a formation of 8. On 9 t h9 aircraft of h e 3rd (Provisional) Squadron got as far as Timor, bur were unablc to land due to thick cloud, and all crashed whiIc attempting forced landings. The squadron's ohm 9 aircraft arrived in Java on 11th and all remaining aircraft of rhc ~hreeunits were consolidated in the 17th Squadron. On 17 February the Japanesc landed on h l i , and this squadron intercepted 9 unescorted bomben, claiming 4 desrroyed and 5 probables for the loss of 1 P-40.Two days later they broke up a bomber formation over Malang, claiming 4 cswrting fighters for the Ioss of 3 P 4 s . Meanwhile, in Australia the 33rd Squadron was formed and moved to Darwin on 15 February for the defence of the North-Western Territories, but on 19rh they were just landing from patroI when thr firsr strike from a Japancsc carrier force arrivcd overhead. The P-40s took off apin, but 9 were shot down, the commanding officer and 3 other pilots bring kill&. 2 more were dcsmyed on the ground and only 1 aircraft landed, in a damaged condition. I t is nor known how may Japanese a k d t were shot down, but their second strike later in the day was unopposd. On Java the 17rh Squadron made a strikc on h c Bali Inndings on 20th, 16 P-40s escorting A-24s to the arm. 2 of the fighters wcrc shot down and 2 crashed, having r u n our o f fuel, but 3 Japanese fighters wrre shot down

and 1 was destroyed on the ground. I n AusmIia 32 P-40s wcrc loaded aboard the old aircraEr carrier U.S.S. 'Langlcy' a t Freemantle, and set say for Java in company with h c freighter 'Sm Witch , carrying 27 more in crates. Three vessels ca-lng a funher '10 P 4 0 : wcre ordcrcd to sail to Burma instead of Java. LangIey was found by Jnpanesr naval aircraft, artacked and sunk, but 'Sea Witch ' arrived safely. However, rhc position was now desperate, and alrhough the crated aircraft were landcd, therc was no time to nsscmble hem, and those that wcrc not pushed inro the harbour, feU into Japanese

hands. During thc p e r i d 21-26 Ftbruary thc pilots of the 17th Squadron claimed 10 cnemy aircraft for thc bss of 3 of thcir number, but by h e latter date only I 3 P-40~rrmhcd fit to fly. On the nigh1 of 18th Japanese forcw landed on Norrh Java and ncm morning 9 P-40s, 6 Hurricanes y d 4 Buffalos, virtually the whole of the r e m n m g Allled fighter sirmgth, werc thrown against the invasion ffccr. 3 P-40s wcre lost and all the rest dsmaged during t h e atrack; while refuelting in preparation for a second s m k , Japanese fighters suddenly swept over Ngoro field destro~ingall remaining P 4 0 5 ,among other a i r d r , and that was the end of U.S. fighter operations i n rhe East Indies. Early i n February rhe first new P-40 p u p , the 4% finished arriving in Australia, and foliowing the virtually unopposed early Japanese raids on the Darwin area, a flight of this Group was moved r o Horn Island earl>*in March. On 14th these aiFaafr surprised and shot down 5 midem. T w o dal-s later an advanced echelon moved their P-40s ro Darwin and this was followed by the Group's 9 t h Squadron. Benveen Zg March and 27 ApriI 7 of 9 incoming raids wcre inrerceptcd, 17 hrnbers and 11 fighters being cl-ed, 2 bombers to A A . and rhe rmt to the P-405, with 6 more probably desmjed. % P-40s were lost and 1 damaged, but only 3 pilots were k i l l e d 4 raids followed in June, the largcst being met by 28 P-as, and by the end of the month 13 more vicrories had been gained for the I o s s of 9 more P-40s. Following thcsc heavy losses, rhe Japanese ceased raids for a period, and by 18 July the 4 9 1 Fighrer Group had 80 P 4 s available in the Darwin area. Raids began again on 25rh, and on 30rh 27 P-40s shot down 6 Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Seas and 2 bmbers, with 6 more probables for the of 1 P-40. This again brought a lull i n the raids, but late in August they began once more. On 23rd 27 bombers w i t h approximately 20 escorting Zeros atrackrd Hughes airfirid, and were engagcd by IS P-40s, which pined their greatest success m dare,, chiming 8 fighrers and 4 bombers. Shonly after thrs the 49th moved forward to airfields i n New Guinea, and by late Novrmbcr :rht 9th Squadron had b r y n re-equlppmg wirh P-38s, althaugh the 7rh and 35th Squadrons were to retain thmr P-40s for many morr months. In May 1942 the 68th Fighter Squadron had been posted to garrison Canton in N e w GMonia wirh 25 P-40Es, and in early 1942 tho area around Australia was divided into two tones, rhc South Pacrfic and the SouthWcst Pacific. In rhc former. the 13th U.S. Air FOKT was to opcrate, and initially t h i s orgruiimtion had only one P-40 Squadron, the bath, on strengrb The 5th Air

