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Administrator's Office
Jane Garvey, Administrator, no longer with FAA Tom Zoeller, Chief of Staff, no longer with FAA /"Deputy Administrator's Office \_Monte Belger, Deputy Administrator, retired > /Shirley Miller, Special Assistant to Deputy Administrator, now Senior Advisor to Deputy Administrator

Washington Operations Center (WOC)
(staff working the morning of 9/11 italicized) Mae Avery Jessie McKee Sharon Battle Robert Corcorran Andrew Lewis Joe Evans Marshielle Smith Garland Gordon Richard Jett Dennis Cusack Derrick Newby Richard Kubiak

ir Traffic Services _
Brown, ATS-1 O\r Challan, ATS-2 )

Jeff Griffith, AT-2, retiredj, ancy Kah'nowsTci^ ary Ellen Kraus^_ les, now Man in Office of Accident Investigation
Airway Facilities


Alan Moore, AF-1, retired Bob Long, AF-2

9/11 Personal P r i v a c y

r frr*
Civil Aviation Security ' iaric




Michael Canavan, ACS-1 no longer with FAA (was on travel/came back late on 9/11) Lynne Osmus, ACS-2,now Assistant Administrator for Internal Security/Hazmat Primary Location on 9/11 Last Known Location Aviation Command Center Terry Burgess ISA in field TSA headquarters ^rederic Falcone ISA Uhuck Cruitey TSA headquarters SteveJenkins TSA headquarters Lee Longmire" 'ran Lozito TSA headquarters Robert McLaughlin TSA at FAA/TSCC FAA headquarters Michael Morse TSA in field Janet Rife TSA headquarters Tom Taffee "DHS/BlCE/FAMP'rogram Mike Weikert Aviation Command Center (limited presence in ACC, rest of time were working in other spaces but on 9/11 actions) TSA headquarters AnnMarie Avila Brian Belcher TSA headquarters TSA headquarters Charlotte Bryan Joe Foster DHS/Explosives Program DHS/Explosives Program Ray Gomez Christine Patterson TSA headquarters TSA headquarters Kimberley Street Security Directive Room PennyAnderson Jon Butterbaugh Bob Clark Bogdan Dzakovic Dana Glass Carrie Hancasky George Keene Donna Krimski Joe Terrell

117- 3
ICAO Montreal TSA headquarters DHS/BICE/FAM Program TSA headquarters TSA headquarters TSA headquarters DHS/BICE/FAM Program FAA headquarters TSA headquarters


SD Room (part time presence) AnnMarie Avila TSA headquarters TSA headquarters Brian Belcher TSA headquarters Jan Barrett Jeff England TSA headquarters Lee Longmire TSA headquarters

Robert McLaughlin Mary Walsh Mike Weikert

TSA at FAA/TSCC TSA in field DHS/BICE/FAM Program

Intelligence Watch (3rd floor, 10th floor or both) Dean Chester TSA headquarters Pat Durgin TSA headquarters Cory Green TSA headquarters Matt Halm TSA headquarters John Hawley TSA headquarters John Harris FBI as FBI employee Kathy Henry / TSA headquarters Matt Kormann J NRC as NRC employee Claudip Manno TSA headquarters MerkTey TSA at TSCC Smart LTNeul TSA at TSCC James Padgett TSA at State Department Mark Roberts TSA location unknown Chris Rocheleau TSA headquarters Jack Salata TSA ElizabethSmiley TSA headquarters XtHS_W_ashington^ ^airelljmittL-z— Elaine Stone-Arthur TSA headquarters Amy Stoval TSA headquartefs~~~> Angela Stubblefiel TSA headquarters / TSA Charles Summers Laura Valero TSA headquarters Robert White TSA

Aviation Regulation and Certification
Tom McSweeney, AVR-1, retired Peggy Gilligan, AVR-2 Office of Accident Investigation Eric West, FAA liaison to NY Joint Terrorist Task Force Dan Diggins, was in Air Traffic on 9/11, then moved to Accident Investigation FAA liaison to NY Joint Terrorist Task Force Tony James, FAA Investigator in Charge, Shanksville, PA Vikki Anderson, FAA Investigator in Charge, Pentagon Office of Flight Standards The following inspectors were on site at the accident scenes on 9/11 Allegheny, PA Flight Standards District Office Ron Horak

William Koshar Warren Hall Pablo Rivera Garden City, NY Flight Standards District Office Edward Stroschein, retired Stephen Shataka Michael Bulzomi Dulles, VA Flight Standards District Office Mary Pat Baxter William Bergmann Wayne Skaggs Thomas Wilkerson

