Hip-Hop Hegemony

Janell Hobson

Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism, Volume 8, Number 1, 2007, pp. 15-18 (Article) Published by Indiana University Press DOI: 10.1353/mer.2008.0000

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janell hobson

Hip-Hop Hegemony
Dedicated to the woman1 who reported being raped on March 13, 2006 by Duke Lacrosse team players, who hired her for $400 to dance at their private party, probably because she resembled the hip-hop music video dancer that they had seen on Viacom-owned TV. I said hip hop hip hippety hip hop and you don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop the onward march of new millennium protesters fighting WTO NATO Haliburton and UN incompetence in the face of femicide, genocides and the military industrial complex Are we still perplexed by this new hip-hop generation rising, shouting, resisting the degeneration of an entire nation and Generation X Y Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism 2008, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 15–18] © 2008 by Smith College. All rights reserved.


Wake up, sisters (and brothers) Take back the mike and take back the night and take back the right to rhyme unmolested and uncoopted by corporate controlled media fueling machines of politics, war, and music ipod tunes booming out soundtracks in the ears of American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq stultifying and horrifying woman-hating lyrics laced to dull bases and beats that take off the heat as they ready Aim Fire! on innocent civilians that look like terrorists I said hip hop hip hippety hip hop and you don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop gun shots keeping rhythm to the bang bang boogie up jumped the boogie to the boogie of the rhythm of the beat beat beat sounds of a cold and villainous heart targeting a sand nigger who’s not quite the real nigger but close enough to trigger


meridians 8:1

a familiar rage and fear in a wigger placed overseas by the bigger powers that be spreading hatred, intolerance and a new age empire of torture can somebody say Abu Ghraib Guantanamo Bay even Durham, N.C. somebody anybody Everybody Scream! loud enough to drown out that mechanical noise emanating from homes, cars, bars and BET impersonating the people while denigrating the people and building murderous legacies and gluttonous palaces on the blood of dead thugs Rest in peace Tupac and Biggie for I once delighted in your rappers’ delight Keep ya heads up (even in the afterlife) but how can there be peace for you when there’s no justice for you even while your voices crank out from commercial radio is this the new spiritual medium owned by the same powers that be spilling blood all over this planet that they sell out to the highest bidder as if Mother Earth was ever for sale like the video ho they manufactured marketing desire

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over love

Profits before prophecy decency integrity but I fear for us more than for Terra Madre who will rise up like her sister Katrina displacing her disobedient and disenfranchised children who forgot to vote except for the next American Idol so convinced were we by corporate rhymes that our present system was righteous and fine And now we bide our time I said hip hop hip hippety hip hop and you don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop these wars are ceaseless (2006)
note 1. This woman has since been identified as Crystal Gail Mangum.


meridians 8:1

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