opeme in die S.WiF.& and d h reFAG, oa ia h m y * rhe S r h F,G, a h

mf these girefaft PD&&

&eir P-3%

hMasrtkmP-rb04 FmmvEdre%aadmTthe~(~&heaq b e t s m ~ s 8 a m fqhttrs. day? htSr, w e em* a * t F.f W m && phtS d Kh* 7 t h S~*R ae a 7 ~ a p m ~ *ffibs;e &e he-4bs in ,Nlw snr

.a m g s e i L e lass of I P 4 ,

eP d

g ~

&on p 5 d Mmc P 3 1 s k m u . ad"%,%% ~+thellOthEbcc.Swdrmmkpm,~otker au.nh In P Smik mr I"JEIpmmma1 una h m c h u i a g ~ a r W ~ h m ~ 6 d 2 Q P - #W Nq f

for s

a e m , =&$& B~,tbttlrns*Qvaai&nPfl*.m6p~mi9.~te la44 dai FOG, had m b~rhi?r~t~$zpdltnd~tL*&Ph d xcp8-& ~ i r h P-40Ns which

behgbsbsewwoa thcIor@~mmfljghL.By&dy Pa, had $W cut 'of mvk6 a & & wiL Wrp-Ihw mh&ms of tbt 5f4 Air #om.
1945 &a

P-#a with ths 'itPth A b Fur# in the Swth batfie

A m b m ane fwE4rgn >wh 4w* no P 4 units m d with rhe 13th Air Force until arb 1WSb the A m r i w ~buIld-~p an G~GP began w uF 4 0 8 , % 44th-S q a n in ganhbr yqigs.Ulir W t e r vrth mnslderablr ?,ma~afotrbaloseof

E?B&?%L ~~ 7

~ h


16, * .


f&tkldssoT6 P 4 , , b h t ~ t a ~ a @ ~ ~ ~ us*& 'in in m i d e w k m Tb*


f f e w t o ~ t p m d r e - e q u i p w i r h P ~ % d T k e we*e maw&,m - * - w e r e nw&.fnr he

, .




& r t h m t h $ u w , t ~ l e W + * ~ # ~ W for advanced t m h h g i n rhe U.S. BtU1 & f o r m d t h e ~ ~ c m n f r r t a e@ t q *y fersrd. Th RmdI dm rhe

rrr a !uge egtcnr




& e ~ P . G I , 4 6 F ~ i d ~ ~ b y 1 2 S p i t f i r e s a 9 2 R.AK;m meaiag a hit & : a f whm an ~~~

, ->

-a (sf W+ fu 52s WBI Wtr~ ecmts, h q rbe T3&W daast. Them * a wwmd &e f m m s *~~