Air Traffic Control System Command Center -Herndon
Personnel that^worked the day shift on the control room floor are italicized. Managers John White -"" ' ' Benedict Sliney, now operations manager at New York TRACON (3) Linda Schuessler, now Deputy Director of Air Traffic Tim Grovac ""> ,-/- I— i /}o Ellen King L- /^oo i XL^X^ ' VA-^t^S <Lorraine Vomacka Patrick Harten Dan Smiley ^ ^ „ , , „ JackKies —/ ^ /J™, f>oOa 5V...^c-tSaTA #v\-

Tom Paccione Mike Artist Tim Arthur Glenn Godfrey Tom St.Clair Duane Amann Stan Stefancic John Shaffrey West — Tow ^4//e« David Jaynes Nick Collins

Pam Adams Tom Asby Terry Bynum Dana Whitman Greg Elwood Bill Doyle Severe Weather / Ricky Bell / Patricia Harshman Jim Johnston Michael Murphy Margaret Hartman Joe Hof Dale Curran Brian Holguin Cliff Keirce Randy LeVangie Mike Horvath Jeff Richards
East —

Wanda Jordan Rob Raske v/^ 5/7/5roac#V/. Jim Ratkus xA~" Richard Sickle ^ Denzil Simmonds Anthony Smith Pat Somersall Joe Furman Harry Bergman Anne Krachey Frank Loy David Maher Mike McNulty Ken Palmes Richard Sullivan Robert Whittemore Tony Polzin CARF (Central Altitude Reservation Function) Tony Moreno Robert Williams Ralph Beard Ray Brooks

Tim McHale SPTYStrategic Planning Telcon) Andy Archut Joe Dotterer Doug Balok Mike Brennan Joe Rather Bill Failor TCA (Tactical Customer Advocate) Bruce Cameron Joe Hart Staff Jill Charlton Carla Lounsburv . ________ Ann Bishop Debbie Hartman Sean Corcoran Patty Swenor Henry Butler, retired, no forwarding phone number Forrest Terral Carol Catron Steve Bell Paul Branch Troy Gascoyne Karen Farley Rhonda Sharp Sharon Price Chuck Vomacka George Dabrowski Don Jaeger Scott Fox Toni Ann Vigil

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John Azzarello
From: Sent: To: Miles Kara Wednesday, February 18, 2004 3:38 PM Dana Hyde; John Farmer; John Azzarello; Kevin Shaeffer; Lisa Sullivan; Geoff Brown

Subject: RE: FAA HQ Interview List Lisa just dropped off the Team 7 annotated list with me. My input is that we go in like a laser and talk to only the people we need to. Thus, only a single staffer at the WOC, probably Mae Avery and maybe Jessie McKee. Go no further unless there are clear signals to do so. Second, start with Canoles and Shirley. Forget Belger. Then decide who else. Take follow on leads from what Canoles and Shirley tell us. Third, pick off Dan Davis in Colo Springs. That is already being teed up for us. Griffith and Peacock are retired. We should talk at least to Griffith. That's it, no messing around although we may need to probe a bit with Col Atkins. Herndon, different story. We may have to piece together things, but I would start with Schuessler, White and Sliney. We will have to chat with Denzil Simmonds on the specific issues of AA77 and we owe ourselves a jab or two at CARF. Miles Original Message From: Dana Hyde Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 2:37 PM To: John Farmer; John Azzarello; Miles Kara; Kevin Shaeffer; Lisa Sullivan; Geoff Brown Subject: FAA HQ Interview List AllAttached is a list Shirley sent over in November of the people involved in 9/11 at HQ (and at Herndon). You have probably seen this before but it is worth looking at again. Obviously, we will not be able to interview all of these people. I suggest that we identify those who are most relevant - given our experience with the tapes, etc. - and put together an FAA interview request by the end of the week. I would be happy to take the pen on it or defer to others. In terms of the White House piece, the people that are important are: Monte Belger, Shirley Miller, Jeff Griffith (WH briefing on 9/11), Steve Brown (Briefing on 9/17), Doug Gould (Briefing on 9/17, should interview before he leaves for Iraq), Terry Van Steenbergen (not on list, liaison with USSS) and Mile Cerillo (not on list, liaison with USSS). Lisa - could you check the list and identify the people that Team 7 interviewed? We should also pull the MFRs from those interviews, and excerpt the "day of portions for circulation to Team 8. Thanks - Dana.