A x b h e s w m bw d6m f a 58 X u 525,143f1 @ s d


7kh 324th E.G& ~.d. . & F - ~ ~ 3~4 w ~ ~ l G l a p ~ k w t n m a n v 11dI ~ o d ~ 33x4 51% 7 9 t h3 2 + , 325th FA33 12~h Ax Force ~ I a i r ~ o f ~ B ~ ~ e n d q f C ,l3& 4 ~ 18th P.G., 68th F.S. Air F e ~ g t b p ~ ~ ~ d 2 6 6 ; w i c ~ a r i e ~ h ~ h ~ a i 1,0&/14h r 5 l c SOlh F-G-s Air Fame 24. P 4 k m e 'W P40 m atrive in Nodl Affiea M o s t succasful P-40 HFzvhawk p?W ps&&bly the ms s m i n &The 3tSdt F.G. d t d m join thc 12th Air Poprre i n Jmuary 1943, b~ 5th Air E o m **ir P 4 F s were at lim hamwed for usa by the 33rd Capt Robert M. De e m 38 4% F.G. PS. T h e grotrp ado@ a -ve black and ye* Capt Ernest A. Ranas 1 4#t F.G. &cqu&dtaiIagthezr~rlun$;~Rrsramedamm Wt. ~ & S V J, 10 1 7 h W.) Sqh, on 17 m,cia$&& Z v w . w & T u n i s ? an 6 Mayy 4% FFG AUPtyl a0 the No&+Wst Afuran S w w Air F a for: bamh wart dma, S, 0 4 y s j n g w p a p Bthfl2th Air Forw bimiffmoe,ohe~wtwatpartinaffadn;oarht~s+ad hrlai. Lievi Chase 10 33rd F.G. of D d m m m m dwha the wand Mfd MayI c h m w Wiam W . Momyer 8 33rd F.G. b ~ o n L 9 L h a E b d a . ~ t e f o ~ t i o n d 7 M Lt.-Cth. e Capr. Roy E . Whitt&x 7 5% F.G. 32% togetha with 4 ti&te~s srs 2 1 3 & X Z t t r i n g J ~ n e ~ n a r t y m r t k w e r e ~ ~ t h e ~ 13th & F o ~ d h m e k k , the 57th and 79rb P.G.s also

p i h ~ $ h Q t d e w n S ~ a d o r r e g o t 4 d u & g %nippines S r h Ah 3 o l W 7 t h Ak Snrre T b -%fh F-G*, ahlam& flying -F p a m 4 9 1 1 ~ ~ ~ s9th Atr Forcc i t m l r r t t s s e d & ~ ~ ~ ~ l a f e ~ A p ~ r p d


tltis~in~panywirhbombtraThe325thflaimed a fnmhu W@rers by 10 Jw, w W on this l a m date

~resqp&mof~Y#dsimtsdISvimriawcrthc w* Lt,Pall1 G- M&xhu $hooriEkg 4 of K l m t M a r e : b a i b g a the ffmr and e y 'ace' o f &c y. l M / * 4 & Air Force fn jdy rhe 325th CWW out a,series d escotf and bwCs t. John F . Hampshire 17 23rdE.G. ~ J & G & W 14 Brd F.G. bombmg m k i m wht Sardinia, aad matimed thcse until ilk August, 7 ' vicmries being cleimed an B&. Thm Gl. &ace K H o W p 13 23d F.G. W&X the kf: Of a 5 V k t O ~ i r ~ Ihh Wklp with t k ??a, CQL R o k L. h t t 13 23rd F.G. dl being gained i n 110,missions fur rhe loss of 32 air& ; four p h eacb 6 d m & during this Nm: ~ s c ~ s e s a t c : y ~ n e c ~ ~ & l y r b ~ w h of the phrs meanoned, omtF r h e mmrm a c w d y v Ia wh c meantime the 33rd, 571h,7 % c l W d by r h a W ~ ~ fly* S K thc P40 324th CiFOys range. we& providing E O Y ~EOr ~ tbC AlJ&l W g s on SMy. f$e 324th had v come wgzrher as a group in Msy, (USAFI. P 4 P l of the k t h ~ r hudt h snd now p m W % krches. while id mid July rhe 57tk anef 7'9th moved t~ a h r i p s on dw i k d . The 7% F.G. i.kcf&t a wuple of c m b m during August ovrr sodeltn rcaly, a g 5 C-Y f i g h ~ ~bria$ t h ~ gmmp score t a 9 4 but h s e wexu t o be thplr last of the

B . Shuler apt. hwt B. WB*~ QPL Elmer % n

Caw. L Y c b

7 7 7

fatb F.G. l8ch F.G.

18d1 F.G.

-. 4 few 'days later the 9th Air FarmOfFe was &banded

i 1 3

to i s g b d , aad all % m a p s were parrph d t o I h e I2J1,the P-40gmupslatrrraItingpart

Al~ave. P-4OE. 343rd Flghlcr Eruup. 18th Flgliior Squadron, I 1 rh Ali lsldnds 1943 Mule Squadron rnarklnp un rudder. ( I W M ) .

Forco. Adbk Islend. 4lsut1arr

&hove P-4OEot Ihs 11~hFighter Squadron'bang re-armed. Unmirk strlp. Noto filled-in exham a w w r s


Betow: L ~ n a - PI ~p P4PKLat t h e C h t n s ~ A m w ~ e a n ~ m p w l t a Wat in Bithar a Chlhanor K~mmlng~China, wdar thecommand of rho 14lb Alr Force. (GIYAFINA).

Buhw: Lhe-up of Wufhawk8 d the 6?aFylhw Group. f 6th Fbhtw Sguadmrr. P e i h h . China O a r 1942.

with an interesting I~no-up of alrcrall In llle background, to lett two VullEe vanguaros an0 ro the st FG. 76th FS. (USdF).
RclnwmFnnjne maintenance on a


of the 5151 FG being underlaken during the f a ~ n y season

on an a~rlleld~nChina.


Jsps and Mustanes r a u l t af a taxying n~

nt dur~ng an art-ratd darn1 on .a Ch~naaa arbeld. Slat F~ghrer





Illustrated & compiled by Richard Ward

Wrthout the help of many friends this pictorial survey of the Warhawk. the first real fighter-bomber, could not have been published. My thanks to all who helped whose names are listed below in alphabetical order:
Roger F. Eesecker. Perer M. Bowers. . I . Cuny, d'E C. Darby, Fred C. Dickey, Jnr.. R. C . Jones, Ernest R. .McDowell. Earl ReineR Australian War Memorial (A.W,M.). Chinese Nationalist Air Force (C.N.A.F.). Establishment Cinematographique des Armees (EC,A.). Unlted States Air Force.

Text by Christopher F. Shores

P&li&ed by: Osprsy ~ublimtions' Limited, England Edinwiel OHCI P.O. Box 6, ~an&rbuw* K%nt England
Suhn'prim & B m h w
T h Barkhfm Printing Co., LM.. O Opmy Publicatians W.. SEN Fi&5 (IO7 1

Omcs: P.O. Box 26,707 Oxfad Rwid$eading. Berlehire. Enplmd

%&=qF +

I . ;

Abuw: tow Isvsl beat-up by Warh8wkh of tha 49th Fighter Group. 7 t h Fig Fighter Strip. New Gurnea. ( A u s I ~ War J~~ iWamorr. ~ "

Gquadmn at Dobodura

Sow.' Une-up or %me rout P-40'3 as tn the abuva pha~ograph,th~rda~rcralrw ~ r h'Sharkm f Cept Nick Nichol's 'Nlp Nippers'. (AWMh

# @ I t

P-40M of the 49th F~ghlor Group, probobly 7th FlghlerSquadron

S t d colour 1IIus1rat1on. [Frank F. Smtth).

P 4 0 K . 48th Flghtar SquMmn. Cenlrel Inalrun~ors School. 1943,

w& EtrlnsllrW f I u w Cpmumlte Whr.

Chin& Under mhmw rd

lmn Ail FDlM

P-dOK 23rd Flghrnr G~ourr. The 'Flymg nger$'. Ku~allmlnB. Ch~na. 1 M 2 14th #nFWm. C8l


a3rd FlghtsrGrmra.llawn k Fol Robor1L Scatl. Grnup Comma daf MK

1 * ~~;
f y l,

F--' -'

'PIAPk,6ht n~hwII&.l~lhmZ0lhFlnhtur Squadron, I01hAlt Forco. CHI Dlntnrh. 1oII1,t


F --


+:*. ,-:a

I p - 4 4 ~ .AAF Taallwl Cenrrr, Orlanda FbrtUn. 1. '$bm Snonai.

1 TP-pON130, Trainrng unit. 21. H-&Q under port w i n i n g mly


. .


m i C


ler $riusdmn, Hamthon Flald. Calllarnie 1W.

PAON. Chinere Nationelin AII FOICZ mOdlRBd - 2

m t . Kamwnn

Fisld. 1945

Abavk 61 hotow:


'Pr~ncmsPat II' being re-fuelled at Munda a~rf~eld. Mots nan-standard drop lank. 18th FG 441h



E. ,)



L below. Overall plnk P-40N.s of the 15th $1 hrar Graup. 45th Eghter Squadrpn b w g re-arrnecfun Wanumea Islafld, fllrce Islands, December 1943. 'Getdnjme'. ~n red wtth Mack aurlrneosrml 21&112. Noie exhau5t Wrl plareg. (IISAF).

~qhter w i n , IC 1A. % ; 9;mM a t g06th ! h i m , 1205w, I* E. oW).

'Empress' qf the 'IQth Aphler


:PunJry [I' mf the 78U1 R Wr 81Mh Fighter SSueQPn, P31 xln a d g e n rrhhld. I*,& R. W W } .



Dprtn alc rheinreciarru wrk W e d eur ih the 79tb 'Whtw I arm at Ben3to. 6 m p dlsp


Momcca. NOW, 1942. Poaifion and presenlallen o ! US Flag lnsrgnia &sen m d a g e . tIWM1.

-diipwual a
n an dlgerian a

I. earl


h i -

,-vciF}. Above: Nice shot of a P40E apparently tn RAF ~ r e e n / b \ ~ . ,carnc,,,.de ,, PPI-U*' P-dnF hf nn unknown un~t. whileand red 'Sherkmouth'Oullin~d in blue. (USAF).

,#anal,fln and rydder, red tip ta spnw.



m ~ r s d fin. 4 21058a7.
fR P M E

in niltursl m

e ~ 1m 0adBeiw&=

L&: W b F of the 2nd Esmdttlle flown

by got. Chef GIsdPn ttt C d a n w . Janua M43. Now Stark' tns~gnlp uncM%o:onlcockpit. 6 ~ f iwlr btue. tva b R, MQ&)weNl) ,

whlte. 2 ~ 4

Each koadrllled theQmwe bkwtte used ths Wffrun af number&, fmm 1 la 1 2 I n r h m e s t y t pf i u w f s tbz

&. mle blvs. 3rd Esc. red,

Below P-40F
01 1110

Gunnery School, Sale. Morocco. March 1947 Nolo d1fforsr11style 4 on noso ond lu5eld0c

( J Cunv)





U + ir


- m u r m p o Aerb pur ao prapu*ar uutw lEM L W L 40


u w l a e BB y w t p4

~ 0 3 rum4

Each publication ilIustrates one type or major sub-types o f a famous aircraft in the colaur schemes and markings of the Air Forces of h a World. Each h u e will contain eight pages of cobur side view illustrations. supporting black and white plan view dra'wings showing where necessary both upper and under surfaces. one hundred and twentyfive half-tone photographs, mch issue will also contain one full colour plate illustrating twenty examples of Unit tnsignia af the World's Air Forces.
No. 1

No. 6

Curtiss (M) Kittyhawk Mk. W .

In RAF: RAAF; RNZAF; SAAF: RCAF: Hetherlands East Indies; Russian and Finnish Air Forces. The Cuniss P 4 0 Warhawk will be covered in a future issue.


p a Warhawk

No. S
No. 9

Supermartne S p i t f i r e r i f f o n Engine

North Amerimn P - 4 D Mmtang.

In USAPIF-USAF service.

Spad Scouts

No. 10 Lockheed P-38 Lightning

No, 2

Republic P-47 Thunderhlt. In USAAF-UWF: RAF: F&e French: French Air Force; Mexican. Bratjlian and other Air Forces. North American Mustang Mk. CIV. In RAF; R M F ; W A F ; RNZAF: RCAF service and the Monh American P b l B and D Mustang in French: Italian: Swedish: Royal Netherlands: Netherlands Gast Indies: Indonasian; Israeli; Philippine; Dominican; Somali: South Korean; Chinese Nationalist; Chinese Communist etc., Air Forces. Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I-XVI, Merlin Engine. In RAF; RAM: SAAF: RCAF: USAAF: Belgian: Polish; Czechoslovskian: Fre= French: French: A. Norwegian; R . Netherlands: R. Danish: Israeli; Italian: Gresk: Turkish: Portuguese: Egyptian: Burmese, etc.. Air Forces.
North American P 4 1B/C Mustang. In USAAF service. Similar content to No. 1 but with brief coverage of the K 5 1 and A-36.

No- 11 Consolidatad 8-24 Liberator

No. 12 Albatros Scouts


No. 3

l3 l4 Bodng B-t7


No. 4

No. ' I Battle of Britain

The Suparmarine Spirfim, Hawker Hurriwna and Mwwchrnitl Bf.lO9E. S i W n pages of Colour. Publication date 31sr January. 1969

No. 2

Finnish Air Force

A complete history of tiw Finnish Air FMee from forrnati~nt o the present day, Publlct4on date 28th November. 1969


No. 5


37 A 4 in.

w n

31 fL 2 In.

P4OF: P-40L simllar 33b4in




37 f t 4 in,

37 f t 4 in.


Hqht Wine Area
Weight Empty

31 R 2 in.

31 k 2 i a / 3 3 k 4 i n . 31 ft. 2inI33R4in. 31 R2in./33h4in. 33 h 4 In.

10 ft 7 in.

t0.k 7 in.

10 ft 7 in
236 sq. ft.

10 R 7 l n .
238 sq. f t
6 4 0 Ib.

9 O f t 7 in.

10 R 7 In.
236 sq. fr 8000 lh

236 sq. ft
6208 tb.

236 sq. ft.

6690 Ib. B 6 0 tb.
9350 Ib. 364

236 sq. h.

63W lb.
810019100 Ib.
9200 la

8WO I b
8900 Ib, 380 m.p.h.

weight loaded
Weight I d t a d m a r
Max. S p e d
Range (milea

7740 Ib.
8810 Ib. 350 mpb. 800

8400 Ib.
1 D . W Ib.

7400 Ib.
8850 Ib. 343 m.0.h.

354 m.p.h.

362 m.p.h. 700

JM):375w~th 500 Ib. bomb.

3 4 . m ft



Range max. (mles]


30.100 f t

29.000 f t 6
Allison V-1710-39

1 W
28.003 fL 6


30.000 b

Armament (all 4 n . Kg's) 4

Power unit Allison V-1710-38

6 { M L 4)

or 6

P a h r d Marltn
1150 hsr. 1150 h . ~ .
\I-1 650-1 1300 h . ~ .

Alllsvn V-I 710-73 Allison V-l710-81 1325 h.a. l2.W ha.

All~rwn V-f71&99 1200 h ~ .